Chapter 1: The First

Water rushed out of the faucet in the bathroom as it hit the hands of Nosedive, who was vigorously scrubbing them. 'Have to get it off…Have to get it off!' He thought to himself. His hands were clean, except for the fact they were red from the scrubbing. There was nothing on them but Nosedive kept at it like there was something there that only he could see. Terror was in his eyes the whole time, not leaving him even for a second, as the images kept appearing in his head over and over again. What happened hours ago were still playing in his mind and he couldn't get it to stop.

'It won't come off…It won't come off' "It Won't Come Off!" He shouted as he clutched his head and stumbled backwards.

The volume of his voice was enough to wake up Wildwing, who shot up in his bed and searched for his brother's voice. Once he found out it came from the bathroom he sprang out and rushed to it.

Upon entering he found Nosedive on the floor, back against the wall, holding his head with his eyes tightly shut. "Dive what's wrong?"

"I can't get it off…I can't get it off…"

"Get what off, what are you talking about?" Wildwing asked as his eyes wandered until he saw Nosedive's hands, both were red. "What did you do?"

"I can't get the blood off…" Was all he said.

He instantly understood what he meant after saying that, but it yet it worried him even more, "Dive it's all gone, there's no more left. You cleaned it all off earlier."

"But I can still see it…" He responded as he stood back up and moved back to the sink. "…and it won't come off!" He shouted as he grabbed the brush and started scrubbing again.

"Stop that!" the older brother yelled as he grabbed the brush. "You're going to cut yourself."

"But I have to get it off!"

"Dive there's nothing there."

"But I can still see it!" The teen cried as he clutched his head again. "It still plays in my mind, the whole thing, it keeps replaying and I can't make it stop!" His eyes were screwed shut as he gripped the sink tightly. "And I can still see his face…I can see him everywhere!"

Wildwing moved and grabbed his brother from behind and held on to him to try to calm him. It hurt him a lot to see him like this and he really couldn't do anything about it. He let Nosedive cry for a bit longer until they were sitting on the floor, then he started to calm down. "You ok now?"

"Far from it…I just want it all to go away…"

The older mallard hugged him tighter as he tried to choose his words carefully. "It's not going to be that easy Dive…the first time always isn't."

"But how long?" He shouted as he pulled away from his brother's grasp and stood back up. "How long do I have to endure this…Guilt?" His eyes then rest upon the mirror as he looked at his reflection. "Why do I even feel guilt in the first place, he attacked us!" His face turned to terror as he saw a face in the mirror, "Leave me alone!" he yelled as he slammed his fist into the mirror, shattering the glass.

Wildwing was there to catch his brother as his legs gave way. He held on to him and easily settled them both on the floor, being careful not to his any shards of the mirror. He then Looked at the teen's hand and was horrified to see it was cut, and bleeding but luckily it wasn't that severe. "Dive hold on, your hand's cut." That didn't reach him as he continued crying. Wildwing sat his brother against the wall and moved back to the sink, avoiding the glass, and grabbed a roll of bandages that were behind the mirror and then a wet cloth. Turning back and kneeling down he began to clean the blood off then started to bandage the hand.

The teen's sobs died down until he cried himself to sleep. Finishing wrapping the bandage Wildwing shed a tear at what he just saw. His brother was in pain, a kind of pain that he couldn't treat. This whole thing was tearing the teen up to the point to where he was hurting himself. He was not ready for the sight that he saw hours ago


The team received a distress signal from Nosedive's comm and they rushed out to his location, fearing that he might be being attacked. The Migrator stopped at the entrance of an alley as they all moved out and searched where the signal came from. "Somewhere down there," Tanya pointed out as they moved down the alley. They brought out some flashlights, as the alleyway was too dark for them to see anything. As the lights shined upon random parts of the area they immediately stopped when the beam shined upon someone. Moving over to it they turned the person over and shined the light on the face. "That's Thrash…one of Nosedive's friends," Wildwing announced as Tanya moved next to them and check his vitals.

"He's knocked out," Tanya said to everyone's relief.

Moving further the light shined upon another person, who they found to be Mookie, Nosedive's other friend. Who also was knocked out. "That's both of Nosedive's friends, but where is he and what happened?"

"Wildwing…"Duke called out.

The leader looked up at Duke's direction and looked at where the light was. Small drops of blood was shown on the ground, fresh, and going around the corner. Fearing the worst Wildwing moved around it and was shocked at what he saw. There was another person on the ground not moving, but the blood lead to him. Noticing something on the other side he shinned the light and found his brother. Nosedive was against the wall, knees to his chest, shaking and in his hands was a knife, which was covered in blood along with his hands.

The older mallard immediately rushed to his brother's side. "Dive! Dive what happened…What's wrong?" He said in concern, but didn't get a response, it was like he was in a trance of some kind.

He reached and touched his shoulder but the contact made the teen jump as the knife flew from his hand. Nosedive was breathing heavily as he tried to see who it was. "W…Wing?" Once he confirmed who it was he then flung his arms around his brother and started crying.

"Dive what's wrong?" He asked as he returned the embrace, worrying that something was wrong.

"I…I…I…" He tried to say but was in shock.

"Calm down…what happened?"

"I…I…killed him."

End Flashback

Wildwing shed a tear as those three words replayed inside his head. This was something that he would have never expected to happen to his baby brother. He was too young to experience something like this, taking a life was something that was very traumatic and hard to deal with. Especially since it was his first kill, which was always the hardest. There was no way he could help him, mainly because he himself never took a life so he didn't know how to deal with something like this. Everyone else were shocked at what they saw and heard about what he did. They weren't really sure how to respond to something like that.

Wiping the tear away he gently took Nosedive into his arms and carried him back into the bedroom. He passed his brother's bed and stopped in front of his own. He doubt Nosedive would want to be alone in his bed and decided that he was going to sleep with him. He softly laid his baby bro down on the mattress. After covering him with the blanket he got on his side and laid back down. His eyes looked at Nosedive's face one last time, he looked slightly peaceful at the moment but he knew that it wasn't going to last. A sigh escaped from his beak as his eyes closed, but not before another tear fell as he fell asleep. 'He's too young for this…'

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