Title: Loud Rating: R Spoilers: None...shit...how'd I do that? Summary: In the midst of it all, something makes Kurt freeze. Kurt/Blaine first time sex stuff. Words: 2000

It's this drawn out growling broken moan of a sound and it stutters past Blaine's lips and echoes around the room so damn loud that it makes Kurt freeze. Because in the past he's drawn whimpers and groans and rasps of breath but this sounds uncontrolled where everything else before has been measured.

In comparison, anyway; Kurt's having to readjust all of his scales right at this moment.

And he's frozen because he hadn't thought there'd be new sounds. Not like this, anyway. And everything is fuzzy and sharp and aching and stunning at once and the unexpectedness of Blaine making a sound like that and it echoing and throbbing in Kurt's blood makes him pause.

Blaine's under him. Naked and glorious and still pinned beneath his body, their legs tangled. Spread out under his hips, cock hard against his own, between their stomachs and so hot and Kurt dare not look, but it's all so, so there. And for these few seconds there's suddenly no shifting, no friction, they've lost their rhythmless grinding, messy kissing and frozen and Blaine's staring up at him with wide eyes and ruined hair and sweaty red cheeks and hands spread wide over Kurt's back, where they had been keeping track of the expansion and contraction of his breath.

Blaine blinks suddenly, blinks quickly, comically, and then holds his eyes closed as his nails scratch fleetingly, fingers tensing against Kurt's skin.

Kurt hadn't realized how much he was sweating but the easy slide of the pads of Blaine's fingers where there would usually be a shirt make him realize and he wonders what he looks like.

He wants to pull Blaine down and kiss him but Blaine starts speaking, eyes still closed and embarrassment tinging his voice, "That was really loud, wasn't it?"

Kurt misses the embarrassment and the words themselves because Blaine's voice echoes of the same broken breathless rasping. And Kurt realizes this must be what Blaine sounds like naked and turned on and before he realizes Blaine has opened his eyes and looks stricken, Kurt's finding himself curious as to what his own voice sounds like naked and turned on.

Then what Blaine has said registers and Kurt's lips curl and he's grinning and blushing and his mind is swimming. He made Blaine sound unhinged and drove him out of control and made him make a noise he didn't mean to make and now Blaine's embarrassed about it and kind of edging towards an apology which Kurt doesn't want.

He can't stop grinning like an idiot and Blaine looks more confused than embarrassed now but Kurt can't quite find the words to explain so he just rocks his hips and bites his lip until he's pulled Blaine down on top of him and licked back into his mouth.

There's more, minute after minutes passing and they want and then want more. Hips locked together, or hands sliding down and touching and it's different to what they've done before through clothes, all those stolen moments of getting off in occupied houses with muffled voices and one eye on the door. This is more and getting to 'sex' doesn't seem at all important despite all the talking and planning. They just want to do this forever. But there's stopping, pulling back, up onto knees or side by side, because they both want it to last forever. Until they don't.

Except Blaine promised himself, he promised, last night lying in bed, restless and waiting and listening to his parents packing and bickering: he promised he'd try if he was given the chance.

He slides back from where he's been pressed tight over Kurt, slides down the bed and gets distracted by the slide of skin on skin and the enormity of it all, and how simple it is to build up from soft kisses when they have time and a bedroom. His mouth doesn't go willingly, neck arching back up to Kurt's mouth twice as Kurt laughs—high and giggling and happy—as Blaine's obvious attempts to get away from him are thwarted by his own body. Perhaps Kurt thought Blaine was meaning to pull away and up onto his hands and knees, to look down at him and drink him in with his eyes like he already has twice.

But that's not what Blaine wants and when Blaine sucks hard on a clavicle Kurt's shock ripples through him and he arches up with his whole body and gasps. Blaine just grins and presses a kiss over his heart and then licks a swirl around a nipple. Another full-bodied arch, scrambling up and away from the mattress and trying to ignore gravity; Blaine wishes he could watch that happen again and again forever. More kisses down his belly and it's the most physically detached they've been since they started. But Kurt's hands wind into Blaine's hair and tighten.

"I want to—" Blaine breaks off and realizes he doesn't quite have the words.

"You mouth," Kurt breathes out and then blushes hard but is nodding through it anyway and his fingers are twisting in Blaine's hair just enough for Blaine to know Kurt really, really wants it.

Blaine shifts further down, straddling Kurt's knees and sliding his hand up his thigh, wrapping around his cock and his mouth keeps nuzzling at one of Kurt's hips. Another arch and Blaine casts his eyes up. He can't see Kurt's face because his head's pressed back in an arch into the sheets, just the sharp line of his chin, the shadow of his Adam's apple and the whiteness of his skin stained red and shining and Blaine doesn't think it matters that he can't see his face.

He sinks his mouth down over the head of Kurt's cock and he thought Kurt knew it was coming but Kurt's hands tense in his hair and his back bows like it was unexpected and shocking and now Kurt's the one being unbelievably loud. A high and shaking keening noise as Blaine concentrates on the heavy hot weight on his tongue, the smell and taste of Kurt overwhelming and better, more addictive, less alien, than he'd expected, all those times fantasising about it.

Blaine sucks on the length in his mouth and the keen—god now he hears it—slips higher until Kurt's biting it back and swallowing hard as Blaine's mouth pulls free and he sits straight to stare.

As Blaine kneels up, Kurt's hands slide free of his hair and his eyes flicker open and he's mortified for a second and then very, very not. He's never even heard himself make that sound.

Blaine stares down at him and Kurt feels naked and is but can't pull his focus from the shine across Blaine's perfect red mouth.

"Are you just…" Blaine trails off, licks his lips and swallows and Kurt swallows too. "Because I did before and you're trying to make me feel better? Because I was loud?" Blaine's cheeks almost match the colour of his mouth and he's licking his lips and sucking his cheeks in and making Kurt swallow and stare without meaning to.

Kurt doesn't think he's going to be able to pull back and slow down again. He's shaking his head and trying to work out how to explain it but can't and is pushing Blaine off him, to the side of the bed, onto his back and his head's hanging off the edge. But it doesn't matter. Kurt pulls himself up and swings around onto his knees, leans forward and at the last second wonders if he has to ask but doesn't. Slides a hand around the base of Blaine's cock and licks a line up the side of the length, around the head, sinks down with his lips tight and sucks and listens to Blaine's voice slip and slide from groan to growl and whimper, all loud and perfect and making him want to touch his own cock but he's not sure he's allowed.

He kind of really likes the feel of Blaine's cock in his mouth and he hadn't been sure he would. But he feels like he this is something he could get really good at, at making Blaine's hips shift back and forth, writhing into the mattress, Kurt thinks to stop from bucking up. His stomach knots at the idea of Blaine thrusting up.

"Kurt. Fuck, Kurt, you're gonna make me come."

It frissons down Kurt's spine—so loud—and he wants to do exactly that but he's forced off and back with Blaine's hands at his shoulders. Then he's kneeling at Blaine's side while Blaine pants and stares up at him, forcing his neck to hold his head up. He wriggles his hips and slides down the bed so he's not so precariously close to the edge. A hand finds Kurt's thigh on the way and starts caressing.

"Loud," Blaine mumbles, eyes shut, breath coming more evenly as he forces himself to concentrate.

"We're going to have to get really good at not making this much noise," Kurt tells him, watching the walk of fingers and palm across the pale skin of his leg.

Blaine mumbles, "Yeah," and Kurt wonders what he's thinking about so hard but knows it's to cool off and slow down and wait.

Kurt hums and lets his fingers play in Blaine's hair and his eyes wander down his chest to his cock and isn't so surprised to find his mouth watering and his chest tightening, his cock aching deliciously. He takes a breath and shifts, leans down, kisses Blaine again. "Not today though," Kurt tells him. "I…I really like it. Hearing you."

An admission, Kurt supposes. The first of many, he hopes.

Blaine's stopping the kiss and making him look while he says, " You too."

And Kurt's sighing a sigh of relief and grinning and feeling bold and naked and flirtatious and so turned on. They have all night. And tomorrow. They were meant to go to the movies and to dinner but Kurt wonders how hard it would be to talk Blaine out of that.

He shifts to straddle Blaine's legs again, hands on his chest as he leans down and delivers a teasing kiss to his mouth. Nervous but bold. "Be loud for me?"

Blaine grins back and nods.

Still nervous but even more bold. "Come for me?"

Still grinning but staring and arching a little, Blaine growls and moans something desperate. Loud. And it's a bit on purpose but completely honest and Kurt laughs and smiles and blushes and then slides his body down over Blaine's and kisses him again.