Hey guys! I'm awfully sorry to say but I wont be continuing this story I've started a new one and it will be taking up all my writing time :/ butttt if you like my writing style PLEASE go check out the story I just published. It's based off the book "Hush Hush" by Becca Fitzpatrick. Its an amazing book and I really hope you read my story. Its called "Mind Games" you can search it or just go to my account and click it on my story listings. PLEASE HELP ME OUT! I really want this story to be good and you guys are the most amazing reviewers EVER. I love you guysss! So sorry for not continuing BUTTT if you review/follow my new story I will post a final chapter for this story and explain what will happen in the future for Ren and Ariel. THANK YOU GUYS FOR BEING GREAT 3