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Dobby's Polka-Dotted Sock

Chapter One:


9. May. 1950.

"I have a proposal," France spoke, standing with grace and dignity as he prepared to address the other countries. "It has been five years since the Second World War, and it is time to put that in the past, oui? What we need is a period of healing, stronger ties amongst us that will unite Europe and prevent such horrible tragedies from ever occurring again," it was quite the stirring speech, most everyone thought so, the nation even had tears shining in his eyes. "That is why I would like to present: The Schuman Plan!"

For those that don't know, the proposal written by French foreign minister Robert Schuman stated that countries willing to participate would pool together their heavey industries. This was to make sure that industries normally used to produce war munitions would be under the control of more than one country, making it virtually impossible for the member nations to go to war against each other. There was one country in particular that the French desired to agree with the idea.

"Germany!" France cried, throwing an arm around the other blonde's shoulder. The more serious of the two stiffened, but was interested in this idea and so he listened. "For years, we have had animosity between us, constantly fighting! I say it should end! Let us put our grievances with each other aside, and end the suffering; for us, and our neighbor countries, like poor Belgium." The other European nation seemed surprised to be put on the spot, but gave a smile anyway.

"I personally like this idea, my country is always trying to stay neutral in these wars. To help end them, and potentially improve my market would be a very good thing. Wouldn't you agree?" She asked, turning to her two 'brother' nations. The Netherlands and Luxembourg both nodded their agreement.

"Ve ~" Italy began with a smile, "That's a really great idea, France! Then we could all be friends and eat pasta together. What do you say, Germany? We can work together again, only this time there won't be any fighting or scary guns or—"

"Tch, why don't you ask me first, I'm your brother!" Romano interrupted. "I don't want to make friends with that potato bastard, but fighting sucks."

"Yay, Romano!" Italy cheered while his older brother crossed his arms in annoyance.

Meanwhile, France had moved from Germany's side to in front of him, holding his trademark rose in one hand, he reached forward with the other. "Well, Germany? To a lasting peace and economic development together?"

Germany finally snapped. "I've been trying to speak, but you all keep interrupting me! If you'd just wait your turns, you would already have your answer. That aside, I would have to agree with you France; this plan of yours sounds like it just might work."

"So that's a yes?"

Germany's eye twitched. "Ja, Italy."

"Well, that's good and all," Britain spoke up from where he sat with the other countries, "but I think—hey! Where are you going?" The six nations (though seven people counting Romano) were walking out the door.

"Why, we must write a treaty of course!" France replied before leaving, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"What, you're not going to ask—never mind," the British man grumbled. "Stupid frog."

18. April. 1951

"Gentleman, and lady," France said quietly as they each watched their leaders sign the Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community, "the experiment begins."

"Yes," Germany agreed, "for the next 50 years we are bound to its obligations. Let us work hard to make this a success."

"Ve~ let's go get some pasta to celebrate!"

"For once, my brother has an excellent idea! I say the potato bastard treats us!" The two Italy brothers began walking away.

"Hey! You can't possibly be thinking about food at a time like this!" Even as he said it, Germany didn't believe himself. "And we will split the bill equally!" The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium followed afterward, Belgium giggling a little as she watched Germany catching up to the Italians. France soon took the lead in finding a suitable restaurant, as they were in his capital.

The common markets between their countries would open in February of 1953 for coal, iron ore, and scrap, and then in May of the same year for steel.

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