It was October 10th, and the villagers were out celebrating the "defeat" of the Kyuubi. One 13-year-old Naruto Uzumaki wasn't at the festival though. He was in his apartment, playing with his cat, Koneko. Koneko was a sleek black cat, with golden eyes and sharp canine fangs in her mouth. Naruto was playing with her, pulling a bell on a string towards him, the small ringing noise enough to attract Koneko's attention to the bauble. A banging on the door forced Naruto to scoop up his cat and hide her under the ratty sink, whispering, "Stay here, I'll be back for you." Koneko meowed quietly in reply, and Naruto shut the door. Several hours later, the cupboard door opened and a bloody Naruto peeked in. "It's okay, Koneko. They're gone now." Koneko crawled out from under the sink where her master hid her, and nuzzled up to her master, purring quietly. "Good girl. I managed to get you something today." Naruto pulled out a small fish from the broken down, but still functional, refrigerator. "Here, eat up." Koneko purred louder, and bit into the fish, wolfing it down in a few bites. Licking her chops, she followed her master to the bedroom, where he laid himself on the ratty mattress. Koneko leapt up onto the bed with him. Naruto stroked her ears, and ran a finger down her spine. "I know you can understand me. You've made me happier than any other guy ever could be since you came into my life." Koneko purred, eyes closing. Naruto sighed. "I just wish you could stay around forever. Then I wouldn't need anyone else but you." he yawned, then winced as he irritated a still healing wound. "I wouldn't need anyone but you. Not ever." He drifted off into deep sleep. Koneko looked out the window at the full moon, a glimmer in her eyes. Throughout that night, changes started happening to the feline. Changes that would grant her master's wish. For her to stay around forever.


As Naruto woke up, he felt around for his trusty companion, searching for the familiar warmth that was his best friend. "Good morning, Master. I trust you slept well?" His eyes shot open, and he sat up. "Huh?" Sitting in front of his bed, at one side of a table that was laden with several breakfast dishes, was a girl, about his height, dark skin the color of coffee well lightened with cream, wearing only an apron; one of his from his younger days, he noted, that barely covered her G-cup assets and black bush over a moistened snatch; golden eyes with a cat-like slitted pupil, and, of all things, black cat ears and a black cat tail that seemed to be attached inseparably to her body. Long black hair in a long French braid hung down from the back of her head. There was also a collar around her slender neck, one that had a small set of fish-shaped tags attached to it, which jingled softly as she moved. "Don't you recognize me? It's me, Koneko. Your cat!" That only confused Naruto more. "How...?" Koneko giggled, and said, "You said, 'I wish you could stay around forever. Then I wouldn't need anyone else but you.' So that's what I did. I made it so we could be together you like it?" Naruto could only stare blankly, his hands on his lap, covering his growing erection. Koneko noticed his discomfort. "Is something wrong?" she asked, getting up and walking gracefully over to her master, kneeling by him. Naruto shook his head, muttering, "No, it's just morning problems. It happens all the time. It'll go away soon." Koneko giggled again. "I can take care of it, master. It'll be no problem for me." She removed Naruto's hands, and watched as his erection popped up, almost whacking her in the chin. "Oh, my. Someone's a big boy, huh?" She flashed a sultry grin at Naruto's pained expression.

She pulled down his shorts and revealed the massive flesh rod to her golden eyes. "Mm. Looks good to me." she started to stroke it, making Naruto groan, and close his eyes. "Koneko, I...can't...Gah!" She silenced him by putting her mouth around the very tip of his manhood, and sucking hard. Untying the apron from around her neck, she let it fall, and began to massage one of her large breasts as she sucked. She moaned into her master's manhood, making him shiver slightly. She licked around the head, lapping up the pre-cum that was spurting out in large globs. One glob landed on her nose. She giggled, and Naruto laughed slightly. Koneko began to suck in earnest, eager to get all of her master's delicious pre-cum out before the main course. Running her rough, sandpaper-like tongue over his head, she looked up at him, and suddenly sucked all of him in, all 12 inches of him, forcing his erection down her throat in a bold move. She eye-smiled up at her master, who was trying extremely hard to maintain self-control, and sucked hard, making him growl. Her eyes widened. He bucked his hips, making her squeal as his manhood throbbed in her throat. Then she began to purr, the vibrations running up through her masters erection, and driving him to the brink of insanity. Naruto was growling up a storm, hands gripping the sheets of his bed as his cat-turned-catgirl sucked and licked all over his manhood, forcing him to hold onto whatever shreds of his self-control he had left, before she did something that forced him to give up. She pulled her head off of his manhood, and pushed him gently to the mattress, before laying on him, her plump, perfectly heart-shaped ass hovering over his head, her wet snatch dripping over his face. "Now, like this." was all she said. She descended back onto his prick, and sucked with wild abandon, while Naruto simply stared at the perfect snatch in front of him.

He got an idea. Reaching up, he curled three of his fingers into a fist, and inserted his pointer and middle finger into his catgirl's pussy. She froze, and squealed into his manhood, before spitting it out and squealing out, "Master,'re teasing me! Stop!" Naruto didn't listen, instead, he increased his motion, curling his fingers and dragging his nails across the flesh inside her pussy. She squealed louder. "Nyaaa! Master, stop! It's too much! I can't take it!" Naruto smirked, and added another finger, his ring finger, and began to piston them in and out, watching the thrashing motions his catgirl was making. She didn't notice him activate a silence barrier he had learned from the Hokage. But she still screamed out, "MASTER! PLEASE STOP TEASING MEEEEE!" Naruto decided to finish her off, and added his tongue, licking around the small nub of super-sensitive flesh that appeared when he began thrusting with three fingers. Koneko went nuts, and descended back onto his prick, licking and sucking, forcing the rod of hardened flesh deep into her throat and purring, desperate to get her master to cum first. Naruto decided to play a little dirty, and reached up with his other hand and gathered some of the juices leaking out of Koneko's pussy, and rubbing them on her tiny asshole, lubing it up for what he had planned. Koneko squealed as she felt the moist digits touch her most filthy and unclean place, and rub it. She sucked extra hard until she felt something she had never experienced in her short time as a partial human. A finger, entering her asshole, and another finger, pressing into the only place that made a cat go completely bonkers when they were in heat. The second vertebrae from the base of the tail, which made her stiffen, caused her pussy and asshole to tighten up to an insurmountable degree, and then...she came. Hard. Extremely hard.

Her thrashing around made Naruto clamp down with his legs to make sure she didn't hurt herself, and as she screamed, Naruto lifted her head up off of his erection, and let her ride out her orgasm in total bliss. After she collapsed, Naruto waited for her to recover, only to hear sniffling, and sobbing. "Koneko? Koneko, what's wrong?" He lifted up the catgirl, and made her look at him. She had tears running down her face, and she buried her face into his shoulder, crying her golden eyes out. Naruto put up another barrier, this one a barrier against unwanted guests, and began to console his catgirl. "Sh, sh. You're okay, Koneko. What's wrong?" Koneko sniffled, and looked up at her master. "It's just that...I'm supposed to be the one to make Master happy...I can't do that if he's the one making me happy. I've failed." Naruto frowned, and smacked her ass lightly, making her hiss slightly. "Don't you ever say that, Koneko. All the time I've owned you, I've tried to make you happy. Fresh fish, soft bedding, daily petting sessions, etc. So don't think for a second that just because you've become what you are now that our roles are reversed. You may still be a cat at heart, you may want to make me happy...But that doesn't matter to me. All that does matter is that you're happy. Understand?" Koneko nodded, teary eyes threatening to spill over. "At least let me finish you, Master. At least grant me that." She looked up at him, tears now falling down her angelically beautiful face. Naruto smiled and nodded. "Okay. I suppose you can if you want to." Koneko smiled through the tears. She crawled off of her master and knelt in at the side of the bed. Naruto swung his legs over the side of the bed, sitting on the edge, his manhood standing tall and proud in front of Koneko's eyes. She grasped it softly, and placed it in her mouth, running her tongue over her master's flesh rod gently, before bobbing her head up and down, sucking on the massive fleshy pole in her mouth.

Alternating between sucking, stroking, and licking, never doing the same thing in the same order, she brought her master closer to orgasm, and finally, a deep growl told her he was ready. She sucked extra hard for a few times, but as her master's prick twitched violently, she let it out of her mouth, and positioned it over her tongue, which she moved back and forth slowly, teasing the skin of her master's meat stick with her rough sandpapery tongue. Stroking her master off, she finally got what she wanted, a monstrous torrent of white sperm flooding her mouth, spilling onto her breasts, and trickling down her stomach. She swallowed most of it, there was a lot, and let the rest fall onto her body, having taken off the rest of the apron before she started to suck her master off. A final spurt landed on her nose, and she laughed, a bell-like laugh that wonderfully complimented the dulcet ring of her giggle. Naruto smiled and laughed as well, a deeper, baritone laugh that accompanied the clear bells of Koneko's laughter. As the laughter died down, Koneko looked at her master, then at her body, and started to scoop up the sperm that coated her breasts in its stickiness. Depositing it into her mouth, she finished up with her breasts, and cleaned her stomach, before rushing to the bathroom for a moment. Naruto heard running water and the sound of a cap unscrewing, then being screwed back on, the sound of humming, and the swishing of liquid in a mouth, then a spitting sound, before water ran again, then the swishing sound came back, before the sound of spitting was heard again. Koneko came back out, body clean and fresh, having wiped her breasts and stomach down with a washcloth, and had washed her mouth out with a conveniently located bottle of mouthwash by the sink.

Naruto chuckled. "Ever the meticulous feline, aren't we?" Koneko blushed, and nodded slightly. She walked over and jumped onto the bed, getting onto her hands and knees, before spreading her pussy lips wide. "Now we can move on to the main course, Master." she said huskily. Naruto's erection twitched. Koneko looked back, and whispered, "Master, please use me however you see fit." Naruto had to viciously pummel his perverted impulses before getting onto the bed, and knee-walking towards the catgirl that so invitingly bared her body to his eyes. He rubbed his fingers on her slit for a while, making sure she was nice and wet, before rubbing the head of his manhood on her slit to moisten it further. This had Koneko writhing in ecstasy, meowing and clawing the sheets, wishing that her master, who she loved so much, would hurry up and do the deed, since his teasing was driving her crazy with lust. Her hormones were going ballistic as Naruto finally, ever so slowly, inched his manhood into her pussy, spreading her lips wide as he entered. Koneko wailed and screamed, hissing as the slight pain of her master's prick sliding into her invaded her senses. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. "Master, I can't...I can't! Not when you're going so slow! Please...go faster!" Naruto smiled and leaned down, grasping Koneko's breasts. He lifted her up. She turned her head to look at her master, only for her lips to be captured in a kiss. Her eyes fluttered closed, and sighed into the kiss, as she felt her master's love and caring spirit reassure her that it was alright. Then, in one swift movement, Naruto thrust the rest of the way in, shattering Koneko's barrier, and making her squeal into the kiss. As the kiss broke, Koneko screamed at the top of her lungs, at an impressive volume as well. Naruto got an idea. He channeled chakra through his prick and forced it into Koneko's body, creating a chakra system for the catgirl in seconds. What he didn't foresee was the design appearing on her back.

A pair of wings colored black appeared on her back, right over her shoulder blades, and right over her spine, a picture of a long, tri-pointed kunai knife with a kanji on the blade, the kanji for desire. On the right wing was the kanji for unity; and on the left was the kanji for love. It was all in black, and the tip of the kunai ended right at the base of Koneko's tail. "Well, that's interesting." Koneko looked back behind herself, and saw her new feature. "Master gave me this?" Naruto nodded. Koneko smiled. "Thank you, master. I'll treasure this forever." Naruto was still channeling chakra into Koneko, so things were still happening to her, on the outside and inside. As he channeled chakra, he saw a picture of a shuriken appear on each shoulder, and on her solar plexus, right above where the valley of her breasts began; there was a medium-sized heart. Koneko didn't feel the new additions, but she did see them, and she loved them. She turned her head to her master and kissed him hungrily, trying to convey her thanks as she bounced up and down on his manhood. Naruto stopped her movements and pulled out. "Master?" Koneko asked, confused. Had she done something wrong? Naruto didn't answer, instead he sat cross-legged, and gestured. "Get on." Koneko smiled brightly. She crawled over to her master and positioned herself just right, but before she pierced herself, he said, "Not like that, silly. Face me." She had sat on his lap backwards, her body facing the same way he was. She giggled and turned around, before lining up and piercing her pussy on his prick once more. Naruto hugged her as she rocked back and forth, moaning and meowing to a rhythm all her own, as he channeled chakra to a finger and shoved it into her tiny asshole, wiggling it around. Koneko screamed loudly.

Koneko wiggled and writhed as she bounced up and down on her master's prick, sending her to new heights of pleasure as her master finger-fucked her tiny asshole, before slipping another finger into her ass. "Master, I can't...take much more! Please stop teasing my ass!" She could say no more as she was struck by a thunderous orgasm by Naruto pressing the second vertebrae from her tail as she slammed herself onto his prick again and again. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" she screamed, her pussy walls clenching around Naruto's manhood as she sprayed the bed-sheets with her juices, before collapsing onto her master's shoulder, panting. Naruto shot several spurts into her, then pulled her off his prick, and channeled some chakra to revitalize her. "Do you need to eat something? We can stop for a while, if you like." Koneko smiled, and shook her head. "Master is considerate, but I'm not hungry. Besides, my job isn't done. Your problem isn't gone. See?" she pointed, and lo and behold, the erection that had plagued Naruto since he had woken up and seen Koneko's transformed body, was still there. Naruto blushed slightly, and chuckled embarrassedly. "Sorry." Koneko smiled. "Don't be. I took it upon myself to rid you of your morning erection, and that's what I plan on doing." She got on her hands and knees again, and let her arms fail, before bringing them behind her and spreading her ass wide, exposing her tiny asshole. "Now, you can take me here." She forced her fingers into her pussy and pulled them out covered in juice, before spreading the juice around her asshole's tiny, puckered opening, then going back for more. Naruto watched as she repeated the process multiple times before moaning out, "Master, please...fuck my ass. Tear my asshole apart. It's yours to use as roughly as you wish."

Naruto's prick grew slightly, straining towards the eager catgirl who had just given him free reign on her tight asshole, to do whatever he wanted with. He knee walked up to her head, and placed his prick next to her mouth. She got the message. She began to lick and slobber all over his giant flesh rod, getting it good and lubricated before he inserted it into the tight ass presented to him. As soon as he was satisfied, he pulled his prick away from her mouth, getting a moan of disappointment, before going to her asshole, and, working up a good amount of saliva, forced it into her asshole bit by bit, licking around her puckered opening as he did so. Koneko wailed and meowed in protest, but she could do nothing. Naruto then got a mean idea. Going into his closet, he searched around until he found a scarf that would fit the bill just fine. Going back to his bed, he wrapped the scarf around Koneko's arm before tying it off tight enough not to escape, but loose enough to not be uncomfortable. He looped the other end around his headboard, and tied the other end around her other arm, effectively binding her. "Master?" she asked, a questioning look on her face. Naruto didn't respond, instead he returned to his previous exercise. After he was satisfied with the moistness of her asshole, he lined up his manhood, and began to force the head in. It took ten minutes to get just the head in. By this time, Koneko was wailing in pain, and thrashing against her bonds, trying to get out of them to kiss her master to relieve some of the pain. She couldn't. After Naruto saw that she had calmed down some, he shoved the rest of his member into her as quickly as possible, making her scream. As she screamed, Naruto had to reinforce the silence barrier so that it wouldn't break from the strain it was under. As soon as she quieted, Naruto began to move, making her scream more. She screamed and screamed, screaming herself hoarse, until Naruto's chakra healed her.

In and out he moved, picking up the pace in increments until he was slamming into her ass with all his might. Koneko was wailing and crying, tugging feebly at the scarf holding her arms secure in their knots. Naruto hammered into her, until he felt the knot within him begin to uncoil. "Koneko, brace yourself!" he said loudly, barely being heard over the catgirl's cries of pain. Naruto thrust into Koneko several more times, before unleashing his biggest load yet, filling her rectum and a portion of her large intestine with his sperm, inflating her belly slightly until she was screaming for him to let her go to the bathroom, and even then, he kept going. It was five minutes of nonstop release, the release of thirteen years of pent-up sexual frustration, pre-cum, and missed opportunities, until he felt something brushing against his chest. He looked down, and saw a toy, an extremely large plastic dildo, wrapped in Koneko's tail, who was brushing her furry appendage against her master's chest. "Master, shove this in me please." Naruto took the toy and shoved it into Koneko's pussy a few times, then, as he pulled out of her ass, shoved the giant toy into her asshole to replace the feeling of loss. Her asshole tightened around it immediately, not letting anything escape. Naruto smiled, and let his body relax. He looked down at his "partner-in-crime" and saw that it had returned to its limp state. 'Finally. I don't think she could take much more.' He took out a pair of pants and laid them out, then a pair of shorts with a button up flap. He laid it out over the sleeping Koneko's backside, over her tail and waist, and marked where her tail made a bulge in the fabric. He cut off the button and, using his limited sewing skills, he stitched the fabric closed to the lines; then cut a round hole for Koneko's tail. Selecting a shirt, he modified that as well, cutting out a large amount of cleavage for her breasts to breathe. He got out some regular sandals, and set them by the bed.

After setting the clothes out on the chair next to the bed, and storing away the food that Koneko had made, he got out an outfit for himself. He looked at his cat turned catgirl. He decided that his team could wait. Crawling into bed, he pulled the covers over the two of them, canceling the silence barrier, but keeping up the unwelcome guests blocker barrier. Closing his eyes, he wrapped his arms around Koneko and drifted off to sleep, not noticing the content smile on the catgirl's face. On their necks, a design was forming. A red fox and a black cat, curled up in the middle of a spiral. They didn't know what the future would bring, but they did know one thing...

They would go through with it together.