"Finster, are you going to help me with this paper or not?"

Chuckie looked up from his notebook and pen to see Angelica Pickles walking towards him. He blinked. She had been purposefully avoiding him all day and as a result, he had Angel all day and all night. He'd gotten little sleep, which could be seen in the dark circles under his eyes. Now he was using his free time in the empty study hall to write his Dynamics For Living paper due the next day.

"You don't want me to write it for you?" Chuckie asked, suspiciously. Angelica had been acting really weird. She'd gone from insultingly cruel yesterday to just ignoring him today. It was strange even for Angelica.

"Eh." Angelica waved her hand. "I thought about it, and I realized that no one would believe that I wrote it myself if you did write it." She then tossed a paper in front of him. "So proofread."

Chuckie set down his pen and then picked up the paper. The first thing he caught right away was, "Angel Finster. You gave her my last name."

"Well, yeah, you did a decent job being a partner. I mean, I could have done worse, like Jeffrey or something. Besides, Pickles is a horrible last name and...okay, okay, you don't have to beat it out of me! You were a good dad." Angelica slumped as if it had taken a lot out of her to confess that.

Chuckie just smiled. "Thanks, Angelica."

"Don't read into it. Just...read." She muttered.

"The thing you learned most is that you want to hire a nanny?" He arched a brow as he looked to her through his rectangle framed lenses.

"Don't tell me you didn't think about it once all week."

Chuckie then chuckled. "I did, actually." When he set back to the paper, he didn't notice Angelica's tiny smile. Finally he finished it. "It's pretty good, Angelica."

"Think it will get a good grade?"

"I'd give you a good grade." Chuckie said.

Angelica then grabbed the paper from him. She turned to leave and then turned back around. "Since we are turning her in tomorrow, I don't know what I am going to do with all this useless baby stuff."

"You could give it to charity. There are always new moms who need things but can't afford it."

Angelica made a face. "Give a brand new Vespucci to charity?"

"It'll be out of style in a few months." Chuckie remarked.

"All right, charity it is! Besides, it'll look great on a scholarship application in the future." Angelica turned around again to leave but found herself stopping again. The study hall was quiet and at just the right moment, the teacher assigned to the room stepped out, leaving the two of them alone. She turned back and walked over to Chuckie, sitting on the edge of the desk. Chuckie looked up quizzically.

"Hey, Finster, did you ever get that first kiss?"

"Umm..." Chuckie's face blushed a bright red, hiding even his freckles. Where was this going? Was she going to torture him about that? "Uh, no." He braced himself. The onslaught would begin.

"Good." Angelica then grabbed his top sweater in her fist and pulled him forward, making him have to stand from his chair. Angelica's eyes closed and her lips puckered as she leaned into, and then captured, his.

Chuckie's eyes remained open. Wide open. His entire body stiffened as if he expected her to poison him. Then, as her soft lips touched his, a tingling sensation spread throughout his body from his lips, to his fingers, and then down to his toes. Chuckie suddenly felt very warm, but not embarrassingly warm. This was a different warmth-a burning warmth. His mind was in complete disbelief that this was even happening, but his body betrayed him and responded to the seductive temptation of the kiss. A kiss from...Angelica?

Her lips were like rose petals. She smelled like strawberry and some sort of flower that Chuckie was sure he was allergic to. The grip on his shirt loosened and he found himself no longer stiff, but instead leaning into the kiss. Chuckie's eyes began to close as his heartbeat pounded in his chest and in his ears.

Angelica pulled away then, ending the contact that seemed like an eternity, and yet was all too brief. Chuckie felt his knees start to buckle. He fell back into his chair, unable to support his own weight. The room was now several degrees hotter. He shouldn't have worn a fourth sweater.

Then there were bells. Bells were ringing! Kimi was right, you did hear bells! No, wait. That was just the school bell.

"I'll take Angel right after cheerleading practice. Then I'll turn her in tomorrow. Later, Finster." Angelica hopped off the desk, looking completely unaffected herself, but inside feeling a sense of pride in how she had Finster wrapped around her little finger. There was one man who could never deny her. Man being a very loose term, of course. Very loose. Very very loose. The kiss hadn't been so bad either.


"Don't strain yourself, Chuck." Angelica remarked. She turned away, but that was so that he couldn't see her smile. "And you tell anyone, I'll kill you where you stand, got it?"


She didn't wait for an answer. She was already out the door. Chuckie Finster looked down at his paper and then to the door. The next class would be piling in soon. He'd have to get up, but he couldn't move.

Chuckie looked to the stroller and the plastic doll beside him again.

"What just happened?"