Chapter 8: The Decision

Nosedive quietly lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking about a lot of things. It has been a few days since he went and talked to Karen and he can say things have gotten better for him. The thought of his first kill drifted from his mind to the point where he barely thought about it, but it still haunted him from time to time, but it wasn't as server as before. Whenever he needed someone to talk about it they would drop what they were doing and listen.

He would always talk about that night and how he was feeling; whoever was talking to him would comfort him the best they could and give him advice on what he could do to get it off his mind. This made him glad to know that there would be someone there to help him when he needed it. This also helped him with the current thing that was on his mind at the moment.

He was mentally debating on what to do with the decision he had to make, either rejoin the team or quit it. This is something he was really struggling with deciding since there were a lot of pros and cons to them, either one will change how he lived.

If he rejoined the team he could continue going out and help protect the city, which was something he liked since he always felt good to help others. Plus the more he worked with the rest of the team the more they all seemed to grow closer together. But then there are the dangers that occur because of it, there were numerous times when they got hurt and were near death's door and metrically pulled through. He really didn't want to risk that, plus the fact that he really wanted more time to unwind and be himself. His teenage life was supposed to be fun and wild, it was a time for him to decide what he would want in life and he was missing that badly. He could never really obtain enough time to just be himself, and to him he really deserved it.

Now if he quit the team he could have all the time in the world to be himself, which he sought after for a long time. He could finally be a teenager and do all the things he wanted to do without penalty. It made him glad to know that everyone else wouldn't be angry if he chose that, it showed that they truly understand how he was feeling and wanted what was best for him. But some random thoughts came to his mind, making him wonder how the others would be without him, what if there's a time when he's really needed and wasn't there? He shook his head at that, not wanting to think about that. Most of all he worried about what would become of his brother if he wasn't there for him, Wildwing was the only thing he had left in his life and he didn't want anything to happen to him.

Both were evenly matched, which was bad since it only made things even hard to decide. Groaning he sat up swung and planted his feet on the ground, 'Man what do I do? I don't even have an idea on what to decide on.' He sighed in frustration as he cradled his head in his hands, taking a small break from thinking right now. Out of the corner of his eyes he found his comm. on the stand near the bed, reaching over he took and held it in his hands as he looked it over.

This item held a whole lot of meaning for him, and his future. He remembered getting it when they were fully established, he thought they were cool when he got his but he kept losing it every now and then. Even when the others got on him for it, if they ever did find out, he still found those time very fond. It was one of the times when liked playing innocent. This one item represented his place on the team, and also his only exit from it.

The more he looked at it the more he thought, things started to become clear in his mind. He started to remember why he wanted to be a part of this team and all the things they have been through. All the responsibilities that came with it and all that was required of him and all the things he had to sacrifice just to be a part of this. His eyes closed as he sighed once again; clenching the comm. in his hand as it became clear what he wanted to do. "Dive you ok?" A voice spoke as Nosedive turned towards it.

It was Wilding; he was so lost in thought he didn't notice him or that the door opened. He knew what he had to do. "Wing…please get everyone together…I've decided."

His eyes raised at the response as his heart rate shockingly sped up, this was the moment he was dreading. But he knew this would have to come sooner and later, "Are you sure of it?"

He nodded and responded in a low tone, "Yes…just get everyone together; I'll be there in a few." He didn't look but he knew that his brother left by the sound of the door opening and closing. He took a couple of minutes to sit there and compose himself for what he was going to tell them, but also ask them something in return. Something was nagging at him badly and he really wanted to know about it, but whatever the answer was it wouldn't affect his decision. Once he was in the right state of mind he slowly stood up and walked out of the room, he may have looked calm and cool on the outside but he was a mess on the inside.

Stepping though the door he found everyone there, lounging around and waiting for his appearance. Whatever they were talking about instantly stopped once he entered. An uncomfortable silence filled the room as they waited for him to say something. He walked closer to them and opted to stay standing, "I guess you all could have guess why you're here. I decided what I want to do." He stopped for a moment and took in the expressions on their faces. They all seemed to be worried about what he would say; he couldn't truly tell what it was that they were feeling. But he pushed that out of his mind as he continued. "But first there's something I want to know first. How do I really contribute to this team?"

That seemed to surprise them; it was something that they weren't expecting at all. "But Dive wouldn't it-"Wilding started out but didn't get to finish.

"Don't worry, what you guys say won't change my mind, my decision is final."

Everyone looked at each other after hearing his words, all not really sure how to start or who would to be honest. It was surprisingly Mallory who stood up and spoke first, "Nosedive you may not know it but you are really the most important person on our team. You do something that none of us could do." That made Nosedive raise an eye, kind of confuse as to what she meant.

Duke then continued on for her, "Kid without you we all wouldn't be the way we would be now, we all would be stressed out, barely talkative towards one another, and not that relaxed as we are at times."

Grin then took it from there, "Little friend you fill our lives with the light to go forward on the path of life. You are the energy that keeps us going when our souls are no longer in it to go on."

Still he was confused at what they meant, but it was then that Tanya finally clarified it for him. "Nosedive you are uh…the thing that keeps us all together. Without you we're not sure what the state of the team would be."

That seemed to be a shocker as Nosedive took in those words; he didn't believe that he did all that. He really couldn't until his brother took over, "Dive you add something that none of us could ever contribute to this team, stress relief. You see you make us all laugh when we have had a tough time; you can always make us smile when we're down and mainly you have a way to bring us all together. You can make us all relax and rid us of stress when it's present to us. To put it simply you're the glue that holds us all together."

Nosedive was on the verge of tears as he heard all of this, and then looked at the floor. He really didn't realize that he meant so much to this team, how could he even respond to this? He then felt the embrace of his brother; he didn't really care what he did right now so let some more tears fall. The others joined in on the group hug and held it for a bit until the teen stopped and recomposed himself. "I…I honestly…didn't know I did that much," He spoke, wiping the tears from his eyes.

"You do, and we couldn't be more thankful for it," Wildwing responded, giving him a smile, as did everyone else.

"Even though you can be a pain at times," Mallory said. "It's still great to have you around."

Nosedive then went back to the subject which he had to address in the first place by holding his comm. in view for everyone to see. "Well…I guess it's time for you all to hear what I've decided." After those words left his beak silence filled the room, time seemed to go slow as suspense seemed to build up. They all watched him just hold the comm. in his hands, occasionally seeing him shift his eyes back and forth between them and the comm. All their eyes raised in surprise as they watched him place the comm. back on his wrist. It was a clear sign of what he chose.

Wildwing was the first one to speak up, "Dive…are you sure?"

He nodded with a genuine smile, "I never been so sure bro, I mean I know I'm giving up a chance to be what I want to be but…life is about sacrifices, and we can choose to make them. Well I choose to make this one and still be a part of this team, also because I know that sometime down the road you all may need me for something and I want to be there in case something happens. Besides I started this whole adventure apart of the team, even though I wasn't originally supposed to be a part of it, and I'm going to be a part of this team to the very end of this adventure."

Stunned was all the other could be, Nosedive really wanted to be a part of the team till their mission ended. This was a new side of Nosedive that they never seen before, a more mature and determined one. Their respect for him grew significantly after hearing what he had to say. Wildwing moved closer and placed a hand on his little brother's shoulder, "Dive…I'm so proud of you right now."

It was Nosedive's turn to hug his brother, which he gladly accepted, "Thanks bro, I know what I've been through in the past few days have been hard on me, and I can truly say it still haunts me but it won't interfere anymore."

The two brothers broke apart and gave each other a warm smile, but didn't have time to enjoy it as Drake One's alarm sounded, alerting everyone. Wildwing looked back to his brother with a serious face, "You up for this Dive?"

He could only smirk as he changed into his armor, "Anytime bro."

Everyone then ran off but the older brother stopped the both of them for a moment, "One last thing…welcome back baby bro." With that he ran off the join the others.

'It's good to be back,' He thought as he ran to join the others, off to stop another one of Dragaunus's plans. Even though things may get bad for Nosedive all he has to remember is that his team is here for him and that's the only thing he would need.


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