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"Oh," Teddy whispered softly. He touched the glossy surface of the photo with trembling fingers. "Oh, oh, oh."

A grey haired man and a pink haired woman lay deep in slumber , curled around a tiny blue-haired boy.

"It's me."

Andromeda wandered aimlessly around the living room, drifting from place to place. Dora and Remus had retired in the early evening, but sleep still evaded her. The house seemed to be filled with the lost imprint of another soul. Her Ted – her heart stuttered – her Ted still lingered in the scent of his favorite armchair, the kitchen, their bedroom. Some days, she almost couldn't bear to remain in the house any longer, but knew that she could never truly leave. These were her last traces of him.

Andromeda ascended the wooden stairs slowly, wearily. Loss had eroded her bones and weakened her heart. She was getting too old for this war. All she wanted was her bed and a moment to herself to shed a few secret tears, but she paused when she saw a light shining from Remus and Dora's room. She slowly stole inside, intending only to extinguish the light and make a quick escape, but the scene in front of her made her pause.

Remus and Dora lay curled around a tiny body, her daughter's forehead tucked into the crook of Remus' neck. Teddy lay nestled between them, tucked into the curve of Dora's body with a tiny hand splayed against Remus' chest.

Andromeda's eyes traced the lovely features of her daughter, always softer, more vulnerable, while sleeping. Nymphadora had her father's laughing eyes, his stubborn chin, but Andromeda's own heritage shone through as well – the high cheekbones, the delicate turn of the nose. Yet her rainbow child had never succumbed to the House of Black. She brushed back some loose strands of pink hair with a tender hand, fingers fluttering across her daughter's cheek.

And Remus. She gently released a sigh as she gazed at her son-in-law, more peaceful and less burdened than he ever was in real life. She did not regret what she had said to him when he had returned, but perhaps she could have been kinder. She pushed his hair back and touched his cheeky gently, just as she had done for Dora. After all, she was his mother too. Not by blood, not by marriage, but by choice.

And finally, Teddy. She knotted her hands together to keep from reaching out and cradling him to her chest, because as much as she wanted to let his infant warmth seep into her cold bones, she wanted him to sleep, to slumber. To dream. She wanted him to spend all his moments in the circle of his parents' arms, to feel warm and protected and safe. To know that he was loved.

She looked at the three of them – her children, her grandchild – and pressed a hand to her aching heart. It was not aching from loss, but love. All that she was living for was slumbering in this bed.

She picked up the camera from the chair. A werewolf, a metamorphogous, and a blue-haired child. If someone had told her, she would have never believed it. But as she looked at their faces, serene and smooth in sleep, she could not imagine a more perfect family.


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