It was nine in the evening when Alex arrived in Gran Canaria. Matt had arrived the day before and had been texting her constantly to ask when she would be there. It amused her that he'd been the one to come up with the idea of going on separate days to avoid any suspicion.

She grabbed her suitcase hurriedly and ran out into the arrivals hall, hurrying straight through to find the taxi with the corresponding number to the one Matt had texted to her.

His face lit up when she waved at him, and he opened the door and put her suitcase in the boot. They climbed in together and he held her hand all the way to their hotel.

Matt had purposefully kept the details of the hotel secret from Alex so that her reaction would make him even happier. She grinned in delight when they entered the foyer and she saw the gorgeous purple and white décor, her eyes bright and excited – especially when they entered their large double room and she saw how big and comfortable the bed looked. He noticed her pupils dilate when she turned back to look at him and she dropped her handbag on the floor and pushed him forcefully back into a sitting position on the bed. He didn't dare move; the look in her eyes promised pleasure and satisfaction.

She shed her cardigan and shoes and straddled his lap. Glad she was wearing a skirt, he pushed it up to reveal her golden thighs and traced patterns on it while they kissed. He couldn't have hoped to stop his groan into her mouth that was brought on by his hands realising she was wearing a delicate thong underneath it and feeling her bare buttocks beneath his palms and fingertips.

Suddenly realising there were things for them to talk about and that putting it off would only discourage her further, Alex moved off of him and sat on the bed. He looked confused, naturally, but she spoke before he could get the wrong idea.

'I think we should talk about things before we rush that' Alex stated, taking a deep breath. 'I'm going to say what I've been putting together in my head for the last month or so now, ok?'

'Ok, I'll listen'

'Ok. When this all started in my trailer, I told myself that it could only be a one-off even though I was glad it happened. At the awards I don't know how I let myself kiss you and get carried away and then have sex with you right there in that bathroom when your girlfriend was in the same building. I was surprised when you told me you wanted it to happen again and also that you wanted to see me again...' She took a few moments to arrange what to say next in her head. 'Oxford was lovely and it felt different when we had sex then, it was almost tender and I knew we both felt that from the way you looked at me. So I was relieved and strangely happy when you broke up with Daisy. I honestly didn't know what I expected to happen and of course I was telling myself not to because I could get hurt, but I didn't want to give up the oppportunity of seeing you again.

I know we've started to talk about it but we did get distracted – not that I minded of course – but, oh I don't know, shouldn't we decide what kind of relationship there is between us, Matt?'

She bit her lip nervously as he visibly thought about it.

'Alex, I care about you a lot more than I'd planned. I would understand if you wanted to stop at any time but I don't think I'd cope well without seeing you'

'Of course you'd still see me, on set' she answered. 'I understand if you wanted to stop too. There are much prettier, younger women that you would be better suited to' she stated humbly.

'I want you, though. That's the thing. I don't give a damn how old you are, remember what I said that evening in your trailer?' he asked, smiling. She nodded, returning the smile.

Well, I care about you, Alex. It's more than the lust combined with friendship and respect that I had for you when this thing started'

'So where do we go from here?' she asked nervously. 'I personally don't want the pressure of a relationship and it couldn't be public'

'Ok. Well I don't feel the need to publicise anything. How about seeing each other exclusively? He grinned, unable to contain his contentment as to how the conversation was going.

'That sounds a lot like dating to me' she stated warily. 'I have an idea. How about we decide on the last day of the holiday?'

He agreed.

'Now where were we, Alex?' he grinned.

'You were pleased that I'm wearing a thong' she grinned back.

After forcing themselves to undress slowly, kissing tenderly as they went, they laid naked side by side on the bed. Alex's right leg between both of Matt's and her left leg slung over his hip, they kissed passionately before Matt moved his head to kiss Alex's neck, licking, biting and sucking and making her hum with growing pleasure.

Matt stroked up her thighs and over her bum, dragging his nails over her golden skin ever so lightly, causing her to shiver with arousal.

She scratched lightly at his back to turn him on which made him get rougher with her – he rolled on top of her, their legs still entwined, and rolled his hips against hers, causing his erection to push against the inside of her thighs. She gasped at the sensation and reached down between them to stroke him. He was rock-solid and when she wrapped her hand around him he throbbed with need.

Slipping a hand between her thighs, he felt her wet for him and stroked her opening lightly, making sure to stroke her clit.

Before she was forced to beg him for more, he reached for something from his bag and when his hand returned to her opening she gasped at the cool sensation of the lubricant on his fingers.

He slid a finger into her hole easily and curled it inside her to get the reaction that gave him goosebumps. She arched her back, bit her lip, then moaned 'mmmmmmmm...Maatt'

He slid a second finger inside her and started to thrust harder, bringing his face down so he could lick her clit.

She bucked her hips violently when it made contact and all but begged him for more.

'Please... Matt! I can't wait any more, I'm gonna -' at that, he removed his fingers and took himself in hand, ready to plunge into her.

Alex spotted the bottle of lube lying on the bed beside them and grabbed it. She spread more on her opening and then wrapped a hand around his cock, moving it up and down a few times. 'Alex' he panted.

'Now, Matt. Please' she begged.

He lifted her hips slightly and pushed inside her. The movement was so smooth with no friction and they both made much more noise than usual.

He became used to the more lubricated feeling and when he started to thrust faster he had no nope of stopping.

Alex propped herself up on her elbows and moved a leg onto Matt's shoulder so he could get even deeper.

He moved and looked at her. 'Bear with me one sec'. She nodded.

He picked her up and carried her to the rocking chair he'd seen on the way into the room and set her down in a standing position on the floor and sat in the chair. He pulled her towards him and she straddled his lap. She sank down onto him easily and he brought her face to his, kissing her softly. She rolled her hips, getting him deeper in her. He wrapped an arm around her back, placing his hand on one of the backs of her shoulders to keep her as close to him as possible. He placed his other hand on her hip and used it to thrust deeper inside her.

She pressed her forehead to his, as they had done in the hotel in Oxford when they had first felt more than lust. It felt wonderfully intimate and in that moment they both knew that they were making the right decision in talking about the nature of their relationship. Too much of life was spent dodging issues, she for one was glad they'd had the sense to talk about it this soon.

They were both close to their climaxes, breathing heavily with a light sheen of sweat shining on their skin. Alex was clenching, she just needed something more to get her over the edge. She rested her head on Matt's shoulder, rolling her hips desperately. He kissed her ear lobe, and breathed heavily in her ear. She shivered with anticipation, getting closer just from that sensation. Realising how well she reacted to his breathing in her ear, he whispered 'ahh, Alex' she moaned quietly, nearly begging, she was so close. 'Alex, oh, Alex, you are amazing. So beautiful... oh I lo- you are brilliant'.

She came with a cry, collapsing onto him, her inner muscles fluttering uncontrollably around his member. She didn't know whether it had been a coincidence or whether Matt nearly telling her that he loved her had not only made her heart skip a beat but also sent her over the edge.

They stayed that way, wrapped in each other on the rocking chair, for a long while, Matt stroking Alex's back and telling her how glad he was that they were doing this.

'You make me feel so young' she whispered, her arms around his neck and their foreheads pressed together once more.

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