And this is what happens when I get bored! Enjoy my random thoughts of random…


Kimiko was sitting outside in the temple courtyard, watching Omi paly tag with Raimundo and Clay. She liked playing too, but today she didn't really feel like it. She just wanted to watch today. As Omi failed to touch Clay's arm, Kimiko felt like someone else was there.

Looking to her left, she noticed Chase Young hiding in the shadows of the bushes. She smiled and walked over to the evil emperor and sat beside him, watching Omi still.

"I envy Omi… He's so innocent…" she whispered, not really caring whether or not Chase said anything.

But to her surprise, he replied. "He won't stay that way forever…" he muttered, eyeing the youngest monk carefully.

"He can enjoy it while it lasts, though…" she whispered, noticing Omi fail again at catching Clay.

Chase didn't say anything to that one, so Kimiko decided to ask him something. "Chase…?" she whispered his name. Chase responded with a soft 'hm'. Kimiko sighed and asked, "When did you… when did you lose your… lose your innocence…?"

Chase grumbled under his breath and then replied, "When you become evil, innocence becomes a thing only available in dreams… When do you think I lost it…?"

Kimiko smiled softly, "So when you drank the soup…" Chase nodded solemnly.

"How about you?" he asked, observing Kimiko's face quietly.

She smiled sorrowfully and she replied after a moment of silence, "…When my mom died… I learned how cruel the world really could be… And I was introduced to the harsh reality that is life…"

Chase sighed, as did Kimiko, and the two sat together, reminiscing over their lost innocence…