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Summary: Roxas and Sora enroll in a boy's boarding-school where they have to face some surprises – and "nice advices". School-fic, KH-FF cross-over.

Pairings: Axel-Roxas centric, but there will be Zexion-Demyx, Riku-Sora and some surprise pairings, too. -giggles-

Warnings: The usual aaaaand a very grumpy blondie. xD

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Chapter5 Part I: Feelings

Roxas' POV

After that tiny fight we hurried back to our room. I was… mad… Yes, freaking mad! How could I be so stupid and blind, huh? And I seriously thought that he would be my savior! All he cared about was his brother!

Before I could destroy my Art homework, my brother's hand stopped me:

"Brother, are you okay?" He asked with a worried look. I took a deep breath and rubbed my temples:

"Yep, don't worry."

"Was it… because of Axel?" Hearing the name I groaned madly and jumped onto my bed beating the living hell – and some feathers – out of my pillow when I heard Sora sigh:

"Oh, my." He hopped onto his bed and lay on his back "So Demyx and me had right."

"About what?" Hearing my question he shot me with an ear-to-ear grin:

"You like him!" He giggled. His statement made me blush – and deep.

"D-don't say stupidities." I quickly turned my gaze away, closed my eyes and covered myself up.

"I don't like that moron."

"Funny thing." He stated. "Yesterday you had nothing against him. Yet you call him a moron now." He had right, though. However I couldn't just admit it, whether I liked Axel or not. Wait a minute… Did I actually like him? He sure was hot, but… I hadn't ever been the one who's into looks. In my case personality had had the highest priority by people. And the idea that I might like him… Ghaaahhh! Whenever I thought about what had he done to his own brothermade me so freaking angry, that I wanted to explode! But wait a minute: why was I angry anyway? It was just a plain act, right? And we aren't a couple, either. Then why?

As I opened my eyes I saw my brother staring right into my face:

"Are you jealous because of Reno?" How did he get there without my notice? More important: why was he asking that? I felt my cheeks burning:

"D-don't say stupid things." Damn, I stuttered. Was it true? Was I jealous at Axel's brother?

"So you are!" He beamed. "But hey: don't worry about him. There's nothing between them." Like I didn't know. Anyway: I still found it unfair for them playing the forbidden loversscene all the time. Why did they do that all the time? Why?

Axel's POV

I found it odd that the midgets wanted to leave so early. All they said was a "thanks" and ran off. The squirrel-head seemed like he wanted to stay, but he followed his blondie brother, who seemed to be quite upset because of something. I wondered what his problem was.

Meanwhile Demyx and Zexion came back, too.

"Yo!" Demyx beamed and looked around:

"Huh? Where are the little fellows?"

"They went back to their room, yo." My brother answered.

"Aww~! What a pity. Why?"

I shrugged:

"Dunno. They just walked away."

Demyx suddenly gasped and narrowed his eyes:

"Don't tell me you did it again!" Now I was utterly clueless:

"Did what?"

"Your little shows, what else!" Wow, we made Demdem angry two times a day? New record.

"Dem, what's your problem? You should've got used to it."

"Right, I kind of got used to it. But the twins haven't." He folded his arms in front of his chest:

"So stop your little shows in front of them. Especially in front of Roxas."

What was his problem? Since when had Dem started mothering the freshmen? More important: how had Roxas got into the picture? He sure behaved odd whenever he was near me, but hell! I didn't understand a thing. He sure was a cute little one, but still… he was too young for me.

I heard Zexion sigh in annoyance:

"Let's go back. The sun is about to set and we have some things to study for tomorrow." Way to go to poop the fun, Zexy. But hell, he had right. We couldn't stay at the campus forever. Zexion went ahead with Demyx following him closely. What an unusual thing, right?

I wrapped an arm around my brother's shoulders and followed them. Reno shot me with a worried look:

"Do you think we pissed him off?"



Hearing his name I sighed:

"Reno, don't start it, too."

"Why? You like him, don'tcha?"

I groaned in frustration:

"Please, for Ares' sake!"

"So you do." He insisted.


Reno stopped and grabbed my hand making me face him:

"For how long do you intend to run away from the chance of a relationship?" His usual cocky and meek expression disappeared, substituted by caring and worry. Whenever he did that he made my heart sink:

"Every relationship starts like a fairy-tale. Then it suddenly changes to the worst nightmare. But anyway: why do you make the pimp for me every time we meet some hot fellows?"

"Because it's quite obvious that Roxas has a soft spot for you, yo. Besides it's clearer than water that you're hitting on him, too."

"Didn't notice." I answered bluntly.

He stepped closer to me and cupped my chin making me look into his eyes:

"So… You would rather stay single forever in order to protect yourself from an other disappointment, right?" Damn, I had to state again: I'm an open book in front of my brother. I nodded.

He ran his palm over my face:

"Why are you doing this?"

I put my hand on my twin's, gently caressing it.

"Look, Reno. What happened, I wouldn't wish it even to my worst enemy, either."

"But Roxas isn't like him at all, yo."

"How do you kno-" I stopped in the middle of my tracks for a while. Did I really think so badly about the kid?

"Well, okay, he isn't. But still. We know him only for two days."

My brother shot his gaze to the ground and sighed:

"It seems that everything I say stays unheard, yo." Shit, I hurt him.

"H-hey, that's not it." I protested, but he placed his index finger onto my lips silencing me:

"I respect your requests and your personal things, but remember a thing, yo: every single human needs to be loved. And I don't mean it only for the family or friendships, yo."

I had to chuckle at that. Reno being all philosophic was kind of odd. Speaking of which:

"Oh, right, Dr. Freud? Then what about your biggest fan, huh?" He let out a nervous chuckle and scratched the back of his head:

"That's a bit different, yo."

"Oh, yeah? Tell me about it."

Oh, my, he blushed:

"H-hey, you know it better than anyone that I don't like him that way and I turned him off many times, yo."

I rolled my eyes grinning:

"Oh, riiiiiight."

"Yet he doesn't give up."

"Funny, really."

"Eh? What?"

My grin grew:

"If you don't like him, then why are you blushing even now? And don't tell me it's just an overdone make-up. Besides if you've turned him down, then why does he still court on you? I bet he wouldn't if you'd be very determined about it."

He looked away embarrassed:

"I-I did! And I was determined about it, yo!"

"Right, right. Then why are you stuttering?"

He looked away.

"Besides I personally think that you gave him hopes that one day you might accept him."

"I-I'm not worthy for his love anyway, and I love someone else, yo."

I sighed. It was true that he loved Rude, but… he admitted it in that holy moment that he had something for Rufus, too.

"Hey, calm down." I wrapped my arms around him. "For who's love wouldn't you be worthy, dummy?"

"B-but Rufus is rich, and… I'm not. His family wouldn't accept me ever, yo."

"If it would be so, then I bet his father wouldn't allow him to court on you long ago."

"Then what if he doesn't know about it?"

"I hardly doubt that." So you really like him, huh?

He threw his ponytail back with a flushed face:

"N-nah, let's put the topic on ice and follow Demdem and Zexy, before they would think that we're doing something nasty again, yo."

I chuckled:

"Alrighty then."

I wrapped my arm around his shoulders again and led him up.

Reno's POV

After passing the spook known as Vexen, we walked up the stairs. Demyx and Zexion were waiting for us at the top.

"Where were you for so long?" Dem asked. I knew that I lived my sadism on him quite some times that day, but I couldn't let the opportunity fall to do so again. I winked at my brother, who winked back approving my actions.

I grinned at our blond mate:

"You know, my brother and me wanted to have some alone-time, yo." I started to grope Axel's ass, who grabbed mine hard, groaning like a panther:

"I wish we could do it all the time, baby."

I let out an amused chuckle:

"Oh, you bad boy."

Demyx actually whimpered and fell on his knees:

"For the sake of all gods, stop it for today, pretty-pretty please!" That was it. We finished him off. He really needs to get laid, I mused.

We heard Zexion coughing:

"If you would stop this nonsense finally: there's someone who wants to talk to one of you." We didn't know what he meant, until he gestured towards…

"S-Shinra…" I stuttered when I saw the tall blondie standing right next to Zexion.

"Good evening, Reno." He walked up to me and took my hand placing a kiss on it so tenderly like a prince in the fairy-tales. This made me blush hard.

I heard my evil brother snicker:

"Let's go, guys." No, you can't be so evil to leave me alone, I mentally pleaded flashing them with the cutest pout I could ever do. But my protesting eyes met blind ones. Axel and Dem grinned at me as they walked off. Zexion said good-evening to Rufus and walked to our room. Evil bastards.

As the others left, Rufus smiled at me:

"How was your day?"

"Uhm, f-fine I guess." Damn, why did I stutter?

His smile grew and gently caressed my hand.

"I'm happy to hear."

There was an awkward silence growing between us. I really started to feel myself uncomfortable in front of him so I wanted to come up with a little conversation.

"U-uhm, what has brought you here?" Damn, someone shoot me in the head, pretty please!

"I just wanted to see you and ask you if you'd like to have dinner with me." So if I got that right he asked for a date? Oh, my god! Suddenly everything started to spin around me. My vision and Rufus' words went blur before fading away completely. Heaven, take me. ….wait, hell suits me more.

When I opened my eyes I found myself on a big bed surrounded by red roses and satin. This couldn't be the dorms, yo. Or at least not my room, that's for sure. Where the hell was I taken? I did a check-up on my clothes. I nearly screamed when I saw that someone stripped me completely. Oh, no, no, no, no! Better if I wasn't raped while I was out, yo!I pulled the sheets up to my neck covering myself up.

Suddenly a well-known voice called:

"Oh, you woke up." Mr. Rude walked up to me wearing only a white unbuttoned shirt and tight boxers. Holy shit, yo! I must be dreamin'! When I saw his abs, I had to fight off an oncoming nosebleed. Due the classes I'd seen him shirtless some times, but this was… of course different. I had to clench my fists tightly on the sheets for stopping myself launching at my teacher and feeling him up all over.

He noticed that I was staring at him and grinned:

"Like what you see?" I could only nod absentmindedly. He walked up to the bed and climbed on it hovering over me:

"Easier for me then. If you would know for how long have I wanted to do this."

Suddenly everything had happened so fast. In the other second he was above me kissing me all over. I could only lie there moaning at his ministrations. Oh, how much I wanted this. I closed my eyes tightly as things grew hotter and wrapped my arms around his neck. Those feathery kisses and nips he planted on my neck were maddening. He continued his quest lower discovering my body. The more he did the thinner his figure has become. Soon my fingers got tangled in soft tufts. ...Huh? My eyes popped open in that holy moment.

Rude was nowhere to be seen, Rufus smiled back at me in his place with lust-filled eyes:

"How much I waited for this moment, Reno." He purred as he entered me. Oh, Holy Mumma in the Seventh Skies, what the bloody hell, yo?

The weird thing was... I didn't want to push him off. Not like I could anyway. I wrapped my legs around his waist, arms around his neck and could only moan as he kept on thrusting into me, caressing my insides with every millimeters of his length. And those soft kisses he covered my neck with... Shiva, yo.He drew me insane. As the pace increased I moaned his name louder and louder like a prayer.

Suddenly there was a sharp pinch on my ribs which woke me up with a start.

"O-ow, what the fuck, yo?" As I shot up I had to realize that I was back in my dorm room, surrounded by Zexion, Axel and Dem.
"We didn't know that you're a sleep-cuddler, but please, don't squeeze the living hell out of me next time, okay?" Zexion said in his usual cold tone his face sporting a nice pink blush. That caught me off-guard.

"Was I one?"

Axel nodded evilly and poked my side at a ticklish point which made me flinch:

"Yeah, right, when he was about to cover you up you suddenly grabbed him pressing him onto your chest howling Rufie, don't stop, yo~!" ...fuck, I actually spoke up in my dream. I felt my cheeks burning.

Seeing my reactions my evil twin burst into laughing.

"That's hilarious!"

"Yeah, having a wet dream of your prince charming in a white sportscar!" Demyx co-ed laughing his ass off. Speaking of which:

"Where is Rufus?"

"Oh, missing your sweetheart already?" Axel grinned.

"N-no, you dick! ...I-I just hope he didn't.." I couldn't find the right words.

"You hope he didn't hear that you were screaming his name in your sleep?" Axel finished it for me. I nodded.

"Don't worry, he didn't. He is downstairs, calling for a doctor."

"Doctor?" Rufus is calling a doctor for me? He must be worried, I thought. I climbed out of my bed and started heading towards the door.

"Where do you think you are you going? You might fall off of the stairs in your state, idiot." Zexion warned.

"Don't worry, yo. I'm completely fine. I have to ask Rufus to cancel the call." I felt Dem's and my brother's grin on my back.

"Be careful." Dem warned.

"Will be." I said as I left the room and made my way to the stairs. Walking down on them was a piece of cake. So I really am completely fine.

I found the handsome blondie in the doorway spacing from right to left. It made me chuckle which drew his attention to me:

"Reno, you're awake!" He hurried to me and gently hugged me. "Thank goodness."

I patted his back gently:

"Completely chirpy, yo. Sorry fer scaring ya. I don't think doc would be necessary, yo." He looked at my face studying me still carrying a worried expression:

"Are you sure?"

"Hell yeah." He sighed in relief and started dialing a phone number with one arm still holding me close which made me feel a bit uncomfy. The call didn't last for long and turned his attention back to me. Now or never.

"If I r-remember" I started. How awkward to stutter in such situations. Lameness EXPs had earned me a new level.

"Ya asked me a question not so long ago, yo."

He shot me with a shy smile – which was completely uncharacteristic from him – and sighed:

"Yes. But it was maybe too early for that. I understand if you don't want to." Damn, I started to feel bad for him. He spent hell loads of munny on me while I kept on turning him down. He at least deserved a chance. A blush crept it's way on my face.

"I wanna." I whispered.

It caught him off-guard:

"Pardon? What did you say?"

I took a deep breath and placed my hands on his chest with a smile:

"I said I wanna go out for a dinner with ya." His confused expression turned to a happy awe. Like a kid at the candy shop, I mused.

"Thank you." He whispered as he held me close. "You won't regret it, I swe-" That moment I placed a finger to his lips. A nice and useful idea came to my mind which I wanted to achieve no matter what.

"But my conditions, yo."

"Your wish is my command." He ran his fingers through my ponytail. Damn, he was good. I loved it when someone was playing with my hair.

"What are they?"

"First: I'm picking the place and my treat." He wanted to protest, so I sealed his lips with my fingers again:

"I mean it, yo." His protest died.

"Anything you wish."

"Also: I would like it to be a double date."

He quirked a brow:

"Double date?"

"Yup, my bro is a sourpuss at asking someone for a date out, so it could help him to loosen up if we're 'round, yo."

He seemed to ponder about this for a while, but nodded in the end:

"Alright. When and where should we meet?"

"Front gate at half past five?"

"Perfect." He replied still playing with my hair. Suddenly his phone started to vibrate in his jacket's pocket. He shot me with an apologetic smile.

"Just pick it up, yo." He did as he was told. Damn, I couldn't tear my eyes off of him. Maybe because I was still under the spell of that damn dream. Heck, but I couldn't help it! It stirred a lot of weird emotions inside of me up, yo.

Not much later he dismissed the call:

"Sorry. It looks like I have to go now. We have a business meeting at home."

I smiled at him feeling my cheeks burning:

"It's okay, yo. We're meetin' tomorrow anyway."

He nodded and slowly let go of me, then took my hand placing a soft kiss on it.

"I'm counting the moments." My blush grew.

"D-damn, just go already." Said it with a lighthearted chuckle.

He let out a soft laugh, too, by placing a kiss on my hand again:

"Sweet dreams to you."

"Y-yeah, to you, too, yo." He smiled, let go of my hand and left. Odin, yo! Why the hell was I so embarrassed anyway? I was supposed to be in love with Mr. Rude, not having a sudden crush on Rufus fuckin'-handsome-Prince-Charming-in-disguise Shinra, yo!

I was ripped out of my thoughts by two mocking chuckles:

"Aww, how sweet!" I shot my gaze up and couldn't see no one else, than Axel and Demyx smirking down at me from the stairs.

"Since when are you there?"

My twin chuckled and started mocking me with a high-pitched girly voice:

"Front gate at half past five?" And they both burst into laughing. Thank goodness they didn't hear my plan then. Sweet~ For their biggest surprise I grinned at them.

"Just laugh till you can, yo." And walked upstairs passing them and making my way to my room.

I grabbed my knife-sharp scissor and headed out walking to the campus. I stopped at the flowerbeds of the school, looking thoroughly for the most beautiful blood red rose. Luckily I didn't have to look for long. I cut it off with my scissor and hurried back to the dorms. Sorry, Marly~

Thank goodness Zex was too occupied by his book to notice what I was doing. Or just didn't say a word. Hell knows, yo. I found a small envelop with a card in it in my night-table's drawer and grabbed a pen. It didn't take me much efforts to copy Axel's handwriting and talking patterns. I wasn't called the school's star hooker for nothing, yo! After I was done I put the card into the envelop, tied it around the despiked rose with a red ribbon and left the room for the midgets'. I placed the rose in front of the door, knocked and ran off to hide behind the nearest wall waiting for the reactions. Now you're going to learn not to mess with your little bro, Axey.