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The Running Ends Here

(Cathrine's POV)

When I awoke the second time, I finally realized that I was somewhere that my own free will did not take me. Looking around, I didn't know if I had been rescued, or was in a worse position than I was before.

Before I could think about why I was here, all my memories came back to me in a solid stream of sounds and images. The festivities, Mewtwo's attack, the river, how I survived and crawled injured through a cave, and the shadowed form that hit me. Now I knew why my body ached so much. Many questions I asked in half-conciousness had been answered for me.

I cried silently, remembering vividly the images of my friends and adopted family getting ripped apart, torn limb from limb. Even through these images though, I wondered why I had survived. Out of the many that reached the river, I was probably the only one who reached safety, or did I?

Not knowing what to expect of where I was now, I sat up, this time without much pain, to look at my surroundings.

There was a large black oak wardrobe sitting on the oppisite side of the bed, seemingly finely crafted. There was also an oaken trunk at the foot of the bed, obviously to store valuables in.

Standing up, I was surprised to learn, was easy, for my leg was healed, even though it was broken right before I was taken here, wherever here happened to be. I found some soft slippers at the foot of the bed, and I quickly put my feet in them, for the floor was made of wood. Because I only had a tank-top and soft bed shorts, I slipped on the robe that was hung beside my bed. Even though I still ached all over, I walked softly over to the door, and tried the handle. Disappointingly, it was locked, so I found no better thing to do than to lie back in the bed and fall slowly to sleep.

(End Cathrine's POV)

(Mewtwo's POV)

Back at the palace, I took a hot bath to relieve the stress of the battle that had just occured. Damn humans, I thought, why can't they all just die already. It's not like they'll live for much longer anyway. I sighed, wondering when the dark days would be over, and the bright new ones would begin.

After bathing and drying myself off with a plush towel, I made my way down the stairs to the dining room, where trainers had sat waiting to battle the world's greatest pokemon master so long ago.

Gesturing with my hand, the candles lit, and food appeared on the table. The whole table was covered with it, a small feast, as it were. I sat down on one of the stools by the table, and began the lonely dinner for another time.

I greatly wished for someone to spend my time with, someone who I could talk to on lonely nights like these. I would talk to the pokemon that follow me, for in saying they were mine, I would've been just as bad as the humans. But that seemed the only things that could keep up an intelligent conversation for long. Not to say pokemon weren't intelligent, it's just they talked about simple things like the sky, the trees, and other such stuff as didn't interest me.

Even though dinner was wonderful as usual, synthetic Farfetch that was roasted to perfection, covered in a tangy cranberry sauce, with innumerable side dishes, I felt empty. The only reason I hadn't cloned another mewtwo by now, is I would never put any soul through that. I long ago realized that creating life was wrong, and in doing so, I was just as bad as the scientists.

Deciding to retire to my room, I stood from the stool and gestured again, making all the food disappear, and started levitating up the stairs.

Finally reaching my room, I open the great door that leads into it, stepping through. I feel the soft purple carpet under my feet, hanging plants tickling my nose, and a soft waterfall in the corner of the room bubbling as it hits the water below it, then draining out into a small hole at the end of a small brook at my bed.

Walking slowly toward the lush bed, a thought came to me. Why not find a human, erase their memories, and turn them into a two? At first the thought seemed totally absurd, as humans were the ones that I was trying to purge from the planet. Lying down on my bed, I thought about the idea. If I were to go through with it, I would have to find someone suitable. The thought of turning into one of them almost made me lose my dinner, so I tried to think of an alternate way to do this. My eyelids closed with these thoughts on my mind.

(End Mewtwo's POV)

(Zackrey's POV)

The next morning, unfortunately, I was ordered to bring breakfast to the prisoner. It would have been another guy's job, but he had just been promoted, and until they could work out a proper routine again, I was stuck with the job.

As I approached the door with the tray laden with food, I rapped softly to see if the prisoner was still asleep. Instead of getting nothing, I got a suprised yelp from inside. Opening the door, regardless of privacy, I walked into the room and set the tray down on the nightstand. The prisoner was holding the blankets over herself, as if they would protect her.

I sighed, and, sitting down on the chest at the foot of the bed, looked at her. "What is your name? I might as well know, seeing as I'll be bringing you food everyday until you pass safety tests and are allowed to walk about the base on your own."

She looked at me confusedly, then seemed to gain a small amount of courage. "My name is Cathrine, and where am I? What attacked me in the woods?"

I sighed again, and making myself comfortable, proceeded to tell her about our base. "Well, you see, we're a resistance, a mainly military group that is trying to stop that evil thing that calls himself Mewtwo. We have about ten thousand troops right now, which is a lot. The thing that hit you in the woods was probably a scout. Now, tell me about yourself." I looked at her expectantly.

At first she looked uncertain, then made up her mind. She told me of the events that had transpired before we had found her. About halfway through it she was crying so hard she had to stop for a minute to get control of herself. I listened intentively. So, Mewtwo managed to take out two nomad groups at once? This wasn't good. If we didn't act soon, there would be nothing left to save.

Finally, when the story came to a close, she just asked to be left alone, and I obliged, leaving the room.

Walking down a maze of hallways, I finally came to the general's office, where I reported what the prisoner, now known as Cathrine, had told me. He listened as I had listened during Cathrine's telling of it, attentively. When I finished, he removed his cap and scratched his now-balding head. Dismissing me, he went about his own business. I went back to my quarters for a quick nap before my next shift.

(End Zackrey's POV)

(Mewtwo's POV)

I woke up the next morning to the peacefulness of my palace, getting up and making preparations for what lay ahead of me almost at once. I had decided to go along with my plan to find a human, and bring them back to my palace, and mind-wipe them. As horrible as it sounded, I found that the only way would be to turn into one myself.

Hovering down the stairs, I walked into my garden. Finding a good-sized tree, I broke a branch off and smoothed it with psychic. Now I had a walking stick, which I would need, as I was unused to walking long distances.

Heading back into the main hall, I started packing fruits into a small backpack. It was a faded green, and was probably left by one of the trainers that once came here.

After I packed all that was needed, I picked up my walking stick, and psychicly said farewell to all of the pokemon under my command. Explaining that I would be away for awile, and telling my spies to stay vigilant, and tell me of any human activity.

I teleported to the outskirts of what used to be Fuisia, and there I hovered and meditated. After what seemed like numerous hours, I began to glow with a soft light, quickly turning brighter. As the light reached it's peak, my shape began to change, my feet becoming smaller, and my fingers more numerous.

As the light faded, I stopped hovering and put my feet upon the ground. Digging some clothes out of the pack, I put them on. I was now in a brown leather tunic, with similar brown, worn leather pants. A bright purple cloak I also fastened around myself, so as to attract attention of any humans.

Stepping over to a nearby pool, I examined my reflection. Silver hair and deep blue eyes greeted me from the pool, along with a medium sized nose all set on a thin face, cheekbones visible through the skin. I looked to be in my middle twenties, as human years went.

I turned away from the pool, wondering where it would all start, where it would end, and what I would discover in-between. Drawing the hood over my face I set off on a one-of-a-kind journey into unknown places and adventures.

(End Mewtwo's POV)

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