Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, Angel, and Buffy the series.

Synopsis: This is my update and cry for help! For people that have read my stories in the past, you are about to get some major story updates, rewrites and new ideas! So read on to find out what is going on! (Other then the name change. Surprise!)


So here it is folks, good news and bad news. How many of us have looked back at what we've written and thought, "Man I could have done better!" ? Well I want to pick up some stories, rewrite others to flesh them out more, add more to them, and there's some new ideas I have. While yes most of these are for the Angel universe there's some crossover ideas as well as some for the show The Vampire Diaries. So this is both an announcement and a request. I'm looking for a Beta Reader or two for the stories I'll be starting and the ones that I will be re writing to make oh so much better. (They won't be straight rewrites, there will be all kinds of new things added in and delved into) So if interested please contact me while I get started!

Also, you may have noticed a name change! Originally this was a joint story, the Thank You, Again was something a friend and I were to work on together so the name was an amalgam of our names. Sadly, she dropped off halfway through the first chapter! I was able to talk to her and she always planned on coming back so in the meantime I also worked on other stories myself. She's gone now and all the work but a few sentences of dialogue in the first chapter of the one story, is mine so I changed the name to reflect that!