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Kisu (2)

Ichigo was taking Renji out for a walk.

"Ichigo, can we eat something?" Renji asked.

"Well, now that you mentioned it... I'm kinda hungry too." Ichigo agreed. "So, what do you want?"

"Hmm... Sushi."

"Fine. But you're the one paying. Let's go." Ichigo walked ahead of Renji.

"What? Why me? Hey, stop there you bastard!" Renji yelled at Ichigo and started running to him.

They reached a sushi restaurant after a few minutes.

"...Why here?" Renji arched a eyebrow and asked.

"You said you wanna get some sushi right?" Ichigo answered it obviously.

"Of course I know that idiot," Renji rolled his eyes. "But, we passed by a lot of sushi restaurant just now... Why here?"

"See for yourself." Ichigo smirked.

Renji sweated. "You're creeping me out..." Renji backed away a few steps.

"C'mon, let's go in." Ichigo patted Renji's shoulder and skipped(OOC right? XD) in the entrance of the restaurant.

God... What's wrong with Ichigo. He's being all...cheerful! It's like he's going to meet his wife or something... Renji shrugged. Well, impossible...right? Renji erased the thought from his mind and walked behind Ichigo.

It is definitely possible... Renji looked at Ishida with the So-My-Thought-Is-True face.

"Kurosaki, why are you here?" Ishida was looking at Ichigo with the Get-The-Hell-Outta-Here face.

"Jeez, don't be like that... I came here just to see you working." Ichigo purred and slipped his hand around Ishida's waist.

"Stop that! We're in the public, Kurosaki!" Ishida blushed and smacked off Ichigo's hand.

Ichigo smirked. "I'm gonna complain to your manager for not treating the customers politely. Making us stand here and hurting your customers..."

"What? When did I- Wait, did you just said 'us'?" Ishida was puzzled.

"Yeah, Renji's here too. You didn't notice?" Ichigo pointed at Renji who was always behind Ichigo's back with a thumb.

"Yo, Ishida." Renji greeted.

"Abarai!" Ishida was surprised.

"What? Too happy to see your beloved Ichigo that you can't even sense my reiatsu?" Renji crossed his arms and smirked.

"N-No way!" Ishida blushed from embarrassment.

"So, you works here huh?" Renji scanned the place.

"Isn't it obvious? Here, i'll lead you to your seats." Ishida turned away and led them to the corner of the restaurant.

Ichigo and Renji exchanged smirks and followed Ishida.

"So, what do you guys want?" Ishida took out his order book and a pen.

"That's very rude. You should treat your customers pro-" Ichigo was about to accuse Ishida's attitude but Ishida interrupted.

Ishida closed his eyes and fired back at Ichigo. "If you're not satisfy with my behavior, may I serve other customers first?"

"You-" Ichigo snapped.

"Maa, maa. Don't let it get on you." Renji calmed Ichigo downed. Jeez, they're bickering like a pair of couples... Renji sighed.

"Fine, give me a kisu. That's all." Ichigo crossed his arms and slumped back at his seat.

Renji shook his head. "Give me an onigiri and an utamago."

"Very well," Ishida wrote them down. "Please wait patiently, especially you, Kurosaki." Ishida eyed Ichigo.

"I will. You're like my wife or something..." Ichigo sneered.

"Shut up." Ishida smacked Ichigo on the head and turned away hiding his blushing cheeks.

"What the-? What's that for?" Ichigo roared but Ishida was gone. "Prick..."

"You're the one who's at fault. idiot." Renji corrected.

"What? I did nothing!" Ichigo felt wronged.

"You're the one who came here and called him your wife. You'll distract him from all those couple's actions..." Renji rested his chin on his palm.

"He's distracted from all those?"

Renji sighs and mumbled. "You're so dense..."

Hmm... I'll do something else that'll distract him more. Ichigo smirked to himself, unable to hear what Renji mumbled.

"Here, your onigiri and utamago." Ishida placed the two plates on the table.

Ishida turned to Ichigo. "Your kisu."

When Ishida bent down to served, Ichigo took advantage of that time and kissed Ishida on the lips.

Ishida backed away. "W-What are you doing?" Ishida blushed furiously.

"Thank you for the kisu." Ichigo licked his lips and smirked. "Sweet..."

"I-I hate you, Kurosaki!" Ishida stomped away, ignoring the fact that the customers are giving him strange expression.

"God... What are are you doing... It grossed me out." Renji shivered.

"Hmph, don't tell me you didn't do that with Byakuya." Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"Shut up." Renji hided his blush by focusing on his food.

Ichigo smirked.

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