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Chapter Six

Rin's mouth fell open at the same instant as her eyes shot wide. Sesshomaru stood in the doorway, a sizzling smile of amusement slashing his mouth as he absorbed her astonishment.

"But you look kind of cute..." Sesshomaru conceded, brilliant golden eyes roaming with unconcealed interest over the rose-tipped breasts pertly breaking through the bubbles for his scrutiny.

Wrenching free of her paralyzed stillness, Rin sat up in a frantic rush and hugged her knees to her chest. Sesshomaru gave an extravagant wince. "Sometimes you act like a ten-year old, gatita."

"Couldn't you have knocked on the door?" Rin demanded defensively.

"The door wasn't even closed" he reminded her dryly, and he leant back against the door, slowly pushing it shut, as if he was making some kind of statement.

Sooner than ask him what he was doing, and already having discarded as too dangerously provocative the idea of asking him to step outside while she vacated the bath and covered herself, Rin studied him anxiously from be low her dark lashes.

A tide of terrifying longing swept over her in a stormy wave. Her own heartbeat thundered inside her ears, and all the time her eyes were roaming all over him in hungry, helpless little darts. He was so incredibly tall in his light grey suit, his white shirt throwing his pale skin into exciting prominence, his luxuriant silver hair gleaming under the recessed lights above, eyes glinting wicked gold in that lean, devastating face.

"You missed me" Sesshomaru purred, like a jungle cat basking in sunlight, his husky accent thickening and sending a trail of reaction down her taut spinal cord.

"For heaven's sake, how could I have missed you? I last saw you in the early hours of this morning!" Rin snapped, but it was a challenge to snap when it was so outrageously difficult to even breathe normally in his radius.

"You don't just need lessons on how to be a proper wife...you need a bloody intensive training course!" Sesshomaru shot back at her with shocking abruptness. "What does it take to get a pleasant response from you? Thumbscrews?"

Jolted by that sudden blaze of temper, Rin gazed up at him strikingly. She felt the most awful stinging surge of tears threatening at the back of her eyes. Hurriedly she bent her head. Maybe meeting your gorgeous mistress spoilt my day, she almost slung accusingly, but caution restrained her.

"Maybe I'm not used to sharing a bathroom" she muttered ruefully.

"Then this is where we will start" Sesshomaru delivered.

Start what, where? Rin wondered in complete confusion.

"Dios...I can hardly believe I flew back here just to be with you!"

"Did you? I thought your urgent business took precedence."

"Possibly the prospect of getting my bride horizontal on the marital bed had greater appeal."

"Oh..." Rin said after a startled pause. "Do you have to be so crude?"

Without the slightest warning, strong hands curved under her arms and a split second later she was airborne. Sesshomaru straightened and held her ruthlessly imprisoned in arms. She dripped water and bubbles everywhere, her shaken face aghast. "Not so shrewish now, are you?" he murmured with unconcealed amusement.

"Please put me back in the water" Rin mumbled pleadingly. Sesshomaru gazed into her shrinking brown eyes and slowly lowered her back into the bath with careful hands. "You're such a baby sometimes...I wasn't going to hurt you!" he breathed in stark reproach. Still trembling, Rin hugged the far side of the bath. "I don't know why I'm so nasty with you," she lied—because she knew very well. "I'm not usually like this with anybody."

"You were so sweet in Vermont. I didn't even know you had a temper, never mind that viper's tongue" Sesshomaru admitted wryly. "What went wrong?"

You did. At that stupid question Rin was tempted to throw something at him. She had fallen hopelessly in love, more deeply in love than she had ever believed possible, and nothing had ever been the same since. He didn't love her, he didn't believe in love, and she couldn't risk letting him find out how she really felt about him. Given an ounce of such ego-boosting encouragement, he would walk all over her and take her for granted the way he had in Vermont.

The female sex had spoilt Sesshomaru. For minimum input he had always received maximum benefit—everything on his terms, everything the way he wanted it. And their marriage still felt like a deadweight threatening ball and chain to him. He didn't have to tell her that. She knew it. She marveled that he should believe that taking her to bed would miraculously change anything, particularly when he had already spelt out the fact that he didn't rate sex any higher than an 'appetite'.

And where did that leave her? The virginal bride with novelty value? A fresh body for his enjoyment?

Sesshomaru discarded his jacket on a chair and tossed his tie on top of it. Emerging from her insecure reverie, Rin gaped. Shoes and socks were summarily discarded.

"What are you doing?"

Sesshomaru sent her a gleaming glance of intent. "Losing your virginity is not akin to a visit to a sadistic dentist"

"What would you know about it?"

A wolfish grin slashed his mobile mouth. "I'll fill you in on my impressions tomorrow morning"

Off came his shirt, to be carelessly discarded in a heap. Rin's throat clogged up at sight of that magnificent torso and his powerful pectoral muscles. "Is this my anatomy lesson?" she whispered shakily.

"You need one?" As free of inhibition as she was repressed, Sesshomaru flicked loose his belt and slid out of his well-cut trousers.

Although Rin wanted to look away, she couldn't. Her throat thickened, her mouth running dry. Her mesmerized attention locked on to the silky furrow of hair running down over his flat, taut stomach to disappear tantalizingly beneath the band of a pair of black briefs.

"You're beginning to embarrass me" Sesshomaru censured mockingly.

Caught staring, Rin twisted her head away, cheeks flaming. "I don't think anything embarrasses you!" she condemned unevenly.

"You really are shy...I thought it was an act in Vermont" Sesshomaru confessed without warning. "You were so open and forthright in every other way—"

"I don't put on acts" Rin protested feverishly. "I can't help the way I was brought up any more than you can."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sesshomaru breathed with sudden brooding darkness. Involuntarily she shivered, catching the warning nuances in his accented drawl and spooked by what she could not understand. "My father believed girls should be modest and quiet and strait-laced, and my godmother agreed with him—"

"Whatever happened to the "quiet"?" Sesshomaru cut in with unhesitating humor. Her momentary ripple of foreboding ebbed, only to be replaced by a more pressing urge to leap out of the bath as Sesshomaru stepped in. Arms wrapped tightly round her knees, Rin twisted her head back round and slung him an accusing glance as he settled fluidly down on the other side of the bath and rested his burnished silver head back against the inset cushioning.

"Look, why can't we just do it in bed like other people?" she suddenly launched at him in mortified condemnation. "I think you're going out of your way to make this more difficult for me!"

Dealing her a briefly bemused appraisal, Sesshomaru suddenly flung his head back and burst out laughing without restraint. "Caramba, cielito—"

"That is it...that is finally it!" Rin raked at him, chagrin tipping over into a sudden empowering rage that enabled her to begin rising without any constraining fear of exposing her own body.

Sesshomaru leant forward and caught her hand, tipping her sufficiently off-balance to ensure that she was powerless to resist the ease with which he reached up his other hand and tumbled her down on top of him, water splashing everywhere. Panting furiously for breath, Rin pulled herself back from him. "Let go of me!" Sesshomaru regarded her with deceptive languor.

"I wasn't actually planning to consummate our marriage here...I just wanted to talk..."

"T-talk?" Rin parroted weakly as she subsided back beneath the water to conceal herself, carefully avoiding the slightest contact with his long extended limbs.

"No need to panic...at least...not yet" Sesshomaru drawled smoothly, the golden gleam deep in his shimmering amber eyes increasing the color in her hot face. "In my innocence I believed that this was a comparatively mild first step towards greater intimacy."

"Do you normally just talk in the bath with your women?" Rin practically snarled in her discomfiture, knowing that any plea of innocence was not to be trusted in this instance, perfectly well aware that Sesshomaru was highly amused by her enervated state.

The golden gleam vanished, leaving her gazing in sudden fear into wintry cool yes.

"Infierno! You're obsessed. Jealousy is a very destructive thing. Do you want to destroy us before we even begin with these constant attacks?"

Pale now, Rin just closed her eyes. In the space of a moment she saw a dozen beautiful female faces skim cruelly through her mind's eye. Only then did she grasp the source of her jealousy, the day when it had been born to increase the bitterness she had experienced after leaving Vermont. To satisfy her driving need to know more about the father of her child, she had gone to the library and scanned through newspaper gossip pages and glossy society magazines...

Time after time she had come on photos of Sesshomaru with some gorgeous blonde babe on his arm. And that was the day when she had finally accepted how pitiful her love was, how hopelessly without foundation or any prospect of reciprocation. Then, months on, to have that impression of Sesshomaru as a heartless womanizer reinforced all over again—to watch Sesshomaru leave that London clinic to walk into another woman's arms, to live through that mortifying misunderstanding about the stewardess and then the very same day to be confronted with the horrendous real shock of Melina D'Agnolo. Was it any wonder that she was desperately insecure, afraid to trust Sesshomaru and lashing out in an attempt to protect herself from further pain?

"I won't live like this with any woman" Sesshomaru breathed with terrifying quietness. "It's like trying to fight an invisible enemy... Whatever I do you'll always be suspicious!"

As he pulled himself upright, her lashes lifted. Stepping out of the bath, Sesshomaru snatched a fleecy towel from the rail and strode back into the bedroom without a backward glance. And, just as suddenly, Rin's defensive attitude fell away. She saw a marriage which hadn't even begun now going down the drain without fanfare. She saw the chance she had been given thrown away out of proud defiance and a refusal to face her own insecurities and faults.

Sesshomaru hadn't made love to her in Vermont. She had been the one who had misinterpreted his intentions. He had had the right to pursue other relationships. His freedom had been his own and she had had no claim on him. That was the reality which she had failed to accept all these months because she had fallen in love. And what was she doing now but driving Sesshomaru away from her, in spite of the fact that he had given her no cause to distrust him?

In a panic, now that she had seen herself at fault, Rin climbed out of the bath, tugged a black toweling robe off a wall hook and hurriedly dug her arms into the too long sleeves.

"Sesshomaru...I'm sorry!" she called in advance, afraid he might already have left the bedroom beyond.

"Forget it...I need some fresh air."

Rolling up the sleeves of what she now realized had to be his robe, Rin edged apprehensively round the door and peered out. Damp silver wildly tousled hair flopping over his pale brow, Sesshomaru was zipping up a pair of skintight cream jodhpurs.

In silence, she watched him yank highly polished leather boots out of a cupboard and sink down on the chaise longue at the foot of the bed to pull them on. "You're going riding?" she muttered uncertainly. "But it's getting dark."

"Get back in your bath with your bubbles" Sesshomaru advised with brooding satire. "Immerse that little body you protect so assiduously...and leave me alone."

"Look...I said I was sorry." Rin lifted her chin. "Do I have to crawl?"

Sesshomaru lifted his head and regarded her directly for the first time since she had entered the room. She was shaken by the black brooding distance etched with clarity in his spectacular amber eyes. "How are you on disappearing?" he drawled in a tone like a silken whiplash. "Because right now, I just don't want to be around you."

Rin flinched from that brutal candor, the flush of pink in her cheeks receding to leave her paper-pale. Without warning, Sesshomaru was like a dark, intimidating stranger.

"So go back in the bathroom before I say anything else to hurt your sensitive feelings" Sesshomaru told her harshly. "I'm not in the mood to control my tongue!"

"I'm not afraid of what you have to say."

"Then why the hell are you goading me like this?" Sesshomaru splintered back at her in frustration. "I don't like being needled. I especially don't like snide comments. If you have something to say to me, have the guts to say it loud and clear, because I have no time for anything else!"

Melina loomed like the bad fairy in her mind's eye. Rin wanted to defend herself. She wanted to explain how upsetting and threatening she had found that encounter. But she had a greater fear that the mention of her own feelings in relation to yet another woman and him would be a dangerously provocative act that would simply send him through the roof. As he gazed expectantly back at her, Sesshomaru's eyes burned as gold as the flames in the heart of a fire.

"I haven't anything to say" she stated, in what she hoped was a soothing tone likely to defuse the situation.

But, disconcertingly, mat tone had the same effect as throwing paraffin on a bonfire. Sesshomaru sprang up, throwing her a blistering glance of derision. "You have the backbone of a jellyfish! I'm ashamed to be married to such a spiritless excuse for a woman!"

"Maybe...m-maybe I have more control over my temper than you have" Rin stammered through teeth clenched with restraint.

Sesshomaru slashed an imperious hand through the air in savage dismissal. "This morning I left you at the airport. I walked away from conflict. I've spent the last ten years doing that quite happily. I watched my father do that all his life with women" he grated in a raw, hostile undertone. "And then it dawned on me that I was married to you and that if I start closing you out when you anger me, what future can this marriage have?"

"Sesshomaru, I—"

"Callate! I am talking" Sesshomaru broke in with supreme contempt as he yanked a garment out of a drawer. "I find your continuing jealousy irrational and disturbing. And for someone so repressed she shrinks from even sharing a bath with her own husband, I find it even stranger that you should want to know what I might or might not have done with other women when I was answerable to nobody!"

Lips bloodlessly compressed to prevent them from trembling like the rest of her shivering, woefully weak body; Rin watched him pull on a white polo shirt and whispered shamefacedly. "I don't want to know..." She was stumbling wretchedly. "I mean —"

"Never again will I make the smallest sacrifice to make this marriage work!" Sesshomaru swore with hard emphasis. "I have my son...what else do I need? Certainly not a silly little girl who cowers at the idea of making love with me!"

"Sesshomaru, please..." Rin muttered strikingly as he strode towards the door and flung it wide.

All volatile energy and movement now, he yelled something down the corridor. On cotton wool legs, Rin followed him to the threshold and watched one of the maids coming at an anxious run.

Sesshomaru rapped out instructions in Spanish. The maid bobbed her head in instant acquiescence and then sped off down the corridor again.

Sesshomaru sent Rin a smoldering look of derision. "You need no longer fear my unwelcome approaches, esposa mia. The maid will convey your possessions to another room!"

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