After reading whoadrep08's story I couldn't help, but think of all the little things I caught that could easily make a sequel, so I did. Please don't hate me for this. This is my first story so reviews are more than welcome even flamers.

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13 years after Axiom's return to Earth

Colony "Hope" formerly known as New York City

Anyone from the Axiom could say they wouldn't recognize their flourishing colony in the middle of what was once considered a barren waste land. The new generation did wonders to bring life into a recovering world especially two energetic children who had to be under constant attention from their parents. Wendy was starting to spend more and more time in the gardens her mother helped create. She was so taken by the scenery that she didn't notice the small footsteps coming from behind."BOO!" with a gasp she turned to see the only one that could match her with his own antics. "Wallace! How many times do I have to tell you not to sneak up on me?" she said with a little irritation in her voice. "Mom says you have to come back for dinner it's getting late".

Many in the colony say Wallace is the splitting image of his father same hazel eyes that looked at everything in wonder and a curiosity that got him in more trouble than any 7 year old should. He had also inherited his mother's silvery white hair which did make some of the younger girls around the colony both jealous and amazed. Since most of the colony has called his father Wally he didn't like to be called JR so he prefers it when they call him Wallace. Sometimes he lets his parents get away with it every once in a while. "Alright race you back home!" was all Wallace got as a warning before his sister left him standing dumbstruck for a moment before he bolted right after her. "No fair you had a head start!" he said while trying to keep up with Wendy. "That's your penalty for sneaking up on me!" she shouted back.

Both siblings finally reached their home at the same time their father stepped out to look at the night sky. "Hey kids" Wally said with a low tone it usually meant he worked in cleaning up the abandoned city. "Hi dad" both children replied happily, "Your mother has been looking for you young lady" Wally said with hint of teasing in his voice. "So I've heard" Wendy replied. Wallace's stomach gave a low growl reminding him why he was looking for Wendy in the first place, "I'm hungry" was all he had to say to rush in and see what Eve had made for dinner. "Come on Wendy you must be starving as well" Wally said. Just before Wendy walked into her house she turned to the peaceful colony she called home. "Something on your mind Wendy?". "I wish something exciting would happen it can get pretty boring around here dad". "Well you never know what tomorrow will bring" Wally said closing the door behind them.

What they didn't know was that Wendy would be getting her wish and it would be more than she bargained for.

So what did you guys think of the intro should I keep going or stop before it gets worse?