Chapter 1 – Things are not what they seem...

* 18°25′N 64°35′W. Tortola, the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean.*

In a little cove is a house. A large white house is nestled in the midst of palm trees; set on the beach with beautiful white sands and crystal blue seas. There was a heavily pregnant woman sat on the beach in a lounger, reading a book. If you go through one of the white framed windows, past a pale blue kitchen; you'll see a man, sat at a computer looking like his safe secure world as been ripped out from under his feet.

Brian O'Conner

I was sat at my computer waiting for my emails to load; I sighed and looked out to the bay. I could see my beautiful pregnant girlfriend sat on one of the loungers on the beach reading one of her many books. I heard a beep signalling I had a new message. I looked at the computer screen and saw a coded message from Monica Fuentes. I couldn't believe it after Miami I've never spoken, heard from or seen her unless it was a life of death situation. So her contacting me now, was not good. I clicked on the message and re sent it to my FBI pocket file. (A.N. – a cross between a palm pilot and a I pod/pad)

I opened up my emails on my pocket file and put the message into decoding software. Once it finished I stared to read,

Dear O'Conner, I know we don't talk much but this is important. I have some Intel that you'll be very interested in. I must stress that everything said in this email is of the upmost importance and is very serious matter. I apologise that this will come as a shock but we have evidence to believe that a Leticia 'Letty' Ortiz is still alive. A heist took place in Berlin, Germany two weeks ago. We found a clear handprint, have photographic evidence from a garages CCTV of her a few miles away from the scene. Also we have found that she attended a hospital with server injuries under the name of Mia Spilner.

We've uncovered evidence of your deal with Miss Ortiz and have taken disciplinary action against the agent in charge of her safety. After a long debate we have decided that she did her part in the bringing down of Braga and we have cleared all of criminal records.

We wish that you will wait for us to have 100% certification that Miss Ortiz is alive before telling anyone and making any drastic actions. Pictures follow.

Contact you soon,

Agent M. Fuentes.

"Shit." I breathed. I sat back in my chair; I ran my shaking hands through my hair and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. It was a lot of information to take in. I stood up and grabbed a beer from the fridge and popped the top. I took a long drink of the ice cool drink. I looked out of the kitchen window that looked out onto out little cove. I saw my Mia with her closed book on the little white wooden table beside her. She was looking out to the ocean with a faraway look about her. Even from where I was I could tell she was thinking of Dom or Letty. She got over blaming me for Letty's death she said that I blamed myself enough without her adding to the load.

I took another long swing of beer when I heard another beep form behind me. I could see the 'you have mail' sign flashing across the screen. I placed my beer on the side and strode to the computer. I clicked re-fresh and saw two new messages. One from Monica and surprisingly one from Dom. I clicked on the one from Dom first and saw,

O'Conner, I'll be home in an hour.

I groaned out loud. Why did Dom have to come now? Now i had to pretend I was fine when he could read me like a book. Seeing that this day couldn't get any worse I clicked on the email from Monica. Two words stared out at me from the screen,

It's her.