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Wally would understand the reaction he was getting from everyone at "New Beginning", but really he was hoping someone would have a smile on their face instead of a look of shock. Apparently Mira's dad was no exception. Then again that was everyone's reaction to Danny back home and he never said anything "Hello Sam," Wally said shaking his hand. Sam smiled "I can see the resemblance now," Wally gave him a good hearted smile as Eve introduced him to the kids. Mira finally came up to him "Hi Dad," "Look who it is, Mira you should have given us a heads up if you were coming back early." Mira gave her father a skeptical look "Then how did you know we were here?" Sam chuckled as he scratched his chin "I was on my way up to see how your brother was handling things." "That's going to hurt my confidence." whispered Jack. Danny gave his uncle a pat on the back to reassure him or at least to convince him grandpa was joking "Jack I was actually going to get you because Max wanted to head to the festival today." Jack held his head as he panicked "I almost forgot, Wally as much as I would like to stay and chat, I have other plans that I have to attend to." Jack almost flew down the electric escalator as he jumped 3 steps at a time. Wallace looked up at Sam "Festival?" The older man signaled them to follow "I'll explain on the way."

Wendy and Wallace felt that they weren't on earth anymore. Back home they had some unique things, but this place was just as amazing. Especially this "bus" as Daniel put it, helps dozens of people to get from one place to another quicker than the rail way at the Axiom and that is saying something. Wally listened to Sam's description of their festival they held every year as a reminder of their new lives and the prosperity they now had. "It's a weeklong celebration, you're lucky you arrived when you did, there are only 3 days left." Wallace tugged his mother's hand "Mom can we go please?" "Of course we wouldn't want to miss this." Wally smiled. Seeing Wallace so energetic and wanting to see the world around him, he really is his son. Wendy noticed most of the people were walking in one direction "Aunty Mira is everyone going to the festival?" Mira looked in the direction people were headed "Yes, it's in the center of the city." Wendy looked down one of the streets "I bet it's amazing" Danny leaned over "Oh it is."

Eve had to admit it; this city was beyond her expectations. Hearing that the colony was underground she didn't imagine anything close to this, which made her feel uneasy, was she expecting mole people or something? This place looked like all the old footage of cities around the world before humans were forced to leave. Stores, restaurants and the occasional beauty salon filled with people going about their day like any other. The driver turned on the intercom "Welcome to the Market District next stop Residential." Wendy turned around to her aunt "District?" "Yes Wendy the city is split into districts." Wally leaned over "How many are there?" "7 in total, there's the Market, Residential, Agriculture, Education, Power, Water Supply, and Manufacturing." Wally responded with a simple "Whoa" Mira chuckled "There's maps all over the place, even we can get lost sometimes." Sam got up from his seat "Mira we have to make one stop first" Sam walked up to the driver and tapped his shoulder "I know this is not part of your schedule, but can you stop by the Introduction Building?" "Yes sir." The driver flicked a few switches and the vehicle headed toward a very tall building in the distance.

Wally stared at the building in front of them. A half circle with double-doors was the entrance, while just behind that was a tower with glass that reflected everything like a mirror. Confused Wendy asked "Aunt Mira why are we here? I thought we were going to your house?" "Sorry Wendy I forgot about a very important step you have to do." Eve immediately felt worried "I thought we had more time before anything serious happened" she whispered. Mira immediately reassured her "It has nothing to do with that, this place is for new arrivals." Wally and Eve gave each other a confused look before following everyone inside.

The inside somehow seemed larger than the outside and had air conditioning which was surprising now that Eve thought about it. Outside was probably room temperature, even though they were so far underground. The front desk, as the sign above them said, could have been referring to the entire row of people behind desks that ran most of the length of the hallway. Sam walked to the first desk "Excuse me; we have some new arrivals that need to be cataloged." The woman behind the desk looked up from her computer monitor "Mayor! O-o-of course there should be a room available at the end of the hall to the right." Sam thanked the woman and led the group past workers with folders of different colors heading into elevators or offices. Wally wondering what this "introduction" building was about asked "Sam what is this place for exactly?" "For anyone that visits the colony; it's more for security reasons." Eve felt a little angered "Are you saying my family is a threat?" Sam realized his choice of words "No it's more for your protection from… well you get the idea." Wally seemed to get more confused the more time he spent here.

Wendy walked out of the room rubbing her eyes. She didn't know taking a picture would leave her seeing spots; the eye laser thing didn't help either. Auntie Mira told her they needed a record of them or something so they could be found anywhere in the city. All Wendy wanted now was to walk around the city and see that festival that seemed so important. They had their share of parties back home, so it would be nice to see what is considered to be fun here. Wallace stepped out next rubbing both of his eyes "Wendy why doesn't the circle go away? Even when I blink I still see it." That's right her brother was never curious enough to look directly at the sun for more than a second or smart enough to know not to do that in the first place. "Don't worry Wallace it will go away eventually," Wallace blinked a few times "But everywhere I look that circle is right there." Wendy reassured him "Just wait awhile and it will go away Wallace, don't get so impatient." Wallace just sighed. Danny walked out of the room followed by Wally, Aidan and Daniel "Are both of you alright?" Wallace looked at his uncle "Uncle Danny did you have to look at the light too?" "Yeah, I didn't like it either." The group shared a laugh.

Back in the room Mira and her dad were finishing up taking Eve's biometrics and adding everyone to the colony's computer system. After her eye scan, Eve wanted to know what exactly this was for "Mira why would you need all this extra precautions here? I doubt anyone would do anything here right?" Mira sighed "Eve you know what happened to Wally and Danny. Even before the Axiom came back this planet wasn't as dead as you thought." Eve bit her lip thinking of how they had to live before this city was built "Mira not coming back wasn't our decision…" "No Eve it's not that, I was saying that we aren't the only ones here…" Mira looked up at the ceiling "…and they aren't as friendly." The way Mira said that gave Eve a chill, which is a very hard thing to do. "Oh and one more thing Eve, no one is allowed outside at night."

As Eve and Wally unpacked at their temporary apartment, Eve was going over some of the ground rules "New Beginning" seemed to have, "Wow, it's just weird that this place has so many rules Eve." Eve let out a chuckle "Wally most of them should be common sense." Wally thought for a minute "No public disturbances does sound reasonable, but what about the main ones?" Eve furrowed her eyebrows, "Mira nor her father explained much, just that you can't go outside at night, no going near the mines in the north end of the city and you can't venture out by yourself." Wally hung up a few shirts "She didn't say why we couldn't go outside at night?" Eve paused a moment "Yes, but just believe me that it's best to listen to her." Wally would have continued the conversation, but he could tell he should already know the answer. Just then Wendy and Wallace burst through the door to the bedroom, "Mom, Dad we're done can we go now?" Eve knew they meant the festival they had heard so much about. "Well let's go to your cousin's house and go." With a few cheers the kids ran to the door wondering what new things they will see.

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