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Washington D.C.

Captain Burke sat on a make shift bench wiping some sweat off his forehead with a cool towel. A man in his late 30's walked up to him with one bead of sweat rolling down the side of his face "Come on Captain Burke we just started, you can't expect to drop all the extra luggage unless you put the effort." Already out of breath the captain spoke between heavy panting "Easy… for you… to say… Mr. Davis…" The man laughed "Come on captain Mr. Davis is my father, call me Jack." If Burke wasn't out of breath he probably would have found his statement amusing. They both turned to the sound of engines off to their right. The sight of the vegetation probe made Jack smile knowing that his sister was almost here. Captain Burke wiped some more sweat from his forehead before speaking "Well…should we…go and…welcome… her?" Jack shook his head "Oh no you have one more lap to go, after that you can go talk to Mira." With a groan Captain Burke fell on his back.

A small run later, Jack was standing just outside of the vegetation probe, waiting for Aidan to run out and tell him all the things he had seen. With a hiss, the door slid up and sure enough his nephew came running up to him and gave him a crushing hug "Hey Uncle Jack." "Hey Aidan, how was New York?" Aidan took a step back "It had the biggest surprise ever." Before Jack could ask, a few hover chairs came out followed by Danny and a child Jack had never met before. Jack leaned down and whispered "I didn't know you were going to bring guests." Aidan laughed "They aren't just guests." Before Jack could ask, Daniel called out to him "Uncle Jack I want you to meet someone." The little boy looked up at him with a smile "Hi my name is Wallace," he said extending out his hand. Jack shook it "Nice to meet you Wallace, my name Jack Davis and welcome to Washington." Wallace looked around "I thought it would be… nicer?" Jack gave a heartfelt laugh "Since I'm guessing you will be staying here you should know the city is underground." Wallace looked at him with a peculiar expression "Underground?" Jack smiled "You'll see."

Wally and Eve walked out of the ship with a few hover chairs following close behind. Wally took a quick look around; the streets were cleared of any garbage, Jupiter on its landing pad, and some of what he guessed, were the passengers because of their size, attempting to speed walk around a track. Other than that there weren't many other people around. Eve deduced that the rest were at the colony underground, but that meant it was big enough for everyone already living there and the arrivals from Jupiter. Although the Axiom was the biggest ship in the Buy 'n' Large fleet that did not mean the others were small by any means, Jupiter still held a population in the thousands "Evah are you excited too?" Eve gave him a warm smile "Of course, we'll get to see what makes 'New Beginning' so special." "You have to see it to believe it," Mira walked past them waving at the man below them "Jack I what you to meet someone special!" Jack walked up to the ramp where Mira was waiting for him her arms outstretched "Hey sis good to know you made new friends." She scoffed "Just get over here." They gave each other a welcoming embrace before Wally and Eve made their way down.

Wendy was helping Danny with the hover chairs since a couple of them decided to malfunction. Although Danny told everyone that he would catch up with them, Wendy wanted to at least give him some company and maybe have some of her questions answered. With a few sparks coming from the console, Danny held his finger in pain "Ow ow ow ow." Wendy ran next to him "Uncle are you alright?" With a shake of his hand Danny answered "Yeah I'm fine Wendy, this thing is older than I am, it's amazing it still works." Remembering her curiosity from earlier she finally asked "Uncle Danny do you know how Dad got his metal hand?" Danny stopped for a moment and continued his work "Why are you asking me? Shouldn't your father be the one to tell you?" Wendy crossed her arms "I have, but he always changes the subject and when I asked my mom she didn't know either." If Danny had thought that statement didn't hurt he would be lying. He wouldn't blame Wally either, when he found out what happened in New York he wouldn't talk about it too. Maybe that is what bothered him, at least people knew not to ask him about his life in New York and Wally kept everyone in the dark, even his own family, even then Danny wouldn't hold it against him. He figured out long ago everyone is different and he had no right to judge people based on their feelings.

Stepping outside Wendy and Danny saw Wally, Eve, and Mira talking with a man with a look of total shook Wendy had never seen before. Before Wendy could say anything Danny shouted to him "Jack if you don't close your mouth something might fly in!" With a shake of his head trying to get his mind working again he turned to Mira pointing at Danny then at Wally "So… they're brothers?" Danny walked next to Wally putting an arm around him, Wally doing the same "Of course, don't you see the resemblance?" They both gave a toothy grin. As if still trying to process this, the only thing Jack could say was "There is going to be a lot of celebrating tonight on Mom's part." Before Eve could ask, Mira answered the question she had in her head "Our mother is a little, how would I put it, excessive when it comes to Danny." With a sigh Danny added "Yeah, but you get used to it." With a curious look toward his wife, Eve shrugged her shoulders as they all made their way toward a stairway that lead to an old looking subway system.

Wallace, Aidan and Daniel were waiting for them before getting into the train all set to go. By the look of it, it was a bullet train much like the ones top side, the only visible difference was this one was painted with a chrome finish making it rather reflective. Wallace was making faces watching his reflection stretched and compressed as he got closer and farther. Eve smiled and didn't find it surprising as Wally stood next to him making the same faces. With an embarrassed look and a facepalm Wendy added "Wallace, Dad please don't do things like that in public." Looking over at her uncle for reassurance he was standing next to Wally making his own faces "This is my favorite part of the train." With an awkward laugh Daniel put a hand on his cousin's shoulder "Don't worry if my dad and your dad are alike they do have their childish fun, but they know when they have to be serious." Wendy would have fallen over had Eve not ushered her into the train.

As the kids chatted about how fast they were going, the adults were having a discussion about Wally and Eve's stay in what know Mira called the city. Danny was explaining to Wally what he did down there "Well basically I help with the vegetation, like planting new trees, harvesting stuff like that." Wally leaned back on his chair "Well that sounds like fun." Danny brightened up "Oh it is, all my closest friends work there too and they can be pleasant to be around, anyway I either did nothing or work there, Mira doesn't let me do much else." Eve saw Mira flinch out of the corner of her eye, but apparently it went unnoticed by everyone else "I know that feeling Eve sometimes goes too far when it comes to my safety." Eve crossed her arms "Well I'm sorry if I'm just trying to keep you safe." Wally put an arm around her and kissed her shoulder "I was only teasing Evah, I didn't mean it." Mira looked at Wally "Evah?" Obviously wanting an explanation Eve decided she should be the one to tell her "That was what Wally used to call me when we first met, even though he knows how to say my name, I like it when he calls me that I think it's…cute in his own way." Danny burst out laughing "What's so funny?" Whatever Danny was laughing at it was enough to cause him to tear up "No it's just that I remembered something from a while back." Eve looked at him curiously "Well what is it?" Danny looked at Wally "I'm pretty sure Wally should remember." Eve saw Wally's eyes widen and saw his face start to redden in embarrassment "You said you wouldn't tell anyone." "Well I promised I would only tell people after 10 years so…" Wally tackled Danny to the ground trying his best to get his brother to stop talking. Mira and Eve sat there as if watching a couple of kids fighting over something as trivial as a secret that was as old as they were. Eve got up and stood over them one hand on her hip the other down her side "Will you two cut it out, you're brothers I thought you would respect each other more." Both men immediately stopped and looked up at Eve as it was their first time seeing her. Danny and Wally stood up and brushed themselves off "I should check on the kids it's been too quiet for them to be behaving." Danny started walking out to the next train compartment "I'll go with you." Wally said following close behind. Eve and Mira gave each other a look that said their husbands needed some alone time.

Walking through the train Wally was the first to break the silence "She sounded like Mom…" Danny just added with a simple "I know…" They both put on a smile on their faces as Wallace came running from the other compartment yelling "Dad you have to see this!"

Wally was looking out the window taking in the site before him. "New Beginning" wasn't a small underground colony like he thought; it was a city, a massive city at that. There were buildings as tall as the ones back in New York, patches of green he guessed were parks and the farms Danny mentioned he worked at. He looked down and saw how high up they actually were, it was a good thing he wasn't scared of heights. There were people walking around going about their business like any other day. Wendy and Wallace marveled at how something like this could be down here "Danny how can people building something like this?" Still staring out the window Danny replied "Like everything else, one piece at a time." From the other side Jack just smiled.

The train finally pulled up to the station. Wally didn't know what to expect, but there were a few people waiting to board the train, no doubt to help the passengers topside from the looks of some of the cargo. One of the men there walked up to Jack giving him a firm hand shake "Hey Jack how are things with Jupiter?" Jack sighed "Things are improving Hal let's leave it at that." Hal looked behind him seeing Danny and his kids "Well looks whose back, got homesick?" Danny laughed "No Hal, but there are people I want you to meet." Wally walked out with Wallace and Wendy following close behind "Hal I want you to meet Wallace, his sister Wendy, and their dad Wally." Hal raised an eyebrow as he looked between Wally and Danny feeling he was missing something "Hi Wally nice to meet you and welcome to 'New Beginning'." Wally tried to suppress a laugh "Nice to feel welcome, I don't think he will ever figure it out unless we tell him Danny." Hal turned from Wally to Danny before finally noticing how similar they looked from their eyes, to their hair, even to the way they both have a friendly aura about them. Danny smiled "Wally is my little brother." The small chatter around instantly died down. Hal's jaw dropped "Your brother?" Danny nodded once "Wally when I come back do you mind telling us the how and why?" Seeing their faces dropped Hal decided against it "Never mind, we should get to know each other better once I finish on the surface."

As Hal moved to the door, Mira and Eve stepped out. Mira by herself could already make heads turn, now with Eve in the picture most of the guys present could only stare in awe while some of the women felt a little jealous. Eve walked next to Wally "Eve I want you to meet Hal." Hal only stared blankly at Eve as they shook hands "Hal this is my wife Eve." Hal looked from Eve to Wally trying to make the connection, he wouldn't necessarily call Wally unattractive, he was average, but Eve was definitely as he would say out of his league. First Mira chooses Danny, now this, he was going to have trouble sleeping tonight he thought. As the others filed in to the train Danny could have sworn someone complaining that they should have stayed as Buy 'n' Large if it meant getting someone like that. Danny turned to see an older man standing with his hands behind his back with a welcoming smile "Sam!" The man walked toward them "Welcome home."

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