Who Knew

It's been almost an hour and you were still sitting outside on a bench outside the town's movie theater. You were supposed to be on a date with James Diamond right now but he never showed up, he didn't even call or text to cancel or say he was late. So right now you were checking your phone every 2 min ignoring the stares people were giving you as they enter the theater. You were hoping there was a good reason why he was late; you were wondering if you should leave or stay because it was humiliating enough to sit outside of a movie theater al dress up by yourself. After 10 more min have passed and the movie started 5 min ago you suddenly gave up and started walking to your car when you heard someone call your name, you smiled to yourself and turned around hoping it was James but when you turned around you saw that it was Logan Mitchell one James' best friends that you had a crush on since 3 grade. You gave him a small smile because you were glad to see him but disappointed that it wasn't James. Logan ran across the street and ran up to.

"Hey what are you doing here" he asked smiling"

"Oh I was supposed to have a date with James but he never showed up" you said while looking down

Logan saw the disappointed look on your face and he understood because he knows how his best friend can be when it's comes to girls he finally spoke he

"Hey I was supposed to meet Kendall and Carlos here and go see a movie but they called at the last min and said they were sick, so would you want to see a movie with me?"

You smiled and nodded your head yes. truth is you always like Logan but never saw him more than a friend, you gave up on that drean of dating him a long time ago when he started dating your best friend. After the movie he offers to walk you to your car you politey accept and start walking slowly with an awkward silence between the two of you.

"I'm really sorry James ditched you" he finally said breaking the long silence

"it's ok i mean i kinda had the feeling he only ask me out just because he felt sorry for me" you told him
You both get to your car and he stops and look at you "why would you say that?"

You sighed not wanting to tell him "because im not like other girls, im not popular, i'm not pretty, im shy, im not talkative like everyone else, no guy would ever-"
you got cut off when logan lifted up your chin and kiss you softley on the lips a second later you pulled away and look at him

"you may not think your pretty but i think your the most beautiful girl ever" he said while stroking your cheek

"i never knew you like me" you said while smiling up at him

"i always did, another thing James plan on ditching you" he said nervously
you look at him in shocked "What!"

"yeah... that was the plan james was gonna ask you out because i was scared to and then he was gonna ditched you so when you were sad i was gonna come over and comfort you and ask you out" he exlpained "dont be mad

You look at him for a min then laughed" your lucky i love you"

"I know i am" he said bending down and kissing you again

{I didn't really like the ending but it was my first one shot , im gonna do more like this with the other guys, i already have kendall story, but i need some help with James and Carlos so if you have any idea feel free to PM me thank XD}