Chapter 8

As I said last chapter Snordalglaxian guards with long spike laser stick-staffs surround our adventurers, but what you do not know is that the crew of the heart of gold still think they want Trillian and not their king's prized deodorant. Their leader approached from the ranks towards Arthur who had woken from his slap unconsciousness.

"Where is Zaphod Beeblebeebrox?"

Arthur looked very confused, "Who?"

"Him!" he said pointing to the two headed, three armed bloke emerging from the wreckage of the heart of gold.

"Oh Zaphod Beeblebrox" Arthur said as the penny dropped.

Zaphod staggered towards the leader, "Yo!" he mumbled as he tried to stand still, "If you leave us alone you can have hick! You can have the girl if you do not shove that stick up my backside"

Ford looked at Zaphod, "You've been drinking Zaphod"

"Na" he mumbled, "I when the ship crashed an open bottle fell open and the liquid's fell into my fat gob."

"What was it?" Arthur asked.

"Pan Galactic…Hick...Gargle Blaster!"

"Oh bloody hell" Ford mumbled to himself.

"We don't want the girl!" the guard asked, "The king has many more."

Suddenly Trillian was enraged; "The cheating, fat, ugly cowpat!" and she slapped the leader so hard he was sent unconscious flying into his guards.

"Run!" Ford screamed and all our heroes scampered through the gap created into the nearby woods where the heart of gold from an alternative reality which the boarded and escaped while the Trillian, Ford, Zaphod, Arthur and Marvin from an alternative reality caught up with the guards and they loped their heads off with their sticky-staffs.

Sadly, this instalment has ended but the story of the guide hasn't. The rest of the story is just as interesting, random and very cool but before the instalment ends there is a one thing that needs to be wrapped up. Gavin the pigeon from the alternate reality came through to our universe and became a well-known crime fighter. 'Why do you tell us this?' I hear you ask, and the answer is that he will become a character of great importance to our heroes, but that is another story.