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Aye-aye Captain

A great surprise

I heard Kluke's voice already before she entered our house, shouting, "Andropov, guess what happened today!" She sounded excited and happy, so I was sure that whatever it was, it had to be something good.

"Andropov, guess what happened today!" She repeated, standing in our kitchen, her hands crossed over behind her back.

I smiled slightly. After all, it was great to see how happy she was. "Okay..." I sighed and acted as if I'd think seriously about it. "You look as happy as if a sheeps have gained world domination?"

She laughed but shook her head. "No, but you are pretty close."

In disbelief I raised one eyebrow up. "I should really stop thinking so logical. Maybe it were aliens?"

"No, but you are even closer now!" She responded, still giggling.

"Oh my gosh... Who could gain the world domination instead?" I threw a searching look at her. "Maybe... You? ? ?" In pretended shock I opened my mouth wide.

"Yeah, that too, but there's something else..." Kluke grinned jubilant.

"We will move into a castle? I mean, the ruler of earth should live in a great house, shouldn't she...?" I asked warily.

"She wouldn't live there alone, just to make this clear." She responded quietly. My cheeks turned red. It was an awkward moment; Kluke's swallowed and turned red as well, which made me feel more awful than I would ever admit. Of course she was embarrassed by me... Why did I always have to turn red?

Silence fell.

Kluke said slowly, in a tone which was everything but comfortable, "We... Well, what would you think about a... Vacation? A cruise?"

I felt even worse now. "How could I do this?" I asked, my voice not more than a whisper. "In my condition?" I refused to look at her; I sounded embittered, nearly accusing... And I didn't want to see the symphaty in her glance.

Kluke took a deep breath. "The fresh sea air will be good for you." She contradicted. "And besides there are a lot of people in wheelchairs on ships!" Was it me or sounded this reproachful? As if it was my fault that I couldn't deak sitting in a wheelchair, being a cripple. She wouldn't take it easy, too.

I threw an angry glance at her and she bit on her lower lip. For a few seconds this tensed silence fell, until I broke it, "You mean, there are a lot of cripple on ships?" I sounded frustrated and unhappy like a little child and although I hated myself for it, I couldn't stop. Kluke looked clearreproachfully now, and I responded her glance angrily. She turned her head away and sighed deeply. "Don't say cripple, Andropov. They- you- are just people with-" I cut her off, "People with what? ! Special needs? ! I snorted.

"Yes! And come on, don't you want to know what I did?" She asked, smiling again to relax the situation. But she didn't even seem to know how complicated it was. She couldn't understand it.

"No." I answered frustrated.

She looked hurted, but then she got mad, saying- maybe a little bit louder than usually- "Fine! And guess what?" She asked saucily. "I still gonna tell you! Well, I applied for a draw which raffles passages!" She jumped up from her chair. "And I won two tickets!" And she stalked out of the kitchen.


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