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Previously on the Dada Paradox: Harry and James exchanged a look. "Sirius, come here. Let me introduce you to Harry Potter."

Sirius just stared at them. "Wait, James, are you joking? This feels like another one of your pranks. Because if it is, it's executed very well. You even got the map to say that bloke is Harry Potter. Could he just your uncle. But I didn't know you had an uncle named Harry." James sighed.

"Sit down, Sirius. This might take a while."

"Wait, so this thirty-something year old man," Here Sirius gestured emphatically at Harry, "Is you and Lily's son, who somehow managed to travel back in time, and is now going to be our new DADA professor because Dumbledore 'forgot' to hire a DADA teacher for this year?"

"Yes, that's right. I thought you would be more freaked out about this, Sirius." James said.

"Oh, believe me, I'm freaking out, I'm just cleverly concealing it. Do you know how you got into this time?" This question was directed towards Harry, who was watching the exchange with amusement.

"What? I don't remember, as I was in a battle at the time. Notice the wounds," Harry gestured to his torso, "It could have been a spell, problem is I don't know of any that would allow someone to go back in time. It also could have been a special portkey, but it could have been any number of things. Well, at least I'll get to spend some time at Hogwarts, and spend some time with Remus and Sirius…"

"Wait, why would you want to spend time with Remus and Sirius? Aren't they alive in your time?"

"Yes, they are. But they are currently in America because Death Eaters are after them, and I haven't seen them in over five years."

"Harry, I'm so sorry! But I thought you said that Voldilocks was dead! If Moldyshorts was dead, then why were the death eaters still after you all?"James questioned.

"Well," Harry thought for a second "I guess they had a grudge against the Marauders, especially because Lily Potter, an adopted Marauder, killed their dark lord. You know what; I really shouldn't be telling you all of this. It could change the future."

"Oh." James said. "I guess that makes sense."

Sirius was watching the whole exchange between the father and son. "Harry, Prongs, I know it could change the future and all that shit, but shouldn't we tell Moony, Wormtail, and Lily? I mean, they are all involved in this as well."

Harry started at the mention of Peter. "I guess we can tell Remus and Lily, but I would prefer if we could keep it a secret from Peter for the time being. In my time, he hasn't had the best history with secrets."

"Okay, so we won't tell Peter for now. Can I go and get Remus and Lily right now so you can talk to them, and fill them in?" James asked. Harry shrugged his shoulders.

"If you want to, but personally I think that we should wait for tomorrow to tell them. It's already almost curfew, and you don't want detention on your first day." The younger boys nodded, and stood up. They had a long day, so they decided to heed the new teacher's word, and go to bed. Harry lay back down on the lumpy hospital bed and sighed.

"This is going to be harder than I thought, keeping up the façade of James and Lily being alive, and Pettigrew," When he said that name, a look of disgust crossed his face, "Not being a filthy traitor, and just being a normal person. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up until I can figure out how to get back to my time." After a few hours of tossing and turning he finally fell into a restless sleep.

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