W.I.T.C.H the dark side of Will vandom

The fight and betrayal

Will thought she and the other girls would be together for a long time but she could not have been more wrong. In one battle against Phobos Will got hit by an attack she want down to recover but then came betrayal in the most horrible way. As will rested recovering from her injures Irma shouted for her to get back into the battle "Hay will get back up here and help us" Will replied with " I've been hit in the right side of one of my wings I'll recover in a few minutes. But Irma was not contending with that and attack Will as Will Jumped out of the way of the water. Terrene shot fire at her saying "you all ways were week Will I know we'll find a better leader just as a boulder went flying at her as Cornella sired "the only reason we kept you around was so we could use you are pefetic the only reason we kept you around was for the heart ha ha. Cornella Foul laughter made Will cry when hay Lin mockingly sired "Are is the poor baby going the cry ha ha" Will was horrified this was Just like last time when her friends at her old school had abandoned her. When they were finished they thought they had killed her but Will was barley alive when someone picked her up.

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The rescue

As Will recovered from her friend's betrayal her heart wept her mother had abandoned her for her teacher Dean Collins and now her friends. When she finely came too some had heeled most of her wounds and had given her some clean cloths when she looked round she saw Elyon sitting there she sired "They betrayed you too ha" Will was socked she could not believe she had been saved by Elyon so asked way "way did you save me Elyon I thought you would hate me after everything that has happened. Elyon Just laughed her off "for your information I did not save you Cedric saw what they did to you and was outraged he brought you in soon after and me and Miranda have been treating you for the last three days" Elyon sired Just as a black haired girl walked in.

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The new will vandom

After hearing this Will immediately wanted to go back to earth and kill the other guardians who had done this to her. Her rage was mad Elyon may have been a bit scared but Miranda revealed in it. They both understood where Will was coming from because tour because being betrayed by your nest friends was something that could never is fixed by any means nessery. As Will returned to earth her she thought of everyone who had betrayed her and who she wanted to punish first she decided to make Cornella pay first because her words hurt the most and her rage was so strong that everyone she be careful now because a new will Vandom Has been born.