Title: Perfect Porcelain Boy

Rating: M

Word count: 5,410

Summary: "Blaine arrives at McKinley High, unaware of how much trouble Kurt is."

Authors notes: So I've been writing this fic for a while now and I have been meaning to finish it for ages. So this, my dears, is part one, please enjoy! Also, it does occasionally swap between Blaine and Kurt's POV.

Blaine walks into McKinley High School on first day with his eyes lowered and shoulders hunched. He wasn't happy about this, not happy at all. He'd been at Dalton for the past 3 years and was perfectly happy there. He was going well in his classes, he had friends, he even had a few boyfriends (admittedly each relationship only lasted a few months, but they still counted), so he saw no reason why his parents saw it right to suddenly haul him off to McKinley. Admittedly, the divorce could be a contributing factor, but his Dad paid all the school bills anyway so Blaine really didn't see why he couldn't continue to do so after his parent's divorce. Blaine eventually made his way into the administration office, walking up to the front desk and putting on his best show smile,

"Hi, I'm Blaine Anderson. I'm a transfer student and I was told to come here to get my schedule and the like." The receptionist didn't even look up from her computer screen.

"Go and take a seat on one of those chairs and I'll be right with you." She waved vaguely to a row of seats that were lining the back wall. If she sounded any more bored, she may just die Blaine thought to himself with a small laugh, he turned to sit in one of the seats to see they were already occupied by a someone. A very, tall, pale and attractive someone. He had chestnut brown hair that was perfectly styled, clunky black combat boots, the tightest black jeans that Blaine had ever seen on anyone, a tight white t-shirt, a black leather jacket and the bluest eyes in existence. There was a silver lip ring on his lower lip, another one in his eyebrow and fuck me dead, was that eyeliner? Blaine almost came on the spot. He was by far, the most attractive guy that Blaine had ever seen, and by the looks of it, the most troublesome. The boy's eye's flicked up to meet Blaine's.

"What?" He barked, his voice was surprisingly high and Blaine swore he caught sight of a tongue piercing.

"N-nothing." Blaine managed to stutter before quickly sitting down, as far away as possible from this boy. A door opened and a small, very hairy man stuck his head out. He looked unimpressed.

"Mr. Hummel, you can come in now." Opening the door a little wider so the boy could step around him with a slight eyeroll and a small smirk. Blaine watched as he sat down in a chair opposite the principal's desk, not even looking worried or afraid of things to come. Blaine caught sight of chipped black nail polish on his perfectly manicured nails as the boy made lazy hand guestures, the principal starting to look increasingly angry. Blaine wondered if he made regular trips to the principal's office, he probably did considering he looked so bored by it all. And why was he even there so early in the morning? Had he already done some form of rule breaking or was he there from a prior incident? God, why was everyone so bored in this school? Blaine wished he could just go back to Dalton where everyone was happy and nice and smiley instead of this dreary school.

The secretary's voice interrupted Blaine's thoughts, "Your schedule's ready." Blaine got up and took it from her with a small smile,

"Thank you." She only raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow in response. Blaine's smile faltered slightly and he stepped into the hustle and bustle of the hallway, schedule in hand. Along with that he had been printed a locker number and combination as well as a school map. Blaine squinted at his map and schedule, realising he had Math first, but had no idea where it was, or his locker.

"Need some help?" A voice said from behind him. Blaine jumped around five feet in the air,

"Sorry, you scared me," Blaine said, laughing and turning around. Before him stood a smiling Asian girl. She had blue highlights in her otherwise jet black hair and was wearing a Victiorian-ish black dress with black boots. But unlike the boy in the office, she seemed to radiate a happy vibe. Beside her stood an Asian boy, wearing a green shirt with black skinnies and Nike airs. Their hands were clasped and they both had smiles on their faces.

"No worries. I'm Tina, this is my boyfriend Mike," Tina gestured to Mike with her free hand.

"I'm Blaine," he held out his hand for them both to shake, with they both returned. Tina leaned over and peered at his schedule.

"Ah, you have Math first with Mr. Prescot, we'll walk you there. Our friend Mercedes is in the class, we'll introduce you to her."

And that's how the rest of the day went, Blaine being shown to each of his classes by a Glee club member, and introduced to whoever they knew in the class. He was always welcomed with a small smile and a "So, where did you transfer from?" He sat with them at lunch, and set up his locker- which was 3 lockers down from Mercedes'- and he slowly started to relax into this new environment. It may not be Dalton but so far the people seemed nice. Except that boy in the office. The whole day all Blaine could think about was the boy with the piercing blue eyes that sat in the office looking so bored he might shoot himself in the face.

Blaine found himself sitting in the last lesson of the day with a curly haired, thoroughly enthusiastic Spanish teacher. Mr. Shuester, he had been introduced as. He was also apparently the coach of the school's glee club and had something going on with the red haired, doe-eyed school counselor. To be honest, Blaine didn't really have any interest in Spanish, so when they were told to split into groups and discuss what they did on the weekend Blaine raised his hand and requested to go to the bathroom.

"Sure, Blaine," Mr. Shuester smiled, "Do you need someone to show you where they are?"

"No thank you, I know where they are," Blaine put on a charming smile and left the classroom. Really, did this teacher think he wasn't able to find a bathroom? He was new, he wasn't mentally disabled. When Blaine walked into the bathroom he swore that his heart stopped. Standing in there was the boy from the office, cigarette burning away in one hand, reapply eyeliner with the other. He turned to looked at the door when it opened and Blaine was still there gawking.

"Yes? Do you want something?" The boy sounded bored and unimpressed.

"I uh- I was just going to- I need to…" Blaine was floundering. He looked like an idiot. He had an opportunity to talk to the hottest guy in the existence of ever and he looked like a dork. "You know those are bad for you." He gestured to the cigarette. Oh great, now he was lecturing the boy on his health. Nice going Blaine, really smooth.

"And you think you are going to be the one who stops me from smoking? You need to learn something sweetie, and you need to learn it now. You cannot tell me what to do. I don't care what you think, Blaine Anderson. You're a newbie, so I'll forgive you this one time. But next time, I won't be so forgiving. You're not in your little prep school anymore, honey. You're in the real world." With that, the boy took a long drag from the cigarette in his hand. Blaine had never thought that smoking was attractive, until now.

"How… How did you know my name?" To be honest Blaine was surprised the boy even knew he existed.

"Everyone knows your name. You're the new kid, everyone wants to know everything about you. What's his name? Where did he come from? Why did he transfer? Is he hot? Is he tall, short, fat, thin, black, white, gay, straight, footballer?" The boy, once again, sounded thoroughly bored by it all. "But to be honest, Blainey boy, I don't give a fuck." The boy dropped his cigarette into the sink and gave Blaine and patronizing smile, "See ya round." With that, he left the bathroom. Blaine was left standing there in shock for a few moments before frowning slightly and getting back to his Spanish class.

The next day Blaine met Mercedes in the parking lot, a huge grin plastered to her face. They slowly make their way into the school, talking about anything and everything really. Blaine's stomach is in knots, he can't tell it's from nerves or excitement about the fact that he might see that mystery boy again today. He was so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he didn't hear Mercedes' call to duck and was suddenly met with an ice cold slushie. The blue dye was slowly dripping from his face down into his shirt. He didn't even attempt to fight back, he just stood there in complete shock, mouth hanging open slightly. "Welcome to school, homo." Some jock yelled in his face before high fiving his friend and sauntering off.

"I… Uh... Mercedes what do I do?" By this point the slushie was getting sticky.

"Bathroom. Now." Mercedes grabbed his shoulders and lead him to the nearest bathroom. Blaine stopped before she could push him inside, realizing it was the girl's bathroom.

"Mercedes, I've been at this school a day. I am not going into the girl's bathroom." Mercedes looked uncertain but released her hold on him.

"You're going to want to run that under some water for a while." She gave him a small smile before he went into the boy's bathroom and thrust his head under the tap without looking who was in there. Anger was already boiling up within Blaine; he hadn't done anything to deserve that. It was only his second day, for God's sake!

"It's not going to work," A bored voice said from next to him. Blaine just about leapt a foot in the air before shutting off the water and turning his head slightly to the right. There sat the mystery boy, long legs tucked underneath him and an unlit cigarette in his hand. "You need warm water and you need to scrub."

"Why do you even care?" Blaine snapped, his anger spilling over, "I thought you didn't give a fuck?" The mystery boy gave him a small shrug before lighting up his cigarette.

"Just trying to help." He took a long drag and then blew the smoke into Blaine's face. "But if you don't want it, I'll be off." With that, the mystery boy unfolded his legs from underneath him and walked out of the bathroom. Blaine let out a frustrated sigh before following the boy's advice. He hadn't meant to snap, he was just so god damn angry.

When Kurt stalked out of the bathroom he was Mercedes leaning against a wall, talking to Tina. Both of them were throwing worried glances at the bathroom. There was an awkward, tense moment where their eyes met. Kurt felt a pang of guilt in his stomach. They had been his best friends, now he had no one. He quickly walked off, his mind going a million miles an hour, most of it revolving around that stupid Blaine. Stupid Blaine and his stupid curly hair and his stupid slushie that he wanted to lick off his face and then fuck him against a wall. He didn't even mean to be nice to Blaine, it had just happened. Kurt took a drag of his cigarette, ignoring the fact he was actually still inside the school. He didn't even like cigarettes when he started smoking them. Kurt angrily snubbed his cigarette out on the ground. He quickly turned on his heel and stormed back down the hallway, the entire student body parting like the Red Sea for him. After Kurt had derailed everyone learnt pretty quickly to stay the fuck out of his way. Even the Neanderthal footballers stayed out of his way, which said something because the footballers move for no one. Kurt stalked out of the school, kicking a stray trash can along the way. He'd never meant for his life to fuck up this bad, but it had and now he couldn't go back to what it was. Suppressing a scream of frustration Kurt decided to skip his first lesson and go for a drive.

When Blaine exited the bathroom he saw Tina and Mercedes leaning against a wall, waiting for him with worried looks etched onto their faces. When they same him relief swept over their faces and they gave him broad smiles. "I heard about your slushieing. Sorry about that." Tina lays a comforting hand on Blaine's shoulder, "But I must say, you look very ruggedly handsome and devil-may-care with your t-shirt all wet like that. The girls will go crazy over it." Tina shot him a wink. Blaine gave a hollow, uncomfortable laugh. He wasn't exactly comfortable enough yet to tell them that he was gay. When the both linked arms with Blaine and led him down the hallway a thought occurred to him, they may know who his mystery boy is.

"Did… Did you guys see the boy who came out of the bathroom before me?" There was uncertainty in Blaine's voice. Tina and Mercedes shared a look before Mercedes answered.

"Yeah. Why do you ask?" Her face was unreadable.

"Oh… No reason. I just see him round quite a bit and I was wondering who he was." Blaine was attempting to be nonchalant, trying not to make it obvious that he might have a thing for the eyeliner-wearing-class-skipping-smoking-mystery boy. There was a small silence, filled only by the opening and closing of lockers and shouts of conversation in the hall.

"His name's Kurt Hummel. We… We used to be really close. But his… Well… His Mum died when he was really young. And… And his Dad died earlier this year and he kind of went off the rails." Tina finally answered. Both Mercedes' and Tina's mouths turned down at this, a look of sadness in their eyes.

"Oh." Was all that Blaine could say. Because, really, how do you react to that? Blaine barely even knew the guys and he barely even knew Mercedes and Tina. There was an uncomfortable silence before Tina spoke up.

"We've got glee club this afternoon, you should join. It'd be fun," She smiled at him.

And that's how Blaine found himself in the New Directions that afternoon, laughing and smiling with everyone else.

It's the weekend when Blaine's baby decides to die, in a backstreet of Lima. She's an old Chevrolet that Blaine and his Dad remade a few Summer's ago. Blaine is unsure of the make of the car, but he knows that she is beautiful. He grimly calls up the closest mechanic, and after a short conversation with an impatient sounding man, there's a mechanic on his way to tow Blaine and his car back to the garage. As Blaine waits, he ponders the events of the past week at school. One of his fears was not finding friends, not being able to fit in. But now he had a whole Glee club that backed and supported him, a whole group of people willing to be there for him no matter what. And then there was Kurt. Kurt wasn't exactly there for Blaine, or even friends with him, but he was still there in Blaine's life. It seemed like everywhere he looked, there was Kurt. With his perfectly styled hair, painted on jeans, porcelain skin and just a touch of eyeliner. Blaine almost got hard at just the thought of Kurt. Christ, he didn't even know the guy. Blaine took a deep breath, running his hands through his curly hair to calm himself down. Blaine didn't even notice that truck that pulled up until the slam of a door brought him back down to earth.

"Jesus, you're just stalking me now, aren't you?" Kurt raised an eyebrow, leaning against the tow truck with an air of superiority.

"I- I was just… and my car. It broke down." Blaine finished lamely, having to resist the urge to face palm. Kurt set his heart racing. His face was free of his usual make up, and his hair was sticking up in odd places, he was wearing an old, tight white t shirt that had grease stains all over it and a pair of coveralls rolled down to his hips. There was the thin outline of muscles under the shirt, Blaine had to forcibly stop himself from staring.

"Really? No shit, Sherlock." Kurt rolled his eyes, sarcasm basically dripping from his voice. "And here I was thinking that you called just for a social little chat." Kurt walked over to Blaine's car, eyeing it over. "Sweet ride." He finally said.

"Thanks. My… My Dad rebuilt it with me a few Summer's ago." Blaine replied without thinking. Kurt momentarily tensed at Blaine's words before relaxing once again. Stupid Blaine, he scolded himself.

"How… quaint." Kurt once again rolled his eyes. "Pop the hood and I'll try and see what's up." Kurt went back to the tow truck to get a tool box whilst Blaine all but stumbled to his car and popped the hood. When he came back around the front Kurt was lifting up the hood of the car, his muscles visibly flexing. Kurt leant over into the car, tinkering around with a few bits before emerging a few minutes later and closing the hood with a thud.

"Well, she's kind of fucked over at the moment. But I can fix her up at the shop. I'd explain, but I really don't think you'd know what I was going on about." Kurt pulled a cigarette from his pocket, taking a long drag.

"I really wouldn't." Blaine let out a nervous laugh, taking a step back from where he was standing in front of Kurt. "You're going to get cancer from those." He frowned, scolding Kurt once again.

"I really do not care." Kurt sighed.

No, bad Kurt. Do not think about fucking the new kid against the hood of the car. That is most certainly not the right thing to do in this situation. Kurt's mind felt like it was going at a million miles an hour, but saying the same things over and over again. He took a long drag of his cigarette to calm himself. He really shouldn't be thinking such dirty thoughts about the new kid, I mean, come on he didn't even know if he was gay or not. But hot damn, that boy was hot. His dark wash jeans hugged him in all the right places and his black shirt that read "Dalton Academy Track Team" fit him well.

"So, Blainey bear, how was your first week in shithole, Ohio," Kurt looked Blaine up and down before taking another drag of his horribly tasting cigarette. His arse was getting sore on the hood of Blaine's car but he refused to move.

"Well, it was interesting. I never thought I'd be on the receiving end of a slushie facial. But, thee we go. It wasn't the most pleasant experience ever. Other than that, my week went rather well. Santana asked me out though. Which was odd. She looked offended when I turned her down," Blaine let out a nervous bark of a laugh.

"I asked how your week was, honey, not for your life story. And the reason why Sanna was so offended is because she's fucked almost every guy in the school and would just love to add you to the list." Kurt drawled, stamping out his cigarette. Think of something else, Kurt, don't think about how he basically just told you he was gay or that he looks hot as all fucking hell or anything like that. Gee, what lovely whether it is today and holy Jesus I just want to kiss him once to see what it would taste like. Kurt has to stop a hungry growl fro escaping his mouth. He wants to so badly. He wants to touch, to taste, to feel.

"Has she slept with you?" Blaine said, a challenging look flashing behind his eyes.

"Considering I'm as gay as gay can be, no." Kurt deadpanned.

"Cool," Blaine murmured, taking a step close to Kurt. Kurt could almost feel their body heat bouncing off each other. Blaine licked his lips slowly and Kurt released a small whine before stepping forward and crushing Blaine's lips into a kiss.

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Kurt Hummel was kissing him. Kurt Hummel was kissing Blaine Anderson. Kurt Hummel's hands were currently gripping Blaine Anderson's hips so hard he thought they were going to bruise. Blaine released a moan and tangle his hands in Kurt's hair roughly, forcing his body even closer. Kurt's tongue flicked across Blaine's lips, the cool metal of his tongue piercing sending shoots of thrill up and down Blaine's spine as he bucked up into Kurt's hips, his erection growing more and more painful. Blaine emitted a small gasp, allowing Kurt's tongue entrance. Their tongues fought for dominance, Kurt's winning and sweeping across Blaine's mouth, the cool metal making Blaine cock pulse with pleasure. Kurt pushed off from where he was leaning against the car, guiding Blaine clumsily until he is pressed against one of the doors to his car. Blaine lets out a needy whine as Kurt pulls up Blaine's legs, wrapping them around his hips. Their s are only separated by a few measly layers of clothing, and Blaine lets out a broken moan just at the thought of this.

"Car. Now." Kurt manages to gasp out, before attaching his lips to Blaine's neck, sucking a dark purple hickey to just above Blaine's collar bone. Kurt awkwardly shuffles them further down the car until they reach the backseat. Kurt all but rips the door open and throws Blaine down before straddling him.

Oh fuck. Fuck fucking fuck. He shouldn't be doing this, he really shouldn't, but Blaine was just so fucking hot. And he was the first person in a long while to look at Kurt like he was more than just the scum on the bottom of his shoe. And fuck, just the sight of Blaine, stretched out and panting for him in the back seat of his car on some shitty old backstreet of Lima made Kurt feel so fucking amazing, so wanted. Kurt quickly stripped off his shirt; Blaine quickly got the same idea and removed his too. If Kurt thought he was beautiful before it was nothing compared to how beautiful he actually was. His skin was an olive tone, with a smattering of chest hair that went down below his navel, there was the slight outline of a six pack and his chest was rising and falling with rapid breaths. Kurt let out a whine and reattached their mouths. Their chests were already becoming slick with sweat. Kurt's erection was straining painfully against his zipper. Kurt ran his fingernails down Blaine's chest, leaving angry red marks in their wake.

"Oh fuck. Fuck Kurt, that's so hot." Blaine moaned and writhed. Kurt never thought it would be attractive to hear someone swear, but here Blaine was, proving him wrong. Kurt ground his hips down into Blaine's, hard, their breathing becoming labored and sharp. Blaine's hands flew to Kurt's hips, pulling him down onto him even further, but also attempting to undo Kurt's jeans, and failing. Kurt let out a small laugh before climbing off Blaine slightly to kick his shoes off and shimmy out of his jeans. Blaine took the opportunity to do the same. In an instant Kurt was back onto of Blaine, their erections now only separated by their underwear. Kurt leant down and kissed Blaine hard, grabbing his wrists and raising them above his head whilst still grinding against him.

Blaine was letting out the hottest moans that Kurt had ever heard. There was sweat dripping down his forehead and torso. Blaine wrapped his legs around Kurt's waist and brought their hips as close as possible whilst arching against the back seat. "Please, please Kurt. Please." Blaine whined.

"Please what?" Kurt gasped between labored breaths, the air becoming hot and heavy with the scent of sex.

"Please just fuck me." Blaine snapped.

Woah. Woah. WOAH. Where had that come from? Blaine hadn't meant to say that. But Kurt felt so a-fucking-mazing against Blaine that he just wanted to know how it would feel having Kurt in him. He didn't know that he barely knew the boy; he just wanted him so bad. Kurt's hips stilled and Blaine let out a whine of protest.

"Are you sure?" Kurt raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow, "You don't seem the type that would be begging to be fucked so early into a relationship. Not that I'm complaining." Kurt laughed.

"Yes, oh my god I'm sure. Can you please just put your cock in my arse." Blaine snapped. Kurt lets out a small laugh before holding a hand up to Blaine's face.

"Suck," he demands. Blaine happily complies, sucking the first digit of one of Kurt's fingers into his mouth. Kurt stares at him for a moment, both of their pupils blown up heavily by lust, with the iris' only being a small ring around their eyes. Kurt seems to come to his sense, pulling his and Blaine's underwear off. Blaine let's out a sight of relief when his cock is finally free, both his and Kurt's cocks sliding against each other, slick with precome. Kurt lets out a gasp and Blaine suck another two fingers of Kurt's into his mouth, slowly coating them with saliva.

"Stop," Kurt gasps. They both still completely for a moment, the only sound in their car is their pants. The air in the car is hot and heavy, clinging to their sweaty bodies. Kurt releases a slow stream of air. "Ok. Good." He slowly pulls his fingers out of Blaine's mouth before reaching down, searching blindly for his entrance.

Blaine lets out a gasp as he feels one of Kurt's saliva coated fingers circling his entrance, Kurt smirks from above him. "You are such a cockslut," he grins. Slowly, Kurt slides his finger in. Blaine lets out a gasp of pain before slowly adjusting to the pain. Kurt slides his finger in and out, crooking it slightly, searching for Blaine's prostate.

"More," Blaine moans and Kurt happily complies, slowly adding another, allowing Blaine time to adjust to the intrusion. Then slowly, he's moving his fingers in and out of Blaine's arse, crooking them, searching… searching, until,

"Oh Jesus fucking Christ." Blaine moans, back arching as high as possible off the seat. Kurt grins cockily, crooking his fingers again, making Blaine moan.

"More, please, dear god, more" Blaine begs. There's no patience this time, Kurt hastily adds another finger, moving them swiftly in and out of Blaine's entrance, crooking them occasionally to brush his prostate. Blaine bears down and tem, trying to get more. "More. More, Kurt. I want you to fuck me." Kurt moan brokenly at this and Blaine leans up, forcing them into a messy kiss which is too much teeth and tongue but amazingly hot. Kurt removes his fingers from Blaine's arse before leaning over and pulling his wallet out from his discarded jeans, revealing a condom.

"How did you even fit that into your pocket?" Blaine gasps, just wanting to feel Kurt inside of him. Oh god just the thought of it is almost making Blaine come then and there.

"Skill and magic," Kurt winks, rolling the condom onto his cock. He lifts one of Blaine's legs up over his shoulder, the other staying wrapped around his waist. "It's going to hurt." Kurt warns.

"I don't give a shit, just please, Kurt. Please," Blaine moans. Kurt slowly lines himself up before inserting the head of his cock into Blaine.

Blaine lets out a loud gasp that turns into a moan. "Stop. Just… wait." They both take a moment, Blaine willing himself to relax, when he eventually does, he nods at Kurt, biting his lip. Slowly, slowly, ever so fucking slowly Kurt pushes himself into Blaine, until Blaine has taken him completely. "Wait." Blaine commands, is breaths coming in gasps. They stay like that for a few minutes before Blaine has relaxed completely, bearing down on Kurt. Holy fuck this was so fucking hot. He could feel Kurt's pulse in his arse, feel it beating through him. Kurt pulls almost completely out of Blaine before slamming back in, they both let out broken moans as Kurt sets a hard pace, pulling out and slamming back into Blaine once again. Blaine reaches a hand down to wrap around his cock, before Kurt slaps it away.

"No touching," he gasps out, grabbing Blaine's hands with one of his own, pulling them above his head once again. The other hand grips at Blaine's hips so hard it's sure to leave bruises. Kurt continuously pulls out and slams back into Kurt, the only sound in the car is the slap of skin against skin and moans for "Fucl, Kurt. Harder. Harder. More, oh god." And "You're so fucking tight, Blaine. Fuck." Kurt angles himself so that with every thrust he hits Blaine's prostate. Blaine suddenly feels that white hot curling feeling in his stomach, his cock leaking with precome.

"Kurt, I'm so close. Please, please just le me touch," Blaine whines.

"No, you either orgasm with only me helping, or you don't orgasm at all." Kurt scolds, hitting Blaine's prostate once again.

"Nnngh, yes , oh my god right there, Kurt. Right there. Harder. Please, oh god. Yes, Kurt, yes, oh my god." Blaine begins to ramble, the feeling in his stomach becoming more intense as his moans get higher and breathier.

"Please, Kurt, please. Nnngh Yes, yes, yes." Blaine repeats over and over like mantra. Kurt leans down and sucks another hickey onto Blaine's neck, and that's it, he's gone.

"Fuck!" He exclaims, hot shoots of come landing between both him and Kurt. Kurt's tempo begins to falter, slamming harder and harder into Blaine.

"Oh god, you're so fucking hot, Blaine. Such a fucking cockslut. I bet you fucking love this, don't you. Oh fuck, fuck I'm so fucking close. Fuck, Blaine." Blaine's name is drawn out as Kurt finally lets go, throwing his head back and riding his orgasm out. For a moment the boys just stare at each other, panting before Kurt pulls out of Blaine and collapses against him, sated and spent.