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A few hours later, the three crews set sail. Of course, Arthur was kicked off Antonio's ship. Half an hour after they had set sail two members of Antonio's crew found their way to the kitchen. Francis and Gilbert.

"Look here, ya damned Frenchman," Gilbert growled, "maybe if I was drunk and not in a relationship with Matthew. Just go away. Besides, don't you have Arthur?" he pushed the blonde away causing him to knock over some random barells revealing a blue haired, female stowaway.

"Hey, I was trying to sleep."

"Ah! Sacre bleu! It's you!" Francis jumped away pointing at... Damnit, Dannielle!

"What? You know this chick?" Gilbert raised an eyebrow.

"Oiu, she wouldn't let me go to a party for some reason. Something about an author, me being forever alone, and, um, a request or something. I think her name is Dannielle..."

"Well, I was trying to hide from the author." Dannielle sighed, "I didn't feel like going back to my world, and I didn't fix the fourth wall, so she's probably pissed."

Okay, obviously I have to take her back by force... After creating a portal, a brown-eyed, brunette-who looks extraordinarily like me-appeared on the ship, "Alright, Dannielle, it's time to go home. NOW."



"But I like it here. It's fun to see you angry 'cause I'm breaking the fourth wall."

The brunette grabbed Dannielle's arm, and the two disappeared.

Obviously, the Prussian and Frenchman thought they were insane. The Prussian more so.

"What the hell just happened, Frenchie?"

"Mon ami, I haven't the slightest idea, but I can tell you it was not the first time something like that has happened."

"Right... Well, um... I gotta go find Mattie, so we can, uh... Talk about... Stuff..." Gilbert went up the stairs to find his Canadian lover.

Francis looked around, "I'm alone again..."

Lovino and Matthew were getting along rather nicely.

"So, Antonio's a possessive lover? I would have never guessed." Matthew laughed. He and the older Vargas brother were sitting on the deck.

"Neither would I." Lovino agreed, "He never really gave off that vibe." he sighed, "You should have seen him, Matthew."

"Was he the sexiest thing you've ever laid eyes on?"

"Hello yes. Just... Don't tell him I said that, okay?"

The Canadian nodded and laughed, "So, what kind of lover would you expect Gilbert to be?"

"Annoying as hell." Lovino replied without missing a beat.

"Lovino." Matthew rolled his eyes, "Be serious. What would you think? Possessive, dominate, shy, protective, what?"

"Hmm..." The Italian paused, "Probably dominate."

"You'd think so, right?" Mattie laughed, "But he's not. He's actually really shy when it comes to love and.. Well, just feelings in general."

"Really?" Lovino snickered, "That's pretty damn shocking."

"Yea, but it's also really cute."

"What's cute?" Gilbert walked over to the Canadian and Italian.

"Your shyness when it comes to love." Matthew replied.

Gilbert blushed slightly, "I-I'm not the shy or cute one, Birdie. You're the shy and cute one."

"Not when it comes to romance~"

Gilbert averted his gaze, "A-Anyway, where is everyone else?"

"Uh, Francis was in the kitchen with you, Feli and Ludwig are in their room, and Antonio is, um..." Matthew looked at Lovino, who simply shrugged, "Well, we don't know where the captain is..."

"Oh?" Gilbert blinked, "Well, I guess we'll find him later." he looked from Lovi to Mattie, "You two seem to be getting along. Has Lovi finally made a friend?"

"Yes." Lovino replied, "Matteo is one of the few people I can stand on this ship."

"... Matteo? That Matthew's name in Italian?"

"Yes. Is that a problem? Matthew doesn't care."

"Did you ask im?"


"Well, then it's okay."

"Of course it is. Now go away. Your presence is giving me a headache."

"You ARE a headache."

"Fuck you, bastard."

"You wish."

"Um, please don't fight."

Lovino and Gilbert glared at each other before looking in opposite directions, "Fine."

"Thank you." Matthew smiled gratefully.

The Italiain stood up, "I'm gonna leave you two. I have an idiot Spaniard to find."

"Have fun, Lovino~" The Canadian giggled.

"Yea, yea. Whatever." Lovino rolled his eyes and headed towards the captain's room.

Now Matthew had Gil's full attention, and Gilbert had Mattie's full attention.

"So..." Gilbert began obviously not knowing what to do or say.

"Come here often?" Matthew laughed.

The Prussian chuckled, "I practically live here. You?"

"Ditto." The Canadian smiled. He looked around, "I have absolutely no idea what to do."

"Yea. Me neither." The self-proclaimed awesomest-person-ever sighed.

"We... could go to our room and do cute, coupley stuff." The quieter of the two suggested.

Gilbert blushed slightly, and Matthew smiled sweetly. The taller coughed, "Now why would you want to do that?" he grabbed his lover's hand and led him to their room.

"Your blush is adorable." The smaller stated.

"Yours is cuter."

"Nope, yours definitely is."

The awesome me says yours is. Therefore, yours is."

They stopped outside the door to their room.

"Your ego is cute."

"Your shyness is cuter."

there was an annoyed sigh in the background, "You're both adorable. Now if you're going to continue, I must ask you to go into your room."

Matthew tilted his head to the side. Gilbert just grinned, "Oh? Bruderlein thinks I'm adorable?"

The blonde German rolled his eyes, "No."

"That's not what you just said." The Prussian laughed and looked at Feliciano, who was standing slightly behind Ludwig, "Feli-kins, didn't mein Bruderlein say I was cute?"

"He said both you and Mattie were cute." Feliciano nodded. He seemed quite unhappy about something.

"Oh, little brother, you upset Feli-kins. He's jealous now. You should apologize." The awesomest person in the hallway scolded mockingly.

Ludwig quickly looked at Feliciano, who barely had enough time to smile brightly. The German sighed again and pulled Feli into their room, leaving Mattie and Gil in the hallway.

The Italian kept the smile on his face until Ludwig turned and gave him an apologetic look. Feliciano frowned slightly.

"You know... You're probably the cutest person in the world." Ludwig began, "And my brother is definitely NOT cute."

"That's not what you said..."

"I was trying to get them to be quiet or go to their room." Ludwig explained desperately. He didn't like the idea of Feliciano being upset with him.

"Veh..." The Italian did not reply.

"Feliciano..." The German sighed and took the smaller's hands, "Why would I think anyone other than you are cute?"

"It... It could happen." The brunette replied.

"Lieben, it's very difficult for me to find anyone attractive." The blonde stated, "And even if I may, you're the only one I'll ever love, alright?"

The Italian looked into the German;s eyes before smiling, "Veh~ Ti amo, anche~ As long as you're here, I'll never need anyone else."

The German sighed in relief, "If that's the case than you should marry me."

Feliciano blinked, not quite grasping the idea, "Did you just..." he tried to wrap his mind around the statement, "propose to me?"

"Ja." Ludwig smiled and pulled something out of his pocket. As he knelt to the ground Feliciano saw that it was a ring.

"Oh..." Feliciano finally, completely understood what was going on at the time, "Well," Now what was the proper resonse? He smiled, "I don't see a reason not to marry you."

Ludwig smiled slightly, "Did you just..." he paused, "agree to marry me?"


"Good." The blonde slipped the ring on Feliciano's left hand and stood up, "Very good."

"Wonderful even." Feliciano chirped. He kissed Ludwig on the cheek, "We should have pasta to celebrate." he paused, "... We DID get pasta while we were on land, right?"

A certain Spaniard poked his head in, "We did~ we really don't want Feli to go through pasta withdrawals and kill everybody."


"De nada, feli~"

"Oi, idioto, what the hell are you doing?"

"Nothing, my love~" Antonio called. He looked back at the oblivious Italian and the stoic German, "Lovi just can't handle being without being without me, so I'll leave you two." he shut the door and went down the hall. He went into his room and found Lovino sitting in a chair in the corner. the tsundere Italian was glaring at the Spaniard. The older of the two shut the door, "What's wrong, Lovi."

"I heard what you said to that potato bastard and my stupid little brother." Lovino replied with his trademark scowl, "I can too handle being without you. Damn, your ego is far too large. You've obviously been hanging around the beer bastard too much."

"Oh? Gil too much and you too little?" Antonio smiled.

The younger was not amused, "Fucking bastard." he huffed and stood up, "Keep this up and I'll be wishing I had stayed in Italy."

The Spaniard frowned quickly, "Lovi, I'm just joking... I know you could probably handle being without me for the longest time, but I..." he sighed, "Well, I need you. If you left, this ship would have to find a new captain because... I'd probably die of heartbreak."

Lovi blushed and looked away, "Without me, your stress level would probably go down a hell of a lot... If either of us needs the other, I need you. My life is meaningless without you. Even though I may insult you all the time and act like I don't care, don't ever forget that I..." he took a breath as his blush deepened, "I love you, ya stupid bastard."

Toni didn't know whether to smile or die, "Ah... I can't... But... Oh... Cuteness overload!" he glomped the Italian, "You're so cute! Oh, Lovi, how in the world do you manage to be so adorable?"

Lovino sighed, "I guess I'm just talented..."

"Oh? So, you admit that you're cute?"

"... Shut up. I'm not cute."

"You're not trying very hard." Antonio smiled cat-like, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you enjoyed the attention I give you."

Lovino's blush deepened even more, "Well, to be honest with you..." he paused, "I absolutely love the attention you give me." he smiled shyly.

"Waah! I'm gonna die of cuteness overload!"

"That's my fucking ear, damnit!"

"Lo siento, but it's not my fault you're so cute!"

"Ugh... I must be cursed."

"You're way to cute to be cursed! I love you so much! I might just explode with love if I don't die of cuteness overload first! Whatever the case, you'll definitely be the end of me, my love! No ifs, ands, or buts about it! If people could go to jail for being cute, you'd be serving a life sentence I swear! I don't know how much more my heart can take, Lovi! When are you going to stop being so cute?

"Apparently when I'm dead..."

"¡Te amo, mi amor!"

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