One of the amazing features of photography is its

independence from the laws of time.

"Happy Birthday Teddy!"

Family and friends filled Harry's house to bursting as they cheered for Teddy Lupin. He was seated on the center couch in the place of honor, surrounded by a mountain of presents, beaming at the boisterous revelry that rang throughout the household. He had just finished thanking Aunt Audrey when Harry handed him a large, rectangular box.

Teddy shook it. "Can I have a hint?" he asked with a grin. His grandmother, seated next to him, patted his hand.

"It's from all of us, my dear." She looked around the room with a faint smile on her face. "You'll understand when you see what it is." With anticipation on his face, Teddy eagerly untied the curled ribbon and opened the box. He froze.

"Is it mine?" he asked quietly, tracing the gilded letters embossed on the handsome leather. Harry squeezed his shoulder from behind.

"We thought that you should have your own photo album to take with you to Hogwarts." Aunt Hermione explained, perched on the armrest of the couch Uncle Ron was sitting on. They smiled kindly at him.

"We sent out letters to all of your parent's old friends – " Uncle Bill began.

"Dug through all of those boxes in the attic – " Uncle George added.

"And searched through all of the rooms in Grimmauld Place," Granny Weasley concluded, with a fond smile.

Teddy splayed his hands on the cover and looked at his gift hungrily, as if he were given the gift of his parents themselves. He closed his eyes for a long moment, an indescribable ache rising in his chest. He felt his grandmother gently take his hand.

"This is their story. This is your story."

A/N: So this is the beginning of a series of connected one-shots pertaining to the story of Lupin and Tonks, one of the sweetest couples in Harry Potter. It'll delve into the stories behind each picture in Teddy's photo album, told from the perspective of the person who took the photo. I have all of my updates planned and mapped out for the next month, so keep checking back for new chapters!

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