Chapter 1: Be Careful What You Wish For.

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"God have mercy upon the one who dares to call me at... 4am? Did I do something to piss of the higher ups this time? Better see whose soul shall I harvest tonight." I went to grab my cellphone and narrowed my eyes at the blinding light the cellphone was emanating, "My girlfriend? The hell she wants this early? I think it would be wise to sound disorientated, who knows what'll she think if I sound too sober this early." I shook my head to get the dizziness off. "Who? Wha? Hello?"

"Hun' it's me Heidi, you awake?" My girlfriend said and I could hear a that she sounded, distraughted with some amount of relief.

Fu** this, I don't have to justify my actions.

"As a matter of fact no. I'm currently sky diving with elves and other mythtical beasts." I hate being woke up this early and since I already have problems with sleeping as it is. I usually want to smack the first person that I see the second I wake up from my sweet dream. No joke.

"Stop fooling around! We need to talk... like now." She said harshly.

"This can't be good." I stood up from my bed and tried to remembered that todays wednesday.

"I'm all ears, babe."

"This isn't working. I think we should take a break, you know. Meet new people and stuff. I'm sorry if this is too sudden and I have to do this on phone. But please understand that you're the nicest guy i've ever met, but I don't see this working out. I'm sure you understand this. You always do. I hope we can stay as friends. Crap, gotta go. See ya and sorry."


"Well, I knew this would happen sooner or later. Being a nice guy doesn't work nowadays and when it works, this happens." I thought to myself as I got of the bed and went to feed my gekko in my room that I call, Mobile. Yes, its a funny name that I came up with, but I kinda liked it. Shaking my head a bit, I began to slowly stretch.

"Did she just, break up with me or like that? After 3 months? I first thought we had a thing that women usually like?" Cracking my neck I went to my cell phone. "What's the time now? 4:04am? Man, she really does talk fast and what's the deal calling me this time around? I bet these kind of things never happen in anime. Well those I like I guess. I thought mumbled in my head when a sudden realization hit me. "AND NOW I CAN'T SLEEP! Damn these chronic insomnias. I swear, next time I see someone making fun of me, i'm going on a rampage."

Seriously, school is tearing my head apart, these so called friends of mine drive me nuts with their constant... boredom and you can't even trust them these days, I have a part time job as a junior coach to some toddlers, which suprisingly, calms somewhat. Perhaps its cause' I like kids. So, oblivious and peaceful that it's just makes me want to giggle. Or it is that I have younger siblings of my own. A little brother and sister.

Better go clean up. I think i'll look like shit in front of the mirror.

"Hello, early worm... whatcha doin' this early?" A voice came behind me after I took my white t-shirt and black shorts.

The new voice was my stepsister. Karen. Few years older than me, which means that most of my "friends" thinks were some kind of hook-ups. After correcting them they, of course, they started pestering me about it. She's a pretty young woman. Soft brown hair, caring blue eyes. She and I are pretty close for in-laws. We both open up to each other and insult each others like your old married couple you see on the street.

"Nuttin', just cleaning up the sink" That's how we say for using the sink, like shaving, make-upping and don't do that these days.

"What is it? There's something wrong with you isn't it, c'mon tell meeeh." Leave it to her to know if i'm grumpy or slightly emo. I wonder how many have atleast a decent relationship with their siblings in-law? Close to none I guess.

*sigh* "My gir...*cough*.. Ex and I broke up just few minutes ago. Said she's tired and wants a break or sumthin'."

*gasp* "You poor thing, when did it happen."

"Bout' 10 minutes ago I guess. Seems like I have more time now." And just in time for the new game release.

"Don't worry, i'm sure you'll find someone, somewhere, sometime... I hope."

"Thanks for the word of confidence." I deadpanned. Women and their lack of faith. Seriously.

She huffed and blew a rapsberry. Cute. "So, you gon' be alright big guy?" Atleast she cares to some degree.

"Yeah, I think I lost my intrest in women for a while, don't worry, I won't seek out men. I'm sure you'd love that." I said to her to lift up the mood.

She rewarded me with a soft giggle and a hug. "You do know you can talk to me, Ezek."

I hugged back. "Yeah, I know."

She gave me a soft peck on the cheek and said: "I have to go now, early shifts and sick people to tend." Oh yeah, she work as a nurse in our towns local hospital. Her dreams is to be an actor and she has my full support on it and she just got a rehersal in the neighbourhodd city.

"Sure, tell Mrs. B I said hi!." The old lady who used to babysit me and her back in the diaper days. I loved the cookies as they were usually extremely crispy.

There was a brief sound of 'I will' and a door shut. Well I have plenty of hours to waste. Might as well get ready for school since I have nothing else to do here.

After taking care of my personal hygiene I started walkin towards my closet. Taking out the new pair of undies reminded me of my ex of now... 15 minutes? Putting them on, I took my olive green cargo pants with many pockets at the thigs and bottom. Theres also a zipper just above the knees, so you can turn it into a crafty shorts for this kind of weather. My newly acquired white long-sleeved Ed Hardy's with red, electric blue and more white outlines in the middle. Black sleeveless hoodie with a demonic grin and the back. New black/white weighted sneakers and wristbans with weights from my Sensei in martial arts. The shoes being 30lbs and the wrists 15lbs. "Damn slave driver", well the results are pretty awesome... nice muscles and all. I even got some compliments that I modestly shot down, too much attention is not my thing.

Decorate it all with my late lovabels grandmas diamond necklase. Rest in peace where ever you are, GramGram.

She even suggested that if I have money problems that i'll sell it. Not a second too late I shouted that i'll never do that, that i'll protect it with my life. But... after she gave me it, she passed away the next day.

"Nothing beats a good break-up breakfast than instant pizza. Truly the food of gods." After stuffing myself with the flatted cuisine I started loading my favorite anime. One Piece. "Wonder what would it been like having adventures with the strawhats. I bet it would be great! Wish they'd added me for twists."

"Now that thats loading here, i'll check if I have everything ready for school." Okay, Gym class first, so that means extra undies, socks, shorts, shirts, towel, first-aid kit (better safe than sorry). Second is art which is my favorite class session where I just draw peoples, landscapes, and all that. If I must say so myself, i'm a pretty good artist when it comes to drawing details.

Enough of that. What else do I need. Oh yeah, my Iphone, custom made hitai-ate with slashed Kumo symbol for good luck. Not that I neet it. Swiss army knife and a zippo, never go out without em'. I briegly turned with my stuffed backpack to see how's the loading and wondered how did that Naruto tab also got along there? Don't get me wrong I actually hate the show, I just like Jutsus and the evil characters there like Madara, Akatsuki, badass missing ninjas. I even have a notes on my favorite jutsus, traning methonds which I call it my Shinobi Guide for Awesomeness. If I were a ninja from Naruto I would be from Kumo whose joint with Akatsuki and just kicked ass all day long.

Now back my problem here, yes, MY problem. I didn't ask for a random Naruto episode here to be downloaded and why do I feel weird. Like theres something running through me. Maybe it's just the pizza, god knows how old it is.

So as I closed the tab and looked at the my downloaded One Piece episode and started to push the play button there was this tugging sensation in my body. "Man here comes the pizza." But something entirely different comes. A very disturbing looking vortex appears in my screen that started to suck me in. "What the F...!" I was sucked into the portal? Just like that? And the weird feeling just kept increasing till I felt dizzy. Everything started to swirl till I went unconsious. Never noticising that one of my rare wishes has been fulfilled.

[One Piece Universe, Somewhere in East Blue.]

A eight year old girl was running around with her mother. Though she wasn't too far away from her mother, she still kept going a bit further. Turning her head to the left she spotted a beautiful butterfly just taking flight to the sky. It had a nice outlining too. Black, with red, white and a dark sky blue outlines. She kept her gaze firmly to the butterfly, till the sun momentaryly blinded her and lost the butterfly to the sky. Sguinting her eyes she saw something fly towards the ground which look exactly like the butterfly she lost. Turning her head back to her mother she shouted: "Mommy there's a butterfly falling! We must save it!"

Her mother releasing a small chuckle at her daughters antics just went by. "Sure honey, where did it go?"

"This way Mommy!"

The little girl smiled widely and started her self-proclamed mission of saving the beautiful butterfly. That's until she heard something that wasn't supposed to sound like a butterfly. Come to thing of it, do butterflies even make noises?

"Never again." I started saying to myself, sounding suprisingly more younger. But shot it down to the old pizza residing in me. "God, HOW OLD WAS THAT PIZZA!" Why do I see the blue sky, since my last memory was me feeling weird in front of my computer. Guess it's one of those weird amnesias where I actually left the house, but I don't actually remember that part.

Wait a minute, the weird feeling actually feels... relaxing? Calm? Like i'm part of the nature. What was in that piz-

"This way Mommy!."

"What was that? Probably some kid lost. And how did I end up in a crater? I swear never again!"

Pulling my food poisoned ass up from the crater I looked around and spotted a...small girl, like no older that nine? Ten?.

She had a long blonde hair that went past her shoulders, grass green eyes with freckels. Made her look cute and all. As I stood in my full hight I took a look at my surrounding. I've never been in this part of the town. Looks peaceful, I should visit this place more often. There was a sudden movement in the corner of my eye. A furry orange something. Maybe some weird squirrel that the kid was looking for.

I looked down at the girl who was looking at me with wide beaming smile. Well aint't that cute. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed my backpack. At least my stuff wont't break-up with me any time soon. Walking over to my bag of leather garments holding my necessities, I saw an elderly version of the cute girl with long sky blue dress reaching her knees with white outdoor sandals. She first looked at me weirdly until the small girl started to shout.

"Mommy, it's him! It's the butterflyman! Look! Do you see him!" Energetic aren't we?

"The butterwhatman?." I started to look around fearing that i've been kidnapped by sircus clowns. I always thought my self as a fearless man with a sense of justice and equality, but clowns, priests, and transvestites just freak the hell out of me. If they come near I might 'accidentally' kill em'.

*Giggles* "No silly, it's you!." I let out an pout come over my face making her giggle more. She ran over to me and hugged me. Making me all funny and warm inside. "Mommy can we keep him?" Okey... that's weird now isn't it?

"Of course not." The older woman scolded her child. "He's not a butterfly, but a young man so it's not possible for him to be a pet for you to keep." The elder woman scolded the kid.

"But Mommy!." A look from the older woman told that she has made her point and started studying me. Probably seeing if i'm a threat to her daughter. Not that I blame her, seeing she has every right to it. Strangers are not to be trusted, that's my motto.

So, to diffuse this tension I started to introduce myself with a small bow "Good evening, my name is Ezekiel Vane. I'm kinda lost here so I took a little nap, until I heard someone yelling nearby. Looks like it was just this small cute bundel of happiness." Here I gave her a disarming gentle smile which made her smile too.

"We're sorry to disturb you. My name is Lisa and she's..." But was cut of by a loud 'Lisanna!'. "...Lisanna that is. If you don't mind me asking, are you lost?."

"Yes ma'am, i'm pretty confused about my where-abouts." I scratched my head.

"Well, we were going back to our village by now, it's starting to get late..." Here she was cut yet again. Though I was a bit startled by what she said... village? Luckily I held my composure as not to look out-of-place as I already am.

"Mommy can the butterflyman join us for dinner?"

"Lisanna, he's name is Ezekiel and yes he can join us, that is if it's fine with him." They both looked at me.

And right on cue where my stomach started to grumble making the girl into another fits of giggles and me blushing in embarrasment giving and odd coloring in my already dark skin.

"I don't want to be a bother ma'am..."

"Nonsense! I own a restaraunt here, so it won't be a bother to feed an extra tummy."

"Yay! Come on! Mommys food are the best!." Here she took my hand and dragged me to her mother. I also took a look what she was wearing. A pale green dress with a white ribbon on her waist decorated with yellow sun flowers on the bottom of the nice summer dress.

On the way back to the 'village?' I thought to myself: "Where am i? Surely I couldn't be transferred to another country without me knowing?" So just to be sure I asked Lisa a question, where I unconsiously tensed myself for the answer.

"Uhm, ma'am."


"Pardon me?."

"You can call me Lisa, you don't have to adress me like that, thank you very much." Wow, she said all this without breaking that smile of hers.

"Where are..." As I felt a light tug in my pants, I looked down and was greeted by the ever happy sight of Lisanna smiling. "What is it, Lisanna-chan?"

"Can I sit in your shoulders? You look strong and i'm tired." Again those wide green eyes that held a lot of energy... which made me doubt about her being tired. But, not one to let children down, I gently picked her and put her in my shoulders, holding her legs at the same time to assure her that I won't let her fall.

Here I adjusted my backpack a bit to make myself comfortable, for the possible long road that I guessed.

"Uwah! Sugooi! You're so strong." Chuckling to myself in amusement I remembered the question I was about to ask.

"Lisa-san, where are we? I mean what country and all."

She looked at me a bit weirdly, but answered nonetheless. "Were here in one of the islands in East Blue called Lisnor Island. It's a few days journey from Gecko Island."


I just blanked out. I was extremely confused now. What she said now can't be happening, can it? I'm actually IN the world of One Piece?, Like THE most adventurous manga/anime in like forever? Not sure what to think I just stared the road ahead. What would grandma do? Well she would say more bible, less these devils in colours. Really she can be so funny at times... I miss her. I didn't even noticed that I sighed.

"Are you alright Nii-chan?." That woke me up from my temporary sadness. Acknowledging her and also taking note of the suffix made me smile. Atleast better than the butterflyman.

"Peachy, just peachy. Just thought about someone."

Lisanna, being the ever curious child like the rest of em' asked: "Who?" And me just realising that I can't talk about granny whilst in a manga/anime? Desided that it would be better if I made an new identity... for now.

"My late Master." We'll I wasn't really lying, seeing that I do miss my old late Sensei/Master too. Though if he somehow finds out me being all mushy about him, it won't end well.

"You had a Master?" Now it was Lisa's turn to ask. "In what?" Well it is a perfectly normal question. And is it me, or has my weights increased?

"Martial arts, you know, self defence and other useful knick knacs."

"Oh." Came the insecure answer. Perhaps she didn't know what to make of it? We continued talking more rest of the way, mostly about the village. It's seems that the village is mostly a trade point where people come here to stock up, rest and leave. She also said that though they haven't seen any hostile pirates doesn't mean that there never will. I just nodded at that and thought if Luffy and the others came by here? Nah, wait!... what day is it?

"Ne, Lisa-san. What day is it today? Seems that I lost track of time." I laughed sheepishly and scratched the back of my head, wondering how did I pick that up in the first place?

"Sure, it's May ninth, Ezekiel-kun" She said with a sincere smile, making me almost blush. So, it'll be a little less than a year before Luffy starts his journey and another 2 weeks before they take the route to baratie? Guess i'll just train until then.

"Nii-chan, we're here!." Oh, I kinda forgot about her being in my shoulder. The girl weights like a feather.

[20 minutes lates, Near Lisnor Harbour]

"Gotta say, you have a nice location for your restaraunt. And it looks great to boot."

"Why thank you Ezek-kun." She now uses my shorter version of my name, given courtesy by yours truly. I usually give it to people I like, or if I somehow aprove them saying. "Let's go inside. I'm sure your femished." As if in cue my stomach grumble, startling those nearby. It must've looked funny... me blushing with a grumbling stomach and a small girl on my shoulders.

We stepped inside the homely restaraunt and my nostrils we're assaulted by the warm atmosphere in the air. "Grannnnyyyyy... NO!... must... not... think!"

"Sit here, i'll get you something nice." And with that she run back to the kitchen.

Putting the pouting girl down and massasing my shoulder a bit I looked around. It's like being in one of those anime related cottages, though a lot bigger, homely and warm. But the thing that was out of place was the amouth of costumers. There wasn't any, which made me frown. Lisa here is offering me food and i'm just slouching. That's not acceptable. I can see she has a lot in her hands... maybe I could?

"Nii-chan, do you like this place?" I saw a bit of hesitation in those usually happy green eyes, maybe she's afraid? If i'm guessing right, i'm afraid that their small business doesn't get much business around here. It made me feel bad about myself, but I promise myself that i'll do everything in my power to help them out.

"Like it? I love it! Feels right, warm and fuzzy." I looked down and saw her eyes wide open, kinda what you see in kids in Chrismas... Grandma used to call it you'll-get-chocolate-chip-cookies-in-a-minute look. Adorable as always.

"You really mean it?" Nodding with a smile and ruffling her hair affectionaly she glomped on my leg and started to cry. I got down on her eye-level and asked if she was okay, but I got my answer with a giggle and a teary eye. Wiping them away she started to explain that they don't get much customers and that they're not doing great here. Not frowning in front of the child I gave her a reassuring and the most warmly smile I could muster.

"Don't worry, it's going to be alright. How about this? I'll stay here with you and help out bringing more customers. I have a few ideas to increase your menu too. How does that sound?."

There was a brief silence before a loud and happy chirp of 'Hai!' and a hug later I gently picked her up sat her in one of the bar stools and me sitting next to her. Ignoring the freely surging weird feeling that's coursing through me and the blotch of orange in the corner of my eye. I though the pizza has already been burned... weird right?

After the late time grubs been finished I offered my assistance to Lisa. Needless to say she was extremely happy. Infact so happy that she gave me a empty room upstairs in the newly named Cloud Restaraunt with the Kumogakure symbol. Lisanna took a instant liking to it.

"Here's your room and bless you for offering us your assistance." She bowed to me.

"Think nothing of it. So, the new renovation begins tommorow." After her nodding I continued that i'll start picking up the materials, so she doesn't have to worry about those. "It's settled, now i'll bid you a very good dreams. Night." And closed to door. I could feel her still standing in the door. Maybe she's contemptlating something? Hard to say.

Now what the hell is this weird feeling running in me? God feels like the pizza invaded my blood circulaton system. Wonder how it'll taste?

"Okey, Master said that meditating is the best way to get to know your body. We'll i'll start with that. And sides, because of my chronic insomnia, I don't have to worry about sleep... for now."

Looking around the room, I took notice of the 4-walls with floor and ceiling. Yup, it's just one of your average room you'll see in many animes lately. The bed is near the window with the curtains open that gives you a nice view of the moon and the wide ocean. I have now a year to make myself useful to my future nakamas.

"Yosh! Time for a meditation." Gently putting my self in a lotus-position in the hardwood floor I tried to take a hold of this weird energy in me. Why does it look so familiar? The color being light blue with green outlines. It was kinda cool. It also feels like i'm safe, like I can do anything. Smiling a bit with my eyes closed I pictured myself making a jutsu.

Why? Because I do that when i'm nerveousand bored as hell in a empty room. How i'm going to help the mother and daughter pair with no money? I don't like disappointing anyone, least them of all people. Smiling to me, didn't avoid me like the plague and just talking to me. Come to think of it this has been the longest conversation I had in what, 4 to 5 years outside my family? Boy, i'm I deranged or what *chuckels*. So I started to do an average seal for a Kage Bunshin, because... well? I like them, solid clones, with all the memory stuff. And another way to freak out people, which happens to be my favorite pass-time.

Moulding the Blue/Green miasma I gently mouthed: "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow clones)."


Opening my eyes I was greeted by an exact replica of yours truly. With the backpack and all. Grinning like a madman and my replica returning it asked me: "Your orders, Oyabun? (Boss)"

Wow, about time someone shows me respect, though in this situation i'm respecting myself? Well, more food for my ego.

"How much do you think I can make you guys?" I asked the clone, since I had no idea, I thought that since I created it, it know the amount of Chakra I have while I was visibli shaking with exitement.

"I guess 11 more sounds good, but summon 8 more here. Don't want you to pass out on me." And there's the witty comment. I thought I made something wrong here first, but didn't.

Looking briefly at the window, back to my clone, then to my backpack. I realized something and my grin grew wider. Looking through my backpacks I found my Shinobi Guide for Awesomeness. Looking through the first pages I found the Chakra control exercises: Tree-walking. "Seems like a start." Summoning the 8 clones all looking at me expectantly I gave them orders.

"I want you guys to start the tree-walking exercise once you see a progress, dispel yourselves every 10 minutes. Ready?"

"Hai!." And they all stepped out of the window to the nearest forest.

"Let's see, the Academic jutsus: Kawarimi (Substitution), Regular Bunshin (Clone) and Henge (Transfromation). Gotta start somewhere."

"Yosh! Gotta love the Kage Bunshins, tree-walking and Kawarimis almost done, Henges and Bunshins Effing DONE!" Halfway through my morning exercise I was practically tired, but nothing a morning coffee can't handle. After the Academic level of jutsus, i'll start with some Elemental to the mix. Hopefully I have some badass moves in my Guidebook with their Affinities.

"It is done! Yosh! My flames of youth burn brighly today!" I can't help it, first i'm in my favorite anime serie WITH the awesome abilities from yet another anime that I hate. I feel like a kid again. With all these in mind I went for a quick shower to get rid of the sweat.

"Time to get to work!" I took my backpack and retrieved my white t-shirt and took the lower part off my cargos. Sneakers off, and sandals Lisa found for me. "Man, i'm psycht!"

Running to downstairs I noticed Lisanna gone and remembered that she had school. Lisa also said that she's booksmarts. Sweet AND smart. Cuteness factor has just gone up. Maybe I can help her with those too in her freetime.

Lisa noticing my presence gave me a smile and went back to cleaning the restaraunt. I frowned a bit at that, since it was supposed to be my job.

"Lisa-san, I thought we agreed that i'll do the dirty jobs." I gave her a sweet smile making her relax. "Relax, let me do the rest, it should be done in records time, I guarantee it. Why don't you take a bath, I already fixed everything for you upstairs."

"Thank you, Ezek-kun." With that she went upstairs, probably the shower I suggested.

When I heard the door to the bathroom up stairs shut, I immediately summoned 11 clones at ones. Seems like the exercise helped a bit. Seeing as I didn't feel as much draining as yesterday.

"All right guys, I want 6 of you to clean this place sparkling clean, I want this place to sparkle more than Edward Cullen sunbathing in speedos!" The clones looked at me with a huge sweatdrops on the back of their heads. "The other half will use Henge to transfrom yourselves to ordinary civilians and try to get some money, by doing some labours. Avoid getting hit though, are we clear?"

There was a chorus of "Hai, Hai Oyabun!" and they were off to do their assigment.

"Now to continue my training."

"Done and Done! And the clones I sent half-an-hour ago came back with a asswhoopin 13500 berries. Not bad. Couple more times and days and this will look so good even Gordon Ramsay cries in joy." I said to myself aloud when the clones that helped me vanished in a column of smoke.

Hearing something coming I turned to see Lisa in her usual attire looking amazed at her restaraunt. At that moment I felt proud in myself, not only did I made a good deed, but I made a good deed to a good person. Surely it means something, like double karma?

"How'd you like dem apples?" I asked her, and snapping her out of her daze. She looked around how organized and clean it looked. Then she looked at me with a grateful smile and walked over to me and clapped her hands.

"It looks amazing, and in half-an hour?.'

"You guessed it, Boss Lady." She looked at me with half-lidded eyes and I knew that I kinda screwed up here. "Hehe... Sorry, Lisa-san." The nervous laughter seemed to put her in ease, until she started to laugh. I started to pout like a certain bubbly green eyed girl. Though it just brought her in another fit of laughing at my expence. About a minute later she calmed down and gave me a tight hug. At that moment I was confused as hell. First she seemed angry, then she started to laugh and hugged me. Momentaryly conflicting with myself I returned the hug. It felt nice, weird as hell, but nice nonetheless. Chalk it up to some weird chick thing.

She looked at me and said: "Ezek-kun would you mind bringing Lisanna-chan here about couple of hours later? I have to run some affairs, I won't be long gone. If she's hungry help yourselves in the kitchen. Gotta go, i'll see you later." And with that she was gone with a wave.

"I swear i'll never understand women." Came a voice behind me.

"You said it, bub." It took me awhile, till I realized that wasn't my clone. Turning around I was greeted by the color... orange, with a tail?

"Yeah baby!. Orange Lightning in the house!."

"…" The hell... There was a Orange mix of an Otter and a Weasel with goggles wearing a huge grin.

"What? You haven't seen an ottsel before?" And it talks? But why does he look familiar?

"As a matter of fact no, I haven't. Tell me, your names Daxter right?" Oh yeah, the coward little sidekick from Jak & Daxter. Who doesn't know him? Funny as hell and could rival Usopp in the cowardness, bt if the situation calls for it, he could be really helpfull. Outside of that, the thing has a big mouth.

"Ah, my reputation precedes me. I'm honored Mr..." Seems like he want's my name, but what does he do in a anime like this? It's not right. Come to think of it, nothings right here anymore.

*couch* Oh, forgot about him. "Vane, Ezekiel Vane."

"Well fancy-face, I saw you falling from the sky like me and I thought we should help each other out here. Though I can't remember much here and i'm pretty much lost here. Seeing that we're both somewhere unknown." Though I frowned for the nickname; should I take the coward side-kick with me or just leave it. It would be wrong to leave him, i'm sure some scientist here would love to dissect him.

"Fine, on one condition." Seeing as I had his attention I continued. "No talking about me AND no talking in front of the folks here, last they need is a outerdimensional orange... thing." He looked like he was thinking. Or I thought he was.

"You got yourself a deal tall, dark and handsome." And with that he hopped to my shoulder like in the game an all. It felt weird.

"I'll go training for couple of hours before I have to fetch someone here. Wanna stick around until then?" I asked him as he wrapped his tail around my neck.

"Sure let's roll." Closing the restaraunt, me and Daxter started talking about this world and that i'll go join a pirate crew that's supposed to be the main character around here.

I got weird looks form the villagers here, obviously a black guy with an orange ottsel doesn't work around here, but who cares, its not like i'll start living here.

Briefly checking if I had my Guidebook I took it out and looked the Fuuinjutsu page: Storage sealing. Probably the only fuuinjutsu i'll need here.

Entering a local art store I bought myself an ink and a scroll. All the while ingroning the looks the lady behind the desk gave me and Daxter wasn't really a help in here, seeing he was giving her a winks and smootches.

The walk to the forest was eventful. I talked with Daxter about my abilities, which startled the fuzzball, but took it fast saying "To each his own." Whatever that meant. Looking to my Guidebook for the Fuuinjutsu section I summoned a pair of clones to improve my calligraphy and to see if they see an improvement in it.

Checking the book again to the Katon (Fire Release) section: Katon: Endan (Fire Release: Flame Bullet), Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu ) and Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu (Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu).

"Yosh, let's start the party!" I shouted.

"Well that took a lot of me." A memory came to me that the clones resposinble for the Fuuinjutsu are ready, that was fast. Though the scroll can't hold much its still a start.

"Me and Ez's gon' rule this world. Think about it partner, your stuff with my brain will be rich." Subtle as always. The orange ottsel is a cool guy ones you get to know him.

"In your dreams, c'mon, we'll have to fetch someone."

"Gotta love tree-hopping. Gives you a primitive feeling, right?" I asked the sick ottsel, seems like I went too fast for him.

"Talk about stuck with a monkey." A look from me reminded him of our deal, which thankfully made him shut up.

"Now where is..." Here I was cut out by a loud yelling.

"Nii-chan! Over here!." There she is, running to me and glomped me in the leg. I ruffled her hair which made her pout, until she saw what's in my shoulder. "Uwah! Is that a squirrel! She's Huge!." That made me chuckles and Daxter depressed as being mistook as a squirrel.

"No, it's an ottsel, a mix of an otter and a weasel. HE'S name is Daxter, a partner of mine if you will." I don't know if she's even listening to me.

"Can I pet it? Please?" Me, being me of course said yes, you can't say that a kid can't pet an animal or whatever Daxter is.

"Sure, be careful, he doesn't like being strangled." Didn't know if that's true, but seeing Daxter sigh of relief it was. Positing Daxter on the ground she scratched him behind the ears, making him grin. That's a sign that they'll get along.

Walking back to the house I spotted some bandits near a shop making ruckus.

"Gives us your money old man." That made me scowl, no-one picks on someone while i'm around.

"Please, i.. I don't have any, the shops is the only thing I have." The old man pleaded.

"You heard im' guys. Empty the shop." That was the last straw. Putting Lisanna down with Daxter on her arms I gave him a look that said: 'Look after her i'll take care of these'. I made my way to the bandits and saw that they were your average bandits, ragged cloth with nothing but muscles. 4 Bandits with no leader. I decided that i'll make self known to them.

"Oi, ya filhty bastards, leave the old man alone!." I shouted, they looked at me from head to toe and laughed. They really shouldn't underestimate me. If there's one thing I hate, it's being looked down.

"Ya hear'm the pipsquiek trying to act brave. You two, show him how's it done here." As the two grinning bandits made their way to me I took a steady defencive stance with my knees bent and right hand behind my back. When they aproached me I looked fiercly at them noticing how slow they were.

As one made a punch at me redirected it behind me so that he lost his footing and landed face first in to the ground. There were a lot of people watching from the sidelines and none of them made a effort to help. "Cowards." Noticing the other running at me with a knife I readied myself. Just when he was about to make a stabbing motion to my chest I grabbed his arm and broke it with my knees. While he was crying in pain I gave him an Chakra enhanced punched to his nose. Blood came from it and he started to cry. His partner looked at me with hate and made a mad dash at me. His friends from the sidelines also started to run at me from all direction.

Quickly making the necessary hand seals for a basic Kawarimi. Finishing the seal the one with large arms made a bear hug at me and started to squeeze. Only for me to turn into a nearby rolled carpet. Noticing their shocked faces I threw a devastating punch at the to the one holding the capret. Succesfully breaking his jaw with a crunch.

Resuming my stance the other to bandit tried again to double tag me. Only for me to dodge them and sweep their legs with my hands. Looking around I notices the people here looking me at awe. It felt funny yeah, but I had no time for that seeing as bad-breaths lunged at me only to stop. I noticed a shadow behind me and rolled out of the way to see a large fist that made a small dent to the ground. Taking a look at him I saw the most hairiest man ever. With white loose pants and brown shoes. He looked at me with intrest. Which made me nerveous, had I been in a jail I wouldn't want him to be my bunk partner.

"So your the kid that's been making all this commotion." That wasn't a question, but a statement. Keeping my mouth shut I continues studing him. What the man lacks in speed and hygiene, obviously makes up for strenght and the ability to disorient his opponents. He looked in my eyes and raised and eye-brow. "That's intresting eyes you have." The hell...

"Whacha talkin' bout, bad breath?."

"Your eyes, their red with a weird comma like things." Could it be?

"I don't know what your talking about." I glared at him.

"Have it your way. Look, kid. How bout' you join me? You seem like a pretty decent fighter, think about it we could have this village to play to our tune. What do you say?" Is he serious?

"Hmm..." This action made the villagers uneasy, probably afraid that there'll be another bandit to torment them. "Join a bunch of hairy sweaty men with an unnatural amount of ego or not... The last option sounds tempting, so i'll go with that." There was a small snicker from the crowd around us which made the Bearman frown.

"Have it your way then." With that he and he's lackeys attacked me.

"Man, I don't want to touch you." Good thing I have a lot of space to dodge these guys.

One of the bandits throw a sloppy fist at me which I caught it with my hand. The look of horror didn't go unnoticed by my as I grabbed his head and rammed it into a wall. With that the guy went out like a light. The other bandit couldn't take it and ran away.

"I guess that's one of your rookies." I asked him a rethorical question. The Bearman looked at me with contempt and ran at me throwing a barrage of punched which were succesfully dodged. The man started to get irratated until I punched him in the stomach. He fell on his knees taking breath, but that was enough for me to jump and axe-kick him in the back of the head. Rendering him unconsious as his head connected to the ground "God, I need to wash my hands." Then there was a loud cheer and clapping around. I was wondering what was happening until the old man brought me a bucket of water.

"Thank you very much, my boy. Those bandits have been harrassing us for months now. We're in your debt." Another good deed done, i'm on a roll. Washing away the filth and hearing compliments made me feel good about myself once more.

"Nii-chan you were so cool!." There she was and just like a lightning bolt of green and orange runned and hugged me. "You were fast, strong, cool and you know magic tricks!" Magic? Shit, the Kawarimi no Jutsu. Well on the other hand, it worked. The Ninjutsu training helped.

Picking her up and placing her and Daxter, who suprisingly was quiet on my shoulder.

"Tell me, my boy. Is there somehow I can repay you?." The old man sincerely asked.

"There's no need.."

"I insist."

"Well, there's a new restaraunt in the harbour. I would appreciate if you'll send a word around here."

"Consider it done, sonny."

"Please, call me Ezekiel. I should be going now. The restaraunt will be opened tommorow noon. Take care." With that we were out.

"Ne, Nii-chan. How did you do that magic trick?."

"Himitsu (Secret)." Pouting she made herself comfortable in my shoulder while petting Daxter.

"We're back!" the shout from Lisanna rung around the restaraunt. Setting her down, she made a dash to kitchen to find her mom.

"Ain't she cute, but I ain't no-ones pet, comprende?" Daxter told me with a stern glare.

"Shut yer trap will ya, when we're out you can talk as much as you like, but our deal still stands."

"Fiiiine, so what now?"

"Fix the place n' stuff."

Lisa came from the kitchen with her daughter in hand shouting and waving her hand in the air.

"...and then he jumped this high and when he came down the Bad Bearman went to sleep." I couldn't help it and started to laugh. If we were back in my world she'd make an excellent comedian.

"Didn't know you were a fighter."

"Well, see, i've been fighting since I was 6 years-old. You'll get a lot of experience."

"Yeah and Nii-chan was telling people to come to our restaraunt. I heard people saying that they'll visit."

"Is that so?" Lisa asked with a smile.

"Hai Lisa-san, i'll make a quick adjustments and there will be a lot of customers." I started to stretch. The small fight strained my muscle a bit.

There was a small 'thank you.', where I just smiled. "I'm sure your hungry, do you want something to eat?'

"No need to, me, Daxter and Lisanna-chan grabbed something on our way here."

Now that I mentioned my new companion, she looked at the ottsel. Well stared would be a more detailed until Daxter gave her a grin and a wink.

She seemed to shrug it of quickly. "He can stay, but he has to be upstairs when were having customers."

"Affirmative, Lisa-san." With that I escorted Lisanna to her room.

"Now if you need help with the homeworks, be sure to ask."

"Hai Nii-chan!" I ruffled her head and went to my room.

"When were you gonna tell me that you can do these stuff?"

"Uhm... since I landed here?"

"Those are cool man, can you teach me some?" He asked as he jumped on my bed.

I aswered with a shrug "Dunno, seeing as animals only have enough Chakra to support their lifesystem and you ain't any different."

"Hey, i'm a human! I was...!"

"Fell in a something weird black pool and turned into... whatever you are, I know Dax."

"What was that eye thing the Wookie asked?" Daxter questioned.

I walked to the mirror and looked into my eyes. Addding Chakra to it there was a new coloring. Instead of dark brown eyes, there was a red eye with a single tomoe that was slowly spinning on my iris.



"What now?" The ottsel asked me once more as I looked through the window, completely focusing on the ocean with my Sharingan eye.

"We'll wait."

[To Be Continued]

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