Chapter 3; Part 1 – Congratulations, it's a girl.

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Dominic Toretto

My ears went fuzzy and I couldn't hear a thing Brian was saying. Letty had a daughter. She couldn't be mine I know that much. It was 16 years since I got sent to Lompoc for the first time. I was 18 and Letty had only just turned 17. We'd only been together a couple of times and we had always been careful. So Letty must have cheated on me while I was locked up... Great.

"It's nice to meet you Toni, I'm Dom." I said shoving my hands into my jeans pockets.

"Yeah I know who you are." She said.

"How old are you?" I asked

"16. Almost 17." She said shrugging.

She turned to Elena who was just standing there looking shocked, "and you must be Elena. I've heard a lot about you."

"Hold on." I asked walking towards the newcomer and placing myself between her and Elena, "How do you know about Elena?"

"Mum of course. Oh and I'm train in computer hacking also. I know everything when you first got sent to Lompoc, bringing down Braga, Hijacking you out of the prison bus and all the shit that went down in Rio. She said crossing her arms.

"After mum 'Died'." she used air quotes around the word die, "She wanted to keep an eye on you and I offered my services. So I kept track of you through Global Tracking, facial recognition software; everywhere you went, everyone you were with, whatever you did. I knew and I told mum.

"What do you mean she was keeping an eye on me?" I said taking a step towards her, trying to intimidate her.

"Well..." she started before Mia cut in.

"If we're going to explain this sweetie, I think we ought to sit down."

She placed a hand on Toni's shoulder and steered her towards the kitchen; Brian followed and me and Elena followed him.

Toni was sat at the head of the table nearest the sink with Brian sat on her right hand side. Mia was stood behind her, with her hands on Toni's shoulders.

"Dom, you can sit down there." Mia said pointing towards the other end of the table nearest the back door.

I sat down and Elena sat on my left with a space between her and Brian.

"And before you ask why it's because you can't reach Toni and are you're closest to the door."

"Okay." I huffed, "Explain."

Toni took a deep breath and began. "My full name is Antonia Dominique Ortiz. I'm 16 years old and my birthday is April 6th. Letty is my mum and I've never known my dad. But according to what mums told me and DNA records – you're my father.

I blinked at her a couple of times, "okay how? When you were born I was in Lompoc."

"Yes I was, but mum got pregnant with me a couple of weeks before you beat the shit out of some guy. That day she was going to tell you tell everyone. You fucked that up and after you got put away mum told Mia."

I felt Elena squeeze my hand in reassurance. I looked at Mia, "You knew she was pregnant and never told me."

"Yes I knew, when she told me she was about 2 months along. After she told me, she found her aunt on the DR and went and visited her for a year. We got letters, emails, postcards and phone calls. We kept in touch but about a month after she left I got a phone call from Letty. She told me she lost the baby. We wanted her to come home but she wouldn't she stayed the year." Mia said looking at the table.

"Okay, but if she lost the baby how comes your here." I asked.

"Good he's not that bright is he?" Toni asked looking at Brian. He looked down at the table but I could see he was smiling.

"Mum lied. That's the simple answer. She told Mia she'd lost the baby which is quite common in first time pregnancies. The truthful answer I was a fighting fit. Mum carried me full term and after 35 hours of labour I was born; A healthy 7 pounds 8 ounces. About 5 months after I was born mum went back to LA like nothing happened.

I looked at her gob smacked. I swallowed hard and looked at mia who was staring at me with sadness in her eyes. " you never knew? You never put 2 and 2 together?"

Mia sighed, "No Dom I didn't. Letty's never lied to us before. Why would I question her? She was sad; I thought it was because she's lost the baby but that she'd left her behind. She never talked about it. She just spent a couple of days looking sorry for herself, one day she woke up and it was the old Letty back."

"How did you and your mother keep in touch?"

"A letter every month, cards on birthday, money instead of presents at Christmas, but nothing for mother's day. If I would have sent anything you guys would have got suspicious." Toni explained.

"In my whole life I've only every spent time with her 4 times, 5 if you included when I was born. On my 4th birthday was the first time, then on my 7th for my Holy Communion, my 10th birthday. Also the day after you left her in the DR, I must have been around the 13 mark."

"She wasn't much of a mother was she?" I mumbled.

A chair screeched across the floor and Toni was stood up her chair on the floor behind her. She had a fist clenched by her sides, "Don't you EVER say anything bad about my mother again understand!"

I had found her weakness. She'd pissed me off and made me upset; now it was time to return the favour. I stood up as well, "Well it's the truth isn't it?"

He hand flashed to her right hip, she grabbed something and flicked her wrist towards me. I looked down and a knife was embedded near the edge of the table a few inches from my crotch. I swallowed back my anger and stared at her. I could see the hurt, anger and fury reflected in her eyes.

She let out a shaky breath, "oh and you we're the perfect father were you?"

I saw one single tear fall from her left eye and trail down her tanned cheek.