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Intro: Loreali and Luke are married and Rory is Luke's step daughter they got married when was 10 but she is more of a real daughter to him she doesn't think of him as a step father she is 14 when she begins to attend Chilton and they have another daughter Samantha who is 7 years old and attend Stars Hollow elementary. Also has Loreali parents and sookie and Jackson,Michel and the rest of Stars Hollow will be in later on

Chapter 1

Rory gets accepted to chilton

At the Independence Inn in the afternoon

Rory: Hey mom

Loreali: Hey Rory can you help me at the inn today

Rory: sure what do you need help with

Lorelei: Putting the guest towels in there rooms and folding the towels and then picking up your sister from school

Rory: Alright mom

Later on walking to the Inn

Samantha: Where is mommy at

Rory: At the Inn where going to meet her there so how was school

Samantha: It was alright but easy in art class

Rory: So you like art are you good at art

Samantha: Yes im done with all the projects im doing extra work now

Rory: That's great are going to ask mom if you can go to art middle school

Samantha: No I think ill just stay here in stars hollow and go to school

Rory: Are you sure

Samantha: No but one of us has to stay here and go to school

and I guess its me

Rory: Wait I got accepted chilton

Samantha: Uh no "looks away

Rory: I did

Samantha: Don't tell mom or daddy I told you or they'll yell at me act surprised

Rory: Alright fine

Samantha: Thanks

Miss Patty: Hi girls how was school

Samantha: Great I painted a picture of ballet dancer you want to see

Miss Patty: Sure

Hands her the picture the ballet dancer is wearing a pink ballet dress.

Miss Patty: Its beautiful have you showed your mom and dad this

Samantha: Not yet

Rory: Well we better go

Miss Patty: Well see you girls later tell your mom I said hi

Rory: We will

at the Inn

Loreali: Hi girls Samantha how was school

Samantha Great mommy

Picks Samantha up

Loreali: So I heard you are ahead in art

Samantha: Yes mommy

Loreali That's great so Rory how was school

Rory Fine

"later on they go home and have supper then Loreali and Luke finally tells Rory that she got into chilton she gets so excited"