So, I'm trying to work on an actual manuscript… only I keep getting distracted with real life, friends, family, work, and of course my loveable future husband. Gag. I know. So I'm sorry that there are so many stories I've left unfinished…and actually, Just Smile is the manuscript I'm working off of, the basis of the twins at least, not the entire setting, which is why I won't be able to continue it. Can't have the ending online in another story right?

But I digress. This is a completely unrelated fanfiction. I have been captivated with Mawaru Penguindrum, and I love Kanba/Himari, obviously. I hope it won't turn out to be that they're not related, as all other anime ends up doing. I included some Shouma/Ringo scenes, to keep to the flow of Mawaru Penguindrum episodes and how it encompasses all characters and to reach out to other fans that are definitely rooting for S/R.

So please read and leave your thoughts, thank you so much!


"Kan-ba! Why can't I go with you today? Hmm?" The Odango Haired girl with her light purple, hopeful eyes poked her eldest brother, believing that if she bothered him incessantly enough he would eventually cave in and let her go shopping in town with him. In the background, their respective penguins, #1 and #3, were dancing the tango. #3 seemingly leading and overcoming #1 with her quick steps and insistent spins that left her dance partner struggling to keep up.

"Himari…" looking down at her, Kanba almost didn't have the heart to say no, but the recollection of the Princess of the Crystal and how her eyes were always a vibrant pink, unlike Himari's soft delicateness screamed at him to keep Himari away. He didn't know when the alter-ego would manifest again, and he didn't want her to blow his covert mission of gathering Intel on the penguindrum.

"Please? I haven't left the house in awhile… and I really would love to buy a gift for-ah!" her eyes opened wide as her hands came up to cover her mouth. She laughed nervously, brought her hands down and then proceeded to do a quick bow. "Please! I promise I won't get in the way. So, please Kanba?"

He had to admit, she was the most adorable creature on the face of this planet.

"Fine, fine. You know I can't say no to you Himari…" the young girl started to hop up and down with a smile on her face, one that wore a mix of triumph and extreme happiness. Her penguin counterpart stood victoriously over the slumped body of her now defeated partner. "Go get dressed. I need to take care of a few things first before I can take you to Knits and Things though, okay?" He shuffled his feet, put his hands in his pocket with a sigh of defeat and started to walk past her but was stopped when she suddenly tugged on his shirt.

"Kanba…?" Confused, the boy quirked his head at her, silently asking her to continue. "How did you know I wanted to go to that store?" frowning slightly he stepped forward, closing the distance between them and patted her head. She looked up at him, pouting and anxious for a reply.

"It's simple Himari. You're my little sister. I know everything about you." He walked away then content with his answer, his mind wandering elsewhere on what needed to be done to continue to protect his most precious person.

He didn't take the time to look back and see why she was so quiet, why his little sister stayed rooted in her position, staring at her hands… her eyes a vibrant pink.


When Shouma came home from school, he knew the house was too quiet. He had been late for class when he took a detour to follow Yuri Tokikago with Ringo Oginome by his side, in hopes of getting the diary back. Aside from a few awkward moments of contorting his body into small spaces up against the soft girl he was with so he wouldn't get caught, he found absolutely nothing new and no chance to acquire the needed penguindrum.

"Himarrrrriii? Kanbaaaaaaa? Anyone home?" He walked around the small apartment until he came across a note. Ringo looked over his shoulder, curious as to what made him stop.

Out shopping with Kan, be back soon! There's some food in the fridge, please heat it up and eat without us! – Himari

Sighing, he questioned why his brother would allow Himari to go along with him, fully knowing what his twin's intentions for the day were.

"Well, I guess we are eating by ourselves tonight. Kanba and Himari went shopping. Let's see what see made for us, I'm starving!"

"Hmm…I thought Himari wasn't well enough to be going around outside for too long? What if that crazy alien person comes back?" Ringo plopped down on one of the soft mats in the house, awaiting the food.

"Yeah…" Shouma called from the kitchen. "I agree but I'm sure Kanba knows what he is doing-ah! Not again!" a clash was heard and Ringo jumped up quickly to check on her love interest.

"What? What happened?" Surveying the kitchen, a grief stricken Shouma stood with an empty bowl of food. "Huh? Where's the food?"

Unbeknownst to her, #2 was happily slurping up Himari's homemade ramen.


Despite Shouma's belief, Kanba in fact did not know what he was doing. He knew where Masako Natsume was going to be that early afternoon, and had planned to use that to his advantage to obtain the penguindrum but what he didn't know was that Himari was going to ask him questions constantly in regards to every step they took.

"Kanba? Where are we going?" "Oh! Why are we hiding?" "Do you know that girl?" "Are we spying on her?" "Ew! Kanba! Are you her stalker?" "Pervert! Pervert! Pervert!"

"Himari! Shh! I am not her stalker, I am not a pervert, and I'm just… studying her. Yes! Studying! For class. It's an assignment. The thing is though, we can't let her find out or else I'll fail that assignment and flunk the class, okay?" Himari stared up at him disbelieving but nodded her head silently regardless. In the background, Himari's penguin confiscated a naughty magazine from Kanba's perverted little penguin, scolding him for looking at such obscene things in front of her. She put on a blonde wig on her pretty little blue body specifically for him after all.

Kanba sighed with relief and turned back to continue observing the opportunity in front of him. Unfortunately, Natsume was now missing. Kanba started to bang his head against the wooden blockade outside the Spa Facility ("This is for females only Kanba! Pervert!") realizing that he had lost her and by now, was probably too far to catch up to.

"…ba…?" What was he going to do? How could he save his sister? "Kan…?" He needed that penguindrum; he needed to keep her alive at all costs! She was his sister! She was his to protect! She was-

"Do you wish I wasn't here with you?"

She was his everything.

He grabbed her then, held her to him tightly, never wanting to let go. She gasped out of shock but didn't pull away. She let him hold her because she could feel he needed this, she could feel the desperation, the utter gravity of the situation and a part of her knew she needed to be held by him too.

He spoke so softly at first she almost didn't hear him. He called her stupid, he told her he always wanted her around, he promised he'd never leave her, and he asked her to promise to never leave him. She brought her hand up to his hair, traced her fingers through the strands of red, the image of red strings intertwined with her vision then, and her eyes became blurry. Her arms encompassed his neck, his bent frame finding solace in the crook of hers. He sniffled because he had to be strong and instead basked in the sweet aroma that was Himari's.

They lost track of where they were, and where they had to be. They lost track of who they were, and what they shouldn't be.


It's been hours since he's been back and he was getting nervous. On top of worrying like the mother hen he was over Himari, and to some degree Kanba, he couldn't help but worry about the fact that he was with Ringo, alone, in his house. He tried to think up of pleasant conversation but couldn't wrap his brain around anything suitable. He'd glance at her out of the corner of his eye and if she caught him, would smile, gulp, and then stare back at their empty table, devoid of all food.

"Shouma…?" He perked up, ready for any opportunity to clear the tension filled air. "I'm really hungry… so I think I'm going to go home, my mom probably left something for me there."

"Oh. Yeah… okay, I'm sorry that there was nothing here to eat, this is uh… so unlike Himari." Even has he came up with that lame excuse, he glared at his penguin until #2 shrunk away to kill some bugs.

"Oh that's fine… I feel bad that you have nothing to eat, would you like to maybe…come to my place and we can make curry if anything?" Shouma thought on this for a moment, thinking about how it was Momoka's favorite food, and why Ringo had been so obsessed with making and eating it on certain days. He decided that it would be best to not fall prey to this habit and politely declined.

Ringo sat there in silence, wondering what she was doing wrong, realizing more and more each day how her heart was skipping only for him, not Tabuki-sensei, how her mind is occupied with thoughts only of them together.

He was her new target.

She stood up.

She was destined to be with him.

He refused to look at her.

He was the one for her.

She bawled her fist.

She was his stalker.

"You're mine!"


Phew, I wanted to write so much more, but felt that it was going to get too long winded for a first chapter. I'm really hoping to continue this, but need to first make sure that it has a good premise, is interesting enough and that at least one person wants to read more. Excuse any grammatical errors, I do not have a beta reader, and am distracted with actual office work! Thank you for reading, and please leave your thoughts!