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Kisu (1)

On a Sunday afternoon, an orange haired and a raven haired teenagers were walking side by side on the street.

"Hey, Ishida," Ichigo called out.

"What?" Ishida groaned, feeling annoyed.

"Ch," Ichigo sneered. "I'm hungry..."

"We just ate, Kurosaki." Ishida cannot believe that his partner/rival/boyfriend was such a glutton.

"I know... But, let's just grab some refreshment." Ichigo grabbed Ishida's wrist and started to lead the way.

"Hey, Kurosaki! Where are we going?" Ishida yelled at Ichigo's self-assertion and started to catch up with Ichigo's pace.

"Let's see..." Ichigo looked around the street and finally found the restaurant that he was finding for. "There." Ichigo pointed to a restaurant that was painted green in color. The words written on the sign of the restaurant were formed by three kanjis that reads 'Sushi Ya'.

Ishida arched one of his eyebrow and questioned. "Sushi?"

"What else?" Ichigo grinned at Ishida. "C'mon,don't just stand here." Ichigo pulled Ishida into the restaurant.

Ichigo thought that they can be seated down immediately but the restaurant was fully packed.

"Damn, I forgot about that today's Sunday..." Ichigo cursed.

"Hmm, too bad. Okay, let's go." When Ishida was heading towards the exit, a waiter kindly approached them.

"How many seats?" The waiter smiled kindly.

"Oh, no we-" Ishida was going to deny but Ichigo interrupted him. "Two." Ichigo gave Ishida a victory smirk.

"Very well. Follow me sir." The waiter led them to the corner of the restaurant where there are two empty seats.

Ishida nodded his head to the waiter when he's leaving to serve the other customers and seated himself. Ichigo, as rude as usual, already sat down.

Ichigo was looking through the menu that was nicely placed on the table.

"Why did you interrupt me just now, Kurosaki? You know how I hate to be interrupted." Ishida glared at Ichigo, waiting for a satisfying answer.

"Shut up and make your choice..." But it was not the answer Ishida expected. "Damn Shinigamis..." Ishida pushed his glasses up his nose.

"You say something?" Ichigo looked up from the menu.

"...Nope." Ishida opened the menu and started scanning it.

After five minutes, a waitress came to take their order.

"What do you want, sir?" The waitress asked politely.

"Um... Give me a tamago and an unagi." Ichigo closed the menu.

"One tamago and one unagi..." The waitress mumbles to herself and turns to Ishida. "How about you, ma'am?"

Ishida flinch. "M-Ma'am?" Ishida looked at the waitress questionably.

"Pfft." Ichigo chuckled to himself and Ishida glared at him.

"Okay," Ichigo coughed and told the waitress. "Um, but that person sitting in front of me is a guy." Ichigo grinned.

"Oh! I'm very sorry! I'm really sorry! Please forgive my rudeness sir..." The waitress apologized immediately.

"So, what do you want, ma'am?" Ichigo grinned but trying to hold his laughter from bursting out.

"Shut up Kurosaki." Ishida glared at him and Ichigo finally calmed down. Ishida sighed. "I want a kisu, Kurosaki."

"Oh, ok, kisu... Wait, what? Kisu?" Ichigo was shocked.

"Yeah? You got a problem with that?" Ishida looked into Ichigo's brown orbs.

"You mean, now? Immediately? In here?" Ichigo asked numerous times to confirm.

"Yes. Now. Immediately. Here." Ishida shook his head.

"But there's a waitress here and the crowds... How-" Ichigo whispered.

"What are you talking about, Kurosaki. I mean this," Ishida pointed at the menu. "Ki-su."

"O-Oh! Right, kisu huh? Yeah, okay..." Ichigo just realized that he totally misunderstood Ishida.

"Jeez, what crossed through your mind just know?" Ishida sighed and told the waitress.

"Very well, sir. Drinks?"

"Green tea is fine, hot." Ichigo and Ishida said in unison.

"Very well. Please wait, your food will be served very soon." The waitress nodded and left.

Ichigo let out a relieved sigh and slumped down the chair.

Ishida glanced at Ichigo and crossed his fingers, letting his elbow rest on the the table while leaning his chin on his crossed fingers.

"Kurosaki," Ishida looked at Ichigo with the I-Know-What-Your-Thinking face.

"What? Don't look at me like that, it's rude, ma'am." Ichigo provoked Ishida but it didn't work.

"Hmm... You're thinking about something else that is absolutely unrelated to food isn't it?" Ishida smirked.

Ichigo turned away, avoiding eye contact. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Ishida smiled and sighed. "You know, Kurosaki,"


Ishida slumped back to the chair. "I can understand. It's very easy to misunderstand what I want just now right?"

"Ch..." Ichigo sneered.

Their food finally came after a few minutes of bickering.

"Hey, Kurosaki," Ishida voiced out.

"What?" This time is Ichigo the one who groaned.

"I want a kisu."

"Huh? You mean-" Ichigo's sentence was cut off when Ishida gently pressed his lips onto Ichigo's. Ichigo was shocked but he kissed back.

"Yes." Ishida smirked.

"You sly bastard." Ichigo grinned and they started eating.

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