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Rachel awoke with a start, her eyes quickly adjusting to the dim light of the room. She wondered for a moment what had woken her up so suddenly when she realized the other side of the bed was empty. Noticing a faint light creeping into the room from the bedroom door, she sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. Putting on her slippers and housecoat, she padded across the room and opened the door. Seeing that the light was coming from the nursery, Rachel tiptoed across the hall. Sneaking a peek in the door of the nursery she smiled as she took in the sight in front of her. Finn was sitting in the rocking chair with both girls in his lap, gently rocking them back and forth and murmuring quietly to them. Harper looked up at Finn with wide eyes as he talked but from her spot at the door Rachel could see Avery's eyes were drooping and she was almost asleep as she sucked on her thumb. Rachel crept closer as she tried to make out the words coming out of Finn's mouth. When she finally realized what he was saying, she had to keep herself from giggling and disturbing the beautiful moment she was observing.

"And then Mommy told Daddy that she was a stunning young ingénue and he was the hot male lead and people expected them to be together and honestly, Daddy was a little scared. He sometimes wondered if he checked under his bed would he find Mommy hiding there. But then Daddy heard Mommy sing and her voice was like an angel. It touched something in Daddy and he was never the same. It was then that Daddy knew he loved Mommy and he would always love her until the day he died."

Rachel held back a tear or two as she quietly backed up away from the nursery door and made her way back to bed, her heart full of so much love for the three people in that room that it felt like it would burst.

10 months later….

Finn's heart swelled with love as the music started and he watched two adorable little girls toddle their way up the aisle, each holding the hand of Tina, Rachel's maid of honour. Dressed in beautiful white dresses that matched their Mama's, he smiled as Harper and Avery caught sight of Finn at the end of the altar, squealing a simultaneous "Daddy!" as huge smiles broke out on their faces, causing the crowd in the church to laugh. Tina led the girls to the top of the aisle and handed them off to Finn's mom before taking her place at the altar. Finn blew his daughters a kiss as they waved frantically at their father from their spot in the first pew. Anyone who didn't know any better would never know that the two 14-month old girls were not Finn's biological children. With their wavy brown hair, beautiful amber-coloured eyes and adorable freckles and dimples, both girls looked very much like Finn. People often commented on how much both girls looked like their father and neither Finn nor Rachel ever corrected them. They would just smile and say thanks.

The music changed and everyone stood as Rachel began to make her way down the aisle. Finn's heart caught in his throat as he took in the sight of his beautiful bride walking in on the arm of her father. Rachel caught his eye and smiled, tears already forming in her eyes as she locked her gaze with Finn's, his trademark half-grin he saved only for her plastered on his face. Rachel kept her eyes locked with Finn's as she made her way up the aisle towards him. She only glanced away once as two little girls yelled "Mommy!" as she neared the altar. She smiled at her daughters before returning her gaze to the face of the man she was about to pledge her love to for the rest of eternity. As she reached the altar, her father lifted her veil and kissed her on the cheek before taking her hand and placing it in Finn's outstretched one and as Finn led her towards the top of the altar all Rachel could think about was how perfect everything had worked out and how sometimes the best laid plans don't always end up going the way they should, sometimes, just sometimes, having a back-up plan is even better.


"So how does it feel to be Mrs. Hudson?" Finn murmured in her ear as they swayed back and forth on the dance floor, the strains of Journey's "Faithfully" playing gently in the background as Finn and Rachel enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife.

"It feels..like home." Rachel said, standing on her tiptoes to place a chaste kiss on Finn's lips.

A squealing noise startled the two lovebirds out of their reverie as two little girls came toddling onto the dance floor, a flustered Kurt chasing after them.

"Mama!" Harper hollered as she reached Rachel and thrust her arms up in the air to be picked up, Rachel obliging.

"Sorry guys." Kurt said sheepishly

"It's okay." Finn said, reaching down to scoop up Avery as she clung to her father's pantleg.

"It's fine Kurt. Go relax." Rachel giggled, nuzzling her daughter's cheek.

"I guess they didn't want to miss out on the first dance." Finn chuckled, putting one arm around Rachel's waist as he cradled Avery between them with his other. Rachel adjusted Harper in her arms so she could use her other arm to cling to Finn as the foursome began swaying once again to the music.

"I love you so much Finn." Rachel said, her heart full as she looked up at him and saw their daughter with her head nuzzled into his neck, her thumb in her mouth as her eyelids drooped.

"I love you too Rach. And I love our family. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful gift and thanks for making my life perfect just by being in it."

"For the record Finn, it was you who made my life perfect, and it's about to get even better."

"Well I don't think that's possible. It's already the best. What could possibly improve on it?"

Rachel looked up at Finn with tears in her eyes and a radiant smile on her face.

"I'm pregnant."


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