Black Magic



I could hear whispers coming from the dark I floated in, voices that I neither recognised nor understood; spiders, that was the word the came to mind when I tried to imagine what could make the skittering sound. If I concentrated hard on what I could feel, it was as if there were creatures with many legs crawling on my skin. Did I dare open my mouth to call for help when there was a chance that they would crawl into my mouth? I kept my lips firmly clamped shut and they crawled across my lips, trying to find gaps were they could enter me.

Ever since I was a little girl, even when I was cursed with abilites that other children didn't have, I'd always been terrified of spiders—any insect really—because of how they moved. The way they crawled across the tiles in the bathroom or the kitchen always sent me running for the broom, but now there was nowhere I could go to escape them.


Bones pulled his fist back, aiming to punch a hole in Mencheres's chest, but, quicker than even his eyes could follow, his fist was clamped tightly within another. There simply weren't any words that he could think of to express how lost and betrayed he was, but then words had never been of much use to him in a fight. The pressure on his hand relaxed when he reluctantly looked up from where he was crouched on the floor. "Grand-Sire..." he growled, the words coming out in a threatening hiss; gone was his respect, the ancient connection that bound them, leaving only a bitter taste in his mouth.

"Do not try to prevent this, Bones." the Egyptian said cooley, his voice as deserted of emotion as the deserts of his home-land, and just as harsh. He said nothing else, the line of his jaw was straight, and instead drew an elegant dagger from a pocket on his clothes, gripping the handle with the blade pointing downwards towards the floor. His every movement was deliberate and sharp, scorpion-like, as he got into position leant over Cat's body. Continuing gravely, "She has too much power... the potential that the power would be used for evil is too great... I've seen it..."

Bones spat on the floor, his fists clenching at his sides and his eyes burning as if they were on fire. If there was any way that he could disable those damned visions he would gladly do it; they had caused nothing but trouble, and the occasional warnings were not worth the price. Mencheres must have known how dark the powers were, he must have, but he went ahead regardless—ruthlessly. "How?" he barked.

"How...?" Mencheres asked tierdly, between muttering words that were nonsence. "Can we speak of this later?" he asked in a voice that ended the conversation. He put a finger to Cat's forehead and pressed into her skull. He could not deny what a shame it was that she had to be terminated, but he knew it was either her or the rest of the world. He had seen the horrors she was capable of and nothing short of destroying he, body and mind, would suffice.

"How could you do this to Cat? To me?" he replied, "There better be a good reason cos' otherwise there'll be hell to pay..." He had been gradually edging forwards. If he was given the chance to lash out he would make sure it was hard. It sickened him now to think that he had ever thought this man deserved respect – he was no better than the criminals he and Cat had killed together. He might even be worse than the worst of them...

"I would hate to think you are threatening me, Bones..." his shoulders sagged a little, "... but I know you don't understand..." The way he spoke the words only stoked the fire of his rage.

"Explain it to me then!" He could hear her heart beating wildly in her chest and he knew she must be terrified of something, but what? What was happening inside her head? The thought of her being aware, awake, and unable to wake sent a sympathetic shudder through him. She must be so scared, he thought. "What if there is way I can control her, would you release her from the spell?"

"There's only one way to control her, and it is quite barbaric, Bones..."

"I'll do anything!" he yelled, thinking that he meant it.