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Alien Bite

Kevin and Ben get bitten by a strange alien dog, and it causes some changes in their bodies. Gwen puts them on lock down until she can catch the dog and create a cure.

Chapter 1 Running

Name: Fowlong

Race: InuVerius

It has a body similar to that of the earthling creature known as 'dog'. The race is equipped with both offensive and defensive capabilities. On their home planet, they are normally quite docile creatures but in unfamiliar territory, they have been known to get very aggressive.

Main Offensives: Their saliva contains a Toxin - effects differ against different races, it can release a powerful sound attack from its mouth, force of it can destroy a space craft, its tail can stretch and strike with the force of a metal whip.

Main Defensives: Its fur can withstand energy blasts, it can move at supersonic speeds when scared. It's eyes can see through walls and through the dark.

"Sounds like one bad ass alien, but I think we can take it". Kevin said as he turned off the plumber's data base.

"Sounds like he could be trouble. We have to take care of it before it hurts someone." Ben said before sucking on a smoothie.

"Local authorities took the word of the plumbers and evacuated the area, just in case. Plumbers have the alien contained and are using machines to distract the alien, but its tearing through them fast". Gwen said. "Remember: we have to try and stun the creature so we can send it home."

"We may need to go to go all out on this one". The team drove up to the blockade, where smoke was rising up. The plumbers standing guard let them in. Several buildings had massive holes blasted into them, and quite a few had been decimated entirely. Cars looked half eaten, and various parts were left scattered across the ground. "Umm if it's ok I'm going to leave the car here…" Kevin parked the car and the three got out.

"Really Kevin, you're that worried about the car?"

Kevin just grinned and shrugged. "It's ok Gwen, we have to search for Fowlong on foot anyway." Ben said. The plumbers let them through the barricade. Explosions could be heard in the distance. "We need to move fast".

Ben booted up the Omnitrix , and in a flash of green light, XLR8 stood in his place. "Wow! Haven't seen that one in a long time". Gwen said.

Kevin smiled; XLR8 was the first alien of Ben's Kevin had ever seen. Kevin brought along some durable alien tech. With a simple touch, he absorbed there metal contents, his body coated in red metal. "Let's put this dog down!"

"Jeez Kevin we just have to subdue him and send him back to his own planet." Gwen said crating mana steps.

"That's not as fun!" Kevin whined, bringing his fists together. Gwen sighed and the three got going, with Ben taking a head start thanks to his chosen alien's speed. XLR8's face shield rose as he stared at the alien beast. A huge chunk of metal was in its mouth.

"Wow this guy looks tough! But let's see if he's fast." XLR8 rushed at Fowlong, only to get hit with his lightning quick tail. He changed quickly and was able to strike Fowlong only to get hit with his sound blast, throwing XLR8 down with his face shield cracked.

Kevin and Gwen showed up just in time to see Fowlong approach him with the intent to end him. Gwen hit Fowlong with her mana blast which did nothing but turn the aliens attention to them. It rushed at them growling as it did.

Fowlong fired his sound blast and Gwen put up a barrier to shield them. The sound blast hit the barrier and broke it apart as if it was nothing. Fowlongs tail whipped through and sent her flying back. Kevin turned the metal around his hands into massive hammers and started tearing into the dog like alien. He was giving it a good pummel, until the tail caught both his arms and Fowlong started whipping Kevin around, slamming him into the ground and buildings.

It threw Kevin to the ground and growled. Kevin opened his eyes to see him readying to fire his sound attack. Kevin tried to move but found it more difficult. The InuVerius fired and Kevin was shot back into a wall his metal body fading away. 'Shit this dog's tougher than he looks…' The InuVerius rushed at Kevin ready to bite.

XLR8 appeared in front of him before the attack could be complete, but unfortunately…

'Beep beep beep boop'! With a red flash of light, Kevin stared in horror as human Ben who stood in front of him. Fowlong's fangs sank into his shoulder. Ben screamed in pain. "BEN!" Kevin screamed as blood was drawn.

Fowlong's tail rose up to strike Ben down, but this time, the Omnitrix released a strange energy. The energy seemed to hurt the InuVerius, as well as Ben.

The alien like dog was forced back, coated in the Omnitrix's energy and it hurt him. Ben was also surrounded by the energy as he passed out. Kevin held him, unaffected by the energy around the boy. "Ben, snap out of it! C'mon, wake up… wake up damn it! Please…"

Kevin turned his head to glare at the alien. He quickly found a broken pipe and touched it to absorb the metal. He sat Ben down gently. He then jumped over him, running for the alien. He hit the beast again and again, not stopping, not caring that it was their job to send it home; he wanted this thing to pay.

He lifted the beast up by his neck, ready to give it one final punch, when the dog lunged forward and bit into his shoulder. His fangs ripped through metal and sank into flesh. "Ahh! Damn it…" Kevin cursed as he was forced onto his back, the beast's fangs sinking deeper.

Kevin hissed as he felt fire burn and spread through his body. 'Is this what he felt you bastard?' Kevin thought, unable to speak from the pain.

The tail rose and looked like it was about to strike Kevin. 'Ben… I'm sorry…'

"No!" A voice boomed like a loud bark and a sound blast hit the dog square in the side sending him flying off Kevin.

The dark haired male turned his head hoping to see Ben ok in the aliens form ready to fight again, but what he saw shocked him. Ben was up, his wound healed into a red scar. His clothing was stained in blood, but that was not what shocked him. Ben had a tail, a long brown fluffy tail, and his ears were dog like and were twitching. Ben's mouth was open so he could so sharpened canines. "Ben, what happened?"

Ben went from a feral look to a confused look. The male came up to him and sniffed at his chest. He got a happy look on his face and hugged him. "Ben?" Kevin yelped, blushing.

The InuVerius rose from the rubble and Ben moved onto all 4's and growled. "Ben, what's happened to you?" He looked down and saw a tail of his own a long thick black fluffy one. "What's happening to me?"

To be continued…