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The Child of Mew

Chapter 30: A Ghostly Partner

Ash dared to look up when he heard Ghastly's surprised voice. Storm the Pikachu and Luna the Clefairy looked up as well.

"My dear sweet Yamato…" Sakura said tears filling her eyes.

What appear to be a young man with blond hair and a torn Japanese armor was seen lying in the rubble of what's left of the stone. "Sa…ku…ra…" he spoke weakly.

"Shh, it's okay Yamato I'm here." Sakura said gently.

Ash, Storm and Luna stood up to take a closer look at the two ghostly couple.

When the man known as Yamato slowly sat up and looked up at the maiden he smiled, "My sweet… dear… Sakura. How long… has it been?"

"I don't know my love the years have been far too long for me to count, but I had promised to wait for you until you've returned to me and finally we have been reunited." Sakura said as she kissed him and they shared a hug.

"Aww, so sweet, love is in the air." Luna said dreamily as she winked hearts at the Pikachu beside her suddenly.

When the hearts smacked Storm his eyes suddenly turned into hearts as he looked at the Clefairy. "My Luna I've never noticed how adorable you really are." Storm sounded like a lovesick Lillipup.

Ash and Ghastly sweatdropped, "I think Luna just learned Attract." he returned Luna back into her Poke Ball so the Attract wore off on Storm who shook his head.

"Yamato… what happened to you?" Sakura asked her beloved.

Yamato sighed as his strength slowly but surely returned. "I remember it all so clearly… it was horrible. When I left to fight that war…"

Suddenly Yamato stopped and looked at the mortal human boy behind Sakura and the Pikachu on his shoulder and the Ghastly floating beside them and his pale eyes suddenly showed one of reorganization rather than shock.

"Hey… you three… did you get sealed away too? I thought you survived that…" Yamato said weakly to them as if he knew them.

"Huh? Hey uh… Yamato, right? What're you talking about?" Ash asked curiously.

"Don't tell me you've forgotten! We barely survived that ambush, it was because of you, your Pikachu, Ghastly and Mew that we were able to defeat them, but I was killed in the process and then sealed away by… wait… you three really have no clue what I'm saying?"

"Are you sure you're not mistaken us for someone else? Then again… there's only one Mew in the world… and she wouldn't just show herself to anybody." Ash now found this very awkward and strange.

"Yamato this is the first time I've ever seen you. For centuries I've been helping Sakura here trying to reunite with you and it was only because of Ash, the Child of Mew and his partner Storm the Pikachu and his other Pokemon friends that we were able to reunite you two." Ghastly answered.

Yamato looked at them puzzled, "Hmm… could be… but still… to me it just happened a few hours ago and I wouldn't forget a face so easily. I'm sure it was the three of you and that legendary Mew."

"Are you sure there's not another Mew flying around Ash?" Storm asked his Trainer.

"Hmm… when we get back I'll have to talk to Memma about this." Ash said.

Sakura shook her head and said, "It doesn't matter, we're reunited and we can finally go beyond to the next world together."

Yamato nodded, "Yes my dear Sakura. Ash, Storm and Spooks, I know you don't remember but we did meet before. Please don't forget me again and may we meet again in the afterlife."

"Uh… Spooks?" Ghastly blinked.

"I uh… kinda hope we don't see you again too soon." Ash said nervously just as the two beloved floated towards the sky and disappeared forever.

Storm watched them go and said, "You know… I can't help but feel very happy seeing those two reunited like that."

"But I am curious as to why Yamato said he knew us… we didn't even exist 2000 years ago." Ash sighed.

Spooks gasped when he saw light starting to glimmer into the dark sky, "We can ponder on this later, but we must leave this realm now or you'll be stuck here until next year."

"Oh right, but… how do we get out?" Storm sweatdropped.

"You're Mew's kin, tell her to connect us to the living realm again." Ghastly said to Ash.

Ash closed his eyes and connected his mind with the little pink legendary feline. Memma, we're done now, let us back into our own world.

Suddenly a portal appeared directly below Ash and Storm causing them to suddenly fall right in and Ghastly followed them just before the sun rose into the sky, filling it with its morning light.

Mew was on the pier and it was far too early for any humans to be out here so she knew this was the safest spot to bring her little mon and his friends back into this realm.

When the portal formed in the sky Ash, Storm and Ghastly were tossed out and the two of them (the human boy and the Pikachu) fell to the ground.

"I'd rather not have to go through that again if I'm just going to eat dirt every time I use it." Ash moaned with a face full of dirt and grass.

"It wasn't so bad at least I had a soft landing." Storm smirked standing on top of Ash's hat.

"Only because you landed on me." The boy grumbled before sitting up.

Suddenly something pink pounced him back into the ground and the Pikachu jumped from his hat startled. Mew was hugging the boy like a mother finally finding her long lost child.

"Oh Ashie I was so worried! You cut it so close so many times… you'll never leave my sight again you hear?"Mew scolded as she kept hugging her child's face (considering how small she is compared to a human being).

"Oh come on Memma you're embarrassing me. Look I'm fine, see we made it back before the sun rose like I said." Ash said trying to pry off the little legendary but to no avail. Whenever a worried mother has her child in her clutches she is unwilling to let go until she feels secure again.

The sun began to raise more and the dark sky slowly began brighter blue. Morning has come.

"Well it looks like you mortals are better than I thought. I never would've expected you would actually be able to reunite Sakura with her long lost beloved Yamato." Ghastly said clearly impressed.

"But what about Tiny and Litwick? We lost the… Paracuum during the fight with Grave." Storm asked a little concerned for those two.

Mew finally released her suffocating human child and explained, "Don't worry when you left the ghost realm the Paracuum disappeared allowing any spirit you've captured go free."

Ash looked at Ghastly curiously, "Hey Ghastly… why are you here? I mean don't you live in the ghost realm?"

Ghostly gave a small smile and said, "Well after watching how you and your Pokemon team work so well together to get through the spirit realm and defeat Tiny, Grave and their partners not to mention help Sakura and Yamato finally move on to the next world… I've decided to join you on your quest. Living in the spirit realm is quite boring since it's always so dead and quiet and all everyone wants to do is sleep. That's part of the reason why I decided to help Sakura because it's so boring."

"I see… but I don't think anyone's ever used a ghost Pokemon that came from the spirit realm." Ash said looking at the intelligent Ghastly.

"This is so amazing Ashie! Don't you know how rare this opportunity is? I mean a Pokemon coming from a different realm and actually being used by a Trainer is almost as rare as I am! Don't waste this Ashie." Mew went from a worried mother to an excited child on Christmas morning in just seconds.

Ghastly chuckled at Mew's playful attitude, "I'll join but only if you'll have me. I promise to work hard and become a valuable partner."

Storm looked at Ash and at Ghastly both excited and nervous of what his Trainer will say as he's gotten quite attached to the human-talking ghost Pokemon from a different realm.

Ash sighed as he took out a black ball with green spots on it: a Dusk Ball. "Sure, why not? It'll be a fun new experience to raise a Pokemon from a different realm than this one. I've been saving this Dusk Ball for a Pokemon who likes the dark and I think it'll work out perfectly for you… Spooks."

At this Ghastly stared at Ash for a moment, "… Spooks? You're kidding, right? Yamato called me that."

"I know and it had a nice ring to it. You're a ghost Pokemon and you're spooky, so you're gonna be call Spooks." Ash smirked.

Ghastly just rolled his eyes and gave a smile, "Whatever, I can live with Spooks, at least I can finally get out of that boring dead spirit realm."

"Welcome to the team Spooks!" Storm cheered as Ash tossed the Dusk Ball at Spooks. Instead of the usual red energy when the Dusk Ball absorbed the Ghastly in it was a dark black/purple energy. The Dusk Ball *clicked* right away.

As soon as Spooks was caught the sun was higher and people begun opening their windows and coming out of their houses for their morning stroll/shopping/job/school or whatever they do in this time of the morning.

Ash smiled proudly at the Dusk Ball holding his newest teammate. "I've caught a Ghastly!"

"ASH!" two very familiar and irritated voices shouted from behind. Mew quickly transformed into her Meowth disguise.

Brock and Misty ran over to Ash before panting. "Ash… you… were out… all night…!" Brock scolded out of breath.

"We were… worried… you… were kidnapped… or something…" Misty scolded also out of breath and probably would've bashed him on the head if she weren't so tired.

Ash grinned sheepishly, "I'm sorry for worrying you guys, but I had something very important to do and look; I've caught a new friend along the way." he held up the Dusk Ball for them to see.

"And he's a good one." Storm smiled.

Ash decided to send Scorch back to Prof. Oak for now so he can train Spooks along with Remi, Nidosaur and Luna since it's been a while they've trained and he wanted to work with Eon for a little bit more.

"What did you catch?" Brock asked though he still wanted to scold the boy for staying up all night.

"See for yourself." Ash tossed the Dusky Ball and instead of the usual bright white light it's dark purple and released the Ghastly.

"It's gotten rather bright." The Ghastly moaned when the sun had gotten higher and brighter.

Brock and Misty nearly fell over seeing the ghost Pokemon and the way it talked… it sounded human.

"Meet Spooks, he's my newest Pokemon." Ash happily introduced.

"Uh… h-hi Spooks… n-nice to meet you… I'm Brock… and this is Misty." Brock was nervous around Ghost types.

"Hey Nya, isn't the nearest gym in Saffron City?" Ash asked his Memma.

Nya nodded and grinned widely, "And it's my favorite; the Psychic type master Sabrina. She's gonna be a nasty one."

"Sabrina? She doesn't sound too bad… then again neither did Tiny…" Storm cringed at the memory of shrinking to the size of a toy and almost becoming an actual toy to that ghost baby and her candle.

Spooks smirked and said, "Ah I've heard of Sabrina. She's got a mental problem, it may be best to use Dark type against her but there are hardly any in this region unless you evolve your Eevee into an Umbreon."

"Good point and with you being part Poison type you're also vulnerable to her Psychic types." Ash said but smiled, "But that's okay because we're gonna to some extra training with the perfect Psychic Pokemon." he winked at the Mew-Meowth, who giggled.

"I'm not going to like this." Storm sighed.

"But Ash maybe you should get some sleep after all you've been up all night." Misty spoke up.

"That's right Ashie, you need your sleep and I won't have you gaining mental disorder like a certain Gym Leader in Saffron City. You head to the Pokemon Center and straight to bed mister!" Nya scolded him like a true mother, which made Brock and Misty looked at her oddly and made both the Pikachu and Ghastly snicker at the embarrassed Ash.

Ash sighed and said, "Okay, okay. Brock, Misty you guys enjoy the day I need to go take a quick nap."

"Just make sure you don't go ghost hunting again." Misty snapped though she secretly wished she could've been a part of that. Spooks had filled them in on what Ash had been up to.

Storm yawned beside Ash's shoulder, "I could use some winks myself, especially before Mew's torture training method."

"Hey at least my training methods are getting you somewhere." Nya pouted.

As soon as Ash hit the bed he was off in dream land with the Pikachu curled up beside him. Mew had reverted back to her original pink cat form and looked out the window as if troubled about something.

Something's wrong I can feel it, but I don't know… what it could be… Mew thought to herself as she wondered what this uneasy feeling could mean.

Chapter 31: Psychic Troubles

… … …

"Hey… who are you?"

"Hmm?" Ash opened his eyes to see what appears to be a cat like Pokemon with a purple tail and it looked young like a kid.

"I feel like I've seen you before but… at the same time I've never met you." The cat Pokemon said curiously.

Ash blinked and looked around; all he could see was darkness and this strange cat like Pokemon in front of him. Looking down his body was small and covered in light blue fur… and he had a long thin tail behind him… yup he's been transformed into a blue Mew again.

"Where… where am I? Last thing I remember was falling asleep in the Pokemon Center." Ash questioned.

"I don't really know. I can't remember anything… just a voice of someone I can't remember, but I think she said life was wonderful… but I don't know why." the Pokemon answered.

Ash blinked back at the strange Pokemon… he looked like… "Do you have a name?" Ash asked.

"… What's a name?"

"It's… something to call yourself, you know identification. Like my name is Ash, what's yours?"

"Oh well… I think someone called me Mew…two I think." It answered back unsure.

Ash was shocked to hear this as he remembered an earlier dream that involved a Mewtwo that was said to be the clone of his Memma yet better because of 'human ingenuity' or something like that. This one seemed a lot younger though and more… innocent.

"I remember she said I was a clone and that only clones can come here. So does that mean you're a clone too?" Mewtwo asked curiously to the little blue Mew in front of him.

Ash frowned as he thought about this kid version of the Mewtwo from his earlier dreams, he seemed so innocent now but he became so powerful and corrupted later. "No, I'm not a clone. I don't even know how I got here… where ever 'here' is."

Suddenly the young Mewtwo smiled excitedly, "That's amazing! Could you probably show me what the world you live in is like?"

Now Ash was confused, "Huh?"

"It's easy just concentrate on what it looks like and it'll show. Go on, try it."

"Well… okay." Ash remembered his home Pallet Town and suddenly the entire darkness transformed into Pallet Town.

"Wow! Is this your home, Ash?" Mewtwo asked in excitement as he looked around the imaginary town.

"Uh… yes, it's where I was born and raised." Ash answered a little curious of what's going on but felt nostalgic seeing this place again, imaginary or not.

"It's so beautiful and warm here… Ash…" Mewtwo turned and gave a scan on the little blue Mew's body as if trying to draw in a long lost memory.

"You know I can't help but feel like we have… a keen relationship with each other, but I don't know what or why." Mewtwo said finally.

Ash blinked his big blue eyes curiously as he too started scanning the young Mewtwo, "Well you said you're Mew's clone, right?"

"I guess, that's what the voices called me."

"That might be the reason. You see Mew is my Memma." Ash answered.

"What's a Memma?"

Ash sweatdropped, "Well a Memma is… someone who takes good care of you and loves you no matter what. It's kind of hard to explain, but Memma… or mother or parent will always love you because you are their child."

Mewtwo nodded and said, "That sounds… nice, but I don't think I really understand."

"Well you're young, maybe someday you will."

"Hey Ash… I'm glad to have met you." Mewtwo smiled at the confused Ash. Ash tilted his head curiously before smiling back.

"Yeah… I'm glad to have you too… Mewtwo."

"Hey Ash, would you wake up already? I'm ready to get to Saffron City and kick some Psychic butt!" a familiar voice shouted in Ash's ear.

The human boy jumped and nearly fell out of bed. "Wha-?"

Mew floated in front of her groggy confused child and used Psychic to float him out of bed and outside the Pokemon Center. "Come on Ashie~ we need to start the training before we go and before the sun sets."

Indeed the sun was already going down meaning evening has arrived.

Ash let out Remi, Eon, Nidosaur, Luna and the newly recruited Spooks.

"Okay guys it's time to start your training." Ash announced.

Storm stood beside Remi and Eon both eager and afraid of what the training is going to be this time.

Mew floated just above her child and said, "Since we're heading to a Psychic specialist it may be in your best interest to learn how to deal with Psychic types and since there are hardly any Dark types in this region this is going to get tough."

Nidosaur and Spooks both didn't like where this was going; both of them are Poison types so Psychic attacks will really HURT.

"Nidosaur and Spooks are probably the worst choice, but Spooks is also part Ghost, I may have to use you." Ash said looking at the Ghastly.

Spooks said, "I've battled with a few Psychic types before so I have an idea how to deal with them, but they are rather tricky. Ash, if it's not too much trouble I'd rather we stop by in Lavender Town."

"Oh? And why's that?"

"There's a tower over there that I believe will be the ideal place to train for both Psychic and Ghost types. One must be prepared for anything." Spooks answered.

"You mean the terrible Tower of Terror? It's really not so bad when you get to know the uh… residents in there, but they are such pranksters." Mew grinned.

"You mean like you?" Storm eyed the floating pink feline.

"Well at any rate we'll have to wait for Misty and Brock to get packed and leave tomorrow when it's early. For now let's focus on working skills and endurance." Ash said and nodded to Mew who was a little TOO excited for this.

Poor Spooks had no idea what he was getting himself into when the training started. Mew had conjured up her own realm where Time is controlled by the legendary herself; minutes in the real world could be days in this one if she chooses it to be so.

Invisible waves of Psychic energy began pushing back the Pokemon. They have to use their will power just to keep themselves from getting thrown into the sky.

Poor Nidosaur was the first to get pushed back being weaker to Psychic attacks. Luna was pushed back shortly after not use to being hit by unseen force. Next was Spooks and it was impressive the Ghastly survived that long being part Poison. Finally it was the two rodent Pokemon: Remi and Storm as the two seem to have the strongest will out of the current team.

Eventually both the Pikachu and the Ratatta were blown back. Ash nodded as he decided that either Spooks, Storm or Remi were best to fight against the Psychic Gym once they get to Saffron City.

However, later that night, Brock and Misty went to bed after gathering supplies, Ash had a little talk with Mew in the Pokemon Center.

"Memma I've been having these weird dreams lately."

Mew, as a mother, was worried for her child, "Oh? What kind of dreams? No wait, let me see it for myself."

Ash just relaxed and waited, sometimes having a Psychic Pokemon read your mind has its advantages, at least this way he doesn't have to describe everything to her.

Mew probed her child's mind and concentrated only on those weird dreams he mentioned as she knew he wouldn't appreciate her coming into his personal thoughts, though she would often do that when she's in a teasing mood. Of course it was easy finding it since Ash wanted her to.

That was when Mew learned about Mewtwo's future and how he and Ash had a psychic link with each other during his nap earlier.

"I see why you would be concerned. You've been dreaming about my clone Mewtwo, created from those human scientists I saw from that faraway jungle." Mew said in one of her rare serious tone.

"It's strange almost as if he knew about me even though we've never met." Ash said.

Mew looked out the window and the night sky. "Lately I've been feeling uneasy myself but I can't fathom why or what it could mean. It could be connected to your dreams of my clone Mewtwo or something else entirely."

Ash now felt worried when he heard of this; it's bad enough if a child's mother gets worried about something, but if it's a legendary Pokemon like Mew one has every right to be scared. Mew doesn't get worried or concerned very easily.

"If I may make a suggestion?" the mechanic voice caught Ash off guard and nearly made him jump out of his skin.

"Dexter! Don't talk so suddenly like that!" he snapped pulling out the Pokedex.

"Excuse me Ash, but you hardly take me out so I have to speak up. Anyway I was listening to your little problems and perhaps there is a way to figure out what those dreams and uneasy feelings mean." Dexter answered.

"A machine knows more than the legendary Mew herself?" Ash questioned.

Dexter would've sweatdropped if it could, "A machine knows more than you could imagine. Anyway my suggestion is to go into your mindscape and see what the problem is."

"Uh… can we do that?" Ash asked looking at the floating Mew beside him.

Mew nodded and a bit embarrassed that she hadn't thought of that herself, "Yes it's possible, but I don't usually like exploring one's mindscape since it could go on forever like infinite space and easy to get lost. Not to mention if you screw up too much you could cause permanent damage to that person's psyche. I may be playful but I don't like hurting living creatures, especially like that."

"It's risky, but it may be the only way to interpret what those dreams could mean." Dexter said.

Ash was worried, "What do you think Memma? Should we try it?"

Mew didn't like the idea of going into her child's mindscape and risk permanently damaging his mind, but they couldn't just ignore this either as it could mean the end of the world as they know it.

Taking a deep breath Mew and Ash looked at each other in the eyes for a moment, "Alright Ash, we will go into your mindscape and see if we can find some answers. However, this will be risky and I don't want you to get separated from me while in there, got it?"

"Uh… y-yes Memma." Ash was scared to be honest as he never would've thought he would have to travel into his own mindscape and even risk damaging his own psyche.

"Now just relax and close your eyes, this won't take long and it'll be painless like you're dreaming." Mew said warmly wanting to make sure Ash was as calm as possible for this to work better, if he's anxious that would make traveling through his mindscape harder as he would unconsciously keep them out.

Ash took a deep breath as he felt his 'mother's tough on his face, Mew was rubbing his cheek to help keep him calm. Mew's body glowed in pink psychic aura and the aura passed on to Ash's body too.

Chapter 32: The Mindscape's Secrets

Ash opened his eyes when he suddenly felt he was on air and realized he really was! But he wasn't falling and Mew was beside him.

"We're here, this is your mindscape Ashie." Mew smiled as she looked around and was amazed that they arrived in the sky and the sky was an interesting mix with blue and purple.

Ash looked around and was fascinated and the looked down but couldn't see the ground, "Uh… why does my mind not show the ground?"

"This means you have the desire to fly and want to fly high but is too scared too. The lack of ground represents your fear of getting lost in the sky, but it also means you wish to fly." Mew smiled being an expert at this sort of thing.

Mew waved gesturing him to follow her. Ash just literally ran through the sky after the pink feline and when they got closer to the 'ground' they see the ocean and it was nice and calm.

"The calmness of the ocean represents how much you think things through and that you're usually at peace with yourself. The sea also represents your desire to be able to travel underwater without having to hold your breath. I see you like the water too Ashie." Mew grinned knowing her influence mostly caused this.

Ash remembered doing this with Misty when he and his friends tried to (and succeeded) get rid of her fears of Bug Pokemon… he just didn't expect to be going through his own mindscape.

"Memma how will we find the answer to my dreams of Mewtwo?" Ash asked.

"That's actually a good question; the answer inside one's mind could be anywhere. Hmm… I think the best way of finding the answer is to try and sense where the unusual feeling of someone else being in here is and search from there." Mew suggested.

Ash nodded as he tried to concentrate and he felt uneasiness coming from under the sea… the darker part of the sea, "Down there somewhere, I feel someone else's presences."

Mew nodded and smiled, "Let's go for a swim then."

Both Ash and Mew dived on in and when they did Ash turned himself into his favorite blue Mew form to follow his Memma underwater easier.

The deeper they went the darker it got and the more they feel this unwanted presences.

Ash strained his eyes when he noticed something on the 'ocean floor' that looked like some kind of container.

"There, I see it." he said and despite being a 'Mew' he still spoke in his original language.

"Let's take a closer look." Mew said as the two approached it.

Ash's eyes widen when he saw what was inside that glass container; it was the kid version of Mewtwo and he appears to be asleep inside.

"That's Mewtwo, but what's he doing so deep within my mindscape?" Ash questioned and a bit worried that this could hurt his sanity.

Mew studied the sleeping Mewtwo within the container and tried to decipher what it is doing inside her child's mind. That's when she felt it; there's some kind of psychic connection between the three of them, yes it's connected to even Mew herself.

"I'm not sure when or how Ash, but it looks like this clone of mine subconsciously knew about us and formed a psychic link deep within our minds, both yours and mine." Mew answered with the unusual serious tone. Ash is not use to Mew calling him 'Ash' instead of 'Ashie'.

Ash nodded, "That would explain the dreams about him, but why would he link with our minds?"

"Well as my clone it's only natural he would unconsciously try to reconnect with the original, me, but what I can't understand is why he would do the same with you." Mew wondered with the very foreign serious look on her face.

Ash thought about this and said, "Maybe it's because of our strong bond with each other that maybe Mewtwo believed I was truly related with you and he wanted to reconnect with me as well." it was only a theory at the moment, maybe they could wake up this Mewtwo and ask him… if they could.

"Could we get him out of that container?" Ash asked.

"That's probably not a good idea. If you let him out he may accidently take over your psyche and we don't want that." Mew warned.

"Then is it okay if we just wake him up?"

"Perhaps, but I doubt he'd be easy to wake up and even if we do he won't be able to stay awake for long."

"Well we should try so we can question him. I'm still not comfortable with the idea of some kind of clone of my Memma living inside my head even if it's just part of his own mind." Ash shuddered.

Ash and Mew floated around the container with the young Mewtwo sleeping within trying to figure out a way to wake him up without breaking the container.

Ash knocked on the glass, but no response. Mew tried yelling but that didn't work either. The two of them even moved the container around to try and wake him up but nothing worked.

"Ugh… maybe he only wakes up when he wants to talk to me in my dreams." Ash grumbled.

Suddenly as if on cue the young Mewtwo began to open his eyes and groggily said, "… Ash?"

Ash and Mew both jumped as neither were expecting him to awaken at all and they were about to just leave the mindscape.

"H-hey Mewtwo, about time you woke up." Ash said trying to keep from having a heart attack in his own mindscape.

"I sensed you nearby… but I'm sleepy right now…" Mewtwo said trying to keep his heavy eyes open.

"Wait, please tell me; why are you in my mind?" Ash asked quickly hoping to get at least one answer before his only source fell into a deep slumber again.

The young Mewtwo gave a weak chuckle, "I don't know… but I feel… like I'm home… with you… and that pink thing beside you." he was referring to Mew.

"EXCUSE ME! I have a name ya know! It's Mew!"

Mewtwo began closing his eyes, "Let's… talk again… some time…" and just like that he went back into his deep slumber.

Ash and Mew just sighed, "Let's get out of here I doubt we'll find any more answers." Ash said.

"Okay, just close your eyes and focus on the real world. I'll meet you out there." Mew said as she disappeared

Ash closed his eyes, relaxed and imagined the Pokemon Center's room he was previously in.

"Hey Ash wake up! It's time to go." Ash heard Misty's voice calling him.

Opening his eyes he was human again and both Brock and Misty were in front of him.

"Were you going to sleep in? Let's go, I can't wait to see Saffron City I hear there's a great company over there." Brock said anxiously.

Ash chuckled, "Alright, let's go."

"After dealing with your little training method this next Gym will be cake!" Storm announced confidently.

Nya yawned and stretched like the cat that she is, "I wouldn't be so sure little Pikachu."

Ash packed his bags and eager to head out, even though he's a little uncomfortable with part of Mewtwo's psyche deep within his mind it's not harming him the poor clone only wanted a 'family' to talk to so he could deal with that at least.

Now the boy must shift his focus on the upcoming Gym battle in Saffron City. "Okay guys, to Saffron City!"

What other new Pokemon and adventures await Ash, Mew and his other friends? Will they ever meet with the real Mewtwo at some point in the future? And will this next gym be as easy as Storm hope? Find out next time.

To Be Continued…

Author: Mew... what did I tell you about kidnapping the readers?

Mew: Aww, it's not like they'll remember once I sent them back home. Besides, I've been getting bored since you've been 'busy' lately.

Author: You get bored too easily, you're like a little kid. Anyway I hope you guys read my notes especially the top one since I've had some announcments up there.

Mew: Yeah, yeah they get the message.

Author: Oh and by the way the votes for Vulpix or Ponyta is still on until they get to Celadon City but don't double post it as that is unfair and I won't count it.

Mew: By the way... what do you people think of my little Ashie, Brock and Misty's team lately?

Author: So please leave a review... and make sure Mew don't capture you, even if you WANT to play with her. It's not like you'll remember anyway and I rather not get arrested.

Mew: You worry too much. Anyway, we'll see you all next time, bye!