It's always been you

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"Now that everyone is here…" Carlisle said.

"You forgot someone", Jasper said, "An old friend of yours heard about the situation through Alistair". Jasper stepped aside.

As soon as Carlisle saw her, he was thrown into a flashback.

"Carlisle, my love", Evangeline said.

"Hello darling", he said, "Father has me conducting a raid tonight".

"So, will you not be coming to dine at my house tonight?" she asked.

"I'm afraid not, my love. I shall see you in the morning", Carlisle said. He kissed her chastely on the forehead.

"My love, it's been too long", Evangeline said.

"Indeed it has", Carlisle said. He took her hands in his and gently kissed her knuckles.

The two heard a growl.

"You must be Edward and Bella. Yes, Alistair has told me all about you", Evangeline said.

"Are you a nomad?" Bella asked.

"No actually. I live in the same little village that I was born in, where I grew up with Carlisle and was going to…well that doesn't matter anymore", Evangeline said.

"Eva, why don't we go to my office and catch up?" Carlisle suggested.

They went up to his office.

As soon as they entered, Carlisle kissed her. "I should've done that the day I left", Carlisle said.

Evangeline's eyes were focused on a cross hanging in the study. "I remember this. It used to-" Evangeline paused.

"Hang above the pulpit where my father preached", Carlisle said, "You never left?"

"How could I? I had nowhere to go. I waited for you to return", Evangeline said.

"How did you become…this?" Carlisle asked.

"I went looking for you 3 nights after you disappeared-"

It was late at night. "Hey there doll-face", a man said. "It's dangerous for a girl such as yourself to be out so late", another said. "I'm looking for someone", Evangeline said. "Aw. The preacher's son. You ain't gonna find him alive", the first one said. Evangeline turned to go home. One of the men grabbed her by the waist. She felt a stinging sensation in her neck.

"I'm sorry", Carlisle said, "I should've never married Esme. It's always been you". Carlisle took her face in his hands and kissed her.

Evangeline looked at Carlisle with unadulterated love in her eyes. "Break it off with her", Evangeline said, "I will not be the other woman".

"I have eyes only for you", Carlisle reassured her, "It will be done, my love. Like I said, it's always been you".