Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Kingdom Hearts characters, nor Final Fantasy characters.

Summary: Roxas and Sora enroll in a boy's boarding-school where they have to face some surprises – and "nice advices". School-fic, KH-FF cross-over.

Pairings: Axel-Roxas centric, but there'll be Zexion-Demyx, Riku-Sora and some surprise pairings, too.

Warnings: Nothing for this chapter.

Author's note: I've decided after such a long time to rewrite this fic. I hope you'll like it.

Chapter1: Moving in

Roxas POV

"Moooo! Are we there yet?" That was my disturbingly enthusiastic twin brother jumping on our car's backseat and cocking his spiky head between the front-seats impatiently.

"Sora, I'm happy that you're excited, but if you keep on doing that, I'll put you in the trunk." Our dad answered.

"Not fair! Please, daddy, speed up already!" Before I'd got a headache from Sora's whimpering and questions like Are we there yet? How will the school look like? I plugged the ear-phones of my MP3-player in my ears and turned it on the maximum volume. It's better to become deaf from listening to my favourite songs than from my twin's whining.

The sun was about to set when we reached Twilight Town. That was the point when my dear brother became the most unbearable. I couldn't tell how our parents hadn't strangled him on our trip yet. He pressed his face to the window and counted the shops, restaurants and other buildings of the town. He even climbed onto my lap to look at the right side, too.

"Whoah, Roxas! Look! Once we have free time I want to go there! And there! And there!" Poorly I heard him even through the deafening music.

The school, the Twilight High was in the residential district. It shared the same place – the dormitory and the cafeteria as well – with the university. Sora didn't show any sign of it, but I knew that he was as nervous as me for sharing the same space with the senior students. At least he didn't had to worry: he made friends easily. But me... Oh, whatever.

Behind the huge black iron gate I saw the most beautiful place in my life: the vanilla-coloured buildings stood in semicircular order around the park. Beautiful flower-beds trimmed the small roads towards the buildings. In the middle I saw a huge fountain with a huge siren statue on it's top. Phew, we really said thank you to our parents at least billion times for letting us go to such a beautiful and expensive school. But when we saw it with our own eyes... Sora almost jumped onto dad's lap by screaming a long litany of "thankyouthankyouthankyou" to him.

"Whoah, whoah, don't be so touchy, son. You're almost a man now." Sora just giggled, then sat back to his seat, still pressing his nose to the window to have a good look at everything what surrounded us. Dad drove into the parking lot. It took for a while to find a free place. Many of the students were sitting and talking on the benches while the others said good-bye to their parents and siblings. Going to a boy's school won't be that bad – I thought.

As soon as we got out of the car, my brother rushed back to open the trunk. Soon all of our bags landed on the floor. I put my backpack on, the big black and red sport-sack following suit. Sora did the same – despite the fact that he emptied almost his whole wardrobe. He really looked funny trembling under a tons of bags and sacks.

"I told you not to bring so much stuffs" I warned.

"Roxas has right, Sora. Let me carry some."

"No, dad! Let me carry them! Besides I have to take them home four weeks later alone, haven't I? I have to get used to their weight." He pouted. Dad sighed in defeat:

"As you wish. Let's go. The teachers are waiting." We walked to the dormitory's building.

It was huge! I counted three floors, but didn't have the time – nor the lust – to count the windows for each side. As we entered the building, I had to state that it looked huge from outside, but it was also roomy from the inside.

A strange-looking man sat by the front desk. He should be in his late forties. He had long, ash-blond hair and moss-green eyes. As he saw us, put his elbows on the table and rested his chin on the top of his hands. He greeted us with a nice smile:

"Oh, hello. What can I do for you?" As soon as he heard the question, Sora, dropped his bags next to the table:

"Hello, pleased to meet you. My name's Sora." -The teacher smiled back at him:

"My name's Vexen. I'll be your form master in the dormitory and chemistry teacher at school. Pleased to meet you, too." With or without that kind smile he still seemed creepy. He glanced at me. I tried my best not to freak out and run away. Finally managed to stand there without trembling limbs. He looked at a list:

"Ah, Sora and Roxas, right?" I silently nodded."What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?" I shook my head: "No, Sir." The smile never disappeared from his face: "Not a talkative one, huh?" He just shrugged. "Anyway: yours is Room 21. It's on the second floor. You may go. I'd like to have some words with your parents." He handed the key to Sora over. We both nodded, then left.

Phew, when I thought about that this spook's going to be my form master, a shiver ran through my spine. Sora hurried forward. He wanted be the first to enter our common room. At the door he dropped his bags, then unlocked the door and with a loud "whoah!" hurried inside. I followed him with an amused snicker. As I entered he laid down on his bed with a big thud. Since he confiscated the bed next to the window, I put my bag down the another one. I kicked my shoes off, then put them in the wardrobe near the door. Sora was too busy with opening the windows and enjoying the sight. He started to jump:

"Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! This school is amazing! I want to see every inch of it!" And rushed towards the door.

"Where are you going?" I asked. "Where, where? Looking around a bit!" I nodded as a response: "But don't forget to unpack your things." He nodded, then left.

We may be twins, may look alike... but we're very different – I felt like to state it again. Enjoying my free, silent moments till my brother was away I examined the room: the walls were also vanilla-coloured, like the whole building. There stood two large wardrobes in the forefront. I opened the one I put my shoes in. My school-uniform hung inside waiting for tomorrow for me to wear it. As the most of the male high school student's uniforms it was all black with a deep blue stripe on it from the neck till the edges. The shirt was the usual white one, too. Nothing special. I closed the wardrobe's doors, then headed back to the room. The place was all too comfy: two large beds – one by the window, the other one by the wall – bookshelves and reading lamps above both of them, and a small night-tables next to them. There was a large desk near the window with two chairs and computers. This place was just too cool! I started to unpack my things. Then I heard loud rock-music from our neighbourhood. Just freaking cool. Rockers are going to stay next door – I thought, and silently prayed for make the music stop for night. Not like this genre was bothering me. At all. But the volume they were listening to it.

Axel's POV

I laid on my bed which I owned for years and turned the hi-fi on. I really missed to be there – not because of the school, but the dudes around there, got it memorized? My long-time roommate and best friend, Demyx was sorting his stuffs on his bed out. I didn't bother myself with packing out of my bags. I can rest a bit, can't I? The trip from our hometown was freakin' long.

"Axel, have you known, that we have got new neighbours?" Demyx suddenly spoke up. "Nope." -He grinned at my response like the Cheshire cat: "I heard that they're some newbies. Not to mention: twins." I shrugged: "I hope that they aren't too alike. I don't like getting confused." He started to chuckle: "Let's pay them a visit!" I laid back on the bed: "Nope. I'm tired. But you can go." To prove my point I took my shirt off and climbed below my blanket. "Aw, Axel, you're no fun!" I heard the frown in his voice. He looked back at me from the door: "As I come back, I'm going to tell you about them. Look forward to it!" I waved as a response. He left. I sighed and nuzzled against my pillow. God, what a day.

Roxas POV

I finished the biggest part of the unpacking when Sora came back. He shot me with his usual wide grin:

"Whoah, you're quick!" I nodded: "Welcome back. How was outside?" He quickly kicked his shoes off, then placed them inside his wardrobe, then came back and hopped on his bed: "This place is freakin' cool! And even the seniors are kind! If you'd know!" And there was the start of his usual enthusiastic talking. When he saw something new he liked, he could talk about it for hours – literally, mind it. He started to unpack his things with supreme speed while he was busy with talking about what he'd seen outside.

"By the way: some seniors told me that Mr. Vexen is a real closet pervert!" Remembering that guy a shiver ran through my spine again. Ew, ew. Secretly I hoped that this wasn't true. Or else I had to look forward some nice nightmares. "You shouldn't believe everything what the others say." He looked a bit hurt: "You... think so?" I nodded. "Now you mention it... some of them said that if I was straight I shouldn't let the soap fall in the shower. I wonder what they meant." Hearing this I started to giggle like a maniac. Of course both Sora and me were very aware of our gender preferences. And kinda our parents, too. Since they noticed that as we reached our teens, we didn't give any credits of the local girls. I didn't say they weren't pretty. Just didn't like them that way.

A small knock came from the door. Sora answered it: our parents were standing in the door:

"Now, now? How is your room?" We both eagerly jumped up and rushed towards them, hugging them like little koalas their parents. Both dad and mom patted our heads gently. "It's time to say goodbye, kids." Dad announced. We both silently nodded. Mom turned to me: "Roxas, since you are the older, I let you keep these." She handed me the booked train tickets over. "I've recharged your credits. You can call me anytime." I nodded at her: "Thanks, mom." She hugged me tightly: "I'm so proud of both of you." Sora hugged her, too. Dad patted my back: "And don't forget about us. We are going to call you every day at nine. Make sure to answer the phone." We nodded. Not much later they said goodbye. Wow, this was the first time we left from home for the longer.

We went back to finish the unpacking, when we heard an another – this time a bit louder – knock from the door. I answered it. As I opened the door I faced with a tall guy's chest. I looked up.

"Ahoy, midget." I blinked for some moments, then nodded: "Hello. Can I help you?" The guy was really freaking tall. And skinny as well. He wore his blond hair in Mohawk-style. He blinked back at me with his sky-blue eyes happily: "I'm your new neighbour. My name's Demyx. And yours?" Suddenly Sora arrived: "Oh, hi! I'm Sora. And this is my twin-brother, Roxas." I nodded: "Hello." He looked really strange with his black baggy pants with many chains and belts on it. His tops were a black fisher-net T-shirt and a leather jacket. Okay, from a punk this style is normal, but in the end of summer in such a hot place? Oh, whatever. It wasn't my business. Sora opened the door wide: "Come on in!" Demyx obeyed: "Thankie." And took seat on one of the chairs immediately. "I heard you're newbies here, right?" We both nodded. "My roommate and me are at the university." We could guess that by his looks and age, but it didn't matter. Speaking of which... "And where's you roommate?" Sora asked it before me. Demyx nervously scratched the back of his head: "He was too lazy to come over." What the hell – I thought. "Odd." Sora pouted. "Indeed. But hey, you can come over if you want. He'll be happy to get acquainted with you, but as I said: he's too lazy. No wonder, though. The trip was long and boring." Demyx raised his hands up. Sora – before I could protest – agreed. Oh, my. This really isn't my day.