They almost made it back to the house. In fact, Jim was pulling the Camaro into his driveway when his phone began to ring.

"Hey, Carlos. Yeah, okay, text me the address."

"Let me guess, you have to go to work?"

"Yep. Homicide never sleeps."

"Can I come?"
"To a crime scene?" Jim was incredulous, to say the least.

"Yeah, what else am I going to do down here?"

He looked at his sister, one eyebrow raised, and waited.

The ensuing stare-down lasted almost two whole minutes before Jim gave up. He'd never been able to deny Becca much, but that was the hazard of having a five-years-younger-than-him sister. He sighed and motioned to the back seat.

"Can we at least offload this mountain of shopping first?"

"Yes." And before he could stop her, Becca had reached over and pulled the keys from the ignition and pocketed them, preventing him from making an escape.


"Yeah. I know you, James. I remember the times you took off in that old Chevy after promising to take me with you. I keep the keys."

Twenty minutes later they pulled up at the crime scene and Carlos' eyes narrowed at the sight of the other Longworth sibling arriving in tow.

"You know this isn't a tourist attraction, right?"

"Yeah, but she stole my keys and wouldn't let me have them back unless I bought her with me."

Becca, meanwhile, had found Daniel, crouching next to the body. She'd swaggered past the police tape at her brothers' heels and the two uniforms patrolling the perimeter had assumed she was just another new detective.

"Hi." She stood next to him and glanced down at the body, biting the inside of her cheek to suppress her gag reflex. Not that the body was particularly gruesome, a man in his forties had been stabbed in the chest and left in an alley behind an apartment building.

Daniel looked up at the unfamiliar figure, squinting and frowning when he didn't recognize the woman addressing him.

"Uh, hi."

"Becca." She held out a hand for him to shake and Daniel hesitated for the barest moment before snapping off a crime-scene glove and taking it.


"Great to meet you. What have we got here?"

"No offense, but, who are you?" Daniel asked, rocking on his heels and straightening, pulling himself to his full height almost four inches taller than Becca.


"Yeah, got that. But what are you doing here? Are you a new detective?"

"Oh, no. I'm Jim's sister."


"Really really."

Daniel stared at her for a moment, before Becca smiled at him and laughed.

"Yeah, I know, we look nothing alike, blah, blah. Who is this guy?"
"Uh, I'm not sure if I can tell you anything…"
"It's okay, Daniel, she's with me." Jim put in over Carlos' shoulder.

"Okay, Detective Longworth."

Becca laughed a little at that and Jim glared for a moment before returning his attention to Carlos' summary of the crime scene and the witness statements he'd taken before Jim had arrived on scene.

"Well, that woman-" Daniel pointed to a woman in her sixties, sitting on the back step of the ambulance Jim had pulled the Camaro up next to, wrapped in a blanket and sucking on an oxygen mask, "Bought a bag of trash down and when she rounded the dumpster she found this guy, apparently he's not anyone she recognized, but she said there's about forty residents and she only lives on the second floor."
"The stab wound killed him?"
"Looks like it, but there's defensive wounds on his hands and bruises on his neck.""
"He put up a fight?"
"So it would seem. He was robbed, too. His watch and wallet are missing."
"And a necklace."

"What?" Daniel's eyes snapped to Becca, before going back to the man on the ground. How had she figured out that he was missing a necklace?

"There's a gold clasp on the ground under his ear – from a necklace – and it's broken, so someone tore it off him. Either that or it's just laying there, but it could be evidence."

"Oh, yeah. Hand me the tweezers?"

Jim looked across the crime scene and Carlos followed his gaze.

"Remind me why you bought your sister to a crime scene?"
"Same reason I started bringing Callie. I thought she could help."
"No idea, yet."
"Jim, you never even told me what your sister does for a living."
"No, I didn't."
"Are you planning on telling me any time soon?"
"No, not really. She'll tell you if you ask, though."

Carlos' eyebrows both traveled up his forehead, stopping barely short of his hairline. Jim was mysterious when he wanted to be, but cryptic like this and deliberately avoiding a question that should have been relatively straightforward?

After a moment of pondering Carlos just shrugged. He'd leave the mystery of Becca Longworth to someone more interested, and if the look on Daniel's face was anything to go by, Daniel was likely to be that someone else.