Author's Note: I've been a Pokemon fan since I was a little child and my favorite has been the pink legendary Pokemon Mew. I've always thought of how cool and interesting it would be if Ash was raised by Mew. Please give this story a chance before you judge too harshly on it, this is something I wrote a while ago and thought why not let others read it too? The story is similar but not exactly like the anime, just bear in mind that Ash will be less naive about using Pokemon then he is in the anime.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, never will, but wish I could.


The Child of Mew

Prologue: Mew and the Orphane Boy

What if something different happened in the Pokemon anime? What if Ash's mother died in a Pokemon attack along with his father? What if a certain Legendary Pokemon took interest in adopting him when he was little? All that equals a whole new Pokemon anime. Ash's main Pokemon team will be both different and the same then in the original anime. He'll still catch all the original Pokemon, but he's getting a lot more variety and because I want to use something new and fresh, and don't worry, he'll still have and use Pikachu.

Ash Ketchum was only three years old. His mother, Delila, and his father, went out to get some groceries. Unfortunaly, while they were on their way to Viridian City, they were attacked by angry flocks of Spearow and Fearow. They were angry because another human had captured their beloved leader and now wants to destroy any human that comes across their territory.

Delila and Ash's dad didn't have any Pokemon with them except a weak Meowth, which didn't stand a chance against the angry flock. The Fearow dove in on the defensless humans with their sharp beaks, ready to pierce flesh.

At the same time, a small pink, cat like Pokemon was flying by. It stopped when it saw those two poor humans being merciless pecked to death by those angry Spearow and Fearow.

It heard the woman spoke one her last words, "Please... someone... look after my little Ash."

The Pokemon glared at the birds angirly before shooting a powerful pink beam filled with psychic energy at them. Scared and frigthened, the Spearow and Fearow all flew away. The little Pokemon gave the two lifeless humans a pityful look, nobody deserved to die like that, not even humans.

Then the Pokemon remembered hearing the woman spoke out someone called Ash. Did she have a child? Using its psychic powers, the Pokemon found out the son lived in a house in a place called Pallet Town.

There was a little human child with raven black hair alone at the house. The Pokemon's body glowed as it transformed itself into a human woman.

"Who're you? Mommy told me to never talk to strangers." the boy, Ash, said shyly.

The Pokemon-turned-human sighed, using telepathtic to talk to him. "Your parents... aren't coming back, I'm afraid. They were attacked and killed by a flock of Spearow and Fearow. I'm sorry."

"Mommy and Daddy are never... coming back?" the little boy's eyes soon filled with tears.

"Please don't cry, little one, I will take care of you." said the woman, hugging the small child.

"Y-You will? What's... your name?" Ash asked while rubbing his tearful eyes.

"My name is... Mew, but you may call me Memma." (Memma is the equvlient of 'Mommy' or 'Parent' in Pokemon Termonoligy)

For seven years, the Pokemon called Mew had taken Ash to alternate dimensions to 'play' with him. Ash saw it more as torture, he was nothing more then Mew's toy! She turned him into a toy for Growlithes, then she had him become a Rattata for Meowth to chase, but what was really terrible was when she morphed him into a berry for a Pokemon to eat him! Mew stated she wanted him to experience a Pokemon's digestive system up close and personal.

Mew would often turn him into a puppet or plushie for her to play with. Poor Ash wished Mew never adobted him, all she's ever done was torture him, not take care of him. Then again, she did feed and shelter him, and even though she's... overly playful and hyperactive, she did seem to love him, but Ash didn't know for sure because he never could tell what the Mew was thinking.

Mew had alter Ash's house ever since the 'adoption', so whenever they go inside, it turns into a huge castle with pink bubbles floating around and the floor was as cushy and soft as a pillow. Mew called it the 'Play Castle of Dreams'.

Ash had spent the next seven years of his life trying to survive Mew's games. While doing so, however, he learned a lot about Pokemon and not just from his own region either. There were others he learned from Johto, Hoehn, Sinnoh and a really far away place called Unova. Ash really had a fascination with Eevee, however, as it can evolve into seven different types of Pokemon.

Ash also learned that Mew, the one who's been 'playing' with him since he was three, is the rarest of all Pokemon and was known as the 'Phantom Pokemon' because she (Ash dubbed Mew as a female) was so rarely seen and often disappears once spotted. Ash couldn't believe that Mew would never leave him alone if she really never interacts with humans more then three seconds and begins to wonder if this was the same Mew he heard about.

Today, however, was Ash's tenth birthday, and he finally found a great way to leave 'his home' and escape Mew: go on a Pokemon journey. Having Mew force him to see all these different kinds of Pokemon had him wanting to start a journey to catch and raise all these Pokemon. Now if he could just get to Prof. Oak before a certain Legendary cat Pokemon spots him.

Pre-Chapter, Escape Mew and Meet Pikachu

Ash was eager to get his first Pokemon from Prof. Samul Oak. Whenever those rare moments Mew would leave Ash alone, he would often go to Prof. Oak's Lab. There he met Gary Oak, Samul Oak's grandson. The two both liked Pokemon, but they don't get along well, they became fierce rivals right off the bat.

Ash heard Samul Oak was giving away three Pokemon tomorrow and he's going to use one to start his journey and his escape from Mew. The only problem, other then sneaking away from Mew, was the descison.

Ash really liked Charmander, but he was planning to get either a Vulpix, Growlithe or Ponyta as his Fire type because he really likes foxes, dogs and horses. Besides, he wanted a Dragonite later on too (if he could catch one) and don't need two Fire/Flying types. Squirtle was an okay choice, but Ash was planning to get a Vaporeon from an Eevee later or perhaps a Lapras and don't want another Water type. Then there was Bulbasaur... Ash wasn't planning on using any Grass nor Poison types on his planned team, but he didn't like Venusaur (mostly due to the traumatizing experience when Mew turned him into a small Pichu and a Venusaur, that happens to have a strong dislike to Electric types for some reason, almost crushed and/or whipped him to death).

"Oh Ashie~." an all too familiar voice sang his 'nickname'. Ash froze as he slowly turned his head to the door of his bedroom to see the floating pink Legendary herself: Mew.

Ash's bedroom was the same size as a luxary hotel's suite, Mew really amphed up everything like a huge mansion. Ash is one of the very few humans that could understand Pokemon, mostly due to growing up with Mew and having it turn him into a Pokemon or something for Pokemon to play with or eat.

"It's getting late, shouldn't you be asleep? If you have enough energy to watch T.V. then you have enough energy to play." Mew said with a playful smile.

Ash, using the big screen T.V. Mew conjured up, was watching the Pokemon League in the Indigo Plateau. One Trainer was using a Gengar while the other was using a Nidorino, which fell asleep to Gengar's Hypnosis. The Trainer returned Nidorino and threw out a... green Pokeball? It released a huge rock snake Pokemon called Onix.

"Aw, come on, Memma... I mean, Mew, I want to see who wins." Ash didn't want to call Mew his 'Memma' anymore since he became ten (which was yesterday), but he was just too use to it.

"Hey, don't stop calling me 'Memma' just because you're old enough for a Pokemon Journey now." Mew pouted cutely.

Ash sighed and said, "But you're not really my mom or dad... you're a Legendary Pokemon and I'm a human being."

Mew's big blue eyes then shinned as an idea dawned to her... Ash didn't like the gleam in her eyes, he knew it meant she was gaining a really big idea. The last time he saw that sparkle in her eyes, he ended up inside the stomach of a Krookadile when they were in the Unova region.

"You know something, Ashie? You're right. You and I are not really related... but perhaps there's a way I could change that." she smiled.

"Uh... what exactly do you plan on doing?" Ash asked nervously ready to make a run for it, but he knew she would catch him... she always did. It's not really fair since she can fly and teleport and put him into an unpoppable pink bubble.

Mew gave him a mischiveous smile that sent a chill down the boy's spine. Now Ash was really scared: whenever she smiles like that means he'll end up as a Growlithe's chew toy.

"I-I'm sorry, Memma! Forget I ever said anything, just don't turn me into a chew toy again!" cried Ash, begging for his life and possibly his sanity.

Mew giggled at his paranoia. "Oh relax, Ashie, it's nothing like that. You just gave me an idea, something I should've done six or perhaps seven years ago. But I'll do it tomorrow, it's late. Enjoy your last day as a human, Ashie."

With a yawn, Mew teleported to her bed. Ash gulped... what did Mew mean when she said 'Enjoy your last day as a human'? Was she going to turn him into a Pokemon again? No... whenever she did, it only lasted for a few hours, a day at the most, before he was human again. The way she was talking felt more like a permanate change.

"I need to get out of here, now." Ash turned off the T.V. and began packing his bags as quietly and quickly as he could.

Ash decided to go near Prof. Oak's Lab and wait there until morning. Hopefully Mew won't notice him gone until he got far away... far, far, away... maybe he should start his journey in Unova? No, he doesn't have the money for such a boat ride.

Ash made it to Prof. Oak's house, but to his dismay, it was locked. There's no way Ash was going back home and have Mew do... something drastic to him. So the boy decided to sleep in the bushes tonight, he's done it before when Mew turned him into a forest Pokemon a few times, so it was nothing new.

Ash groggily woke up the next morning to hear many voices... almost like a crowd... then he heard a very familiar and very aggravating voice talking to the said crowds of people.

"That's right, folks, I have gotten the best Pokemon ever from my grandfather. This Squirtle and I will become top of the entire Pokemon World and be known as Pokemon Masters!" he heard the person say in cockiness.

Ash use to be quite cocky himself, but Memma always warned him to never get cocky and actually showed him what happens to cocky people and they all ended with them being snobby or hateful people and now he hates cockiness with a passion.

Ash stood up from the bushes and took out the leaves on his hair before putting his cap back on. What time was it? The sun was pretty high in the sky... uh-oh... Ash hoped he wasn't too late. It'll be very bad because: there might not be anymore Pokemon left and Mew may find him.

Ash silently watched as his Rival rode off in a red car with all his fans running after him. "What a show off."

"Ash? So you finally decided to show up after all." said a familiar voice.

Ash turned to see it was Professor Oak. "Professor Oak, please tell me you still have a Pokemon. I really need one to start my journey." and to get away from my crazy Memma for a while.

Nobody, not even Prof. Oak, knew about Mew raising Ash, they all thought she was Delia as Mew would Transform into her whenever someone came to their house. Mew would turn the house back to normal whenever there was someone else other then Ash was in the house.

"I'm sorry, Ash, but my grandson just took the last one." Prof. Oak apologized.

Ash was desperate, there was no way he was going back to Mew! "Uh... you sure you don't have just one more, please?"

Prof. Oak thought about it and said, "Well... there is one left, but it's not exactly for beginners."

Ash didn't care, just as long as he gets away from Mew and this one Pokemon is his only ticket out of here.

"I'll take it!"

Prof. Oak lead the boy back to his Lab. Samual handed Ash a Pokeball with a lightning bolt symbol. Ash opened the Pokeball, it released a bright light and it took form of a small, yellow mouse with red cheeks and a lightning bolt tail.

"This is Pikachu. It's an Electric type." Oak explained as the Pikachu blinked a few times.

Ash knew about Pikachu from his 'Memma', she turned him into a Pichu once and a Pikachu played with him. He also knew that Pikachu tend to be hard to handle, especially for beginning Trainers like himself. This Pikachu looked extra stubborn though as it turned its head to the side with its nose in the air, acting like a snob who's 'too good for anyone'.

"It's cute and all, but why do you have a Pikachu?" Ash asked the professor.

Prof. Oak cleared his throat and said, "Yes well, I ran into it when I was on my way back from Viridian City and caught it in a Pokeball. It's not tamed yet and I'm afraid it doesn't like humans much."

"You got that right! Touch me and I'll shock you so hard you won't be able to stand!" the Pikachu snapped. Of course, all Prof. Oak heard was: 'Pikachu! Pika, Pika, Chu, Chu!" Ash on the otherhand was able to understand it perfectly.

Ash acted like he didn't know what the Pikachu said so he wouldn't raise suspiscions. "Uh... it doesn't look too happy." Ash sweatdropped as sparks of electricity came out of its red cheeks.

"You sure you want it, Ash? You could always wait until I get more Pokemon for you to start with." Oak suggested.

Ash would rather take his chances with a stubborn Pikachu then with a playful and possibly angry Mew.

"No problem, I'll take it, Professor! You'll see, Pikachu and I will be best of friends." Ash went to pet it, but quickly pulled back as Pikachu looked as though it was about to let loose a Thundershock attack on the boy as soon as he toughed the electric rodent.

"Okay, suit yourself. Take these then, your Pokedex and your Pokeballs. The Pokedex will serve as your guide, information on Pokemon and your ID." Prof. Oak said handing Ash a pile of Pokeballs and a Pokedex.

"Thanks, Professor Oak." Ash said with a smile as he took them.

Ash stepped outside of the Lab with the Pikachu (reluntacly) following him. Ash tried to put the Pikachu into its Pokeball, but it kept jumping away from the red beam of light. The Pikachu hissed, telling Ash he hated being confined in Pokeballs more then he hated humans.

Ash was relieved to see Memma wasn't awake yet, he had to leave Pallet Town now before she wakes up and finds him gone. Ash was running out of Pallet Town with the Pikachu running beside him, it couldn't stray away from him because he has its Pokeball and is techniqually his Trainer, whether he likes it or not.

When Ash was a safe distant away from Pallet Town, he decided to talk with his new Pikachu. "Hey, Pikachu, are you going to be like this? The whole way?"

"Of course. I never wanted to go with you." Pikachu snapped as he turned his head away from the boy.

Ash sighed and said, "Look, I like you a lot, so I don't know why you dislike me so much. Why don't you open your mouth and tell me what's wrong?"

Pikachu opened his mouth widely. Ash sighed. "That's not what I meant."

"My problem is you! If you want me to 'like' you, then release me." Pikachu answered with a hiss.

"You know I can't do that. I need you in order to become a good Pokemon Trainer." Ash said.

Pikachu looked at him curiously... did a human just understand him? Thinking it could've been a guess, Pikachu decided to test it.

"Did you know my favorite berry is Pecha? Now tell me what my favorite berry is." Pikachu said with a snap of his small fingers to the boy.

Ash blinked, "Uh... is that a trick question? You just told me your favorite berry was Pecha."

Pikachu's suspiscions was confirmed. "You can understand me... how? You don't look like you were raised by Pokemon... then again, you do have the smell of Pokemon all over you."

Ash then realized that Pikachu must've noticed how strange it was that a human was having a casual conversation with a Pokemon. Ash mentally smacked himself in the face: he was so use to talking to Mew and other Pokemon whenever she Transformed him that he forgot that humans can't normally understand the Pokemon language.

"Uh... well..." before Ash could answer, however, another boy about his age came running his way, presummingly going to his home town.

"Hey, did you just come from Pallet Town?" the boy asked him and sounded in a hurry.

"Uh yeah, what's the rush?" Ash asked curiously.

"Didja see it?"

"See what?"

"You know! The Phantom Pokemon people's been saying, there are some rumors they saw it in Pallet Town. I'm hopping to catch it." the boy said excitedly.

At this, Ash immediently knew just who the boy was talking about. Ash's blood went cold as memories of his time with his 'Memma' all came back to him. Mew was sure to be awake by now looking for him. The last thing he wanted was for Mew to find him after running away.

"Uh... n-no, I haven't seen any Phantom Pokemon. You sure it was in Pallet Town?" Ash lied and Pikachu took notice.

"Oh, well that's too bad. Still, I'm not giving up until I find it." the boy began running back to Pallet Town.

"Wait! I didn't catch your name!" Ash called after the boy.

"Call me Ritchie!" the boy known as Ritchie shouted while still running.

"I'm Ash by the way!" Ash called after him, hopping he heard him.

"You were lying about the Phantom Pokemon, weren't you?" Pikachu said as soon as Ritchie was out of sight.

Ash sweatdropped, of course Pokemon could detect lies much better then humans. He should've known from his years with Mew that he could never lie to her, then again she's a Psychic type and can read his mind if she wanted to, he was just glad she didn't do that last night or she would've found out about his escape plan.

Ash sighed and said, "Well yeah, I have seen the 'Phantom Pokemon'."

"What kind of Pokemon was it?" Pikachu asked curiously.

"It's a Mew."

Pikachu's eyes went wide. "M-Mew! That Pokemon is like the Creator of all Pokemon! But how could a dimwit human like you could've seen it? No human came in contact with Mew before for more then three seconds."

Ash glared at Pikachu. "Forget about it. Let's just keep going, I'd like to try and capture more Pokemon."

"Oh please, do you think I would help you with that? I wouldn't betray my fellow Pokemon just to help you, human boy." Pikachu snapped.

"C'mon, please Storm? I can't catch a Pokemon without your help." Ash slightly begged the electric mouse.

Pikachu looked at Ash. "Did... you just called me... Storm?"

Ash nodded, "Well yeah, just calling you by your species is kinda lame, so I prefer to name all the Pokemon I'll catch. I called you Storm because you are an Electric type and you're like a thunderstorm to me."

Pikachu a.k.a. Storm gave Ash a mix look: he was angry that the human had the nerve to nickname him, on the other hand, he kind of liked it, 'Storm' has a really nice ring to it and fits his personailty.

Ash hopped he and Storm could learn to get along so he could be on the road of becoming a great Pokemon Master, but mostly to escape from Mew, who is bound to be looking for him as it hardly ever lets him out of her sight.

Chapter 1, The Flock of Spearow and Fearow

A small brown bird flew over Ash and Pikachu's head. Ash immediently recongize it as a Pidgey.

Even though Ash knew a lot about Pidgey (due to Mew), he pulled out the Pokedex, mostly because Prof. Oak wanted him to analyze any 'new' Pokemon he came across during his journey.

Pidgey came on the small screen of the Pokedex and a male computer voice talked. "Pidgey, the Tiny Bird Pokemon. Pidgey are usually peaceful creatures and prefer to use sand to blind enemies in order to get away. They are very common and are useful for beginning Trainers to test their Pokemon skills."

Ash nodded, he knew the Pidgey around here were very weak and easy for beginning Trainers to capture. Still, even though they are weak, they still needed to be weaken before he could throw a Pokeball and catch it.

"Alright Storm, use Thundershock on that Pidgey!" Ash ordered, knowing Flying types like Pigdey are weak to Electric types like Pikachu.

Unfortunaly, Storm refused to help Ash. "I'd rather Thundershock you. Like I said: I'm not about to betray my fellow Pokemon."

The boy looked at the stubborn Pikachu. He should've known Storm wouldn't help him, but how was he going to catch any new Pokemon if his only one refused to cooperate with him?

Ash tried to think of a way to get Storm to cooperate long enough for him to catch a Pokemon that will listen to him. From what he learned about Pikachu during his time as a Pichu, they are shy and stubborn around people... they live in forests and love electricity. Storm told him earlier Pecha berries were his favorite.

"Hey, if you help me capture a Pokemon, I promise to give you all the Pecha berries you could eat." Ash promised.

Storm looked thoughtful, eating all the Pecha berries he could eat sounded nice, but he decided it's not worth it to do what this freak kid said.

"I can find my own Pecha berry. Why don't you try to catch that Pidgey yourself? I'll just watch you mess up from that tree." Storm replied as he ran up a tree and gave Ash a big yawn.

Ash grumbled, there's no way he could catch a Pokemon by himself. Ash then heard scampering on the ground, opening his eyes he saw a purple rat like creature sniffing around for food.

"Rattata..." Ash opened his Pokedex. "Rattata, the Rat Pokemon. They have sharp fangs that can gnaw on almost anything. Despite having such a fierce appearence, however, Rattata lives peacefully with the Pidgey."

Ash knew Rattata a lot better then Pidgey, because Mew had turned him into one before. He remembered his teeth itched so bad he gnawed on everything he saw, he chuckled when he remembered literally chewing a boulder in half with those teeth, a Rattata's fangs are not to be underestimated.

The Rattata looked at Ash and sniffed him, then it smiled and said, "Hey Ash! I haven't seen you since the cold times, how have you been?"

Ash looked at the Rattata, how did it know him? Then he recognized this Rattata. It was the same one he befriended when Mew turned him into a Rattata during winter last year.

"Remi? Is that really you?" Ash smiled at his old friend, who's a female Rattata.

"I thought it was you, your scent was familiar. Long time no see, Ash." Remi the Rattata said with a smile.

Remi had seen Mew turn Ash back to human once before, but the Rattata didn't know Ash was truly human, she thought he was the Mew's child, so she has deep resepect for him as Mew was the Creator of Pokemon.

Ash knew that as a Pokemon Trainer it was his duty to catch new Pokemon, but as an old friend of Remi, he'd rather not keep her in captivity of a Pokeball, especially since Storm really seems to dislike it.

Remi looked around curiously and said, "Where's your Memma? You two are hardly ever seperated."

When Mew turned Ash into a Rattata, she turned herself into a Pidgey and stuck by him.

Ash gave the Rattata a nervous look before telling her, "Uh... I decided to leave the nest and see the world. I just hope Memma understands."

Then Remi noticed the Pikachu sleeping lazily on the tree branch. "Hey... I've never seen a Pikachu out here before, what's he doing up there?"

Ash glared at the electric mouse. "That's Storm, he's my Pokemon but he refuses to cooperate with me."

"Your Pokemon? Oh, so that's why you're still human: you've decided to try out becoming a Pokemon Trainer. That's so cool! A Pokemon being a Pokemon Trainer!" Remi said excitedly jumping around.

"Yeah well, it's not so great when your one and only Pokemon refuses to cooperate with you. Storm tried to zap me a few times and won't listen to anything I say to him." Ash sighed.

Remi frowned and nodded, she knew Pikachu were hard to handle, but this one seemed incredibly stubborn. "Maybe I could help you, Ash. I'll let you capture me, so just hit me with one of those capsule balls those humans always use to capture us."

Ash looked at Remi with a confused look; she actually wanted to be captured? He never heard of such a thing. "But I can't do that to you, Remi. What about your friends and family? I wanted to catch Pokemon I don't know so I could befriend them, but I feel like betraying you if I catch you, Remi."

Remi giggled. "I know, I know. You know us Rattata always lived in fear to hide from others and to survive, we really hated the idea of being captured by human Trainers. But you're different Ash, because you're my friend and I want to help you. Besides, my family are a bit... busy."

"Actually, instead of capturing you in a Pokeball, how about you just follow me until I can catch my own Pokemon? One that'll actually listen to me." Ash glared at the electric rodent on the tree.

Remi sighed, but decided to do so. Ash lowered his arm and she ran up to his shoulder. At the same time, Storm opened his eyes and was surprised to see Ash had a Rattata on his shoulder.

"What the? How did you catch that Rattata?" Storm asked in surprise.

"I didn't capture her, Storm. Remi here is an old friend of mine, she promise to help me catch my own Pokemon since you refuse to do so." Ash answered.

"So you're Storm. Why do you refuse to help Ash? Didn't you know he's the child of-" before Remi could finish, Ash quickly put a hand over her mouth, careful of the sharp fang in front.

"I don't want him to know of Memma, it's a private thing." Ash whispered to the Rat Pokemon, who nodded in understanding. Ash wanted his Pokemon to like him for who he is, not because of what his 'Memma' was.

Storm looked at Remi and started blushing. Ash took notice and chuckled, "It looks like someone has a crush on you, Remi."

Remi chuckled too. Storm looked away, thankful that he already has red cheeks to cover up his blush, but it didn't stop them from noticing.

"Human... must destroy... Human Pokemon... must destory." Ash, Remi and Storm heard someone say as if rabid.

"What was that?" Storm asked nervously, not liking that voice.

"It sounded like a Spearow." Ash said seriously, remembering that Mew told him his parents died because a flock of Spearow and Fearow suddenly attacked them with no apparent reason.

Remi gasped, "Oh-no, they're back. The Fearow Flock are back!"

"The Fearow Flock? What do you mean?" Ash asked the trembling Rattata on his shoulder.

"They come every once a year in Spring to pick on the weaker Pokemon here and steal all the food. They are very territorial and will attack humans and their Pokemon without warning. Nobody knows why they hate humans and their Pokemon so much, they just do." she explained.

"My parents must've came out here when the Fearow Flock was here..." Ash said grimly as he looked around for any of the oncoming birds.

"Pika!" Storm screamed as a Spearow dived at him. Storm was hanging onto the tree.

"Storm! Zap it with your Thundershock!" Ash called out.

The Pikachu didn't hesitate as it let loose a jolt of electricity at the offending Spearow, shocking it to the ground.

Ash took out his Pokedex. "Spearow, the Bird Pokemon. Unlike the peaceful Pidgey, Spearow has a bad attitude and will not hesitate to attack."

Ash took out his Pokeball ready to capture it, but the Spearow suddenly called out: "HUMAN HERE! GET HIM NOW BEFORE HE ESCAPES!"

Suddenly, hundreds of Spearow and Fearow came flying out of a big tree, heading straight towards them.

"We can't fight them all! Run!" Ash cried with Remi still on his shoulder and Storm coming up right behind him.

Looking back, Ash knew they couldn't outrun them forever as the angry birds were closing in fast. Ash held Remi and gently placed her near the bushes with Storm running ahead.

"I'm sorry, Remi, but you stay here and hide until the Fearow Flock is gone." Ash said to her before standing back up.

"Wait Ash, what if you get killed! Please take me with you." Remi begged with tears in her eyes. She didn't want her friend to be chased and possibly killed by the Fearow Flock.

"I'm sorry. Good-bye, Remi." Ash said quickly before running as fast as he could just before the Fearow Flock caught up to him.

Remi hid in the bushes as she watched all the Fearow and Spearow passing her to get Ash and Storm. The little Rattata just cried silently to herself, hopping and praying that somehow both Ash and Storm will make it out alive.

Ash managed to catch up with the running Pikachu, but both of them were soon caught up by the Fearow and Spearow. They were jabbing their beaks on both Ash and Storm. Storm was weakened greatly and didn't have the strength nor energy to keep going or to zap them.

Ash had better stamina as Mew put him through a lot more then just being pecked by Spearow and Fearow.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Ash screamed at the birds as he rushed in to pick up the weakened Pikachu. Storm was barely conscious, but he knew Ash was carrying him and running from the fearsome Fearow Flock.

Ash couldn't see where he was going due to the Spearow pecking near his face and he fell down a waterfall while holding onto Storm tightly so he wouldn't lose the weakened Pikachu. Ash managed to swim away from an oncoming Gyarados and tried desperately to find shore and a way to Viridian City where there's a Pokemon Center to help Storm.

Ash saw something that looked like a lure. It's perfect. The boy grabbed the lure tightly as someone on the other end tried to pull him up. Ash held on to the Pikachu, hopping the electric mouse can hold its breath a little longer.

Finally, the person managed to pull Ash and Storm to shore. It was a teenage girl with orange/red hair and she looked disappointed to see she caught a human instead of a Pokemon. Then she noticed an unconscious Pikachu in his arms.

"A Pokemon! Are you okay?" she asked gently to the injured Pikachu.

"I'm fine, thanks for asking." Ash said sarcastically, but the girl didn't get his sarcasm and snapped at him.

"Not you! Look at what you've done to that poor little thing. Is it breathing?" she asked in concern after yelling at him.

"Hey, I didn't do anything. We were attacked by the Fearow Flock. And I'm sure he's still alive, I just have to get him to the Pokemon Center in Viridian City." Ash answered, a little miffed she accused him of hurting Storm.

"Well Viridian City isn't too far. Just keep going that way and you'll be there. And what's this about a Fearow Flock?" she asked.

Ash didn't have time to answer when he saw all those Spearow and Fearow coming after him from afar, it was obvious they weren't letting him go that easily.

"They're coming back! You need to go hide. I'll lead them away and get to Viridian City as soon as possible." Ash said quickly to the girl as he sat on her bike and put Storm in the basket.

"What're you doing? That's my bike!" she hissed angrily at him.

"I'm sorry, but I really need to borrow this. I'll give it to Officer Jenny when I reach Viridian City, you can pick it up from there." Ash quickly as he peddled away as fast as he could while making sure Storm didn't fall off.

While Ash was peddleing on the bicycle as fast he could, Storm was looking at the exhausted human. Rain began to pour from the dark clouds above.

"Oh, don't rain now." Ash grumbled as he peddled faster while the ground beneath him was getting muddy and harder to cycle on.

'Why does he go so far to save me? Why didn't he just ditch me when those Spearow and Fearow tried to peck me to death? After all the trouble I've caused him and all those things I said to him... he's still trying so hard to save me...' Storm thought when he noticed the trouble Ash was going through to save him.

"Hang in there, Storm, we'll get to the Pokemon Center soon." Ash said determinedly to the barely conscious Pikachu.

Unfortunaly, those Spearow and Fearow soon caught up to him. They pecked Ash's head, the boy was never so glad to be wearing a hat or his skull would've been pierced a long time ago, however, this caused Ash to lose control of the wet bike and caused him and Storm falling down.

Lightning striked as Ash looked up to see Storm lying beside him. "Storm... I'm sorry about all this... If I hadn't tried to run away from home, none of this would've happened. I can't believe I'm saying this, but... I want my Memma."

Storm's eyes widened... did this human just say 'Memma'? He thought only Pokemon called their parents that, humans use the term 'mom' and 'dad' for female and male. 'Memma' referred to both in Pokemon term.

Ash saw those angry Spearow and Fearow closing in on them, he knew there was no time. Ash took out Storm's Pokeball and set it in front of the Pikachu.

"Storm, get in the Pokeball. I know you hate going in there, but it's the only way I can save you. You hate me, so this will be the last time you'll see me. Just get in the Pokeball and don't come out until it's safe." Ash said to the Pikachu with tearful eyes.

Storm looked at Ash as the boy stood up in front of the flock fearlessly. Was the boy really going to kill himself to save him? Storm couldn't believe this! The boy couldn't throw his life away just to save one little Pikachu.

"Spearow, Fearow, do you know who I am? I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town! I may not be truly related, but Mew is my Memma!" Ash announced, believing he'll die right here and now, he might as well let the truth out.

Storm was even more surprised then ever to hear Ash was indeed raised by a Pokemon, and Mew no less! Now he felt ashamed more then ever. If Mew let this human boy, Ash, to call it his 'Memma', then it must've saw him as its own child. Pokemon only allow humans to call them 'Memma' if they see them as their own kit.

The Spearow and Fearow didn't seem to care that Ash was Mew's adoptive son, most likely they don't believe it.

"Seven years ago, you attacked and killed my real parents and Mew took me in. It's too bad that I decided to run away, but I can't change the past. So I'll take my punishment from all of you, come and get me!" Ash cried out as all the Spearow and Fearow charged at him.

Storm wanted to help Ash, he wanted to stop those birds from ripping him apart, but his body was much too weak to even move. What was he going to do? He didn't want Ash to die, especially since the boy will die thinking he hated him. The truth is: Storm was insecure with humans due to an inccident when he was a Pichu.

Something invisible whispered something to the weakened Pikachu. "Do you wish to save my little Ashie?"

It sounded high pitched and cute. Why did is say 'my little Ashie'? Storm didn't have time to think about this as Ash was about to be ripped to shreds.

"Yes, I do. I want to save him, please!" Storm cried out.

The invisible creature gave a sastisfying smile, even though nobody could see it, and held onto Storm. Storm felt energy coming from the creature and started running towards Ash and the incoming Fearow Flock.

Ash was surprised to see Storm jumping from his shoulder to the front of the Fearow Flock. The invisible creature somehow summoned lightning to strike the electric mouse. When it did, Storm felt so much power that it had to discharge all that extra energy, resulting in a literal explosion of electricity.

The Fearow Flock were nowhere to be seen. Ash and Storm were unconscious after the explosion. The invisible creature turned visible to reveal it to be none other then... Mew. The Mew waved its small hand and the storm clouds desipated, leaving the clear starry sky.

Mew looked at the Pikachu. "I thank you for your bravery and for saving my little Ashie."

Then she looked at her 'son' with a warm motherly smile, she wasn't angry at him for running away. In fact, she knew he would. "Oh Ashie, when will you ever learn you can't hide anything or run from your Memma? I knew you were planning to go on a Pokemon journey and 'running away' from me a long time ago. I suppose it's not time for you to truly become my child, at least not yet. I'll be watching you and I wish you the best of luck on your journey. No way was I letting those Spearow and Fearow do to you what they did to your human parents seven years ago. Becareful, my little Ashie."

After saying that, Mew patted his head and gave him a light kiss on his cheek before disappearing... presummingly turning invisible again or teleporting elsewhere.

As the morning sun rises, Ash and Storm both woke up at the same time, looking at each other's tired eyes. They both smiled at each other fondly.

"Well, we beat them." Ash said weakly as Storm nodded, too weak and tired to speak.

Mew was close by, however, and decided to let her 'son' see a little gift before he continues his journey, he deserves it after such bravery yesterday. There was a rainbow and thought this was a perfect time for Ho-Oh to appear.

Mew used Transform and turned herself into Ho-Oh, one of her favorite transformation as she and Ho-Oh were old friends when she visited Johto years ago.

As Ho-Oh, Mew slowly flew over her 'child' and his Pikahu, going towards the rainbow the rain caused last night. Ash and Storm looked up to see the Mew-turned- Ho-Oh flying towards the rainbow.

The Pokdex claims there was no data on such Pokemon. Even so, Ash knew this Pokemon. Mew actually had him meet Ho-Oh every week in the summer near the Bell Tower as they were good friends. Ho-Oh was like Ash's secondary father.

"What's Ho-Oh doing here? I thought he was back in Johto?" Ash wondered.

Storm would've asked Ash about this, if he could talk and remembered that Mew was Ash's Memma. The little Pikachu remembered Ash saying that the Fearow Flock killed his real parents seven years ago. Mew must've pitied him and adopted the boy.

'Ho-Oh' disappeared into the rainbow. Ash picked up Storm and began walking, he was relieved to see he was close to Virdian City, it was just down the hill. Storm licked Ash's cheek, the same spot Mew kissed him. Ash gave a smile, glad to know Storm liked and trusted him now. Ash continued to walk down the hill towards Viridian City while Storm finally let himself fall unconscious, knowing he was safe in Ash's arms.

Chapter 2, Team Rocket

Ash was now running as soon as he got to Viridian City, he had a feeling he forgot something when he was passing Officer Jenny's station, but shrugged it off as he wanted to get Storm to the Pokemon Center as soon as possible.

Suddenly, someone pulled Ash's collar, stopping him from running any further and almost choking him.

"Hold it! Just where do you think you're going with that Pokemon, young man?" it was Officer Jenny and she seem to think he was stealing the Pikachu.

"Hey! It's my Pokemon and it's hurt and I've got to get it to the Pokemon Center right away!" Ash exclaimed, a bit offended she would think he'd steal a Pokemon, he could never do that.

Jenny looked at the Pikachu and at Ash. "I'm sorry, I thought you were stealing it. Just show me your ID and you can go. You know that it's unusual for a Trainer to be carrying a Pokemon in his arms instead of in a Pokeball."

Ash nodded as he held out his Pokedex and showed Officer Jenny his ID. She nodded in approval.

"So you're Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. Just out of curiousity, have you seen this 'Phantom Pokemon' everyone keeps talking about that was seen in Pallet Town?" she asked him.

Ash sweatdropped, was this really the time to be asking such questions? "Look, I really need to get Storm to the Pokemon Center. Please tell me where it is so I can find it."

Jenny smiled and said, "Oh don't you worry about that. This is a Pokemon Emergency, I'll have you there in no time at all."

Ash soon found himself on Officer Jenny's motorcycle. Now Ash really feels like he's forgetting something... something about cycling and Officer Jenny? The nagging thought went away, however, when Jenny stepped on the gas and Ash held onto Storm tightly so the Pikachu wouldn't be sent flying.

Ash didn't notice a certain orange/red head girl was behind him and she was beyond miffed as she ran after them, already knowing where he was going.

Officer Jenny soon saw a huge building with the big letter 'P' on it. "There is it, get ready Ash."

"That's the Pokemon Center? It's huge!" Ash had seen a few Pokemon Center before when his 'Memma' took him to a few cities, but never one so big before.

"This is where it gets tricky, now hold on tight Ash." Jenny warned right before her motorcycle was literally sent flying and landed right in front of Nurse Joy's counter... a perfect landing.

"We have a drive way, you know." Nurse Joy said when she saw Jenny leaving skid marks on her nice clean floor.

"This is a Pokemon Emergency." Jenny said quickly.

Ash stood up and showed the unconscious Pikachu in his arms. "Please help him."

"Looks like a Pikachu." Nurse Joy hurried over to the computer and typed. "I need a small stretcher for an electric rodent, stat!"

"Right away." two Chansey said as they came strolling in a stretcher. To Officer Jenny and possibly Nurse Joy, all they heard was: "Chansey."

Ash sighed, it's not easy being the only human around able to understand Pokemon. The Chansey gently placed Storm on the stretcher and pushed him into the Emergency Room.

"We'll have Pikachu better in no time." Nurse Joy assured the boy.

"We'll leave it in your capable hands, Nurse Joy. And I think I better move my motorcycle..." Jenny laughed nervously.

"Next time use the driveway." Nurse Joy chuckled as Officer Jenny left.

"Is there anything I could do, Nurse Joy?" Ash asked.

"You could try being more responsible. As a Trainer, you shouldn't keep making your Pokemon battle until it's in this condition, now we have to heal your Pikachu." Nurse Joy scolded him.

"What? But you don't even know what happened! I didn't make Storm keep battling, we were-" but he was interrupted.

"No exscuses young man. It's your responsibility as its Trainer to be more careful next time. Now sit in the waiting room, your Pikachu will be better in no time." Nurse Joy said as she went into the Emergency Room.

Ash let out a sigh, "Can't believe she scolded me. Those Spearow and Fearow attacked us. Then again, maybe it is my fault for running away from home in the first place."

Ash sat in the chair. He was still sleepy from all the chaos that happened yesterday, he closed his eyes and soon fell asleep.

Ash opened his eyes to see Mew in front of him. He couldn't move his body for some reason.

"Just because you 'ran away' from home, Ashie, doesn't mean I'm no longer with you." Mew said to him.

"What? What do you mean, Memma?" Ash asked.

"I'm always with you, my little Ashie. I'll be watching you as you go on your Pokemon Journey and perhaps someday you'll become my true child." she smiled warmly at him.

"You mean you knew?"

"Of course, you can never hide anything from your Memma. Just remember, when you get into trouble, I'll always be there for you, Ashie." Mew said with a motherly smile as she rubbed his cheek gently.

Ash soon woke up and saw Storm still hasn't come out of the Emergency Room. He sighed and wondered how long it'll be? Ash wondered if his Memma was here? She does have the ability to turn invisible after all.

Ash sighed as he looked at the computers. "I should call Professor Oak."

It didn't take long for Prof. Oak to answer the call. "Hello... Ash, is that you? You're already in Viridian City?"

"Yeah. I made it here alright." Ash said.

"I'm glad to see that. You know, when you left here with Pikachu I was worried you wouldn't be able to handle it. Though I still bet my grandson a million dollars that you've caught a new Pokemon by the time you got to Viridian City."

Ash sweatdropped, Prof. Oak will be losing a lot of money. "Uh... well... money isn't everything, right?"

That was all the answer Prof. Oak needed to realize Ash hadn't caught any new Pokemon before arriving. "Oh why do I even bother?"

"But I did see a Ho- I mean a really big and raindbowy bird Pokemon flying over the rainbow." Ash almost slipped up, he didn't want Prof. Oak to know just how knowledgable he was with Pokemon, especially Legendary Pokemon since not many knew about them.

"Oh don't be silly, Ash, there's no way you could've seen such a Pokemon. Trainers search their whole lives and never seen it." Oak, of course didn't believe Ash's tale. Ash get the feeling he could tell Prof. Oak the truth about his 'Memma' being Mew and no one would believe him.

Prof. Oak then put on a serious look on his face. "Now listen, Ash Ketchum, you can't be a good Pokemon Trainer without any Pokemon. You really need to start capturing Pokemon if you ever hope to catch up with your Rival."

"Uh... just how many Pokemon does Gary have?" Ash dared to ask.

Oak thought about it and said, "He's already caught ten Pokemon."

"TEN!" Ash shouted in shock, he could hardly catch one! Now this had the boy in a slump.

Then Prof. Oak's doorbell rang. "Oh, there's my pizza! It's been nice talking to you Ash, best of luck out there." then he hung up.

Just then, a familiar and angry voice shouted, "THERE YOU ARE!"

Ash jumped when he saw that orange/red hair girl, she was angry and she was holding her bike... or what use to be her bike. It was all charcoal now.

"W-what happened to your bike?" Ash must've forgotten he had the bike with him when Storm exploded that large electric bomb.

"What happened to my bike? YOU happened to it you little loser! This is what's left after you stole it to save your Pokemon! Now you're going to pay me back every cent it cost me!" she yelled angerly at him.

Ash sweatdropped when he realized she's one of THOSE tomboy girls. "I'm sorry about your bike. I promise I'll pay you back when I can. My name is Ash by the way."

"I'm called Misty, but right now I'm your worst nightmare if you don't pay me back my bike right now!" she snapped at him.

"Look, I have my Pikachu to worry about right now. He's in the Emergency Room." Ash said worriedly. Misty has a soft spot for Pokemon, she went from a frenzy fury to a worried girl when she realized that the Pikachu was in the Emergency Room.

As if on cue, the doors opened up and Nurse Joy, along with Chansey, came out with Storm on the stretcher and had some kind of energy light bulb strapped to his head.

"Storm, are you alright?" Ash asked in concern.

"Storm, your Pikachu, is fine. It's just resting right now, good thing you brought it here so fast." Nurse Joy assured him with a smile.

"Thanks a lot, Nurse Joy." Ash thanked her as he petted Storm.

"So you nickname your Pokemon? Not a lot of people do that." Misty noticed Ash was calling his Pikachu 'Storm'.

Just then, Officer Jenny was making an announcment and sounded a little frantic. "ATTENTION! WE HAVE SIGNS OF POKEMON THIEVES IN THE CITY, PLEASE BE ON THE LOOK OUT AND BE EXTREMLY CAUTIOUS."

"Sounds bad..." Ash started to say when two Pokeballs came crashing down fromt he ceiling.

The Pokeballs released a gray, ball like Pokemon with a poison symbol on its belly and the other released a purple rattle snake: Koffing and Ekans.

"What's going on!" Misty yelled over the smoke the Koffing conjured up.

"Prepare for trouble." "And make it double."

"To protect the world from devastation." a woman's voice said.

"To unit all people from within our nation." a man's voice said and they kept switching with each line.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love." "To extend our reach to the stars above."

"Jesse." "James." "Team Rocket blast off to the speed of light!" "Surronder now or prepare to fight!'

Then a cream cat with a gold coin on its forehead jumped and landed on its two feet. "Meowth, that's right!"

"What're you talking about, you're not making any sense!" Misty yelled irrated.

"The little girl has no idea what we're saying, James." Jesse said mockingly.

"Perhaps we should enlighten her?" James also said mockingly.

"It's like a poem. I think they want to steal rare Pokemon." Ash guessed.

"The little boy is corrected. We came here for rare and strong Pokemon." the talking Meowth said.

Ash was surprised that the Meowth can speak human language, he must've worked hard to learn how to speak it. Ash always thought only Chatot can speak in human language and that bird is only found all the way in Sinnoh.

"Then you came in the wrong place, this is a place for weak and sick Pokemon." Nurse Joy pointed out.

Team Rocket wasn't at all discouraged. "Perhaps, but we wouldn't be surprised if there was some rare and valuble Pokemon in this dump." Jesse said with a sinister smile.

"Okay, you're really starting to bug me." Ash was getting irrated and hope they wouldn't find his Memma.

"Did you hear that?" Jesse chuckled.

"The boy is bugged." James smiled sinisterly.

"Meowth, then let's squash him." Meowth grinned evily.

"Koffing!" "Ekans!"

"Yes Master." "We will obey." Ash heard the Koffing and Ekans say before they started smashing everything in sight.

"This way, quick!" Nurse Joy called to Ash and Misty. The two kids followed Nurse Joy while pushing Storm's stroller into a room filled with Pokeballs.

The lights went out. "What happened?" Misty asked in concern.

"They must've cut the power. But we got our own Pika Power!" Nurse Joy smirked. The emergency lights came on as dozens of Pikachu were running on a wheel using their electric powers on the generator.

"That's smart, not many Nurse Joy uses Pokemon power." Ash noted.

Nurse Joy quickly turned on the computer. "We have to save these Pokeballs before they find us. I'll transport them to Pewter City."

Ash saw the mechanical hand taking each Pokeball one by one and the machine transported them to Pewter City one by one... the boy knew this was too slow, there's no way they could transport all these Pokeballs before Team Rocket found them.

Ash's fear came to reality as Koffing busted down the door and broke the shelf that kept the Pokeballs, now they're all over the place.

"Quick, pick up those Pokeballs!" cried Nurse Joy.

Ash started picking them up when Misty shouted, "This is war! Don't just hold them, throw them!"

Ash quickly figured what she meant. "Okay, here goes! Go Pokeball!" he threw the Pokeball in his hand, it released... a Pidgey.

"You called?" the Pidgey said looking at it's oppenent.

The Ekans just hissed at the Pidgey and it flew away in fear. "I'm not fighting that thing!" it cried before returning itself back in its Pokeball.

Ash tried another, but it was empty. Joy sighed and said some are indeed empty. "We'll never beat them that way!" Misty cried.

"Okay, okay, I'll try this one." Ash threw another Pokeball and was relieved when there was actually a Pokemon in it... not so happy when he realized the Pokemon was a Rattata... Ekans was one of Rattata's worst predator.

"I'm ready to fight and bite!" the Rattata said determinedly... until it spotted the snake Pokemon it would be facing.

"Fooood!" Ekans hissed, scaring the poor Rattata before it returned itself back in its Pokeball for safety. Ash briefly wondered if Remi would've fought this Ekans regardless of it being her worst predator?

"They're just too strong." Ash groaned.

"Now hand over all the rare Pokemon you've got and we'll be on our way." Jesse demanded.

"Alright, just leave it to me. Water's my specialty." Misty threw her own Pokeball and released... a floundering Goldeen. Goldeen can be tough... if they were in water, otherwise they're as useless as a Magikarp.

"Wow... she's all washed up." James said when he saw the pathetic floundering Goldeen.

Misty returned the Goldeen into the Pokeball. "Everyone knows Water types are at a disadventage without water."

"Techniqually that's not true, mostly the fish Pokemon needs water. The rest usually have legs to walk on land." Ash corrected.

Misty glared at the boy and said, "We don't have time for such things. Just get Storm and get out of here."

Ash then understood, she was providing a distraction so he and Storm could get away. Pushing the stretcher with the Pikachu on it, Ash ran with Koffing and Ekans right behind him.

"Come back!" "We catch you!" they sounded like primative cavemen, but Ash knew most Poison types are like that until they evovle and speak better.

Unfortunaly, the stretcher ended up hitting the burnt bike, causing Ash to fall and Storm to wake up. Storm saw Ash was on the floor and saw an Ekans and a Koffing coming after him, immediently the Pikachu knew the situation was dire and Ash needed his help.

"PIKACHU, COME HELP!" Storm called out his fellow Pikachu from the generator, they came jumping onto the stretcher in a big pile. They all used Thundershock on Jesse, James, Koffing and Ekans. Meowth was the only one who escaped.

"Do I have to do everything around here? Watch out Pikachu, you're mine." Meowth said as he stalked towards them.

Storm came on top of the Pikachu pile, still had that lightbulb strapped to his head. Ash took notice of Storm.

"Storm, glad to see you're okay." Ash smiled.

Storm then said, "Ash, I need more power. Think you could provide some so we could really show these punks a thing or two?"

Ash nodded and went on what was left of Misty's bike and started peddling hard. The electricity generated to the light and Storm hopped on it, the electricity pumped from the lightbulb on his head and into his body. Storm can really feel the power now. Team Rocket all looked nervous as Storm got ready to let loose a really big one since the lightning with the Spearow and Fearow.

"Here it is. My THUNDERSHOCK!" Storm discharged a Thundershock so powerful it could easily be mistaken as and rival a Thunder attack. He continued to zap Team Rocket and their Pokemon until Koffing couldn't take it anymore and let loose some gas, when the electric shock touched it, it caused a huge explosion, destroying the entire building! Officer Jenny happened to have made it just in time to see sparks fly... literally.

"Too late... but not for the fireworks." she said to herself, amazed and wondered what just happened.

The next morning, Ash, Storm and Misty had all left to go to the Viridian Forest. Nurse Joy's building may be destroyed, but all the Pokemon were safe and somehow her computer was still intact; she was talking to her sister in Pewter City.

"The Pokeballs you sent all arrived here safely." her sister said with a smile.

"Thanks sis, that's a relief to hear." Nurse Joy said in relief.

"Those kids sure are something, aren't they?" Jenny chuckled.

"Oh yeah, they'll be coming your way, sis. If they could get through the Viridian Forest." Joy said worriedly. The Viridian Forest was like a maze and has poisonous Bug type Pokemon like Weedle or Beedrill.

"Don't worry, from what I've seen, they'll be just fine." Officer Jenny assured the nurse.

"I hope you're right." Joy smiled back.

And so, Ash, Storm and Misty continue their quest. Wait... why is Misty following Ash? Oh right, he owed her a new bike.

Chapter 3, The Forest of Viridian

Ash, Storm and their newest companion; Misty, were walking through the Viridian Forest. Storm wanted to ask Ash a few things like why Misty was following them and if Mew really adopted Ash. Ash told Storm he couldn't talk to him with Misty here, otherwise she'll find out his little secret of being able to talk to Pokemon.

"What's so bad about her finding out you could talk to us?" Storm asked him again while Misty was busy looking around the forest nervously.

"She'll find it suspiscious and I don't want to have to lie if I could help it." Ash whispered to the curious Pikachu. Ever since Storm found out about Ash being raised by the great Mew itself, he's been asking questions to Ash like there's no tomorrow.

"Come on, Ash, let's get out of here before any creepy Bug type Pokemon shows up." Misty said with a cringe.

Ash gave Misty a look and said, "I thought you liked Pokemon? What's so bad about Bug types?"

"Nothing, I just... I'm afraid of them, okay?" she admitted grugdingly.

Ash nodded in understanding, people have their phobias and fears like Pokemon do. The Viridian Forest was the worst place on Kanto for poor Misty since it's filled with Bug types.

"Hey Storm, doesn't your kind live here too?" Ash asked his Pikachu with curiousity.

"Yes, we do, but we mostly hide ourselves very well from outsiders." Storm briefly explained while Ash pretended to guess what he was saying.

Suddenly, Misty let out a horrfying scream. Causing Ash and Storm to jump and scream themselves. They both looked around frantically.

"What happened? Where's the fire?" Ash asked looking around frantically.

"Th-th-there's a Bug Pokemon." Misty was shaking as she pointed at a small, green caterpillar.

"Oh, it's just a Caterpie, for a second I thought someone was getting mugged or something." he began laughing until he saw the fierce murderous look in her eyes and immediently shut up.

"She's kind of cute." Ash and Storm heard the Caterpie said and noticed it... make it 'he' was looking at Misty.

Ash took out his Pokedex. "Caterpie, the caterpillar Pokemon. Caterpie's horn is smooth and if someone touches it, it will charge at them. Caterpie also uses its String Shot to cover itself or its enemies."

Ash sighed, how could a Caterpie fall in love with a human? "Let me try something."

Ash took out an empty Pokeball and threw it at the Caterpie. The caterpillar Pokemon turned red and immediently was sent into the Pokeball. The Pokeball wiggled a few times before it stopped and there was a *click*.

Ash jumped for joy as he picked up the Pokeball that held his very first captured Pokemon. "Alright! I caught a Caterpie and my very first Pokemon!

"Way to go, Ash, and you didn't even need my help!" Storm cheered.

"I think it's because Caterpie is already a weak Pokemon, that is until I train it and catch a whole bunch of new friends." Ash grinned widely.

"That's uh... great. Just please don't let it out of the Pokeball." Misty said shakingly.

"I need to give Caterpie a name now. Let's see... Caterpie evolves into Butterfree, right? How about... Flutter?" Ash suggested.

"Not that good in my opinon, but an okay name for a Butterfree since they flutter their wings so much." Storm commented.

"Sorry Misty, but I've got to train Flutter and the only way to do that is to let it out for some experience." Ash said to Misty.

"Uh... r-right... then I'll just... stay waaay over here." Misty said nervously as she stood five feet away... make that ten feet away from Ash.

Ash opened the Pokeball to released his new Caterpie. Flutter looked around curiously.

"Hey Caterpie, I've decided to call you Flutter if that's okay with you."

"It's okay with me. I hope to become a Butterfree soon someday." the Caterpie said with stars in its big, black eyes.

"Alright, then we'll train until you evovle, Flutter. Now what's the best training method for a Caterpie?" Ash wondered looking around the forest.

Flutter then spotted Misty and immediently ran towards her, scaring the poor girl. Flutter nudged its head on Misty's shaking leg showing affection.

"Wow, Misty. Looks like Flutter really likes you." Ash giggled and so did Storm.

"Great... just keep it away from me!" Misty cried in panic trying to crawl away. Flutter looked hurt that Misty just crawled away from him like that.

"Aw come on, Misty, you're hurting Flutter's feelings." Ash didn't like that Misty did that, he understood she's afraid of Bug types, but hurting a Pokemon's feelings didn't bode well with him.

Ash sighed, he knew Misty wouldn't dare get near the Caterpie, so he picked it up. "Alright, let's train you up. Don't worry, Misty can be a hothead at times, but she's really... sweet." Ash hesitated on 'sweet' because he'd rarely ever saw the sweet side of Misty.

For the rest of the day in the Viridian Forest, Ash had Storm and Flutter train. Ash needed Storm to level up as well because he didn't want him in the Emergency Room again after the Spearow and Fearow inccident.

There were random Pidgey around the forest, making it easy for the Pikachu, for the Caterpie... not so much. The little Bug type was too weak to do much damage on them and Ash had to switch in for Storm more often to keep Flutter from getting too injured. Misty just silently watched.

It was dark now, night had come. Ash decided to set up camp for the night and continue trainning tomorrow. "Tomorrow we'll have another day of trainning, then we'll see if we could catch more Pokemon or move on to Pewter City." Ash said to Storm and Flutter.

"We'd all get some sleep if you'd shut your big mouth!" Misty snapped, obviously irratable that she has to sleep in the forest full of bugs.

"Yeesh, she's cranky. Good night, Storm and Flutter." Ash said as he layed down in his sleeping bag.

"Ashie, it's playtime." said a familiar voice playfully.

"" Ash opened his eyes groggly to see the oh so familiar little pink cat floating above him.

"C'mon, it's playtime again. It's been three days, so I want my playtime with my child." Mew said happily as she pointed her finger at Ash, causing his body to float.

"But it's almost morning, I don't want my friends to wake up and see me gone!" Ash said frantically as he and Mew started floating away from the others, who were still asleep.

Mew giggled and said, "Oh don't worry about that, my little Ashie, I made it so morning never comes until playtime is over."

Ash sighed and said, "You'd think with our relationship I would be a baby Mew and you are my real Memma."

Mew gave a longing stare at Ash when he said that. "...What?"

"Soon, very soon, I shall make you my real child, my little Ashie." Mew said happily and cooing like a Latias.

It was then Ash finally realized what Mew intended to do to him before he 'left home': she wanted to fully transform him into a baby Mew, and I mean a perminate transformation. As in Ash's human DNA would no longer exist and would all be replaced with Mew's DNA and body.

"You mean... you'd turn me into a real baby Mew?" Ash asked his Memma.

Mew answered with a gleeful nod. Ash didn't know how to react. He's never heard of a human turning into a Pokemon permitnattly before, let alone a Legendary Pokemon like Mew. She seriously wanted to turn him into her real baby?

"Let it out, you know you want to." Mew said with a knowing smile.

Ash was trembling and he soon let out a loud scream, "I'M GOING TO BE A MEW!"

Mew was giggling, happy to hear Ash was excited to be a Mew like herself. "But I've decided the right time isn't here yet. I'll turn you into my real baby when the time is right."

"When is the right time, Memma?" Ash asked eagerly and curiously.

Mew chuckled as she tapped Ash's nose with her small paw and he laughed. "Oh don't you worry about that, my little Ashie. For now just enjoy your time as a real human Pokemon Trainer. Just remember I'll always be your Memma and will protect you from danger."

"Right, thanks and I love you, Memma." Ash said as he hugged the little Mew, who cooed and enjoyed the hug.

"Oh yeah, if I turn into a Mew while still on my Pokemon Journey... then would I still be able to continue the journey?" Ash asked.

"Of course, whatever you do before and after the Transformation is up to you. I just wish you the best of luck like any good Memma would. Now let's play, I'm sure you'll love this game."

Mew only played a simple game with Ash this time. She decided to give Ash a little taste of what it's like being in the body of a Mew by Transforming him into a Mew himself.

Ash felt all giddy. The two pink cats flew around the forest with no care in the world. For once, Ash never wanted Mew's game to end and that's saying a lot, to be able to fly freely and relax with other Pokemon was so great. Of course most of the Pokemon were Bug or Flying types and they were asleep, but Ash didn't care, he loved being Mew too much to care.

Unfortunaly for Ash, Mew wanted him to continue his quest. Ash sighed as she turned him back human and set him down back on his sleeping bag.

"Aw, don't pout Ashie. Someday you'll be a real Mew, my child. Just do your best out there, and remember: Memma's watching and rooting for you." Mew gave him a playful wink before he smiled. With that, Mew disappeared and the morning sun began to rise in the sky.

"I just can't wait to be a Mew." Ash said quietly to himself.

As Ash was waiting for Storm and Flutter to wake up, Misty suddenly let out a very loud scream. Instantly waking up the Pikachu and making the human boy jump three feet in the air.

"What's wrong? Did someone get mugged?" Ash looked around frantically.

"No, but someone will soon! What is this thing doing sleeping near me!" Misty screeched pointing an accusing finger at the Caterpie.

Ash soon realized that Flutter must've been sleeping in front of Misty's face and she woke up to his face. "Aw, Flutter just wants to be your friend, Misty."

"Well if it wants to be friend it can get out of my face! If you're a Pokemon get out of my face and into that Pokeball!" Misty shouted at Flutter, causing the poor Caterpie to feel awful.

"Misty! How could you say such things to Flutter? Apologize to him, right now!" Ash scolded, but Flutter already put himself back into his Pokeball.

Ash sighed, with Misty being so terribly afraid of Bug type Pokemon, it caused her to be mean to Flutter and really hurt the Caterpie's feelings. Ash couldn't really do much about it until Misty can somehow overcome her fear and apologize to Flutter.

Just then, a bird Pokemon came swooping down the sky and landed near them looking for food. Ash was surprised to see that it was...

"A Pidgeotto." he held out his Pokedex.

"Pidgeotto, the Bird Pokemon. Pidgeotto is the evolve form of Pidgey, it has sharp claws and is very fast. Unlike the more gentle Pidgey, Pidgeotto is quite aggressive, approach with caution."

Ash put away the Pokedex and wondered briefly if he should attempt to capture the Pidgeotto, he wasn't really planning on using a Flying type until he catches a Dratini later on. Then again, he could always sent the Pokemon over to Prof. Oak. He really wanted to test his capturing skills on a more stronger Pokemon then a Caterpie now that Storm is cooperating with him.

"Okay. Storm, get out there. I'm going to try to catch this Pidgeotto." Ash said as Storm got into battle position.

The Pidgeotto flew up into the sky, trying to attack the Pikachu. "Storm, use Thundershock!"

"Have a taste of my Thundershock!" Storm discharged a jolt of lightning at the bird Pokemon, causing it to become paralyzed.

Ash took this time to throw a Pokeball at it. The Pidgeotto was caught into the Pokeball. The Pokeball wiggled a few times before there was a *click* and it stopped moving.

"Alright! I caught Pidgeotto!" Ash jumped and cheered along with Storm.

"Wow, that was some pretty good strategey, using an Electric type against a Flying type. I thought you were going to do something stupid and use that Caterpie against it." Misty commented.

"Please, I'm not that dumb. Besides, don't you think it's time you and Flutter made up?" Ash said to Misty.

Before Misty could reply, both of them heard a very familiar laugh. Looking around, they saw it was Jesse, James and their talking Meowth. They said their motto (I'm not going to retype it, it's a waste of space).

"What're you guys doing here? The Viridian Forest don't have any rare Pokemon you're after." Ash said to them.

"Yeah, all there is here are some creepy Bug type Pokemon." Misty said with a cringe.

"On the contrary, there is a Pokemon here that we want." Jesse said as she and James both pointed at Storm.

"That Pikachu is the one we want." James said.

"Hand over the Pokemon, kid." Meowth demanded.

"Huh? Hey! This is my Pikachu, why don't you go find your own?" Ash snapped.

"The only Pikachu we want is that one." Jesse said.

"That Pikachu is a rare and powerful one, it's the only one we want." James said.

"Stop giving away all our secrets!" Meowth shouted scratching both of their faces.

Ash looked at Storm. Storm looked at Ash, both looked confused.

"Is Storm really that special?" Ash asked them.

"Your Pikachu's powers impressed even me, it exceeded it's evolutionary powers. Why I-" Meowth didn't get a chance to finish as Jesse and James both started stomping on his body.

"Now you're the one giving away all our secrets!" Jesse snapped.

"Stop talking before you tell them everything!" James also snapped.

"I'm in charge, cut it out!" Meowth shouted in pain.

"Am I really that special? The only reason we beat them in the first place was because we used that bicycle power." Storm said to Ash.

Ash had a look of concern on his face. 'If they became that impressed with Storm because of that little power Thundershock enough to steal him... I wonder just what they would do to Memma if they ever find her?'

Then he heard his Memma's giggling voice in his head. "Don't worry, Ashie, they won't find me unless I want them to. How do you think your Memma's gone unseen by humans all these eons?" she said in his head even though nobody could see her.

Ash rolled his eyes at his Memma's playful antics. Jesse and James then released their two Pokemon: Koffing and Ekans.

"A Double Battle? Alright, then I'll use-" before Ash could send out Pidgeotto and Storm into battle, Misty suddenly pipped up.

"Wait a minute, Ash! The Indigo League states only one Pokemon at a time can be used."

"What? But Trainers can use two Pokemon at a time. Some even used three in Unova." Ash protested back.

"But it's against the rules here, in Kanto!" Misty said firmly.

Ash grumbled; following the rules may just make him lose if it's two against one. Sometimes he wished he lived in Unova so he could sic three Pokemon at once on their butts.

"Alright Storm, let's-"

"Koffing, use Sludge!" James quickly called out.

Koffing opened its mouth and icky black sludge tar came out, blinding Storm's eyes!

"Hey! That wasn't fair!" Ash shouted angerily at them.

"Of course not, we're the bad guys." James stated simply.

"And bad guys don't play by the rules." Jesse smugged.

"Of course they don't, because only cowards cheat to win a battle." Ash gritted his teeth.

"How dare you call us cowards, little boy!" Jesse snapped.

Ash picked up the blinded Pikachu and handed him to Misty. "Take care of Storm and don't let them take him. I'm going to see if Pidgeotto... Gale, can beat them." Ash picked the name 'Gale' for Pidgeotto.

"Ash, becareful." Misty said.

"I believe in you, Ash!" Storm called out.

"Go Gale!" Ash tossed his Pokeball and Gale came right out flying.

"Ready for battle!" Gale said flying around.

"Koffing, it's grime time." James said confidently as Koffing floated to the sky near Gale.

Koffing let out another Sludge attack on the bird. Gale was too fast, however, and dived down before it could get hit.

"Ekans, go get your dinner!" Jesse ordered her snake.

Ekans almost bit down on Gale, but he luckly managed to get out of the way before it had the chance.

"Gale, use Gust! Blow them both away!" Ash ordered. Gale flapped its wings to create a tornado.

"Ekans, burrow underground!" Ekans quickly went underground to avoid the tornado, Koffing was caught in it, but withstood it easily being a physical wall.

Ekans came out of the ground and tackled the Pidgeotto. Koffing followed and tackled the poor bird down. Ash knew Gale was beaten and returned it back to the Pokeball before it could take anymore punishment.

"Now hand over the Pikachu." Jesse demanded.

"Now hold on, I still have one more Pokemon!" Ash said, though he knew he might as well throw in the towel. Flutter stood no chance against them.

"But Ash, a Caterpie's no match for them!" Misty cried.

"Let me fight! I can take them!" Storm cried out determinedly.

Misty rubbed the sludge on its eyes. "Sorry Storm, but you can't battle in that condition." she said knowing he wanted to fight.

Before Ash could think about surrendering, he heard Mew's voice in his head again.

"Oh Ashie, don't be afraid to use Flutter. I'll lend it my power to help." she assured him.

Ash nodded, knowing his Memma can most definatly give the power to the Caterpie and win. He threw the Pokeball to release the Caterpie.

"Why me? Why am I fighting these two?" Flutter asked nervously looking at their fiercesome faces.

"What's that? A measly little bug?" Meowth said surprised to see such a 'weakling'.

"Ha, ha, ha! Get the bug spray." Jesse laughed along with James and Meowth.

Koffing and Ekans both launched at the helpless Caterpie. Ash noticed a small pink light twinkling right above the trempling Caterpie. It was then Ash realized Mew was there, powering up Flutter.

With new confidence, Ash shouted, "Flutter, use String Shot!"

Flutter shot out a sticky and silky string from its mouth. Now normally String Shot could only slow down an oppenent, and a weak Caterpie should only be able to hit their noses, but for some reason, the strings kept going until it completely covered up Ekans's face and Koffing's entire body. Ash knew that was courtesy of his Memma's powers.

"Now Tackle!" Flutter headbutted the Koffing's body, using Mew's power up, literally throwing it at the Ekans's covered head, causing both of them to be thrown back and hitting a tree.

Jesse and James couldn't believe what they just saw. "Beaten by a Caterpie!" "That really bugs me!"

"Now watch a real Pokemon in action." Meowth said as he drew his claws. Using Mew's power one last time, Flutter managed to cover up Meowth's entire body with his String Shot.

"It looks like Team Rocket is blasting off." James said picking up the frozen Meowth.

"You may have beaten us today, but we'll be back!" Jesse exclaimed as they returned Ekans and Koffing into their Pokeballs and ran away.

Ash cheered as Flutter and Storm jumped for joy. "You did well, Flutter, for our first real battle. What a victory."

"It's weird, I felt like a surge of energy suddenly went through me." Flutter said.

Ash then winked to the invisible creature, who giggled in response.

"Way to go, Flutter." Storm cheered as he wipped the rest of the sludge off his face.

Misty gave a small smile. "You really do love Pokemon, don't you?"

"Of course. Since Flutter here saved Storm, don't you think you should at least thank it?" Ash said holding out Flutter.

Misty gulped. "I guess you're right." this may be a good chance for her to end her fear of Bug types.

Misty tried to pet the Caterpie, so she slowly reached her hand toward Flutter... until Flutter shot out String Shot that caused Misty to jump back in fright.

"Flutter?" Ash put Flutter down as he began surronding himself with the silky string, slowly becoming a cacoon.

"It's evolving." Misty pointed out.

Ash gave a huge smile. "Flutter, this is awesome!"

"It sure is, evolution changes a Pokemon's name and appearence, as well as make them stronger." Storm said as Flutter became bigger.

Soon, the Caterpie was gone and in its place was a green cacoon like Pokemon. Ash analyzed his Pokedex.

"Metapod, the Cacoon Pokemon. Metapod is the evolve form of Caterpie. Metapod remains inactive and hardens the shell to protect the soft body inside while it awaits its evolution."

Ash picked up his newly evolved Metapod. "Glad to see you've evolved, Flutter, you'll be a Butterfree in no time."

"Thanks, I'm looking... forward... to... it." Flutter said slowly, apparently Metapod don't like to speak very much.

"Hey Misty, you two were about to make up." Ash smiled to the girl.

"Well I..." a Beedrill suddenly flew past Misty's face, causing her to shriek.

"Oh I'll do anything, let's just get out of this forest!" she cried.

"We still have to find a way out first, c'mon, maybe I could catch a few new Pokemon along the way." Ash said eagerly.

"Wait for me, Ash!" Storm said as he happily ran up to his Trainer.

Mew, invisible, giggled as she watched her 'child' running off carefree. Yes, he'll make a fine young Mew.

"Just remember, my little Ashie, I'll always be watching and helping you when you need it."

To Be Continued...