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Author's Note: This was one of two fics borne out of a bout of insomnia. My advice: can't sleep, write fic! As usual it is shameless, shameless fluff. Many thanks to Smacky30 for her beta work.

Opening her lids, Kate blinked in the low morning light. The sun had just started to peak through the blinds, giving the room a soft orange and yellow glow. A room, she realized a moment later, that was decidedly not hers.

As she slowly came to consciousness, Kate realized someone sleeping behind her had their arm wrapped around her waist. She recognized the large fingers entwined with hers. She remembered wrapping them in a bandage last year. Wait…no…did she…

But the soft snort, followed by a mumble about cherries answered her question. Her eyes widened considerably when she realized neither of them had no clothes on.

Yup. It was official. She'd slept with Richard Castle.

For some reason Kate had thought it was all a dream, but no, it definitely was not a dream. It was a delicious reality as she inhaled the rich scent of Rick's cologne and reveled in the warm feeling of his skin surrounding her. It was like being covered in a blanket on a crisp, cool autumn day.

Okay, yes, this was a very, very welcome realization. But as soon as the thought crossed Kate's mind, she started to panic. Oh God, she needed to get out of this bed, right now.

Carefully, so as not to wake him, Kate started to lift up his arm, but Rick shifted slightly, pulling her closer. He nuzzled his face into her hair, sighing contently. She hated to do this to him, but she really needed to leave.

Again, she tried wriggling out of his grasp, but he just tightened his hold. Kate even tried slipping downward with no luck; Rick just pulled her up. When she shifted her shoulders free, he moaned, like a sad, little puppy dog. Swallowing heavily, it sickened her to be the one to make the puppy sad. She made a mental note to make it up to him later. But it was really, really important she get out.

Finally managing to push herself up on an elbow, Kate found herself engulfed in the tight hold of both of Rick's arms.

"Please," he whispered, now awake. "Don't do this."

"No, Rick, I really have to go," Kate replied, the panic evident in her voice.

"No, wait. I know this is scary, but we can talk about this."

"There's nothing to talk about! If you would let me up, it wouldn't be so scary."

"But Kate, I-"

"No, Rick!" she finally cut him off. "Now, damn it let me go! I have to pee!"

"Oh…Oh!" When the recognition finally hit him that she just wanted to leave to use the bathroom, he immediately let her go.

"Thank you!" Racing out of the bed, Kate slammed the bathroom door as soon as she got in. The back of her mind snickered at the picture of herself running buck naked to bathroom. She sure as hell knew Rick was probably laughing too.

A few minutes later, Kate opened the door to the beautiful sight: a sated Rick Castle, hair all tussled from sleep, a soft smile on his face. He leaned up on his elbows, the corners of his crinkled with mirth…and laughter. His grin widened as she walked back to the bed, head held high as if she hadn't nearly crashed into the chair by the door in haste to get out of bed.

"So…" Kate broke the silence once she settled back into his comfortable embrace. "Where were we?"

"Well, I believe it was the part where you almost wet the bed." Which earned him a swift pillow to the face.