Ugh...stupid plot bunny wouldn't go AWAY. Eve & Bosley better get together. in the last...three...episodes, before the show is cancelled. .
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Eve reached for the phone that was ringing by her head, buzzing annoyingly as her hand fumbled across to it, reaching for the infernal device.

Why was the bedside table to cluttered, anyway? Geez...he should clean up more often. Her hand closed over her ringing phone, before lazily tapping the talk button.

"'Lo?" she mumbled, sleep deprived and not her best being woken at 7:00 in the morning for an unexpected phone call from Abbey.

"Listen, Eve. This is important. Charlie has a new client, and they want us to-"

Eve mentally counted to ten, before interrupting her friend, now blinking of the remains of her sleep.

"Abbey…I'm…ahem, busy at the moment. Could you call back later?"

"What's going on?"

Abbey trailed off, and Eve's thumb froze over the call cancel button, as Bosley's voice cut through like a knife.

The hacker realised his error too late, as Eve franticly waved her hand at him, giving him the shut up right now before they find out! Face to him, before clapping her hand over his mouth.

The blonde attempted to speak, before having to restart her sentence, her voice an octave or so higher than normal.

"Eve…are you in Bosley's bedroom? And…what were you doing in there?"

Kate could be heard, too. Eve flushed a nice shade of puce before taking her hand of her boyfriend's mouth. The damage had been done, what worse could happen, anyhow?

"Eve? You and Bosley? If you're at his apartment, does that mean you had se-" Much, much worse, of course.

Eve hung up, before her friends could make any more…unappreciated…comments.


Ahaha...I was trying to write all makes sense in my head though. Kate and Abbey being nosy XD