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Dobby's Polka-Dotted Sock

Chapter Two:

Starts, Stops, and Success

9. March. 1953

"Alright, the meeting will now begin. Does anyone have anything they would like to start with?" France stood, and so Germany surrendered the floor to him.

"This was actually not my idea, but the lovely Belgium asked me to present it. She believes, and I agree, that in order to further our goals of peace and economic prosperity, we need stronger political ties between our countries. Europe needs to become its own political force, a cooperative community that shares the same ideas and even some policies, in the face of these uncertain times."

No one spoke, but a slight shudder went around the table at the thought of what, or rather who, was causing these uncertain times. Italy could be heard whimpering under his breath,

"Please, Mr. Russia, I don't want to be communist, really! Please leave me alone…" until Romano smacked him, though he was trembling just as much.

The Netherlands gave a cough.

"Right," said Germany. "Well, while this seems a good idea, we need to talk about logistics. What kinds of policies would be subject to the ECSC's changing?"

"Well, mostly external policies," Belgium spoke up, "I wouldn't think of trying to suggest we govern each other. I like being independent, but having a sort of council would help make meeting easier. And having a European parliament of some kind could help peaceably solve disagreements between member countries."

"This is all very true. I think it could work, but it needs a lot of planning beforehand."

"Does that mean we won't get a lunch break?"

"Ja, Italy."

"Potato bastard!"

August. 1954

"Okay!" Italy said, holding the agenda for that day's meeting in his hand. The other countries wanted to make sure their fellow member was doing something, after all. "Today, we need to talk about a European Defense Community. Instead of Germany joining NATO, he'd be allowed to team up with us and fight!"

France suddenly looked nervous, exclaiming, "Hol-hold on a minute! We would be allowing Germany to re-arm himself?"

"Yep!" Italy chirped. Germany leaned forward to be able to see France better down the table.

"What is the problem, France?" His eyes bored into the other nation, who replied,

"Oh, nothing, really Germany, it's just the last time you had your own armed force, well—"

"It's okay, France, Germany was just angry about the cuckoo clocks you forced him to make you!" Italy cut in, and Germany got a far-away look in his eyes.

"Cuckoo…clocks?" He asked slowly, but it sounded more like a growl.

"Nothing! Noooothing!" France sang, while clamping a hand over Italy's mouth. "Anyway, it's just that giving Germany a military force makes me a little worried, completely understandable, non?"

Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands all considered this.

"Maybe, but this stupid paper says that America really wants Germany to be a part of this," Romano said, having taken the agenda from his brother.

"And it makes sense why," Germany continued. "I have no military of my own, and yet the Soviets are right on my border—nein—they are in my borders!"

This was true. At the end of World War II, the Red Army had seized control of most of Berlin by the time the rest of the Allied Powers had arrived. Because of differing political ideology, the USSR and the other Allies could not agree on how to rebuild Germany, but neither side was willing to give up control. So, Germany was divided into East and West Germany, the Soviet Union controlling the East and the Allies controlling the West. West Germany was the one who was a member of the ECSC.

"Well, who said we wanted to fight them anyway?" France almost blubbered, and it was clear his fear had now switched to Russia. "We only wish to contain the spread of communism, not combat existing ones! This is a Cold War!"

"But couldn't it stop being one? I'd rather be prepared," Belgium said.

"Then what if we are not enough? We would most certainly need more power than this—what about England?"

"He's not even a member," The Netherlands said, but went ignored.

"All I am saying is I don't like this idea, and my people will never pass it."

They didn't. On August 30th, the French National Assembly rejected the EDC Treaty.

8. December. 1955

The Council of Europe convened, this time to discuss something a little less serious.

"We need a flag!" Italy exclaimed.

"While I would remind Italy to use proper decorum during a meeting," Germany admonished, "I agree. We should have some sort of symbol to signify us."

"Hm, but what? We must discuss color, design, many things," France said.

"Perhaps a simpler design?" Belgium said.

"I agree. If other nations were to join us, then we wouldn't have to change anything about the flag," The Netherlands said.

"Then, what colors will we use?" asked Luxembourg.

They argued back and forth before settling on blue, which made France happy. Then they had to choose the symbol.

"I think we should use stars," Romano said.

"Why stars?" Luxembourg asked again.

"I—I don't know, they'd just look good!" Romano said, defensive of his artistic ability.

"Hey, I like that idea, too!" Italy said. "And the stars can all be in a circle, because then that's the earth; and it's all connected!"

There was a long moment of silence.

"That…is strangely deep, Italy," Germany finally said. "But it makes sense."

"Yes!" France declared, "It will be beautiful, representing unity, solidarity, and harmony amongst our nations!" There were nods of agreement all down the table.

So there we go, into the mid-1950s. Let's see how these countries handle the ongoing Cold War, and if anyone feels crazy enough to join them! Thanks for reading, and please review!