Authors note: I had to re-upload the story as I have managed to get line breaks in to split the points of view more clearly :) Hope you enjoy, I will keep writing chapters for as long as I get reviews and encouragement :)

Just a normal day on set. Although I may be kissing Alex today... Yes, in fact I am, I have my script right here. She is a pretty cracking kisser so it shouldn't be too hard a job... And that magnificent hair to stroke... Oops, thinking about that a bit too much, naughty Matt.

Ah, that's better. Those heels do hurt a bit after a while, I love them though. These slippers really are comfy, oh I'm getting old! I love this outfit, a bit dark but I guess that's how River is... I've got such a great scene today... River's sort of getting married, I didn't think that would happen, well, I thought maybe but you never really know with Stephen...

Here we go...

My knees shouldn't be weak from acting... Pull yourself together Alex... Honestly, I need to control myself. I think back to the other kisses we've done in the past, they blew my mind too although I hate to admit it. Kissing him in the cell set, the moment we properly opened our mouths to each other and the caressing of tongues. That chaste kiss in Let's Kill Hitler and the way he kissed me back for a fraction of a second, the way we had to redo it so many times because he kissed back too eagerly. Then the other kiss in the same episode, three days after the previous one. We got carried away with that one, I remember with a grin, the memory filling my mind completely and distracting me for a good minute or two.

I shouldn't love this pairing as much as I do, they're only characters to most viewers and fans but they're more to me and definitely most of the fans. River is the woman I've wanted to portray for so long. No fear, doing things, many things, especially bad and dangerous things, all out of love. Just the genius of Stephen, I love it.

I relax in my trailer remembering the most recent kiss. Six times we practiced it. He even sucked and nibbled on my bottom lip, nearly rendering me incapable of acting again afterwards. I told him in seriousness that I could kiss him all night, and I would have done. What excited me the most was him saying the same to me. I stated it in a mildly flirting/joking way, I knew I meant it, I'm not sure if he did but it was fun to take the risk of him believing me. Karen and Arthur laughed their heads off at us. I really do love Matt, not in a romantic way but then again, when he's pressed up against me maybe I do...?

A knock at my door startles me. I make sure my dressing gown is fastened and answer it cautiously. I nearly jump a foot in the air when I see it's Matt. 'Hello!' he grins. I can't help but smile back at him. He looks behind me. 'Can I come in?'

'Sure, did you need to discuss anything?' I smile. 'Are you busy, Alex?'

'No, just relaxing now. Are you finished for the day?'

'Yes, they're doing the visual effects on the set now and Karen and Arthur are filming'

My heart hammers in my chest. 'Control yourself, Alex' I scold myself for the thoughts going through my head. 'Did you want a drink? I have some juice in the mini fridge they put in here...'

Suddenly his hands are on my waist and he whispers in my ear from behind. 'I did mean it when I said I could kiss you all night, you know' My breathing quickens. 'Really?' I have no idea why I'm responding. It's his kiss on my neck that does it. I turn to face him and he presses his lips on mine forcefully, his hands going straight to my wild hair. I moan in surprise and pleasure as his hands move to my waist and to where my dressing gown is tied. Remembering that I'm only wearing underwear I try to stop him but he moves us to the sofa and pins me down. This turns me on even more so I don't stop him when he undoes it and groans in shocked delight. 'Miss Kingston, I approve very much of your choice of clothing' he grins cheekily. He rakes his eyes across my black lace bra and matching knickers.

She is magnificent. Her body is the reason curves are so invitingly gorgeous. We kneel opposite each other and I rid her of the dressing gown. 'Wait, Matt, what about –'

'Nothing to worry about. We're going through a rough patch. I can't stop thinking about you, Alex'

I stroke her face as I finally tell her what I've been thinking for months out loud. 'Are you seeing anyone?' She shakes her head.

'I'm surprised no one's taken advantage of you being single again...'

'I don't want to talk about it, it's not from lack of interest though, trust me' She says the last bit huskily. I kiss her hungrily and cup her full breasts through her bra, making her moan.

They can tell how much the other one wants the other by their frantic groping and the reactions that take place. He can feel how hard her nipples are through her bra and she can feel him hard for her against her thigh. He finally unclips the bra and sees her breasts for the first time, his breathing frenzied and he massages them, Alex's head rolling back as she holds his shoulders for support.

She moves her hands to his buttocks, squeezing them to make him moan more. He thrusts his hips against hers while still oppressing her breasts. A hand moves around to the front of his trousers and she undoes the zip, not bothering to tease him. Soon he is unrestricted by clothing and she slides his boxers down cheekily and moans when she sees just how much she turns him on. He all but tears her knickers off and bites his lip at seeing her. 'You look even better naked in real life' he murmurs. She giggles knowlingly. She kisses him again and he pins her down again, burying a finger inside her and growing even harder at her reactions. She moves her hips to touch his and he can't wait any longer. She guides him into her and they both shudder with anticipation and get as close as physically possible to each other. 'This is so wrong'

'No. Not wrong'

'It's not right either'

'I know' he replies as he starts to move inside her causing her to grip his shoulders harder. 'But life's too short to waste opportunities'

'And my age doesn't bother you?'

'Why would it? You look ten years younger than you actually are and it really is true that age is just a number. You're also more experienced' he grins impishly, earning him an eyebrow raise from Alex. 'Well I won't boast but it is true' she teases.

They shift so that Matt kneels upright on the cool leather sofa and Alex straddles him, taking him even deeper. Their scent and sweat mingles together as they move as one, Alex rolling her hips over and over as Matt grips them tightly. For a few minutes all that fills the trailer is the sound of heavy breathing as the product of their frenetic union, then moans from both of them as they grow more in need of release. 'So... Close...'

Taking that as encouragement Matt sucks on one of her nipples and she is sent over the edge, her nails making long-lasting marks on his back and shoulders and triggering his release. She clenches hard around him repeatedly until their breathing has steadied slightly. He buries his face in the crook of her neck and kisses her collarbone.

They hold each other tightly for the rest of the evening. They part eventually and both secretly hope it'll happen again.