Title: Bet Your Arse (02/02)
Author: olimakiella
Rating: R
Pairing: H/D
Words: 7, 849
Warnings: This is H/D slash. No likey no readey. Fluff, major protectiveness and er… FLUFF
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. There's a quote in here from House MD, it's paraphrased but I still don't own it.
Summary: The stakes are high.
Author's Notes: Written for bryoneybrynn's b'day.

Draco's eyes opened sluggishly and he squinted at the light that was coming in from the window. Opening his eyes he saw a room painted in a pale lilac. The walls were empty and the air smelled... different to what he was accustomed to smelling in the castle. Frowning, he groaned and turned over. It was only when he came into contact with a solid body that he stopped.

The pain was gone.

The chronic stomach pains he'd been getting and trying to numb with drink were gone. Had it worked? Was he in some drink-induced coma where the pain was non-existent? It was only when he looked up that he realised. Harry Potter was lying down next to him, head propped up on his hand staring down at him while the other hand lay across his waist. It felt very nice there, especially with his thumb stroking in idle circles.

"Good morning, Draco."

The last thing he remembered was downing his twenty-third shot of Fire Whiskey before blackness. Now, he was in a strange lightly coloured room lying down on a bed with Harry Potter, who, incidentally, was smiling at him as if he woke up like this every day. The stomach pains were nowhere to be found and the only hunger he felt was for breakfast, or early morning sex but it was usually the former that occurred, if he was lucky. There was only one logical explanation.

I'm dreaming, then.

He finally relaxed and shut his eyes again. "Wow, these dreams are getting more realistic every time." Merlin I can even smell him, he thought to himself as he got comfortable.

Harry stiffened, not quite sure what to do. Draco was seriously burrowing himself in there. "Um, Draco-" Two fingers pressed softly against his lips.

"Shh," Draco mumbled, his fingers slipping back down to the bedding. "Sleepy. Can get to it later."

Harry's eyebrows raised, a small grin breaking out on his face. This was kind of priceless. Slowly, he reached for Draco's hand, the one with the Intravene spell still in place. He was quite proud of himself for being able to connect it properly and raised it to Draco's face. "Draco, open your eyes." Just as slowly, Draco's eyes teased open and Harry saw his eyes focus on him, the grey of his irises tightening to block some of the light. Then they focused on the spell and Harry saw all traces of tiredness gone.

"What... is that?" he said his hand freezing where it was. The long, thin tube led his eyes up to the bag which floated above the bed. Draco's eyes widened and he started sitting up. Harry watched him carefully, not sure where this was leading. A look of horror was slowly dawning on Draco's face and he didn't like the look of it. Draco took in a breath and shut his eyes tight. "It's... oh god, it's you." No wonder he could smell him so strongly. The bag was nearly empty. No, no this isn't happening. I need to get out of here. He looked around again. Now that the illusion of dreaming was gone, he was seriously disoriented.

Even worse, he spotted two more bags on the bedside table. Only one of them was full, the other completely empty. Harry's scent saturated the room, he felt dizzy. "Where the fuck am I?" He needed to get out of there. It had been a long time since he'd had human blood in him. Most of the time, he got his meals in the forest. It was not comfortable to suddenly have human blood on demand and wrapped up in a Gryffindor uniform. Well, sort of, he thought to himself, as he noticed the brunet only had on a shirt and his school trousers. He wondered why, since today was Sunday.

Harry was actually coming closer to him and Draco's vampiric nature sang in joy. He felt strong - stronger - than usual and his body was feeling the after-effects of a good meal without having tasted anything. It was like an empty victory and the vampire in him wished to rectify that, the source of his empty victory dangling deliciously in front of him. So nicely packaged, too. Draco's eyes zeroed in on Harry's neck, the collar of the Gryffindor's shirt open and veryinviting. Draco balked and shuffled away. "I need to get out of here." He still couldn't see an exit though.

"Why?" Harry's voice was getting closer. Draco didn't bother trying to figure out why. He launched himself off the bed completely and moved to the window. Damnit. Fake.

"You - you don't understand. I can't... I'll kill you." Purposefully, Draco kept his gaze on the make-shift view. "Seriously, Potter, let me out, now."

Harry looked like he was entertaining a small child, despite their temper tantrum of the decade. "You won't kill me, I've made sure of it."

Draco couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Oh? You've done this before?" He snuck a look over his shoulder long enough to see that Harry looked down. He scoffed and turned back. "Some expert."

Harry glanced back up at him, though his hands were now in his pockets and he seemed a little less confident. "Well I am, kinda, yeah. I was thirteen when I found out a good friend of mine was a werewolf. Now? Ask me any question on werewolves, I'll tell you the answer. Then, when I was seventeen, I found out someone in my year was a vampire." He smiled. "Now? Ask me any question." Harry stepped forward, emboldened by Draco's less than confident stance. "Really, it's okay, you won't hurt me." He was coming forward too fast and the scent of him was driving Draco crazy, even though he was turned away. When he couldn't take it anymore, Draco pushed him to get him to back off.

These past few days, any strength he had had disappeared with the amount of meals he'd been skipping. He remembered pushing Blaise off him when he'd tried to get him to stop drinking the night before and Draco had hardly bruised him. Apparently a night's worth of blood from the Chosen One being inserted into your veins could really turn that around.

Harry suddenly found his breath leave him as he flew across the room. He vaguely registered a gasp of shock and then Draco was there again after he'd landed smack-dab near the edge of the bed. He was in his face and growing more hysterical by the second, as he asked Harry over and over if he was alright. Harry couldn't really talk, as he pulled in a deep breath of air. Draco leaned over Harry and was slapping his face, extra careful not to slap him into next Tuesday. "Come on, Potter, say something."

When Harry was finally able to, he said "Wow, that's some arm you got there," as he tried to sit up. He slapped away Draco's hands when they tried to make him lie back down again. He rubbed his chest. It felt like someone had done a chest compression during CPR or something. It had hurt, but he was fine. Damn, no wonder Voldemort is so obsessed with them, they're a great asset. With that thought, he had a sudden urge to check for a Dark Mark, and was quite surprised that he hadn't done it while the blond was sleeping. However, Draco's current state stopped him.

Somehow, this vampire, in practical tears as he tried to open Harry's shirt to see if he was okay, mumbling 'Fuck' whenever he tore off a button, made him figure there was nothing to worry about.

He looked down at his now exposed chest, suddenly noticing Draco's position as he straddled him trying to undo the last button. There was a partial handprint-shaped bruise forming. He glanced up to survey Draco's reaction. "Now I see why you left Quidditch. One nudge and I would have been history," he joked and placed a hand on the bed to keep his balance. The other rested on Draco's thigh.

Draco looked up at his face, his eyes narrowed in anger. "You're fucking lucky. If I had eaten breakfast, you would have gone through that wall," he said gesturing to the solid brick behind the bed-head. He scooted back, breathing deeply and Harry frowned. Draco was shaking.

"Hey, hey, hey now, I'm okay, see?" He gestured to himself. "Still alive."

Draco glared at him. "Yeah?" he said. "For how long?" He got up completely and stood on the carpeted floor. "Let me out, Potter. Please." There was a desperation in his voice that Harry responded to.

"I can't." He stood up too, knowing that the previous incident would stop Draco from trying too hard to push him. "Pomphrey forbid me from letting you go another day." Before Draco had a chance to respond, Harry cornered him against the wall, the quarter-filled bag of his blood smacking softly against the stone. Draco gasped and then tried to stop breathing completely.

"What, the fuck, are you doing, Potter?" though he practically growled it, there was a hysterical quality to Draco's voice.

"You need blood, Draco, and it has to be swallowed orally. This has gone on long enough."

Draco really wished he had it in him to push him away again, his hunger actually freezing him in place. Only the terror that he could actually kill another person kept him protesting. His eyes, however, remained glued to Harry's skin. "Pott... Harry, no, please."

Harry pushed himself forward. "Come on and drink, Malfoy, you're going to kill yourself."

Draco's hands, which had kept themselves to the wall, began to move haltingly toward Harry's waist. The brunet's forearms rested beside Draco's head that had plastered itself to the wall, his stance now encasing Draco completely. Draco refused to breathe. His hands tightened to fists and smacked themselves back to the wall, the stone cracking a little.

"I'm going to kill you if you don't stop. And then I'll be expelled on the spot. It's against school rules for me to drink from anyone other than a donor." He chanced a glance. "I don't have any here. I chosenot to have any. I don't want to be reliant on anyone. I'd rather hunt for my food, it's a form of independence and good training."

If he intended to scare Harry, it wasn't working. The Gryffindor smiled. "I read up on vampires. After all, you know DADA is my favourite subject – a passion really - and I'm very, very good at it." He pressed closer still and Draco gasped feeling his fingers begin to dig into the stone bricks when his lips touched the skin of Harry's shoulder. Bits of stone and concrete rattled to the floor. The scent of Harry's blood beneath the surface made its way through Draco's nostrils on his intake of breath and he moaned. He briefly, and desperately, wondered if he could claw his way out backward through the bricks.

"Oh? What did you learn?" he asked hoping to stall him as much as possible.

He could hear the smile in Harry's voice. "That vampires, especially the new ones, are very, verysensitive," Harry said in his ear. The heat from his breath made Draco tremble.

Draco shut his eyes. This wasn't fair. With one last feeble attempt Draco turned his head away only to come into contact with a warm forearm. He exhaled shakily over it and it moved.

Harry covered Draco's cheek with his hand. The blond had a lot of control over himself. Harry was going to have to be sneaky. The bag was almost empty. Quietly and very quickly, he used a spell Poppy had taught him. It was usually used only in emergencies (and on clothes) but Harry had seen the kinky aspect of it immediately. He was seventeen, after all. Who wouldn't want to strip as fast as possible? Perhaps, one day, he'd be able to use it in that capacity. For now, he slowly, he turned Draco's head toward him and took in the surreal lightness of his eyes. They were quite mesmerising.

"You're very stubborn," he said and then he kissed him.

Draco's eyes widened in surprise. The feel of Harry's lips a new and altogether appealing sensation. The kiss gradually deepened and Draco couldn't help but think that the Gryffindor was preparing him for something, the tongue teasing at his lips to open gradually relaxing him a little. It was only when the sweet copper-tanged taste of blood entered his system via his mouth that he straightened. Harry, however, refused to let go and Draco's hunger refused to let him resist anymore. Now that blood was on his tongue, he could feel his canines elongate the urge to bite became irrevocably strong.

If he had been strong enough to resist he would have denied him, pushed him away, demanded to be let out, won the bet and washed the last couple of days completely out of his mind, but as Harry pulled his head back and locked his gaze with him... Draco felt himself become hypnotized.

So much so, that when Harry pulled him closer, held him tight and said, "Now, bite me." He did.

It was glorious and the moan that escaped him could not be helped. Draco could not describe how good it felt, nor how good it tasted. He drank, feeling the pulse of it hitting his tongue bluntly, the heartbeat against his chest echoing it, the hardness against his hip responding to it and thrusting against him.

How many times had he thought of this? Longed for this? Wished to pry McCormack away to feel Harry's arms around him, holding him tightly just like this? Harry had bent his knees so he'd have better access but his knees were getting tired, Draco knew, and the part of his brain still able to function had him pushing the other teen, leading them toward the bed so Harry could sit down. Once stabilised, Draco climbed on, straddling him and comfortably securing his arms around Harry's neck as he continued drinking. He sighed through a mouthful as he felt Harry's hands trace along his spine and settle in place around him.

He felt warm, warm and secure. He didn't know that he could feel this way and a fleeting thought made him wonder if this was how his father felt with his mother. Forgetting about it for a second he focused instead on pulling away. The feeding he'd gotten while unconscious had taken most of the edge off and he felt strangely full though he could not have taken more than a pint. Sealing the wound as best he could he rested his head on Harry's shoulder and breathed, the scent of the boy beneath him making him lightheaded. Even more so, were the kisses that he could feel on his neck and collarbone. He bit his lip wondering what exactly he had done to deserve this kind of torture.

"Don't you have a... McCormack somewhere." He couldn't call him a boyfriend, really, it took too much of him to admit it. He pulled back and stared at the face that had haunted many of his dreams lately. Those green eyes stared back at him unobstructed by glasses that Draco could see in his peripheral vision next to the empty bag of blood on the bedside table.

Harry kissed the corner of his mouth and turned them. They lay now across the bed and Harry looked down at him, around his face and at his hair that formed a halo-like shape around his head. "He's somewhere I suppose," Harry said smiling a little. "I doubt I'll be seeing much of him though. What with him being in Hufflepuff Tower and me breaking up with him and all." He moved back in slowly and paused only when Draco turned away.

"Why?" His hand moved to Harry's bicep, the thin tube being tugged along and the brief distraction had Harry looking up at the now empty bag that floated above their heads. He turned around and patted down the bed squinting as he searched for his wand. Draco watched him carefully, seeing the wand on the bed and wondered just how blind Harry really was. He leaned over and picked it up. Instead of handing it over, however, he aimed it at him. Harry just stared at him waiting, apprehension showing only when Draco opened his mouth to whisper a spell.

There was a few second pause as Harry blinked a few dozen times, his eyes watering. When he was fully able to focus, he looked down at his hands, turning them over and then stretching them out as far as he could.

He didn't have to squint.

It was eyes full of wonder that stared at Draco then. "Thank you. Seriously, thank you. No one has ever had the magical strength it takes to perform that spell and I never wanted to ask Dumbledore if he would." He looked around the room. "It's nice not to have to squint at everything for a while though."

Draco frowned a little. What the hell are you talking about? For a while?

Harry's gaze settled on him once more. He smiled and then took a hold of one of Draco's hands, which had settled beside his head on the covers. Casting a finite on the spell, the empty blood bag fell with a soft thump. Harry leaned and placed the empty bag with the other on the small chest of drawers.

"You're not hungry?" he questioned and nodded when he saw Draco shake his head.

"Why did you dump him?" Draco asked again.

"You're not happy about it? It was you who said I could do so much better." Draco narrowed his eyes at him. "I dumped him because of you." Draco didn't dare allow himself to hope. "Because of what you said."

That didn't really tell him anything. "When?"

"Last week." He didn't elaborate but Draco's look had him at least adding: "He wasn't meeting me the night he confronted you – when you went to hunt."

They lay there with Harry on top of him telling his story. Feelings of foreboding draped over Draco as he listened to Harry tell him about confronting McCormack and the bastard admitting to infidelity. He tuned out for a while, not really interested in the details, more planning the death of the idiot Hufflepuff who didn't know a good thing when he had it. It was only when he heard Pansy's name, that he began to listen again. "...she's really rather scary when it comes to you." Harry looked directly into his eyes and Draco froze, knowing they saw him perfectly clear. "Not much of a hardship though, doing what she says. I know a good thing when I see it." Though Draco didn't know what he meant, he did not resist when, ever so gently, Harry kissed him, pressing and slightly pushing his mouth over his.

Taking his top lip between his own, Draco encircled his arms around Harry and allowed the brunet to blanket him with his body. He really was very warm. The simple motion seemed to stir something in Harry, who sighed contentedly and eased his arms around Draco, letting his weight fall on him. It allowed him to deepen the kiss even further so Draco could still taste the metallic remnants that had started this when he felt Harry's tongue softly flick against his lower lip. He focused on that tongue, wrapping his own around it and pulling it into his mouth with a moan. This act of sudden passion startled Harry, but he did not fight it. Instead, he gave in and let his mouth be assaulted by the older male. They turned over, Draco's weight feeling comfortable as it settled on top of him. The blond's legs parted so their torsos lay flush and he tightened his hold on him, his fingers splayed across Draco's back. He let his hands smooth over the contours of Draco's body, over the inward slope of his lower back and over the clothed globes of his arse.

There was something about the way that Draco's body moulded into his that was making him very happy – it was perfect.

Then Draco sat up, and Harry loved that position even better. There was a crazed look in Draco's eyes as his shirt was pushed apart again. Draco's hands stroked upward and Harry saw him bite his lip as his eyes worked over the bruise on his chest that was a little darker now. Harry sat up, causing Draco to scoot back a little, and kissed him again to get his eyes, and his mind, off it.

"Tell me…" They parted, a hair's breadth between them and Draco murmured over his lips, "You need to tell me that you won't regret this later. Please." Draco swallowed hard around the lump in his throat those words had conjured. In response, Harry took up each of Draco's hands and undid the buttons at his cuffs in turn, all the while maintaining eye contact. He then took a hold of Draco's shirt at the hem.

"Never." With that he tugged the shirt up and over Draco's head. His mouth was covered as soon as the shirt was clear and Draco gasped, a little surprised at the sudden attack. His hands found their way into Harry's hair. Careful not to root it out, his fingers tightened at the feel of Harry thrusting upward bringing their clothed cocks into contact each time. When he couldn't take it anymore, his hands made a beeline for Harry's school trousers. He undid the buttons one by one, and raised up to allow Harry to take them off.

This is actually happening, he thought to himself as he too was divested of the rest of his clothes. He couldn't believe it, not even when he settled back down in Harry's arms and Harry's wand was aimed at his arse.

Harry felt Draco shiver at the feel of the spell. Tossing his wand aside, he decided to remedy that. The lubricant the spell created was always cold, he'd felt it in his hand countless times. Harry spread the cheeks of Draco's arse apart with his fingers and eased his middle finger in between them. Draco sucked on his bottom lip when Harry's long finger breached his hole, his breath hitching.

Draco slowly dropped his hands from his hair and, moulding them to his skin, eased the shirt off his shoulders. Harry melted against him as he felt Draco's hands running over the vertebrae of his spine. Draco splayed his fingers over Harry's hot skin and aimlessly buried his nose into Harry's hair, getting lost in the thickness and fresh smell of it. Harry continued to thrust his fingers in, spreading them apart and going deeper with each turn. He raised his head a little to draw his tongue over the exposed skin of Draco's neck and felt Draco inhale sharply, moving his lips hips back and forth to relieve the pressure. When he finally took his fingers out, feeling every muscle contract around him, he moaned as he replaced them with his cock, burying himself by increments until he was balls deep in the blond. It felt perfect.

Then Draco tightened around him.

He threw his head back, his breath leaving him, and dug his nails into pale skin as his body felt a pleasure like never before. He was sure he could sense Draco smiling at him, his hands stroking through is hair as he murmured something into his ear to calm him down. He found Draco's hands, shaking off the trance he seemed to be in and turned them over landing Draco on his back on the covers. He pulled them up over his head, entwining their fingers and thrust as deep and as hard as he could.

Harry was kissing him and pounding into him and Draco couldn't think about more than one thing at once. He really hoped this wasn't a dream. Merlin knew he'd had enough of this nature to be able to doubt himself. Feeling something above his head, he looked up. Harry's thrusting was taking them into the headboard. Managing to manoeuvre his hands out of Harry's grasp, he held on to it to lever himself, and stop his head from bumping into it repeatedly, as Harry thrust into him. Then, he keened because his strong hold now caused the thrusts Harry made feel deeper than they actually were and they were exquisite. Draco found himself giving into whining as Harry hit his prostate. With the paced, deep movements, Draco's breath started to lose its rhythm, becoming sharp, sudden gasps. He started rubbing himself frantically, knowing he wasn't going to last long.

Harry was lost. There was no way he was going to be able to stop himself from coming at this rate. Draco was tight and hot and he enveloped him completely, squeezing at all the right times in all the right places. Draco's skin was hot, the total opposite of what Harry thought he would feel when he touched him. He was glad. Draco always seemed so untouchable. The old adage was that people always want what they can't have and Draco was right up there on the list of the unattainable. But, oh, how Harry wanted him. The looks at the fumbled words and the dreams... Harry was surprised the desire wasn't written all over his face. He felt Draco reach for his cock between them, stroking himself to completion and Harry moaned knowing he was close too. Nothing could feel as good as this, he thought to himself.

And then Draco came. And with his orgasm he clamped down like a vice.

"Fucking Christ!" Harry hissed at the tight hold that forcibly milked his orgasm from him. He came immediately, thrusting as deep as he could before he finally collapsed in a heap of jelly. He moaned quietly when the last flickers of his orgasm shot through his body making him twitch. Dark spots could be seen from the corners of his eyes.

Draco came down from the intense high and continued to stare at the ceiling, feeling content and relaxed. His body was tired and his mind and conscience were non-existent in this newly-found state of nirvana. Harry's weight on him wasn't a pressing issue at the moment, it was more comfortable than anything else.

"I think I'm dead," he heard and began to chuckle. Harry still hadn't moved so he did him a favour and rolled him to the side before returning to his position staring at the ceiling.

Pansy and Blaise were in the Slytherin common room. Both still had on their coats, having not changed or gone to bed for the night. Worry had kept Pansy up, though Blaise had fallen asleep some time ago, his head resting on her lap. There was no way that she would be able to sleep, she was too worried. Last she'd seen Draco, he was near death and close to alcohol poisoning. She had no idea how Blaise had managed to nod off. With a deep sigh she looked up at the ornate clock that hung above the mantelpiece in the Slytherin common room. It ticked rhythmically, each second grating on her nerves until she couldn't take it anymore.

"Blaise!" she blurted out and stood up, unceremoniously flinging Blaise off her.

The dark-skinned boy sat up straight, eyes wide and startled. "I'm awake, I didn't do it." He blinked a few times and then rubbed his eyes. Groaning he held his head. "Fuck, what time is it?" he said, his eyes screwed shut as if he were in pain.

Pansy ignored him. "I'm worried."

He looked up at her and then rested back against the chair. A deep put-upon sigh escaped him. "Okay, this is more important," he stated and fought back his yawn. He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his thighs and waited.

"He isn't back yet. I need to see for myself that he's okay." She stared at him.

Blaise stared back, albeit a little blearily. "And you woke me up because..." This time, Pansy glared at him. "Of course I'll go with you, Pansy," he deadpanned and stood when she began to walk toward the Slytherin entrance.

The entrance was reclosed soon after, however, when they both witnessed Draco being snogged to the tonsils by none other than Harry Potter himself.

Pansy was standing still, Blaise just behind her, in shock. Blaise recovered first.

"Well, he certainly looks alive." He turned and began walking toward the dorms.

That is, until, "Where the hell do you think you're going?" cut through the empty common room. Blaise paused on the stairway down to this dorm room. Turning, he watched her strangely.

"He's alive. And judging from the grin that's splitting his face, he's also happy. I'm going to-" That glare pierced him once more. "-sit here and wait for him to come inside, of course." He walked back to the sofa with his arms crossed. Pansy sat herself next to him. "You're not his mother."

She crossed her arms too and huffed in annoyance. "I may as bloody well should be." She turned her head toward the entrance. "Idiot doesn't know half of what's good for him," she said turning back.

"You're the one who told Potter he was in love with him."

"And he uses this to get into his pants? Well, everyone is entitled to one mistake per life time, at least." She glared. "Out all night and snogging all morning, obviously Gryffindor's can't be trusted."

Blaise sighed. "Neither can Slytherins."

Pansy snorted. "Or Hufflepuffs."

Blaise laughed quietly at her words. "Do I mention Ravenclaws?"

Pansy shook her head. "Goes without saying. All those books, they're way too smart for their own good." She looked to the entrance again. "What the fuck are they doing out there?" she said irritated.

Blaise yawned. "Do I have to answer that, seeing as you just answered it yourself?" They sat in silence for a while longer. "Aren't you just going to yell at him, am I even needed for this intervention?"

Pansy turned and glared at him. "Just sit there and be quiet." With a huff, Pansy stormed to the entrance and opened it, clearing her throat loudly enough for Draco to hear.

"It's seven in the morning and in case you've forgotten, the bet that everyone knows about is still on. If you don't want to start even more rumours, I suggest you get inside." She opened the entrance wider, the stone sliding noisily.

She watched as the two boys parted for air and rolled her eyes when they began whispering. But with one final kiss, Potter was gone. Quite literally, he actually disappeared. Draco walked toward her, his glare on in full enforcement ignoring her completely and walking inside. Upon seeing Blaise sitting down, looking upset and tired he rolled his eyes.

"Oh Merlin, what the hell is this, a lecture?" he looked at Blaise knowing that if he wanted a straight answer he was the one to go to.

Blaise returned his stare. "I'm not needed for this intervention," he said snippily. "I'm just going to sit here and shut up."

Right. So, this was Pansy's idea. He turned to the witch and waited. "Well?"

Pansy was giving him an eye up and down. When she settled on her answer she nodded. "You're alive and well. I'm glad for that. He seems to have kept his promise at least." Her arms were crossed as she approached him.

Draco looked down at himself, his eyes travelling the length of him in the same way Pansy's had. He wondered what she saw. "Well-"

"You had sex with him didn't you?" Her finger pointed at him dangerously.

Draco's vocal chords promptly stopped working. He turned to Blaise, for help, who cocked an eyebrow at him. "I'm not needed for this intervention." His eyes said he was certainly interested in the content though.

He was on his own then. "What does that have to do with anything?"

Pansy's eyes were suddenly glassy. She seemed to be gathering herself before she spoke. "Do you know what you're getting yourself into? What you're setting yourself up for?" Her voice was a whisper.

There was a sigh behind him and he turned to see Blaise stand up and walk over to them. "She wants you to be careful. I believe that's the aim of all this hysterical nonsense." He raised a hand to rub his neck. "If you ask me, this is just too much trouble to go through for one Gryffindor. You sure you shouldn't just get yourself a girlfriend or something, instead? Much less trouble."

Pansy, who'd gotten her voice under control and thankful for the distraction while she did it whacked Blaise on the arm. "He's gay, Blaise. He's accustomed to partners who don't need a map to find the treasure, if you know what I mean."

"Maps can be bought." He looked at Draco. "Or drawn, if he's patient and up for it."

Pansy smirked at him. "She'd still need a shovel."

Blaise shrugged and waved a hand in the air. "He could buy a shovel."

Pansy smirked and looked over to Draco, who was decidedly red. "Maybe, but it's always more fun to use someone else's, isn't it, Draco?"

"I am standing right here," he said but he couldn't stop the smile that was threatening.

"Bet Harry had a nice one, eh?" Blaise said smiling. He bent his wrist at an angle. "Good and angled to... you know, shovel the most dirt." He winked. Draco wished he could push him. Pansy did it for him and he thanked her with a kiss on her cheek.

"Well, if I can have permission to sleep now," Blaise said and eyed Pansy warily. She waved him off and he bowed mockingly before finally going to bed.

She felt a hug and accepted it gracefully turning in his arms to face him. "I'll be careful," she heard in her ear.

"Good," she said still in his embrace. "If he breaks your heart, I break his legs. Got it?" She stood back and pointed her finger threateningly at him. He nodded. "You just pass that on to him." She parted from him walking toward her own dorm room really hoping that nothing would go wrong.

Tuesday morning Steven McCormack was walking through the school corridors with his friends when Ron Weasley walked up to him. "Hey, Steve, you seen Harry? He didn't come in last night." Steven frowned. "I only ask because last we heard, you were still his boyfriend," Ron said cleverly as if Steven were trying to deny it. "Plus, you're wearing his jumper," Ron grinned.

Steven looked down. The red jumper was Harry's favourite and he'd let Steven wear it once when it was cold out. He looked up at Ron and smiled after deliberating some. "Yeah, he went down to Hogsmeade for something, said he wanted to be ready for tonight. We call the bet tonight but I have a feeling Malfoy's lost already." Ron grinned and shook his head.

"Alright, well, I'll see you guys later then. Tell him I was looking for him, would you?"

Steven nodded. "Will do." He continued down to breakfast with his housemates. As he turned the corner, though, he bumped into Malfoy. "Well, lookie here. What's the matter, Malfoy? The lack of blood making your eyes water?" He was confused when Draco took a deep breath but laughed anyway when he looked like he was about to throw up. "I suggest you find yourself a bathroom. Don't give me another reason to laugh at you." He looked to his friend in smug satisfaction when Malfoy took off down the corridor.

Pansy was going to kill Harry Fucking Potter.

"This Grindelwald impression is exactly why I didn't want to tell you." Blaise was leaning against the Quidditch locker room entrance, in full gear from practice, as Pansy continued knocking and throwing spells at the entrance attempting to break in. Draco had stormed in there during Quidditch practice, face red and blotchy from crying, and locked it behind him before Blaise even had a chance to ask him what was wrong. The rest of the team had gone up for breakfast due to the fact none of them could break his locking spell. Blaise wasn't sure whether he should tell Pansy or not but he wasn't certain how to deal with these things like Pansy was. It was Tuesday morning, though; the day the bet had to be called. Draco had only locked himself in the Quidditch locker room for two hours. Maybe he was just venting.

Suddenly remembering something, Blaise stood up straight. He held Pansy's shoulder and told her to back away. "What? What for?" she said. This whole ordeal was getting her upset too. He rolled his eyes.

"When we were six, Draco had snits like this. He was only able to do one spell then. And he used it to lock himself in a closet."

"A closet?"

Blaise looked at her. "I know, the connotations are endless but it was pretty powerful, not even the house elves could get in. His dad was pretty proud of him." He took out his wand. "Recludo!" The door swung open and Blaise pocketed his wand finding the sudden heat that hit him a little strange. Pansy was about to say something but, frowning, Blaise put up his hand to quiet her. "You hear that?"

She stopped and listened. Sobbing. They walked quickly through the boiling hot room and stopped at the showers.

Steam accosted them and they knew the shower was on hot. The shower curtains were wide open and pushed against the wall. On the floor of the shower sat Draco, holding his fully clothed knees against his chest. Pansy went to shut off the water when Draco stopped her, putting his hand over the faucet. They stared for a second debating before her hands went to the cold tap instead. Both she and Blaise sat on either side of him. The tiles were scolding hot but they sat and bore it out until they could get used to the temperature.

"What happened?" Blaise said never having seen his friend look like this before.

Draco's eyes were wide open and blank looking, his mouth quivering and spilling out small sobs. The shower splashed over him, penetrating his completely saturated clothes. Pansy slipped off her shoes and threw them outside of the stall. Without even looking at them, Draco began mumbling. "He lied to me. Mc-" his breath hitched and he dropped his head on his knees. "He never broke up with him."

"How do you know?"

Draco shook his head. "He smells of him. McCormack went to breakfast smelling of him. He told Weasley he'd just left him to go to Hogsmeade. I could smell Harry all over him." His hands went into his hair and grabbed at it, his soul sounding as if it were being rendered via his mouth. "It hurts," he said brokenly, "so bad," he added in a whisper. "I can't get him offme." His hands were moulding themselves to his face, rubbing his skin red as if trying to wash something off. Pansy had an idea what it was. She carefully wrapped her arm around Draco, and pulled him close.

There he was, speaking to that ginger-haired giant and grinning bemusedly at whatever he was saying. As they got nearer, Pansy overheard the last part of their conversation. "Ron, I wouldn't go to Hogsmeade at this time of the day anyway, everywhere is closed."

Just hearing his voice made her blood boil. She grabbed Blaise's broom from his hand and ran.

Harry only saw her swing and had enough sense left to yell 'Duck' before she hit Ron too. "Whoa, what the fuck, Parkinson!" The broom missed both of them, however, as Blaise managed to get it out of her hands before she did any damage. He held her back, his arm slipping around her waist to prevent her from jumping the Gryffindor. Her wet hair swung in her face as she glared at him.

She screamed, frustrated that she couldn't hit him properly and swiped her hair back. "You're a bastard! You're a fucking bastard and I cannot believe we actually believed you."

"Oi!" Ron began angrily before Pansy smacked him across the face. "Fuck off! I can do so much worse," she screamed at him as Blaise held her back.

"Ron, go on, I can take care of it." Harry was watching the soaked-through pair. He edged away from Pansy and her unrestrained fury being barely held in check by Blaise's arms. She was glaring at him in such anger, he was a little afraid. As Ron walked off, massaging his cheek, Harry leaned against the wall preparing himself for what was coming.

Pansy shook Blaise off, no calmer than before but Blaise was sure she wouldn't attack the boy, yet. "You – you just don't care how badly you hurt a person, do you?"

"What are you-"

Pansy's eyes became so solemn, her tone so deadly. "You shut the fuck up before I kill you where you stand." She was pointing at him and Harry stopped moving, no doubt in his mind that she was serious. "You track him down, screw up his entire world, screw himand then go back to your boyfriend? What in all of Merlin's fucking glory is wrong with you? What has he done to you that would warrant this? What could you possibly blame him for that would motivate you to fuck with him like this?" She waited. "You can talk now."

Harry unfortunately had no idea what to say except, "What are you talking about?"

Pansy's face changed and it was so scary, Blaise actually stood in front of her. He felt her tighten her fists in his Quidditch cloak behind him, her head resting against his shoulder blade and let her calm herself down with deep breaths as he continued. "Potter, your supposed ignorance tells me either one of two things. One: That you are, indeed, the spoiled selfish bastard that you always came across as. With that I can then find no fault, or remorse, in letting Pansy go and giving her an alibi later." He saw Harry's eyes widen a little. "Or two: You don't actually know what I'm talking about -" his eyes narrowed and then he turned his head a little, indicating he was talking to the both of them "- and in that case Pansy will calmherself and save the anger for the person who deserves it." His head cocked to the side. "Which is it?" He was watching Potter closely as he'd done throughout this whole exchange.

Harry stood up straight aiming to take full advantage of the fact he now had the floor. "Okay, first of all, I didn't screw him over. He told me on Sunday that he wanted time to think and I gave it to him. I'm still giving it to him. Two: who the fuck told you I went back to Steven? I haven't even seenhim since Sunday."

Pansy stepped out from behind Blaise. She stood still, just staring him down. "If you're lying to me-"

"I'm not lying!" Harry said defending himself.

Pansy looked away from him and then went to lean against the wall herself. Breathing deeply a few times she shut her eyes and then opened them to look down the corridor. "What are we going to do with him Blaise?" she asked sounding like she was ready to give up on their best friend.

"What exactly has he done?" Harry asked.

He looked between the two Slytherins who were conversing silently and snapped his eyes to Blaise when he said. "He's leaving school early."

Harry was confused. "But... he won, why is he leaving?" Again, he switched between the two of them with his eyes. "Can't you just ask him to stay?" Harry suggested but stopped when, tiredly, Pansy started to laugh.

"No use, already tried. He's built up these walls," she said, her hands going crazy trying to convey the seriousness of the situation.

Blaise nodded when Harry looked to him. Pansy seemed to have been done with her explanation. "Not real ones but the scary thing is, they're still very good at keeping things out, including his friends."

There was that laugh again. "Everyone," Pansy added turning her head and then her body to him. She got into his face and poked him hard in his shoulder. Harry saw how bad it really was in her eyes. She was hurt because Draco had shut them out, possibly completely this time. "Except you. And that doesn't only scare him, it hurts him because everything you do, chips away at them, everything. And now. He's leaving because of you. You don't deserve him." She walked off.

"But exams-"

"Our examinations are Ministry mandated. The school is just a formality." Blaise seemed disappointed. "It's too late. He's packing right now and then he's going to Dumbledore to tell him he drank from a student."

"He won't believe him." Harry knew Dumbledore.

Blaise sneered. "With a pensieve memory, he would. He wouldn't have a choice."

"Blaise!" they both turned to see Pansy waiting for him. He began to walk to her but then paused and looked back to him. He looked contemplative. "You know, you don't know what you've lost. With all his infallibility, his coldness, his 'superpowers'," he said making quotation marks in the air awkwardly because of his broom. "He would have worshippedyou." He shook his head at him and then turned away meeting up with Pansy further up the corridor. She gave Harry one last dirty look and, when Blaise put his arm around her to turn her around, she let him and walked off.

Harry walked into the Gryffindor common room and looked around finally spotting Ron by the fireplace with Seamus. Hermione saw him first.

"Harry, Where were you last night? We were worried," she asked him as she came down from the girl's dorm.

He looked up at her, eyes following her down the stairs. "Hmm? Oh, Order meeting, sorry. I didn't know it would run that late. I ended up spending the night at Grimmauld." Her turned from her - now satisfied - nod and focused on his other best friend that was frowning at him. "Ron! Can I have a word?" He walked up to the boys dorm and left the door open. When Ron walked in, he shut the door behind him. "Mate, what was that about downstairs? Parkinson looked ready to murder you."

Harry nodded. "She was – still is actually – but, later, okay? Ron. I need you to explain to me exactly why you were telling me off for going to Hogsmeade without telling you?"

Steven was walking with his friends by the lake. They'd just come from lunch and he had to get back up to the castle for three to find out whether or not Malfoy had lost the bet. He smiled to himself. Of course he'd lost, no way could any vampire go for five days with nothing to eat. If he did, Steven was a bit surprised the tosser was still alive, let alone sane. He fiddled with the cuff of the jumper sleeve he was wearing. It was Harry's favourite and one of the few that actually fit him properly.

Steven hadn't taken it off since Sunday. He was a little upset that Harry had broken it off so suddenly after that long speech he'd given him about cheating, bigotry and hypocrisy on Sunday morning. It was a bit of a shock that Ron was asking him where Harry was. As far as he knew Harry wasn't even talking to him. Then again, why hadn't Harry told his best friend they'd broken up? Earlier, he honestly had no idea where Harry was, but he wasn't about to let Ron know that. Maybe Harry was having second thoughts. It was a study week, maybe he'd gone to Hogsmeade.

Tuning back into what his friends were taking about, he realised they'd been trying to get his attention for a while.

"You little shit."

Steven McCormack turned around and smiled at hearing Harry's voice, though what he said was a little off-putting. Then the smile was wiped completely off his face when a solid punch sent him to the ground.

Harry waited by the gargoyle. He'd seen Draco go up there not two hours ago. He knew the blond wouldn't stop when he called him but he'd done it anyway watching hopelessly as Draco took the winding staircase two at a time. He was sitting on the floor waiting, watching the skinned knuckles of his right hand and the red jumper on his lap when the stairs started to move again. He stood up as quickly as he could but even that wasn't enough when Draco stormed straight past him.

"You could at least let me explain before you jump to conclusions." He said it quietly but he knew Draco could hear him. He knew it even when the blond turned and suddenly Harry found himself plastered to the wall with Draco's hand at his throat.

"What did you do?" Draco looked livid.

"Did he expel you?" Harry asked. If he had, Harry'd sent Dumbledore that letter for nothing.

Draco's eyes narrowed. "No. And he said it was against the law for him to let me leave so close to my examinations. He wouldn't even let me show him-"

"Steven lied." The grip around his neck, if anything, got tighter. Wow"I can – I can't breathe."

Draco sneered. "Good." But he let him go and walked away.

"Fine. Run away. Forget the fact that I love you and everything." Oh, he's fast, Harry thought when we found himself once more attached to the wall. This time, Draco's finger aimed dangerously at his face.

"Don't you fucking dareuse that against m-" He'd stopped only because Harry brought a red jumper up to his face. "And what the fuck is this for?"

"This," Harry said throwing it at him, "is the fucking reason you could smell me all over him," he said frustratedly quoting Pansy's words. He'd done a little research of his own to try and understand what the fuck was going on. Slytherins coming at him with brooms-come-baseball bats was not something he wanted to encounter again. "Steven is an bigoted idiot, who doesn't know when to quit. I broke up with him on Sunday morning before I even met you Sunday evening with your stupid idea to get slashed and give yourself alcohol poisoning." Harry took a deep breath. He felt like screaming. "The fucking men I'm attracted to - honestly." Harry threw his arms up in the air and shook his head, thoroughly irritated.

Draco ran his hands over the jumper that he really did see McCormack wearing earlier on. He frowned when he noticed a dark spot. "There's blood on it." He looked up at Harry.

Harry glanced over. "Yeah, I broke his nose," he added dismissively still distracted by the fact he was in this ridiculous situation.. "He's in the Infirmary right now." Draco's eyebrows rose and he couldn't help the tell tale smirk that bloomed on his face.

Harry scoffed and walked up to him pointing his own threatening finger at him. Draco noticed the skinned parts of his knuckles. The smirk didn't drop. "And you can wipe that smirk off your face too, I'm being serious here." Draco looked down again at Harry's finger and cocked an eyebrow at it. The awareness that Harry hadn't lied to him lifting the depression he'd felt earlier off his shoulders. It made him feel lighter. Harry stepped in closer. "And I know that me poking you, and pushing you has absolutely no effect on you whatsoever but just this oncecan you pretend it does." With that, Harry shoved him against the wall taking great satisfaction in the exhalation of air he heard escape Draco's mouth (even if it was a bit forced) and kissed him, as hard as he could.

When they parted, Draco was staring at him. "So it isn't true?"

Harry groaned. "No. I don't even understand how you could think it is. I don't lie about things like that. I actually try not to lie at all, if I can help it. Next time you hear something and get upset, can you just come and ask me about it?" Harry said to him.

Draco smiled and kissed him again. "I will if you promise not to upset me."

Though he was smiling, Harry could see and feel the seriousness behind his words. "I can promise you I will do my best never to upset you again. I'm a Gryffindor, we always stand by our word." Silently, the blond descended upon his lips, joining their mouths with a sweet kiss. Harry didn't bother to swallow the moan that built in him. Draco ran his hands through Harry's hair and then down his back, pulling Harry closer. Harry took another step, this time plastering the both of them to the wall, closing any and all spaces between them.

"Mmm, promise me something else," Harry suddenly said parting from Draco' mouth.

"You clearly overestimate my powers of self control, Harry." Harry ignored him and waited for Draco to agree first, knowing the blond was curious to what was important enough to stop a kiss like that. When Draco finally rolled his eyes and nodded with a small, curious smile, he continued.

"If we ever have another argument, and by some miracle I manage to upset you anyway, would you send Blaise for me instead of Pansy?"