At the Java Lava, Chuckie told Kimi, Chazz, and Betty all about his assignment. He also told them that he was partnered with Angelica. Kimi took pity upon her older brother. Having to deal with Angelica every day was going to be torture. Kimi shook her head in sympathy as Chuckie mentioned that Angelica took the baby with her. "And she stole your child away from you. She is truly evil."

Chazz smiled, "Come on, kids. Angelica said she'd be here and so I am sure the project will go just fine. I can't believe that they have you doing this in school now. When I was in school you just had those black and white shorts before a movie that taught you that God would smite you if you had sinful thoughts during a date, and that good dental hygiene was the key to popularity." Chazz sighed and hung his head. "They were wrong."

Betty laughed. "I babysat from the time I was 9 until I got married. I took care of so many kids that by the time I had Lil and Phil, it was as easy as making smoothies." She then leaned down to one concoction in the blender and asked, "Hey, does this smell funny to you?" She sniffed it again and then shrugged. "Eh, Phil will drink it."

"What do you have for me?" On cue, the twins came in. Betty poured the smoothie into two glasses. Lil smelled it and set it down, but Phil drank both of them. "Mmmmm, limey." This got a look of disgust from his twin sister.

Tommy and Dil weren't far behind. "Hey, Chuckie, I saw that Angelica took the baby. Did you convince her to be a mom?"

Chuckie nodded solemnly. "Too well. Now she's a helicopter mom. Oh, and I think that I have to wait for the court to give me visitation rights."

Tommy frowned. "Harsh, Chuck-man."

"Oh yeah, I have a doll too." Phil said, reaching into his backpack to take his baby out. He then looked at it and said, "Coochy coochy coochy coo, Phillis Anne."

Dil beamed from behind Tommy. "See, I told you Phillis was a good name."

"Phillis?" Tommy asked as the whole group turned their head to Phil.

"It was a girl, so Phil Junior was out." He explained. He then put the baby on the table.

Lillian was horrified. "Philip! You do not lay babies on the table and you do not put them in your backpack! You are a father now, you must act with maturity!"

"Whatever, it's a doll. Anyway, I got paired with Tracy Livingstone. She's at her art club right now so I have the kid until she gets out. Little Phillis and I are enjoying the good things in life. Want some smoothie, Phillis?" Phil then dribbled part of what was left in his smoothie cup down the doll's face.

Chuckie leaned on the counter. "At least you got paired with a normal, rational, decent human being."

"Oh yeah, you got stuck with Angelica." Phil said. "Rough, Chuck."

Betty said then, "Maybe I'll get out some of you kids' baby clothes out of the attic. Put some clothes on that little whipper snapper. Then I'll show you how to really hold a baby. They way you are holding that baby, Phil, it's a wonder that you never dropped Dil on his head."

Then they all looked at each other, except Dill who was blissfully spinning around repeatedly in the stools at the counter.

The door would then open and in would come angelica pushing a very expensive looking baby stroller. She hummed as she did so. She had changed her clothing into a summer dress with a long hem. She also wore white gloves and white sandals as well as sunglasses upon her face. The doll was in the stroller with a newly purchased baby blanket upon her. She was also dressed to the T in an adorable newborn dress and matching baby shoes.

Betty grinned. "Oh no, you are making me feel baby fever all over again. I'm going to go in the back and count bananas." With that, she disappeared into the back. Chazz was soon right behind her, leaving the kids to themselves around the counter.

Kimi left her place behind the counter and then came around to the front of the stroller. She bent down and cooed at the toy in the stroller. "Hello my little bitty niecy wiecy!" She grinned and said, "Good thing you look like your daddy and not your mommy."

Angelica rolled her eyes and groaned. "Can it, Kimi."

But Kimi didn't let up. She took the doll out of the stroller and held it out. "Oh, my little doll niece. I will spoil you and let you eat candy and then send you home to your parents. I'll be the best aunt ever!" The doll then started to cry. Kimi thrust it back at Angelica. "Here, take back your kid."

Angelica grumbled and held out the doll. She screamed at it. "Why are you crying? I fed you! I pushed you around the stroller. What more do you want?"

Chuckie piped up, "Maybe she needs her diaper changed."

Angelica looked at him in horror. "The doll does that?"

Phil grinned. "Cool. I am going to feed mine beans and peas when I get home."

Lil grumbled. "Philip, never have children. You must promise me this."

Chuckie nodded. "If you listened to the teacher, which it's clear that you didn't, you'd know that the doll is designed to mimic everything a real baby does, and that includes expelling what you feed it."

Angelica groaned. "That's so gross." She thrust the doll at Chuckie. "Here you go. I am NOT changing baby diapers. No way, no how."

"But I don't have a diaper." Chuckie said as the doll kept screaming. "And I can't change diapers."

"Well, you aren't a very prepared parent, are you?"

"You took the baby away from me."

"And I'm giving her back. Happy? Just change the diaper, Finster!"

"I've got an extra, Chuck, my man." Phil replied, pulling out a diaper from his backpack.

Tommy chuckled. "Dude, you have a diaper bag."

"I've got an extra change of clothes, too. And a sippy." Phil said proudly as he held his doll upside down. Lil quickly corrected that. Phil gave Chuckie the new diaper and then Chuckie used it and thirty-six napkins in the container on the counter to clean the doll. Angelica had a horrified look upon her face as the diaper was opened up, and she had turned around so she didn't see the rest of the mess, or the fact that Chuckie put the diaper on backwards when he did figure it out.

Angelica responded "I've just lost my appetite." She then remembered why she came here in the first place and pulled a piece of paper from a pocket in the stroller. "Oh yeah, here are the rules." She placed the paper down on the counter.

Tommy was the one to pick it up and read it aloud. "Paternal parent will retrieve the baby at 7am so that Mom can have 'me' time before school. Paternal parent will keep the child until lunch hour, then release custody of child to the mother until after lunch. Paternal parent will then have the child until the last school bell which then...Angelica, you are making Chuckie do all the work!" He shot an angry glare at his older cousin.

Angelica was quick to come back with, "I am a working mother with lots to do. I have networking, meetings, extracurricular activities that demand my responsiblity. Chuckie's hobbies involve finding potatoes that look like presidents." She gave Chuckie a look of disdain. "Therefore, it's only logical that I would be the hardworking mother and that Chuckie would be the stay at home paternal parent."

"Paternal parent?" Chuckie voiced quizzically.

"I couldn't bring myself to say father. I just can't see it." Angelica commented. She then said, "And according to the agreement you have her until evening, whereas you drop her off at my house three nights out of the week. See, babies thrive on schedules." Angelica smiled, feeling pretty proud of herself. "Well, that's all. Later, Finster."

Then she left, leaving the newly clothed baby with Chuckie. "What am I supposed to do? I'm helping out my dad today and I didn't plan for this."

Tommy said, "Dont' worry, we'll help you out."

Kimi then took the baby from Chuckie. "Come to Auntie Kimi!" She danced around with the newly changed doll as her older brother sulked to Tommy.

"This list isn't going to work out. I mean, it's good to have a schedule, but she isn't taking into consideration at all the things I need to do. She has only the fun times and not the hard work. I carried that doll around all day today and it cried in every class. I had to try to quiet it down without all the other kids getting angry with me and disrupting the class."

"This surprises you how?" Tommy asked.

"It doesn't." Chuckie sighed in admittance.

"Well, like I said, we'll help you. This kid has a whole family. I guess that I'm it's cousin too." Tommy then looked to Kimi, who was singing nursery rhymes to the doll. "Or you could just give it to Kimi."