DarkFoxKit: Well, well, lookie here, we've reached the end of the Child of Mew. I'm kinda sad actually.

Key2DestNE: Heh… Well, I don't blame you- this is a long story, and a lot of work went into it from an amazing author! Of course, we're far from over!

DarkFoxKit: Originally I was just going to do the whole season by myself, just putting in a few twists and turns, but… I soon got bored with that. And I'm sure many of the fans were starting to see the chapters dulling down too, one even stated it looked like I was rushing it… and to be blunt… I kinda was. With all the demands to update and the pressure… you could say I just did it to get it out of the way.

Mew: WHAT!? How DARE you rush MY STORY! *barges in, glaring angrily at Key before focusing her anger on Fox* I thought we agreed you'd give NOTHING but your BIGGEST AMOUNT OF ATTENTION ON IT!? So HOW. DID. YOU. RUSH IT!?

DarkFoxKit: *hides behind a chair* L-look, Mew… I'm sorry, but I'm only human! I have attention spans! I don't always want to type one thing! You can't force me to be motivated when I'm not!

Mew: OH REALLY!? … *slowly smirks, pulling out a glowing tennis racket* … I've got your motivation riiiiight here… And you won't be human for much longer~ Hee hee!

DarkFoxKit: … That's not motivation… that's just… what's the word I'm looking for…

Key2DestNE: *nervously speaks up* …Pain? 'Cause it looks like she's planning to open a huge can of it on your face…

DarkFoxKit: No, it's just cruel. And Mew! Calm down, this is why I recruited Key! So both of us are able to make the story better and faster!

Mew: Oh reeeeally? Well… maybe I won't be so rude to him, even though he took MY spot in the Author's Notes! But don't think you're so free from this… *continues to advance on the poor author* No, YOU still made MY story DULL!

DarkFoxKit: KEY! Help me out here, please! *glances at her friend desperately*

Key2DestNE: *hesitates, rubbing his arm sheepishly* ...W-well… I dunno, I doubt I'll EVER get the chance to not be beaten up, and this might be funny to see… Oh, what the heck, you only live once. Mew, go to town on the author that made YOU of all Pokemon dull- I'll get some popcorn heated up, I love a good fight scene! *walks out the door for a moment*

DarkFoxKit: *eye twitches as the author walks back in, carrying popcorn* … You better learn to sleep with your eyes open tonight.

Mew: Okay Foxie~ Time to plaaaaaay.

DarkFoxKit: No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *screaming and CRASHING is heard, as the camera is turned away from the scene*

Key2DestNE: *begins chuckling, munching on some popcorn* Man… I'll be in SO much pain for this, but I'm glad I'm not the scapegoat this chapter!

*Half an hour later…*

DarkFoxKit: *lying on the ground, unable to move*

Key2DestNE: *walks over, pokes her with a stick* …I think you broke her, Mew. Weird, since you went kinda easy on her compared to what you do with me…

DarkFoxKit: …

Mew: You think I went EASY on her, do you?

Key2DestNE: *quickly shakes his head* N-no, no, no! I don't mean THAT, I'm just saying you didn't pull out the blowtorch or the Silly String like you do with me, you just did a little less work!

Mew: That's because she's not like you. I have to do her special game differently. For DarkFoxKit, I prefer more mental torture than physical torture like I do with other authors.

Key2DestNE: I get that, I get that. But… You just seem to hit me more- you know what, forget it. I'm just… going to shut up now.

Mew: No, no, I would LOVE to hear more. Why do you think I went easy on Fox, hmmm? Is it because you think I 'pick' on you more?

Key2DestNE: *sheepishly shrugs* …M-Maybe? L-look, Mew… You already got your anger out on Fox, no need to do it to me too! I-I'm just, uh… Look, there's FanfictionLover13 in the distance! She didn't try to help with making it interesting, like I did! *runs quickly*

Mew: She does A Fox's Dark Blood. *traps him in a bubble* It's different~

DarkFoxKit: *slowly sits up* This… is… supposed to be… an announcement… of Child of Mew… not… DFK's torture chapter!

Mew: Oh, we have those now? *interested* Well, maybe I'll take poor widdle Key here to go take one~

Key2DestNE: N-no, please! T-that'll only prove that you torture me the MOST if you bring me there first, making me right! You- you don't want that, right!?

Mew: I'll leave you two alone then~ After all, you just betrayed and left little poor Foxie here… *she teleports DarkFoxKit right next to Key in the bubble* Why not stick together? Hee hee~ *teleports away*

Key2DestNE: ….Um… this is awkward… B-but at least it gives us a chance to talk about the sequel… r-right? *smiles sheepishly*

DarkFoxKit: I hope you had your fun, Key. Because I'm going to make Mew's Games seem like fun little kiddie games. *glares with venom*

Key2DestNE: *gulps, thinking to himself* (Oh, like you don't normally- I always end up in pain around now… Back to the old grind, I guess.) B-before you do that, let's get to WHY we're doing this chapter! You can kick my butt later.

DarkFoxKit: Oh, I'm not going to be kicking your butt, instead… *smiles insanely happy* Yes… let's talk about this story and it's sequel now.

Key2DestNE: *blinks, gulping* ….O-o-oookay, uh… Basically, we noticed a bunch of people thought we meant it'd be about Team Rocket and not Ash's adventures in the next season. I'm sorry, that was a mistake on my part- it'll still be Ash's adventures, he'll just be encountering Team Rocket more, and as a top criminal organization, not as three puny- no offense- grunts who blast off again and again like cannon fodder.

DarkFoxKit: *hugs Key, nuzzling up to him* That's right, readers. We're going to be changing up the story a lot. After I typed for a while in COM, like somewhere in Part 15 or so, I wanted something different, something about a real threat and a bit more dark themed than how it was in the canon, kind of like in the games or manga. So I decided it might be better if it was like Ash vs. Team Rocket. And this time they'll be after him rather than ignoring some kid Trainer on the road. Isn't that right, little precious Key?

Key2DestNE: *gulps, sweating nervously* (W-what the heck is she planning?) Uh…. y-yeah. This time, he's- uh… He's a big part of their plans, and I mean BIG… And that mysterious Trainer? He might have ruined it for some of you, but Ash isn't the only child- you met the other child of a Legendary, so now it's another!

DarkFoxKit: NOW you're talking, good friend of mine! We added a lot of twists and turns here to make a whole new masterpiece! When I got good ol' Key here to help me write the stories, we decided to make one final Part for Child of Mew here and move on to a second season, or second arc/book, however you want to call it. Makes it more interesting, and marks the second season as having two writers instead of just one.

Key2DestNE: Y...Y-yeah, she's, uh… She's right! Anything- anything else you wanna talk about, Fox? …A bit further AWAY, please? I don't have much personal space…

DarkFoxKit: Sure, have all the personal space you want. *backs away to the furthest part of the bubble.* And now… the sequel is here! This is also an alert for Child of Mew fans who wanted one to let them know it's up. And… we also have a bit of a Trailer here for you to enjoy.

Key2DestNE: Y-yep! Uh…. hope you enjoy…? … Uh… Riz, we can't turn the camera off, we're in the bubble together!

DarkFoxKit: Huh? Oh, I'm sure Mew will be back soon. Anyway… *looks down* Um… just enjoy yourself.

Key2DestNE: …Er… you mean ME or the readers? It's a little unclear that way…

DarkFoxKit: … Both. *looks away, trying to keep eyes from watering.*

Key2DestNE: (... What's with her? Is she trying not to cry?) *blinks* Fox? C'mon, what's wrong? Hey… look at me- you're acting weird. You can trust me, right?

DarkFoxKit: ….. *she didn't look at him. In fact it's like she's trying to avoid his eyes*

Key2DestNE: C'mon, Fox! If we're gonna work together, we have to trust each other. Look at me, please. Unless… you want me to look at you?

DarkFoxKit: *With that, she seemed to snap, glaring at Mike.* TRUST EACH OTHER!? Ha! That's a good laugh! I try to help you when Mew comes after your tail, yet you just ABANDONED and ENJOYED Mew TORTURING ME! I'm sorry if I was such a bad friend you wanted REVENGE on me! *unwanted water streamed down her eyes and cheeks.*

Key2DestNE: *blinked in shock* I… F-Fox, I'm… I'm sorry, I should've helped, I know- b-but sometimes you hurt me too, I was just trying not to be the scapegoat one chapter! Isn't… isn't that good for me? I'm sure YOU enjoy Mew torturing ME, considering how often she does it!

DarkFoxKit: I can't help it if she likes to target you, Key! *she bit on the bubble, breaking it slightly, and reached for the camera on the ground.* Turn this off and get to the trailer, the readers don't need to see this drama!

Key2DestNE: *frowns sadly, but nods* ...R-right. But… we're talking about this afterwards, until you realize I wasn't trying to get 'revenge' on you or anything, alright?

DarkFoxKit: Just shut up. *grabs the camera and shuts it off*

Ash sets off on his journey, returning to Saffron City once more to find out about this mysterious Gary-look-alike. With Storm the Pikachu by his side, and Mew who's disguised as a Meowth to watch over him, nothing can stand in his way… right?

This belief of his, and everything he's known, will be tested, as Team Rocket's focus suddenly shifts straight onto him! He may not be a true Child of Mew… but if so, why does the leader care so much about him, a normal human, instead of his mother, the strongest Legendary there is, and the creator of the world?

Ash will soon find out that mysterious Trainer isn't alone after all… There's another elite, who could potentially also be a Child of Legendary. She seems out for him as well, and her Pokemon were just as strong as the mysterious Trainer. How can Ash fight back with these powerful elites? All this training, his efforts, even his own confidence, fails him when fighting these cream of the crop… They even seem to be above Giovanni himself, a man that Ash couldn't take on, even with two Gym Leaders and a Hoenn Trainer by his side! Is it possible that his journey will end long before it should?

But this also seems to be untrue… For when another mysterious Trainer joins his side, the boy's own childhood will be tested as well. And all of this stress could either completely break him, tear him apart… or build him up higher than ever before, so that our favorite hero rises above the ashes, and grows to become a Trainer stronger than any the world has ever seen! Which will be the case? The choice is his to make.

Kidnapping… Betrayal… Doubt… Shadows… All of it will come down to the ultimate test for the young boy… Will he be able to rise through the challenge? Or become defeated and forever lost to the shadows that enshroud Team Rocket, losing sight of everything he has ever cared about?

Trust… Care… Hope… Light… "Maybe that's what you need… a second chance." Ash said to another who has lost his way… another who has fallen to the shadows

Three members of Team Rocket… Are they friend or foe? Are they really… all what they seem? Are they really willing… to stay loyal to an organization that kills and enslaves for their own benefit? An organization that shrouds the Kanto region in deadly shadows too deep for the brightest light to pierce?

"How do we know we can trust you?" James quietly asked a cloaked figure, blocked out by the light.

"After all… all we've done is try to steal your Pokemon." Meowth spoke to another, confused. "Why would you help us, of anyone else?"

The second figure smiled, speaking confidently. "I believe that there is some light in those who have lost their way to the darkness… Maybe it's not too late for you guys."

The clone of Mew… What role has he to play in this scheme? Was he a failure… or a success? Time will tell… and with it, the shadows will grow.

Why are there Children of Legendaries working for Team Rocket? Why are they chasing after Ash? Could their goals be something… that's beyond what it seems in hindsight? What could they want? What is their ultimate goal? And is what they said true? Are they the founders of this horrible organization? What could their reasoning truly be?



"... You can't blame yourself… It's not your fault this happened to her…"

"Maybe not… but it is my responsibility… I will save you… Memma."

"Don't be a fool! You can't run from my Shadows! They will destroy all in their path, until only Team Rocket is the light in the sky, in the earth, and in the seas!"

"Can't… hold on… much longer… No… Stop them… p-please…"

A dark new dawn will rise… And everything- corruption… Bribery… Heroes… and even villains… All will be revealed through both the light, and the shadows. The Shadows… of Kanto.

DarkFoxKit: Well now, if that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will! Oh and… about the… ahem… 'Author Notes' above… they're just us messing around in a scene we made. None of it really happened.

Key2DestNE: Well, I- *He gulped, seeing a knife at his neck, and quickly nodded* Y-yeah! NONE of it happened! M-Mew didn't beat Fox up, i-it was all an act! Don't, uh… worry about us!

DarkFoxKit: … *pans the camera out to reveal Key holding the knife himself.* Key… that's a toy, and nobody's forcing you to speak. You just love being the… tortured boy, don't you?

Key2DestNE: … *smiles sheepishly, an embarrassed blush coming to his cheeks as he lowered the toy knife* W-well… Ya know, I don't like the occasional punch you DO get in, but it's funny to see everybody say "Oh, I hope he's okay!" Well… to tell the truth, I am. None of this is actually happening in these notes, we're just making it seem that way.

DarkFoxKit: Yup; all the special effects look pretty realistic, huh? Mew herself is actually pretty nice, she agreed to play as the psychic/psychotic playful Mew from some of the Mew stories I've read in the past.

Mew: *appears, nodding* It's true. Those stories make me seem so psychotic yet wise at the same time. DarkFoxKit figures she could make me similar to them, but to a… lesser extent. The readers seem to enjoy a psychotic Mew for whatever reason, so we just rolled with it during the AN too. And I'm not really mad at Key, in fact I'm grateful that he's helping Fox with this story. But… well, consider it an act of it's own right. *winks*

Key2DestNE: *chuckles, nodding* Yeah, she's right. It helps our own little 'plotline' we have going here, and it's always funny to edit down to a clean little story! …But I have to be honest for a second. Vi, my own Victini muse? She's… actually crazy. *sighs, rubbing his arm* Some of the scars I get after a 'fight' are actually real, so I do appreciate the concern I get about them from you guys.

Mew: Well… sometimes I do go a little overboard myself while doing the Mew Games. I can't help it; I get excited and hyper, and it turns… real and chaotic. But hey, at least it's fun, right?

DarkFoxKit: … I think a roller coaster was far more tame. -_-'

Key2DestNE: Or a trampoline to space! *chuckles*

DarkFoxKit: Or- *gets a corn dog shoved in her mouth*

Mew: O-okay, okay, I get it! Just… eat your corn dog, okay? I don't like to talk about it.

DarkFoxKit: *takes it out, munching on it a bit and rolling her eyes* Anyway, I hope you readers enjoyed this story and will enjoy the next story. It's been really hard work, but we're picking up the pace once more! And congratulations for making it all the way to the end as well! Well, Key… you have anything more to add before we leave and get back to work?

Key2DestNE: Well… just one tiny thing. It's from a Youtuber who's growing really famous lately, named Markiplier- he's got about 1,500,000 subscribers now, and I'm a bit of a fan! Here goes- hope I get it right… *waves at the camera* Buh-bye~! *With that, he leaned towards the camera, turning it off to a wave of credits.*

Idea: By DarkFoxKit

Written: By DarkFoxKit

Storyline: DarkFoxKit (Original anime and games by GameFreak)

ANs: By DarkFoxKit, Key2DestNE, and Mew

Co-Writer (At the end): Key2DestNE

Advisor: Key2DestNE and FanfictionLover13