Last chapter (tear-up)

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10 years ago...

Sybil was charged and found guilty of her crimes against Severus and Hermione - she was sentenced to 40 years in Azkaban and issued with a restraining order for when she was released.

She was not allowed within 10 miles of the couple or she would receive 'Crucio-like' shocks through her whole body. At least Severus and Hermione could sleep easy in one another's arms that way.

On their one year anniversary Severus proposed to Hermione on a beach in the Med. It was the most perfect setting for such a romantic act. Hermione responded to his question with a resounding 'YES!' and she tackled him to the ground covering him in chaste kisses.

The look on his face when presented with Hermione's gift was priceless.

She's kept that desk inherpossessionall this time?I think it's about due a new christening!Severus thought to himself with a smirk.

So there they were, the future Mr and Mrs Snape, on a beach in the Med, on a desk, butt naked. Life was good and both had a feeling, it could only get better.

Present Day...

Hermione smiled as she heard her children trying to open their bedroom doors. She lifted the sticking charm and two small bodies ran up and onto their bed.

"Daddy, I am torsty, can I peas have a dink of doose?" Their son, Nathaniel asked with big black eyes, rubbing them sleepily.

"Nat, it's may you have a drink of juice. Not can I. And no, you may not, you may have a glass of water however. It's not even 7o'clock in the morning darling. No juice before Breakfast because you'll rot your lovely white teeth darling." Hermione said cuddling her son into her chest. The years of dental importance drummed into her by her parents stuck with her into motherhood.

"Ok mama. May I has some water den Daddy? Peas?"

Severus rolled his eyes dramatically and he toddled off to the kitchen. He knew he was a soft touch when it came to his family. He brought a tray with 4 glasses of water through to the room, knowing from experience that his daughter Mirren would probably ask for a glass too, as soon as he sat down.

Mirren cuddled into Severus and he wrapped his arms around her and her mother. Nat was plopped in between his mum and dad happily drinking his much needed water as he chatted to his older sister.

Surveying the family he had around him, Severus couldn't help but feel his heart swell. He was so lucky, more than he would ever believe he deserved.

"We're very lucky aren't we Rus? We both have good jobs, a fantastic marriage, nice house, the two best kids anyone could hope for. Sometimes this life feels very surreal to me. And to think we have Sybil Trelawney to thank for it"

Severus snorted a laugh, "No we don't. I'd have snagged you regardless. It's not like her kidnapping us made me fall in love with you. I'd already been in love with you for over a year by that point. Although I am thankful to her for the use of her desk..." He flashed her a toothy grin and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively causing Hermione to burst out laughing while being relieved her children were both too young to understand how naughty their father was being.

"Russie! You're incorrigible! But I love you."

He kissed her chastely on the lips, "And I love you...and these two monsters we have for children." He ruffled his sons hair playfully and Nat broke into a fit of giggles,

"Silly daddy! My tummy is gwowlin, can we has some toast?"

"Ok Nat I get the hint...I'll get up. Come on then." Hermione lifted the kids from the bed and headed to the door to get a start on breakfast as Sunday was her day to cook.

"Ooh, and Severus?"

"Yes, my love."

"I wasn't even dreaming before, I used my Slytherin cunning to nab you and you delectablebody." With a wink she closed the door, humming a merry tune to herself as she walked down the hallway.

Severus should have been mad at his wife's deception but he was sure that he didn't mind when her Slytherin cunning was used against him like that. He benefitted from it regardless and he wouldn't be a Slytherin himself if he didn't use that to his full advantage.

With a happy sigh, he adorned his house-robe and made his way to the kitchen to have breakfast with his beautiful family.

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