Author´s note

Hello friends. As I said, I plan to add these little (or maybe not that little, I have to see how much comes out of my literary diarrhea sick mind) things at the end of each Psych/Heroes Crossover story from now on. A few people asked me how I came up with this insanity and I thought instead of answering them one by one I write a general statement. Just in case some more people were wondering: What the heck was she thinking?

So here we go. Oh, but before we go: If you haven´t read the story itself yet and you don´t wanna spoil your fun with it, don´t read this Note first. Okay, having said this I think I can go on. You have been warned.

When I started to write this story I had no idea what this show Heroes was about. I had never watched it and I didn´t know any of the characters – except for Sylar. No, I still hadn´t watched anything from the show. I saw the trailer this story is based on, of course, because I liked fanmade trailers about Psych that were serious and darker than usual. This one was both and it was freaking good. Still I had no idea who this guy Sylar was or any of the others. And then someone posted a challenge at the Psychfic website and I thought to myself: Maybe I could write the story to that trailer. I already did this once for a trailer that Crossovered Back To The Future and Terminator (but that´s another story and shell be told another time). So I knew I could do it and I just tried. This story is what came out on the other side.

But back to the point. I never watched Heroes not before and not while I wrote this story. I did some research via Wikipedia and Youtube. There were a few short videos about Sylar that I watched but that was truly all I had. Still I felt that I knew that guy good enough to write him convincingly and some of you guys confirmed for me that I indeed did an appropriate job writing him. Sometimes you just know a certain character, no matter if you know him or not and Sylar … I don´t know. I just knew him. I knew how he ticked, if you like that better. And so I started writing. And damn it was fun, I can tell you that.

About the fact that I started the story with killing poor Mina: I´m truly sorry about that, especially since I went on killing poor Raj as the story went as well. That was a mean thing to do, I know that. I liked these two in the Bollywood Homicide episode. I really did. But since Raj had the bad luck to have the same face as Mohinder, I just had to put him into this story and it ended with me killing him (I mean Sylar killing him). First I thought about letting Raj be Mohinder in some way, but I just couldn´t figure out a scenario where this would have been believable. So I just made him his cousin and I think it worked. Until Sylar killed him of course. Anyway, I know it was mean but there was just no other way. Sorry.

About Shawn and Juliet in this story, I can only say that I´m not a Shules shipper how you fans like to call it. I have nothing against their relationship, it´s part of the show and I´m absolutely okay with that. But stories only about romance are boring to me so I don´t write them. The challenge insisted on a fair amount of romance though, so I did my best to work it in.

The talk between the two of them in the diner was a necessity, because I wanted this story to start with showing what a lighthearted life Shawn has, before all these dark things come upon him and his friends. I struggled a while with what I wanted to let him and Gus plan for the day and I was the luckiest girl in the universe when I remembered that there was an animated series once about this awesome movie Transformers. And since Shawn is always one for the 80ies references I figured that was the best thing to use for that. If you didn´t get it yet, that was a recommendation to watch these movies. All three of them. If you haven´t seen them yet and have no problem with sci fi action, you would miss something really really good.

Okay back to my story. To bring Mary Lightly into this story was of course because he was in the trailer. I know he´s dead in the Psych universe but that´s the great thing about Crossovers. You don´t need to stick to everything that was in the show. So I made him be alive and well (you can pretend he simply survived this attempt on his life back then) … and just as weird as Mary can be.

Speaking of which: I figured it only appropriate to let Mary be the one who introduced the Psych crew to the supernatural part of the whole affair. He´s weird enough to believe in such stuff and to be convinced that one of his number one suspects he´s chasing for so long, has superhuman powers. Of course the SBPD would not buy that story. These guys are rational thinking cops after all and let´s be honest. If someone would tell you that a random guy can change his face and form, would you believe it? Exactly. So they of course dismissed it as one of Mary´s crazy ideas. At least until they saw it with their own eyes. But that comes later.

Sylar´s interest in Shawn was of course based on the fact that he believed him to be a real psychic. Mina and Raj had believed he was a real psychic and so Sylar was curious for a new ability. But as the story went, he realized that Shawn had no ability that was interesting for him. Instead he grew interested in the guy itself. „Let´s just say, you fascinate me." That was true. He called him to let him and the others come for him, so he would be able to watch them. That was the only reason for his phone call.

In the show Raj was a guy who believed strongly in magic and such stuff, so I let him hear Mary´s speech, simultaneously letting him feel the urge to find the man who had killed his beloved wife. Again I blame that on the trailer which showed how Mohinder pulled the trigger on Sylar and that just left me no choice but to write a scene that made this happen. You all know how it went down in the end. Sylar was surprised to learn that Mohinder had a cousin that looks almost like his twin but when Raj told him he knew about what he was, he couldn´t let him run to tell everybody. So he killed him. I still believe that he would have let him go, if Raj only hadn´t told him that he knew what he was. It seems those unwise decisions run in the family.

So Sylar brought Raj to the pier and called Shawn to tell him where to find him. I guess that was his way of showing some kind of compassion for the guy. He didn´t want his family to find him in the ditch. The pursue that ensued after Mary disturbed Sylar´s vibes with the dog whistle was not planned but I guess Sylar actually provoked Lassiter to shoot him, so he could get away and let them think he was dead. That Shawn tracked him down later on, was something he didn´t expect.

To use a mosque as the giveaway was pure necessity again. I needed Shawn to hear something in the background while on the phone with Sylar, that could come back to him later on, and I figured that the usual ringing bells from a church would be too vague. So I made it a calling muezzin instead. And btw. Shawn´s thoughts, if the Indian had anything to do with mosques, were of course only Shawn´s unawareness of things like that. I know that the mosque belongs to the Muslims and not to the Indians. Though I´m sure that there are some mosques in India too, but that goes too deeply into the subject now. Just wanted to make that clear. I know the difference. I learned about religion in school.

When Shawn found Sylar´s apartment, I let him wander around for a while to give Sylar time to arrive without if feeling rushed. The binder he found under the mattress was to let him start considering the idea of superhumans again before he would actually see it. It was also my (admittedly pathetic) way of bringing this famous list somehow into the story. All serial killers keep something from their victims I figured. And even if in Sylar´s case this something is the ability, I let Shawn find something real as well. (btw: I had to restrain myself from writing that the binder was made with a three hole puncher at this point. Psych watchers will know what I´m talking about. But since the scene was not meant to be funny, I left it out. If it would have been a parody or something I might have done it but not in here. It could have been like that: „Under the mattress he found a binder. It was made with a three hole puncher." But as I said. The scene was meant to be scary and not funny.)

Well, where was I? Ah, yeah. That Sylar shot Shawn and then brought his finger into his blood to lick it off, was a reference to Terminator 3. The female Terminator in that film did something similar after she shot a woman, to find out if she was the one, she was looking for. I remembered where this came from some time after I already wrote the scene though. I only knew I knew it from somewhere. But I think it worked pretty good, to let Sylar take a sample of Shawn like that, so he would be able to take his form. The way he shot Shawn and believed that he was dead, was also a reference. This time to Scream 3. In a scene where the bad guy thinks he shoots Sidney to death and she rolls around just as I let Shawn roll around, so the bad guy doesn´t see she´s wearing a vest underneath her cloths.

When Sylar went to the station, his intentions were to take over Shawn´s life. He´d seen how good his life was, with his friends and colleagues and he wanted to have a life as good as this. In some way he only wanted to be as happy as Shawn. In his twisted mind, the only way of getting that was to steal in from Shawn.

I let him go with Gus first, because I thought it would be nice if he would be the first to figure out that the Shawn he was talking to, was not his childhood friend. Gus actually would be the only one who could figure that out, just by talking to him. Nothing against Henry but I think the old grumbler would need longer for that, especially since he wouldn´t be ready to consider shapeshifting as a possibility. Gus would and he did. The car accident that followed didn´t injure him too much btw. Just to let you guys know that. He´ll be all right again.

I also wanted Lassiter to play a big part in solving the whole thing, so I let him find Gus, so Gus could tell him what happened. I wanted Lassiter to be the hero of some sorts in the end, so it was him (next to Mary) who urged them all to go and look for Shawn in order to find Sylar and Juliet. That was the reason why he had to talk over Henry when they finally found Shawn. Because these two were united in their wish to find and rescue Juliet, while Henry was still not ready to believe in the whole superhuman idea. Sometimes people are stubborn and that can go that far, to ignore hard facts even if they stand right in front of them. And Henry is a very stubborn guy.

About the scene with Juliet and Sylar in the church. I figured that it was okay to give Juliet an ability. I was strictly against the idea to let Shawn have one, but Juliet, that was a different matter. And I couldn´t think of anything better than to let her have the ability to make people love her. I mean, everybody loves her, so why shouldn´t that be the result of an ability? So I made Sylar be in love with her, just the way Shawn was in love with her. I wanted to show that all Sylar wanted, was to be loved and respected, the way Shawn was loved and respected. He wanted to be as lucky as him. Everybody needs a reason for what he´s doing and that was Sylar´s reason.

But then Juliet started to feel uncomfortable (I hope I could serve the needs of all the Shules shippers out there when I let her feel it when she kissed him. That it felt not the same for her and that she knew from that, that it wasn´t Shawn.) and Sylar started to realize that his plan wouldn´t work. That he couldn´t just take over Shawn´s life and be Shawn. And that made him first desperate and then angry. He didn´t plan to kill anyone else but Shawn. That he turned out to hurt some more people after that, that just happened. (as you can see, I do know that guy)

To accomplish my goal of letting Lassiter be the hero in the end, I let them split up, so he could sneak up on them all, all on his own. By making him the sniper that takes out the bad guy in the end.

The showdown between Shawn and Sylar (or Juliet and Sylar, however you want to see it) was, just like I wrote in the story, inspired by this one episode of Star Trek, where there were two Captain Kirks. Shawn´s suggestion to shoot them both came directly from there. But of course that was a ridiculous thing to do in this case, so I let Henry be the voice of more reason. Arresting both of them.

You all know the rest, since I figure you read the story. They struggle for a while and in the end Lassiter shoots the bad guy and saves the day. And of course I had to end this scene with a funny impression of Shawn fainting as soon as everything was over. I just like the idea of him holding Juliet protectively after everything is over and then he just faints. Another small reference to a movie (Sleepy Hollow, where Johnny Depp´s character used to faint all the time).

Coming to the last part, the Epilogue, I need to thank one of my constant readers, Johncorn, for his suggestions about Mohinder. I would have written his part in this chapter completely different if it wouldn´t have been for your notes. I had no idea how vengeful Mohinder was when it comes to Sylar (as I said, I didn´t know the show). So thanks. You kinda saved me here. And the next story that followed this one.

The last line, Sylar said to Shawn, was not planned and I honestly can not take credit for this. That was totally Sylar and not me. I only wanted him to tell Shawn to be careful, because he really respected him for this system he had the great luck to live in. But to end with this threat, that came as a total surprise, even for me. But it was great to end like that. Kudos, Sylar. You´re a better writer than me sometimes. I would have never thought of a line like that.

All right before I freak you guys out completely, I´ll stop talking to fictional not existing characters here and just stop. That was long enough and when I roll back to what I wrote at the beginning, it was a little longer than just a small text after all. I hope I didn´t babble too much. If I bored you, I´m sorry. But that´s the great thing about an Author´s note. No one is bound to read it. But if you made it through this whole thing, kudos. And if you have to say anything, don´t hold back. I always appreciate feedback.

So thank you all for staying with me that long and for all your great reviews. And most of all:

Thanks for reading.