Author: Jannasaur

Genre(s): Angst / Romance

Fandom: NARUTO
Characters (pairing): Kiba Inuzuka x Hinata Hyuga

She was the girl who was too quiet, too shy. The girl who cried too much, and he was the boy who always wiped her tears away.
For years now, Kiba has watched Hinata from the shadows. Will a twist of fate suddenly be able to bring them closer together?

Rated M for:
KibaHina in Future Chapters, Rape/Molestation, Slash, Lemons, Smut and Abuse
This story will also include Dark Themes, Rape/Molestation and Abuse. Some things a lot of people may not be comfortable with.

Disclaimer; I don't own NARUTO, nor its characters. All rights belong to Masashi Kishimoto© I make no money from this.



Chapter one: The Sunflower Fields

A Memory:

The cold autumn-air chilled her body. It chilled her feet, her toes, her fingers and her nose. She was lost in the field of wilting Sunflowers, weeping. She always wept in the midst of Sunflowers, towering tall and bright. Sunflowers were beautiful, they weren't stained red with dying petals… Not like this little Sunflower, who sat amongst the others' weeping with red slashes across her knees.

Suddenly, her body flinched at the sound of foot-steps growing closer beyond the bustling of Sunflowers. But the foot-steps grew softer as two tall stems were pushed aside, revealing a small dog-like child. He crouched himself down in-front of the crying Sunflower, with tear-stained cheeks and sliced-up knees, and she looked at him with sadsadsad pale-eyes.

"What's this?" He asked in an innocent-child-like way, pointing at the grazes on her pale knees.

She pulled her knees closer to her chest and hid her face. "N- Nothing," she stuttered.

The little boy didn't believe her, but he didn't say anything. He placed a small dirty hand upon her cheek, and made her look up at him. Then the boy smiled, and gave her a wolf-like grin. "My name is Kiba, what's yours?"

"I... I'm, H – Hinata."


Ever since that day, the boy would often see the little girl weeping in the middle of the Sunflower field, with tears in her eyes, and bruises on her arms and legs. And sometimes (but very rarely) bruises on her face. Like her cheeks or her lips. But no matter how many times she got bruises, or how many times the boy saw them, he never asked questions. He'd just smile at her, and sometimes (but very rarely) she'd smile back.

.:Time Leap:.

It became more and more common for the little boy to bump into the little girl, who he knew as the 'Sunflower girl'. But he wasn't a little boy anymore, and neither was she.
They started school, a small school in their small country-town. He'd see her at the bus-stop where the bus would pick them both up in the morning. He'd look at her, but she'd be watching the ground. They'd both ride the same school-bus to school. He sat by the window in the middle, she sat at the back. They even had the same classes together, she sat near the back, second row down, and he sat right behind her.

Kiba didn't know it exactly, but he was the Sunflower girl's neighbour. And she wasn't just the Sunflower girl, or just Hinata: She was Hinata Hyuga. Daughter of Hiashi Hyuga, a well-known and respected man. And surprisingly, also Kiba's neighbor.

School was strange for Kiba Inuzuka and Hinata Hyuga, for he had known who she was since they were very young, and by the way Hinata acted around him, he didn't know if she remembered him at all.
Hinata Hyuga rarely spoke in school, and Kiba wondered whether he was the only person in school who knew she existed. She always sat alone during Lunch, always alone during Breaks, and always alone when they got off the school-bus and went their separate ways home. Kiba felt somewhat sympathetic for her. He really did.


It wasn't until High-school that Kiba started to really notice Hinata. She had suddenly changed over the Summer, and Kiba was surprised at how drastically she had changed in over a month. But he wasn't complaining. Her hair had grown out, now draping over her newly developed breasts. Her hips had grown out too, but in a perfect way so that she was now a beautiful and womanly-hour-glass figure. Did others see the same changes in her as he did? He hoped not, almost drooling as he watched her slip off her winter-coat and stuff it into her locker which was down three lockers from his, but was forced to snap out of his daze as a bright-yellow-haired idiot stood in his vision.

"Naruto!" Kiba growled, now that Hinata had walked away, slamming his locker door shut. But Naruto didn't seem at all phased by his friend's anger.

"Guess what I found in my locker this morning?" He purred, snapping out a small lavender envelope from the back-pocket on his too tight navy-jeans. Kiba's eyes widened at the envelope. It wasn't… It couldn't! "Yes my friend, I have a secret admirer!" The blonde gleamed with joy, running the edge of the envelope under his nose, and Kiba hoped that just maybe, he would give himself a paper-cut.

"Who's it from?" Kiba asked in a sort of scowl, for Naruto had rudely interrupted his… Erm… Bird-watching? He took out his Biology text-books with a sigh, knowing that Hinata wouldn't be in his lesson. Instead, he'd be sitting next to Shino. (The joy overwhelmed him.)

"I dunno," Naruto said with a lazy smirk as he rested against the locker next to Kiba, staring up at the ceiling with a love-sick expression on his tanned face. "Maybe it's Sakura. You know, I think she has a 'thing' for me, if you know what I mean." He turned to Kiba, giving the darker-haired boy a cheeky wink.

Kiba groaned and turned away, heading in the direction of his Biology class, which Naruto would be in too. "Yeah right, everyone knows she has a 'thing' for the Uchiha instead." Kiba laughed. He scoffed, and then continued, "Like you could compare to him. He's smarter and better-looking than you, even I can see that!"

Naruto gasped, dropping his jaw and staring at Kiba with wide-eyes. "How… Dare… You...!" He exclaimed as they turned the corner and entered the class with Biology written on the glass of the door.

They entered class, Kiba with a smile on his face, and Naruto with an opened-mouth. As soon as they had closed the door behind them, they were met with the watchful-eyes of all the other students in their class.

"Where have you two been?" Yamato asked, staring straight at the two boys with wide-eyes and an un-describable expression on his face. None-the-less it made both boys jump back and flinch with fear! Naruto said it was it 'scary face' and that he used it to control your soul! But Kiba didn't believe that… Really, he didn't. Okay, maybe just a bit.

As soon as Yamato stared deep into the depths of their souls, Kiba and Naruto didn't waste a second getting to their assigned seats. Kiba sat in his usual seat next to Shino, and Naruto sat in his next to Sasuke's. It was ironic in a way.

Kiba never enjoyed Biology if he was honest, plants and the natural-growth of life just didn't spark his interest. In-fact, nothing in particular sparked his interests other than the normal teenage-guy's most common interests: Video-games, junk food, Sports and girls. Except Kiba was interested in: Dogs, Video-games, Foot-ball and strangely… Hinata Hyuga. And during class, while listening to Yamato's voice drown out from under his thoughts, he wondered what it'd be like if he got a secret admirer. Would he want it to be Hinata?

'I'm kinda jealous of Naruto," he thought to himself resting one under his chin. 'It's weird that he'd get a 'love-note' from a secret admirer, and not me. I wonder who it is that gave it to him, and what she saw in Naruto. I wouldn't mind getting a love-note. If I did get one, I'd want it to be Hinata. I'm not sure why, but I find myself watching her all the time. That's not creepy, is it?' Kiba paused, lost deep in the depth of his thoughts. His eyes widened, just a bit. '…I'mI'm…'


The whole class turned then, to where Kiba and Shino sat. Their faces had bewildered looks on them, before suddenly, everyone blurted out in laughter. Even Shino let out a small giggle.

After apologizing to Yamato, and promising to not day-dream in another one of his lessons, Kiba was let out for foot-ball practice, instead of being kept in an hour of detention. And if or whenever he saw Hinata, he would not look at her. Unless, of course he had to, but that happened rarely, so he didn't get his hopes up. Kiba didn't know why he wanted to watch Hinata so much, and what it was about her that fascinated him so. She was so quiet, and she hardly spoke. So why did she stand out to him the most, compared to all the other girls he went to school with. There were four girls in his High-school that stood out the most: First there was Sakura Haruno. Her pink-hair was what really made her stand-out, but it wasn't just that. Sakura also had a wild-temper that could be erupted at any moment. She was also smart, and was a part of the Chemistry club. Second there was Ino Yamanaka. Her body was the main attraction. Somewhat similar to Hinata, Ino had a busty chest, and rather curvaceous hips. But it didn't excite Kiba, as much it did the other boys. Ino was more-or-less known as an 'easy target'. She'd sleep with anyone, according to a few boys he over-heard during Gym class. But Ino wasn't only her body, she also had brains, and Kiba knew that. Ino was good at reading people. In-fact, she was so good it was almost creepy. Third there was Tenten. Kiba wasn't sure of her surname, in-fact, Kiba wondered if anyone knew her surname. There wasn't much that stood out about Tenten, other than she was a bad-ass at martial-arts. Tenten was pretty, and Kiba noticed that whenever he walked by the Gym or happened to see Neji, the Head of the Martial-arts club at school, Tenten would always be at his side. Neji was also Hinata's cousin. Which really surprised Kiba, since he was so confident, and so well-known. And then there was Hinata, who was so shy, and pretty much invisible. Lastly, there was Karin Taka. Kiba didn't know much about Karin, other than she was as obsessed with Sasuke as Sakura. She was also a total slut when it came to Sasuke Uchiha. Seriously… What is up with that guy? It's like he has some sort of power that makes girls all instantly horny whenever they're around him or something!


Kiba had been thinking all day, too much in-fact. More than his brain could handle. And he had also been trying to pry his eyes away from Hinata Hyuga, which was going well until the bus-ride home. Today she was sitting at the front, a couple of seats in-front of Kiba, with a purple scarf wrapped around her neck, which covered half of her chin. It was Autumn by now, and as the bus drove past the Sunflower fields… He suddenly found himself reminiscing of the past, and once again staring at Hinata.
When they were kids, they never spoke. They never even played together. Hinata was too shy, and always had to be in the house early. But Kiba always seemed to find her by chance those days he'd trudge through the long stems of leaves, looking up at the large faces of the Sunflowers, until he came across his own one day, crying with bruises on her knees. Even to this day, Kiba didn't know why Hinata had so many bruises on her all those times he saw her. But he was a child then, and he didn't want to pry and ask. All he knew was, that back then, he only wanted to see her smile. When he did get the occasional smile, that would make Kiba happy inside. But soon, he stopped seeing Hinata lost in the middle of the Sunflower fields. He stopped hearing the gentle sounds of sobs, and seeing the little girl sat with her knees up to her chest, her pale knees covered in bruises, with tear-tracks running down her blushing pink cheeks. Kiba was sad when he stopped finding Hinata, and when he found out that she lived over the field from across him, and that they went to the same school together… Well, Kiba was suddenly fascinated.


"I think I'm confused." Kiba mumbled, still munching on the steak in his mouth as he sat at the dinner table with his father, mother and older sister. Who he held an un-canny resemblance to.

"Confused?" His father coughed, almost choking on his steak, which his mother immediately attended to: With a good slap against the back.

"What do you mean… Confused?" His mother asked with a suspicious glint in her sharp-eyes.

"My feelings…" The youngest at the table muttered out, with a thoughtful look on his face. This was something that truly bothered Kiba.

"Is it your sexuality, Kiba?" His older sister teased with a smirk on her face. "You know, it's okay if you get the feeling that you just want to screw a guy… Or be screwed by a guy. Either way."

"Hana!" Their mother exclaimed, looking at her daughter with a dangerous look in her eyes. In other words: 'Shut up, or you will get grounded!'

Kiba groaned loudly at his sister's comment. "Sick!" He cried, still chewing on a piece of steak in his mouth as he gnashed on it with canines too sharp to be considered as normal teeth. "Just so you know, I have no intentions on screwing or being screwed by a guy. Period!"

"Then what is it?" His father croaked, finally having coughed up the chunk of steak stuck in his throat, which his wife disposed of.

Kiba sighed. "I don't know," he muttered, stabbing his fork into his steak a few times. "I think I'm a stalker."

His family stared at him with a bewildered look on each of their faces, (Man, he was getting these kind of looks a lot lately) before each and every single one of them burst out into fits of laughter. Kiba groaned, un-able to take it anymore. He was serious! Damn. Serious.

His sister, Hana looked at him for a moment, trying her best to hold back a chuckle as their parents continued to bellow out their laughs. "What do you mean… You're a stalker?"

"I mean, I keep staring at this girl at High-school, and I never seem to look away from her…"

After this, the whole table sighed with knowing. "Ohhhh," they all said in-sync.

"Just because you look at a girl a lot, doesn't mean you're a stalker, son. Do you even know the difference between stalking someone, and a crush?" His father asked with an eye-brow arched.

Of course Kiba understood the differences, but he couldn't have a crush on Hinata. Could he?


That night as Kiba lay in bed, he tossed and turned under the hot sheets. He felt hot, oh-so hot.

"Ohh Kiba," she moaned in a dusty melody. He could feel himself inside of her, inside and in-between two blushing-petals that were wet and moist for him. He could feel her clenching all around the width of his penis as he pulled in and out of the entrance of her sweet, sweet woman-hood, dripping deliciously with all her juices. "Kiba, please, more!" She begged. Her lips were moist and detached, just a bit, enough to let out her moans, and lewd demands which sent Kiba even further onto the brink of exploding. Her body was pale and smooth, beautiful and flawless but wait… what was that… that red spot on her petals, on her lips and on her teeth. "Kiba," she gurgled, blood seeping from her lips as she choked and coughed up a tooth that feel near her face. "Kiba!" She cried this time, and when he looked down at his erection, which looked so wonderful pulsing in and out of her, it was suddenly covered in blood, dirty, dirty blood. "Hinata!" Kiba yelled, worry trembling his voice. "What is this?" But Hinata didn't speak, instead blood continued to flow out of her, and not in a natural way too. It came from her nose, her lips, her woman-hood, and bruises suddenly formed all over her body, including her cheeks until she looked pale and ill. "Kiba, please, don't look at me!" She cried, as un-real amounts of tears streamed down her cheeks. But Kiba couldn't look away, his eyes couldn't tear themselves from her. What was happening, why did she look so fragile, and so beat up? Did he do this to her, no, he couldn't have…

Suddenly, Kiba's body jolted awake. He leapt up and slapped the palm of his right hand over his chest, where he could feel his heart pulsing against his rib-cage at a nerving speed. What kind of fucked-up dream was that? And why was Hinata bruised and bleeding? And all that night, Kiba never got a wink of sleep, as he tossed and turned under the hot sheets of his bed, thinking and wondering why he had to have such a messed-up dream, and wondered if he'd ever be able to look at Hinata again.


Kiba was putting his coat into his locker, un-raveling the scarf around his neck as he turned to look over in the direction of Hinata's locker. But she wasn't there. Kiba frowned, for it wasn't like Hinata to be off school. She wasn't on the bus to school this morning either, and yesterday when he saw her, she seemed fine. So she couldn't be off school sick.


Kiba got off the bus from school, stepping into the cold Autumn-air as his foot-steps crunched upon dead leaves the colour of red and gold. The air was crisp and silent, and all he could hear were the sounds of the birds squawking in the distance, and the sound of wind blowing past his ears. And for no reason at all, Kiba decided to take a walk through the wilting Sunflowers.

He tugged at his back-pack hanging over his right shoulder, and scrunched his nose as stepped in the direction of the Sunflower field that lay in-between Kiba and Hinata's house. Kiba was worried, he couldn't stop thinking about that messed-up dream he had involving Hinata, and if he was honest with himself. It worried him profusely. Maybe something bad had happened. Maybe Hinata was hurt. (It would make sense due to the bruises on her body, and the last time he ever saw bruises on Hinata was when they were little and he found her weeping in the Sunflower field. Kiba knew it was stupid to go trudging in the dead Sunflowers, hoping to find his little Sunflower weeping like he had done the first time they met, but he still wanted to search the field. Any maybe, just maybe if he saw her, he knew that it would be fate.

Kiba took a few steps as he reached his end of the Sunflower field. He took a deep breath, suddenly feeling his heart beginning to race in his chest. Why was he so nervous? Or was this excitement and fear in an un-easy mixture? He stepped a few more paces deeper into the field, the leaves on the sunflowers were wilted, and the petals on the flowers were nearly all gone, but still he continued to walk through them. This was almost like déjà vu...